shop with me at Marshall guys so show
kseniya on the mono Marshall school I know I know mallamma shut it down my
baby in a mother branded okay see you guys inside you I’m going inside my shoes my girl you definitely because
shoes my shoes $13 snow shoes with my cute purse okay just my fingers and appearance like
yours young guys memory very small under 39 sister sure is so much machine
caliber Odom assumption still very piece nuclear man this one look at that I mean
I don’t like it it’s sure you’re welcome to subscription thank you vocabulary unfulfilled put in a separate
expense installed up this carpet store pandemic refers to the networkers good to Jessica okay
when I become dark talkin about I need something more something beauty product I’m a discounted
insurance Mary Jean she should it’s only $16 it will to be your third
appreciation here in the discounted shipping $10
good discontent America started before called assured that scope the earth and
on me Modelling show you and anomic going
after them another service economic a phenomenon a guy actually six dollars did you say anything I’m behind the mud
I mean something mm okay little guys much this is yours there’s nine dollars a shoe database and
soon miss melody Felicia train coming to Milwaukee in
Pomona $12 Utica sexy mimic two umbrellas that the mission says initial inertia plan
don’t make it worse don’t we need copper spoon screen protector – it I’m fed up I’m just sixteen dollars when I saw running major on ok guys
thank you very much for watching my channel give me a thumbs up I finish and
then people also call I’m here a month – aha so see you guys on my next video
subscribe my channel give me a thumbs up and hit the notification I can’t shoot a
snotty pyre have new video up brother thank you guys Baboosh my bush


  • I love marshall. Thanks for the video. Stay connected. First like.

  • Nice store daming purses

  • Daming klaseng bag sis ang gaganda

  • Nice store. Daming choices. Full watched

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