Married 82 Years and Counting! || STEVE HARVEY

– Mr. D.W. and Ms.
Willie, how y’all doing? – Fine, how are you?
– We’re fine. – You 103 years old? – Yeah. – And you 100? – Yes sir. – You got to be the
prettiest 100 year old. (audience cheers) – Thank you. – They been married 82 years. So now, Ms. Willie, you said that the secret to a happy marriage is being nice to each other. – Yeah, yeah. – Any other advice you have? – Just sit down and talk things over. – Talk things over? – Oh yeah and get a good understanding of what you doing and where you’re going. – Let me ask you something. – Uh huh. – It’s a lady up here that’s been engaged. She been with her boyfriend 11 years. – Yeah. – They’ve been engaged for 5 years. – [Mr. DW] Yeah. – He want to get married. – Uh huh. – She don’t want to get married cause she thinks they ain’t got enough money to have the big wedding she want. – Big wedding? – Yeah. Big wedding, Mr. D.W. – What, now why you
wanna bring us into this? (audience cheering) – You don’t need to have no big wedding. Just go on and get married. – Don’t need to have
a…? Just go get married. Let me ask y’all a question. – Okay. – How long did you court her before you asked her to marry you? – Oh about 3 months or so. – 3 months? – Yeah. – When you’re young, you
don’t know any better. – Right. – When you get older,
you’ve learned your lesson. – Yeah. – So you know better. – Right. Now how old was
y’all when y’all got married? – I was 19 years old. – You was 19. – Now Mr. D.W. was 19 and he 103 now. And you 100.
– Right. – I can’t count so good. – See Ms. Willie. You sit up there and what happened was, see let me show you something. You met that little fine chocolate man. – Yeah. – Came up that roll. He was strong. He walked, like, he… – Like he had $100. Didn’t have nothing. – She said, he walked like he had $100, ain’t had nothing. (audience claps) Alice let me ask you this, what have you learned from your parents’ relationship over the years? – They are very, very good parents. – [Steve] Yeah. – Yes.
– [B.J.] And true love. – True love. – [Steve] True love. – [Alice] Yes. – Yes ma’am. Uh, B.J., you got something you want to say to your grandparents today? – Yes, I love you. I’m proud to have you as my grandparents. We do any and everything we can for ya cause we’re so
happy to have you with us. So we love you.
– [Ms. Willie] Thank you. (audience cheering) – Eh, now, Mr. D.W? Now, you my man now. – [Mr. D.W.] Uh huh. – Cause, see I’m looking at
you and I want to be 104. – Yeah. – Now you bald headed and I’m bald headed. – [Mr. D.W.] Yeah. – Yeah. I lose a little weight,
I’ma look just like that. – Yeah. – And uh, now, I just want
you to know that cause I done met you today, I’ma
take a picture with you. I’ma put you on my mirror. – Okay. – Cause I’ma be just like you. – Oh yeah, all right. – Hey, y’all, I want to say thank you to my main man. That’s Mr. D.W.! I want to say thank you to his
beautiful queen, Ms. Willie. D.W. is 103. Ms. Willie is 100. Thank you for they daughter and they granddaughter, B.J. and Alice. For sharing y’alls beautiful,
inspirational story. We’ll be right back, everybody. (funk music)


  • ???❤️

  • Ah how beautiful the adorable couple I could listen to them all day
    They look beautiful And you can see that they are pure honest souls

    God bless you and their families
    Absolutely fab

  • What an awesome couple! Great story thanks for sharing it!!! I don't need to say god bless them because he already has!

  • It shows age is nothing but a number. You feel good and look great why do you care about age

  • Amazing couple!! My parents were married for 75 years. Such a blessing. A friend wrote a great song Fifty Years Together. The Artist is Plane Wayne.

  • I am sure the old lady did not care about the size of the engagement ring

  • There are no words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They went to my grandmother's church . Bethany Baptist I remember mr Williams he use to sing to me as a kid there both sent from God almighty am telling y'all there truly . angels my grandmother die at 74

  • Beautiful

  • She married her when he had nothing.
    Today, u gotta have everything before a girl marries u.
    True fact.

  • I love this! They really love each other.

  • Blessing over Blessing. God I wanna live life just like this great happy couple,been married for 82 blessed yrs. ❤️❤️ What a wonderful Lord You are!!

  • Why she look same age with her mother ?

  • This is so beautiful.

  • How do they hear good!?

    The man is 103 yrs old and the woman is 100 yrs

  • Wow!!! Their such a blessing! A beautiful blessing!!!! ??❤?????

  • Steve staff is look for love part 1steve harvey

  • Beautiful & awesome ….love & respect

  • As a woman, I never understood this… why do you wanna spend all that money on a wedding when you can travel the world or start a business or buy XYZ with that money?!! I married my ex husband with no wedding, no dress, no cake, just dinner for close friends and family. We started a business with the money and lived happily for the next 14 years till we fell out of love. I don’t regret not having a wedding. If I decide to be married again, I will still have no wedding dress, no wedding but a simple dinner with close friends and family. What’s in my heart is in my heart .. it doesn’t have to be a spectacle.

  • Sooo beautiful.

  • They look in there 80s

  • God keep blessing this marriage ??‍??‍??

  • The daughter looks like older no body want to talk about it

  • The real secret is excepting that both of you will occasionally sleep around. Get past that and you’ll be fine

  • the daughter looks much older than the mother' didnt they mixed up as older people tend to have memory loss

  • Thank you god for that elderly couple incredible

  • I would love to hear many of thier life stories, so much wisdom!

  • Dam 103 triple digits

  • Ages 100 and 103 you know the Lord is Blessing them we were headed right now and continuously

  • Miracles do happen are living proof God blessing

  • Bless your hearts there right b nice to each other don't let control take over. And u sweet woman hundred yrs old please tell me your secret I'm 60 and u look younger than me but I didn't have a good marriage like u sweetheart

  • They are so inspirational and adorable!!!!

  • Tear in the Eye
    OH Beautiful Grace Jah God Glory Heaven Powderful Witness His Son Jesus Christ King Throne Gifted Your in Marriage 82 years .

    OH Sweet Both Of You Never Thought , Amazed into The Heart Humble Peace Mind ,
    Looks At You is Sweet ☺️?
    Joyful ..
    OH How would Pray Talking To Jah God Spirit Glory Heaven Powderful Witness All I would Know ..
    Wouldn't Leave I'm Here Hear God Would Said , OH Beautiful Gift Into Your Beautiful Peaceful so Thanks !!
    Stay Humble is Amaze into the ?
    OH Sweet Thanks God would tell me so many read Holy Bible God Spoke to Hear know it Good Listen Greatly Would Leave .
    How Is Bless Gift Beautiful wouldn't stop …
    Looks Your into Eye is Amazes Beautiful Sweet Calm Joy ..
    Looks Up Jah God Spirit Glory Heaven Powderful Witness His Eye On Them Beautiful Your Marriage Gift Paradise will it wonderful win , Sweet Smile ..

    I'm Deaf Black Woman Humble Never Ever Marry All in My Life 58 year old ..

    Smile , I Looked at You are Both Greats Bless into the ? !!!!!

  • Real love bet he never cheated like the men do today.steve knows how to treat his elder told her how pretty she was how nice and she a really appreciated it.

  • He looks like he's 70

  • Cant imagine how pretty she was at 20❤❤.so pretty at 100

  • Wow this was a beautiful episode. The channel should bring Steve Harvey Show back

  • The Creator has blessed them. Just beautiful.

  • God bless them. 100 and 103 years old. Married 82 years. ????

  • That’s really inspirational right there, we need to see more of that in the world.

  • That's a beautiful thing! Original old school love, traditional my opinion that kind of love doesn't exist today… that " I rather live in his world than be without him in mine" kinda love! …….know what I'm talking bout!?

  • And Steve can't stay married 15 mins. When you're chasing the bag that's all you re worth.

  • They are to cute

  • Fake ass show..
    Ain't no 103

  • What a beautiful lovely couple, and what makes their relationship last for so long is none was perusing carier or competing to have the biggest house,,,, humble love and commitment,,,,


  • 82 years of living bonded together…!
    They must feel like a pair of lovebirds and one soul between the two of them.
    I wish them jjoy and hapiness eternally bonded…??
    I would have placed her at 75…!
    Still so youthful and so wise…☺

  • Such a sweet couple

  • Greetings from South Africa. Lovely to see this. Hope Christians around the world take note. This is what marriage should look like.

  • Mr. & Mrs. D W..what a beautiful couple….and so funny ??

  • I find it absolutely incredible that some people can last several years of marriage. 82 years!!! Are you kidding me?! Most people I know can’t seem to last pass the 10 year mark of dating. That’s amazing!! Congratulations to them both?

  • How did such a great couple end up on this guy's show?

  • Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing this with the world God at work when God puts his children together he can make glue that can't be pulled apart true love wins linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️? ?? ?

  • Beautiful to see people stay together that long, that generation is the last one we will see people stay together for a lifetime, people today are to selfish to stay together…

  • This is such a great story. It ain't about happy wife happy life or letting someone think they're right all the time. Its about making each other happy and talking things over. Harvey can learn from this couple and stop putting out all that mess.

  • I will live until 150! I will be the oldest person in the world! Just watch me from the sky lol!

  • That's amazing and they have been married for 82 yrs and today some marriages want even last 3yrs. But this is the new age were they are more worried about self than each other.

  • wow so he was 19 and she was 16 when they got married, can't do that now a days cause parents would get pissed especially the fathers

  • She definitely doesn't look 100

  • They did not seem to follow any of the conventional advice society gives us for sensible marriage partner selection eg make sure the man has enough money, know each other long enough before committing etc etc.And yet, they still succeeded. What is also amazing is not just both their very senior ages but also the fact that this same pair are still alive and married and together at such an age. An old Italian fellow immigrant once hung a sign in his shop to politely refuse credit to customers who asked for it.It said "Credit will only be given to customers accompanied by both parents aged over 80".In other words, no chance of it. But, I wonder what he would have done if this pair to ocked up with their offspring who wanted to buy something there on credit? Amazing.

  • Omg! They are so lovely!

  • God Bless them both!

  • Wowwwww she doesn’t even look 100 I would of guessed late 70s

  • Beautiful ❤️?????️

  • oh my goodness, they look like the strongest 100+ year olds ever ! they must have done something to stay healthy for so long.

  • Meanwhile Steve cheats on his 3 wives

  • Black culture is just beautiful ❤️?

  • BJ Sounds so wrong…

  • God bless these fine people.

  • My my such a lovely couple…role models to the less fortunate in love.

  • And I thought MY grandparents were married for a long time.They were married for 46 years.I think that my aunt and uncle will break that record.D.W. and Willie must be doing something right.

  • What a beautiful inspirational couple!

  • ???

  • Jesus loves you all and is coming soon! ❤️ if you haven’t repented and turned from sin and accepted Jesus as Savior believing He died and rose again for you, today is perfect and scripture says that today is the day of salvation!!

  • WOW…they look like they are in their 70's

  • This marriage must be freaking amazing. Like I want something like that!!! I want to be able to walk around and talk like that at 103.

  • The daughter looks older than her mom

  • I’ve watched this over and over and it still brings joy to me every time I watch it ….. you don’t find em like this no mo??????

  • Holy cow…that’s incredible!❤️ I bet there are only a few in the world who ever even come close.
    God bless those two…beyond.?


  • Be nice to each other and be each other's best friend

  • Steve said she is Pretty, and he was darn right!

  • Those are special folks, They look great.

  • They are soo cute, I wish there is someone out there for me who's going to spend the rest of their days with mine 🙁

  • Black really don’t crack ??? seriously, if she was white she’d look like, 50!

  • 103 and 100??? Jeez that's insane!

  • The funny part about what he said about them and marriage is that my grandpa told my aunt the same thing

  • Ole Steve is a trip

  • This couple is cute and all and go ahead and hate on me for saying this but 1:58 Literally all I could hear was my 13 year old brothers voice cracking

  • Walked like he had a hunnid dollars ain't had nuthin goes to show love is priceless

  • What a blessing? 82 years of married wao. Can this happen with this ungrateful generation? My marriage ended up within 2 and half years! "

  • Wow its REALLY suprising that mostly amazing couples are 3 years age gap.

  • I love elderly people. Lol.

  • 100? She looks 80 at most.

  • So cute

  • The daughter sounds older than them

  • What kinda PUSSEY she got I want it to keep my husband this Damm long

  • Omg this is absolutely beautiful I been with my man 15 years and we argue daily but we would def be lost without each other lol

  • The old lady sounds like mama ody from the princess and the frog

  • The sad part is one of them will like pass away soon..

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