Marathon Training & Running Tips : How to Break in Running Shoes

Hello, my name is David Brown, and today we’re
going to talk about how to break in your new running shoes. Now, breaking in running shoes
is, is a very important process. If you don’t do it properly, you can end up with all sorts
of problems. Both injuries, as well as blisters, and things that you really don’t need. So,
breaking in a running shoe, is, is kind of like similar, to breaking in a new car. You
don’t want to push it too hard, too fast. So, typically for breaking in a running shoe,
you want to look at anywhere from forty to sixty miles, maybe upwards of seventy miles,
of running. And so, if, you know, this could take, you know, four or five weeks, before
a running shoe is truly broken in. So, if you’re looking at, say, running a marathon,
or a longer distance racing event, you want to give yourself four to six weeks in a new
pair of shoes, before you actually go race in them. Because if you don’t, the shoe actually
hasn’t been properly broken in, and your body might be affected because of it. Now, the
other important part of breaking in a running shoe, is make sure that the shoe fits. So,
whenever you’re buying your running shoes, make sure you go and you bring the socks that
you plan on running in. If you plan on running in socks. And, you want to make sure that
you go in the afternoon, and you want to make sure that your toe box is nice, and nice and
open. Because if things aren’t, you may never be able to break them in at all. This is also
why you need to talk to a running shoe professional. Because every running shoe breaks in differently.


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