Men’s Dress Shoes: Difference Between Oxford , Derby & Blucher Shoes Explained

Welcome! In this video, I’m going to show
you the difference between the three most popular men’s dress shoes; the Oxford, the
Derby and the Blucher. In the US, the term Oxfords is often times used to describe any
kind of dress shoe but that is simply incorrect. Oxfords are the most formal of men’s dress
shoes and they were invented in England and named after the city of Oxford where they
first appeared around the 1480s where men switched from boots to exposed or low cut
shoes that wouldn’t cover the ankle. It’s the best shoe to wear with business suits,
tuxedos or informal suits and sport coat combinations. Oxfords come in all kinds of variations, there
are brogues, whole cuts, there are cap toes but basically, the most defining feature of
Oxford shoes is their closed lacing system. If you look here you see, it’s only open on
top but it is closed down here. On the other hand, an open laced system is open at the
bottom. Oxfords are only this, closed lacing shoes. The Derby is defined with its open lacing
systems. It means that it’s open at the bottom. It’s a much better shoe for people with bigger
feet because it simply fits more comfortably around it and much more comfortable to walk
around. Derbys are slightly less formal than Oxfords and hence, they are better for sport
coat combinations, chinos and jeans especially in Brown. Personally, that’s the way I wear
them. In England and the US, Derbys are usually a little less formal than Oxfords so for black
tie and White tie events, you would choose an oxford shoe rather than a Derby shoe. People often get confused about the difference
of a Derby and a Blucher because basically both have an open lacing system. In all honesty,
I think it is totally fine to use these terms interchangeably. If you really want to point
out the difference is that the Derby is basically a piece of leather on the side that is joined
in the back and goes all along the other side. On the other hand, a Blucher simply has a
slight piece of leather sewn on both sides and both feature the open lacing system. They look very similar and they are very similar
and hence the distinction between a blucher and derby is basically irrelevant. As a well-dressed
man, you want all these three kinds of dress shoes in your shoe closet. Personally, I probably
have about the same number of Oxfords and Derbys or Bluchers. You can also have slightly
more oxfords or slightly more Derbys and bluchers. Depending on the size of your foot and the
degree of formality of your wardrobe. If you have more informal garments, have more Derbys
and bluchers. If you wear more suits or have a white collar job, you should have more Oxfords.
The pairs you see here are all shoes from my collection. This black cap-toe Oxford is
one of the first shoes men should have because it goes with any kind of suit, you can wear
it with black tie and you can mirror shine it and I only recommend, you get a pair. The
Derby here in the middle is actually is the first pair of Goodyear welted shoes i bought
back in 2002. It has been resold many times, I’ve worn it on four different continents
and take a look. It’s still great and it’s a perfect example of why you should invest
in quality rather than in quantity. The Blucher here is a new shoe in my collection and I
haven’t worn it that often. One of the easiest ways to change the look of the shoe is to
change its shoelaces and so I always play around with different colors depending on
my mood and the formality. If you want to be super formal, go with the black oxford
and black shoelaces. If you want to change the look a little bit then use some lighter
colors, it looks very different.


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