Men’s Dress Shoe Problems – Man Always Scuffs Damages Dress Shoes – How To Prevent Shoe Damage

Men’s Dress Shoe Problems – Man Always Scuffs
Damages Dress Shoes – How To Prevent Shoe Damage Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
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14 hours of audio. It’s not free, but it’s awesome and you should check it out. This is the question that came in. “Keeping
my shoes clean and in shape is my biggest style problem. I don’t know what it is, but
I always seem to scuff up my shoes and run them down. As a result, I’ve started using
cheaper brands in anticipation of simply replacing them. Do you have any tips or pointers that
I could use? Thank you.” All right, so this is an interesting question
because this guy is having such a problem that he’s decided, “Well, I’m scuffing up
these shoes anyway. I might as well just get the cheap brand,” and really I think he’s
heading in the wrong direction. My advice would actually be to upgrade. Now, I don’t
know exactly, he didn’t tell me exactly what brand he started with, but I’m assuming
that he’s — let’s say he’s in the $75 to $100 dress shoe range, so maybe Bostonians
or something like that. It’s a decent shoe, but it is not an Allen Edmonds or an Alden
or a Church’s. Those are shoes that you can expect to spend $300 to $600 a pair. A lot of guys, we’re used to sneaker prices,
so for us, “I would never pay that.” Well, you would pay that amount of money if you
understood the value you’re getting with a pair of Allen Edmonds, and I know Allen Edmonds
right here in Wisconsin. Those are the uppers and that’s the top part of the dress shoe.
That’s going to last you 30 to 40 years if you take care of it. You polish it. You keep
it. You don’t let water and moisture build up in there. These things are going to last
for almost ever. The other great part is whenever the heel
of the shoe starts to fall apart, you simply send it back to the factory, and yes, it’s
going to cost you a hundred bucks, but they will almost rebuild you a brand new shoe.
It’s going to be your old shoe, but it’s going to be like new again, and this is an awesome
deal. For men that are on their feet and understand that shoes are one of the first things that
people, when they look you up and down, they take a second to look at your shoes and it’s
a huge factor. Just ask anyone. It’s something that they notice and they look on the man
and they make very interesting decisions based on what he has on his feet. Okay, so you’re asking, “Well, how is that
going to help? I’m spending more money, so am I going to be wasting more money?” No,
because when you upgrade, you get better leathers. You get a better build. You’re going to make
sure to work with a salesman at a shoe store who knows and can help you get those first
pair because he’s going to help you not only with — most of us are used to, “Okay, I’m
a 9” or “I’m a 9 ½” or “I’m an 11 ½”. We’re not used to actually widths on shoes, and
he’s going to help you find the right width. So whenever you upgrade to a higher end shoe,
they can also adjust on a lot of the higher ends the actual arch as well. So you’re going
to get a better fitting shoe, one that is much more comfortable because actually it’s
going to come closer to being the ideal fit on your foot. And because the shoe feels better, it fits
better and you’re going to walk better. I don’t know if you’re dragging your feet o
perhaps you’re just being a bit more clumsy. Maybe the shoes you’re wearing right now,
there’s just too much heel down there. The heel is too clunky or perhaps the styles are,
but if you go work with a good salesman — and these guys usually work at places where they’re
selling Allen Edmonds or Alden or other higher end brands — he will help you find the style.
Just let him know what your problems are and it could be just simply what you’re wearing. I know when I wear work boots, I trip over
things quite a bit more because my work boots, they’ve got steel toes. They’re heavy work
boots and I’m just not used to work — well, I don’t wear them every single day, so yes,
I’m not used to it. I used to work in construction, but the point I’m getting at is they’re going
to help you find the right style, the right size, exactly what you need. And when you upgrade to a higher quality,
you get so much more than just the looks. You also have a wider variety of styles. So
if you’re scuffing the top of your shoe, he’s going to help you choose colors because at
the end of the day, you cannot stop — everybody scuffs their shoes, even kings or princes.
Look at their footwear that they’ve been wearing for 20 or 30 years. That’s actually — gosh, I can’t remember
the exact print, but they know that he’s owned this certain pair of shoes because there’s
a certain scuff mark. Yes, there are people that track this stuff in the photos. I don’t
really track it, but I just thought it was an interesting comment how you could actually
see how people become attached to their shoes and they love them even when they start picking
up those little dents, those little cuts. And to me, that’s what gives the shoes a bit
of character. You may not be able to completely polish it
out, but you could definitely make it so that it’s very hard to notice, and that’s another
thing you’re going to want to do, is make sure to shine, to clean, to polish your shoes
more often especially that polishing wax. I mean, the cream and the conditioner, that’s
great, but it’s going to be that top layer, that polishing wax that whenever you scuff
them or you rub them against something, it actually is going to rub off that wax layer
and not get into the leather, so that’s another thing that you’re going to want to turn it
into a habit, and you will whenever you start spending more money on shoes because you’re
going to realize that you’re just more careful. It’s like driving a higher end car. I remember
the first time I drove a really high-end car. I was incredibly careful when I was driving
that vehicle because I knew the value of it. With lower end shoes, you treat them like
lower end shoes, so I don’t think that’s where you want to go. That’s all I have. Again,
find a salesman that can help you out. These guys understand shoes. They’ll be able to
look at your feet and they will be able to find you the right pair for your needs both
professional and personal. If you’ve got a question about men’s style,
you know where to go,, great website. I’ve got it going. We’ve already
got a couple hundred questions and answers there, and we are paying attention to this.
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you can leave it here and I’ll hopefully see it. Okay, guys, I’ll see you in the next video.


  • Great video. Also wondering about to deal with damage caused to shoe because of driving?

  • Is it Aal-den not Ahl-den? Another great vid.

  • Where do you send in questions? I checked the website theres no submit forum…

  • Oh regarding the shoes, fake leather shoes scratch and crack, they cant repair. You dont got to go up to Lobb price shoes to get a quality real leather one. Allen Edmond is great, Alden is also good for the price. Their 360 welt makes sole repair a breeze a local cobbler can do it dont got to go back to AE. Minor and scratches and scuffs are gone with wax and polish. I got my Allen Edmond from a power seller on eBay only $150.

  • I don't know, but with my shoes I just wipe them with a wet hand towel and the scuffs come right off.

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  • not everyone can afford $300 shoes ! just saying.

  • Good advice, but here's a tip on shining, taught to me by a shoe shine professional. If you scruff just one part of you shoe frequently — I sometimes do this on my right shoe getting in and out of the car — polish that one scruffy area first with cream polish, let dry, buff and then cover with hard paste polish. If is a black shoe use parade black. This trick works. Scuffs are gone. Also, polish your shoes after ever third wear.

  • antonio, are you a suit maker? if you are canwe buy them somewhere?

  • A man cannot afford cheap shoes! Counter-intuitive, but I once did some math on my $300 shoes vs my friend's $40 shoes that he has to keep replacing because they fall apart, and I'm paying less per day for my shoes than he is, and that's even factoring in the second pair of $300 shoes I plan on buying soon. $300 shoes just last that much longer.

  • Antonio you're the man.

  • A well kept pair of broken in shoes actually sends a better message than a brand new pair of shoes. Well kept shoes send the message that this is your typical dress, you're comfortable in them, and you take care of things. New shoes can make you look like you don't dress professionally often, you throw money around, or possibly are pretentious. Broken in shoes that are not well kept will make you look careless, broke, or like a slob. Agree with the video…buy good shoes and take care of them.

  • No matter how much money you have, or how expensive the things own are…It is is always attractive and respected when you take care of your things.

  • I recommend our "MensStyleQA" (dot com) website – it's an interactive Q&A where you can submit questions and look at other users'.

  • I keep a pair of moccasin-style slip-ons in my car and change into them any time I'm driving a substantial distance – helps avoid that cracking along the sole. But failing that a cobbler should be able to re-sole a shoe if that's the only damage. You might also ask over at our "MensStyleQA" (dot com) website to see what other users say!

  • i am a young man, just graduated & got hired for an accounting job. And i need to fill my wardrobe with shirt, suit and dress shoes.(all i have now is jean and t-shirt). Where can i buy them with a decent affordable price?

  • Antonio Great advice about upgrading shoes, but $80.00 to $100.00 are not cheap shoes. I have dress shoes that are Fifteen years old. Antonio at no time did you talk about using shoe trees I use them on all my shoes. again it is how you take care of your shoes ?

  • My Parents Used to say, "Pick up Your Feet when You walk!". I keep a bottle of Lexol handy to keep the shoes in Condtion. Along with Graet shines. Allen Edmonds Make a GRAET SHOE. Perhaps the Best in the world!!!

  • I absolutely agree with top quality shoes will definitely last for years. My father bought me a $400 dollar shoes and it served me really well. I used it for my grade school, high school and college graduations! It still looks fantastic. I think that is the best $400 spent. Rain or shine I use it everyday when I started working. By this time, I now purchased a new dress shoes for special occasions. In short, buying quality shoes will last and will save you money in the long run.

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  • Antonio, I have a quick question. How do you prevent "bend mark" or crease on leather shoes? I bought new pair and after wearing them 2 times, I noticed bend marks on shoes. How do you prevent it? How do you get rid of it? Thanks.

  • Unfortunately I don't think there is any way to prevent creasing on leather shoes. Using a cedar shoe tree after wearing will help reduce it as much as possible, but leather shoes will always crease. Higher quality leather tends to crease 'nicer', but creasing on a shoe is part of the leather's character.

  • 100$ is never a "decent" shoe…

  • "used it for my grade school, high school and college graduations!" get real ! you mean you never grew up and used the same shoe?

  • Which Prince? You're thinking of HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and some of his shoes from Trickers.

  • I bought a pair of shoes at least 1 size too big. I just put 2 pads in it to make it snug fit. Today I don't need those pads anymore.

  • My Sperry's still look very decent after two years of wear. The sole is sort of worn out, though. I think they were the best $100 pair of shoes that I ever owned!

  • Thank you for this one. I have more shoes than my wife. I'm at the $150 mark (Bass shoes). I would like to upgrade but I can't get better shoes local to me (eastern Pa.)

  • Kurt Geiger has been opening stores in the US. Great shoes for men of style! I love them.

  • I have a question about dress shoes. I have very small feet (size 5) and as a result I have a very small range of dress shoes. I think the shoes I have look good, except the laces are very big and poofy. like the laces you might see on a pair of sneakers or sport shoes. Is this considered juvenile/not classy or is this okay?

  • Is keeping your dress shoes in shape one of your biggest style problems? Do you always scuff up your shoes and run them down? Watch this video for my tips on how to prevent shoe damage: – Click HERE Watch this video for my tips on how to prevent shoe damage. – Click Here To Listen To The Real Men Real Style Podcast – Click Here To Download Our FREE App for iPhone and Android – Like Us On Facebook! – Follow Us On Instagram – Tweet Us! – Follow Us On Pinterest

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  • I have a 300 dollar pair of to boot new york shoes and they scuff just as easily as a cheap pair. Why? BECAUSE ITS STILL LEATHER. leather scuffs if you smack it into things

  • Tip #1: Get your head out of your ass.

  • I hav seen ur vedios. it has really very useful information about men dressup. i want to ask u that i hav oxford shoes but i dont want to show my laces. it will always disturbing me for if it comes out. i always try to put inside but they come out while i m walking. plz suggest me that i will wear oxford shoes without showing laces with my slim fit suit

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  • No visual examples.

  • I have a problem with my more fancy sneakers… They have white edge around the sole, and it's got stitches and stuff, but that white part keeps getting some kind of black smeared stains that I don't even understand were comes from, looks like as if it was dragged sideways across a black gym floor. (Which I most certainly do not do.) And it's almost impossible to clean it. And if I use the really rough steel sponge it tears up the seam and generally damage it, so I don't wanna do that, but a regular sponge won't get it clean even if I scrub it with the rough side and use every possible soap in my disposal. (The kind meant for furniture seems to be the closest to getting any effect on it.) After hours of scrubbing I got it sorta clean, but it's still not properly gone back to being white. Do you have any clue how to clean it and what the reason could be? (The woman at the shoe store suggested that some shoes 'leak' glue or something, but that shouldn't be black, and she said it went for cheaper brands and my shoes are actually a pretty decent brand. Bjørn Borg, if you've heard of it.) What should I do? >>

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