Marathon Training & Running Tips : How to Select a Running Shoe

Hello my name is David Brown and today we
are going to talk about how to select a running shoe. Now selecting a running shoe can sometimes
seem very daunting especially since there are so many different styles and colors and
brands that are available out there. A variety of runners can fit into many different categories
of shoes and we’ve been able to get them into three or four. So the first thing you’ve got
to look at is what kind of foot do you have. Now a good way to know what kind of foot you
have is what is called the wet test or once you step out of the shower you want to step
on to a paper bag, lift your foot up, and see what kind of shape you see. If you see
a very thin line you know that you have high arches. If you see a very flat line you know
you have flat feet. Most of us fall somewhere in between but if you know you have very flat
feet or high arches, this is going to require a very special shoe and sometimes even inserts
called orthotics. Now once you know this about your foot you may want to do some other research
by looking at some of your other running shoes or perhaps some walking shoes and you want
to see where they wear. Do they wear mostly on the outside or mostly on the inside? Do
they wear more on the heel or more on the forefoot? You’ll be able to tell right away.
On this shoe what I am talking about is you can look at the heel down here or the forefoot
down here. I am talking about the outside of the shoe here or the inside of the shoe
here. You can look at wear points on all of these spots so why am I telling you to do
all of this research? Well that’s the very next step is to go to a very nice running
store. Don’t just go to any place to buy your shoes, especially running shoes but go to
a running shoe store. Tell the people there what you’ve found. Now they may even be able
to do some other steps like have you run on a tread mill and be able to look at your feet
and see how your feet land. But at the end of the day this is a scientific process and
we are trying to find the right shoe that fits you. So after you go to a running shoe
store decide what kind of budget you have, also let the people know that. Now the final
thing is also how much are you going to run? If you are training for a marathon or you
are just going to be running a few times a week this could also dramatically effect your
choice of shoe and your purchase price and when you put together what you could afford
and what science tells you you should buy, you should be able to know what running shoes
to select.


  • Wear whatever feels best for you. I currently wear Sauconys Grid Sinister shoes. I've owned 8 different types of Saucony shoes and never had a pair that didn't feel amazing. I race marathons, half marathons, 16k's, and 10k's.

    Don't go to a running store to get your shoes… they'll rip you off! My local store had my shoes for $139.99 plus tax. I got them for $85 including shipping brand new off eBay.

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  • Well, I wouldn't be so rude about you being an overweight person (not that you're not). Anyway, nice info about defining what kind of feet we have and how to choose a good running shoe based on the knowledge of the shape of our feet.
    By the way, your glasses are weird…

  • I got a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 10 and they are sooooo comfortable.

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  • when I was running in a "modern" running shoes I felt like a bouncing tank. Plus I had a knee pain, back pain ect.. I have chosen to run in beach sandal with no heel pad or shock absorber. Its just protect my sole from step into a chewing gum. It took about 5-6 weeks to get used to it. But now…. When Im doing my running sessions and somtetime I forget about the time I Just say : Sh*t! I forgot to stop running… again…

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