Man Wants To Prove To Wife He Isn’t The Father Of Mistress’ Child (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Streeter v. Heartfield.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Streeter, you claim
that during your relationship
with the defendant, he convinced you
to get pregnant
with his child, but what you didn’t know
is that he was a married man. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You say
Mr. Heartfield is only
denying the child in order to save
his marriage. Mr. Heartfield, you say
you made a mistake
by having an affair, but you know
you are not the father
of Ms. Streeter’s child. You claim
that Ms. Streeter
was openly sleeping with other men
besides you. Today’s results
will determine whether or not you’ll be able
to save your marriage,
is that correct? That’s correct,
Your Honor. So Ms. Streeter,
why are you convinced that Mr. Heartfield
is the father of your one-month-old
son, Kaleb. Mr. Heartfield asked me
to have a baby with him. We were dating
for about eight months. A long time we were
in a relationship, a committed relationship
with just me and him. And throughout
the whole relationship, he wanted to have a baby,
he say he didn’t
get to raise any of his. So, we went to
the hospital, we got the birth control
taken out together,
we went together. She’s telling you
guys a bunch of lies. She’s telling, I mean,
a whole lot of lies.
That’s convincing. I mean, if I didn’t know
any better, I’ll be convinced. What is true? That’s definitely
not the truth. “We went and took
the birth control
out together,” that’s definitely not true. STREETER:
We planned this child, and we even planned the day,
you know,I had an app on my phone
that tracked the ovulation,
and we knew
what we was doing,
we was having sex.
Your Honor, please.
This is hard for me to say
it to you. That’s a lie. What is the truth
according to you? The truth is that,
I believe that… It’s possible
that she’s thinking
about someone else, because she and I
did meet, that is a fact. And we did talk,
and I found her to be
very attractive at the time. And I even, you know,
did things to convince her that, okay, maybe I
will be the guy
she can take a chance with, as far as going out
on dates and doing things. JUDGE LAKE:
But you were married. MR. HEARTFIELD: And I made
sure that she knew
that as well. Oh, my God, he’s lying.
He’s lying. I made that very clear. In fact, Your Honor,
if I’m lying, then why… How would she
have information
to call my wife when I was paying her,
simply paying her not to tell my wife
about the situation. STREETER: Our first time
having sex, we went down a street
from his house
to a hotel. MR. HEARTFIELD: Because I did
not pay her rent,
she called her. He’s lying! That don’t have
nothing to do with
why I called your wife. At what point did you
discover he was married.
Let’s get to that. He ended up telling me
a relative’s name. And I went onFacebook
and stalked the relative then found Mrs. Heartfield
page, then that’s when
I seen pictures of them. And I didn’t even call her
right away, because he had
told me, like, them pictures are old,
she’s a professional,
and for her image she can’t, uh… She don’t
want people to know
that we’re not together. So, I believed him. Matter of fact,
I even called her,
I text her and let her know, like, your husband’s
been cheating on you
for eight months and I’m five months pregnant. He’s trying to make it
seem like we was never
in a relationship and that this
never happened, but he just text me,
just recently, trying to get back with me,
trying to tell me
he wanna be with me. Oh, my God. Is that true, sir? MR. HEARTFIELD:
No, it is not. JUDGE LAKE:
Have you been trying
to be with Ms. Streeter? He text me and I have
the proof right here. JUDGE LAKE:
I’d like to see that. You say he text you? He text me
This is a text that says, “No,” and then,
“I’m horny,” and then, “Come over!” MR. HEARTFIELD: (CHUCKLES)
Oh, my God. JUDGE LAKE: And the next line
says, “I’m serious.
I am horny as hell.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) That is true.
I did send those messages. Oh, you did? MR. HEARTFIELD: Yes, I did.
Hold on, hold on, hold on. HEARTFIELD: Hold on, let me
explain to you why. Because of this game
that she and I like to play,
that she likes to play. If I don’t do that,
Dominique goes ballistic. And we were playing this game
but now that we’re in court, it seem like something
that a some old man has been trying to hit
on a young lady. But I’m telling you,
that is not true. You’re a 46-years-old
married man, Mr. Heartfield. What game are you playing
with a 22-year-old girl? Okay, okay, okay. Okay, I’ll tell you what.
I’ll tell you what. JUDGE LAKE: No, no. No, no.
I wanna understand. What game is this
you feel like you need to play with a 22-year-old girl, where your line is,
“I’m horny”? Your Honor,
I am dealing with
a 22-year-old, okay? It’s because I didn’t
do things for her
from the extortion that she been doing to me,
that’s she’s gonna
call my wife, okay? That time, she did,
okay? Next time, she says she’s
gonna report
that I stole her car. So, I’m in a situation
where I either
get locked up, or lose my wife
for definite if I don’t play
her little childish game. JUDGE LAKE:So,
what you’re saying is,
you entertain her,
you pacify her
with flirtation. MR. HEARTFIELD: Yes. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
Because that
keeps her calm… I have to, Your Honor. …To where she doesn’t
do destructive things
like call your wife. To call my wife… JUDGE LAKE: What was
his reaction
when you told him you were pregnant,
Ms. Streeter. Well, it was planned,
it was expected,
he was excited. He wanted a baby.
That was the whole point. MR. HEARTFIELD:
Uh, the deal…
This is the situation. Dominique deal with
so many guys, okay? She found one
that there was
an older guy, and she thought
that I would be a cake daddy,
or however
you wanna call it. The thing is is that
she found out, “Hey, you’re dealing with
a guy that ain’t got
not money, so now, “you wasted time,
now what?” STREETER:
That’s not true.
That’s not true! MR. HEARTFIELD:
But because you done wasted
so much time telling people that he’s your baby father,
that now,
you got to play the role. And so, that’s exactly
what she’s been doing. STREETER:
Nobody don’t care
about money. Because I’ve been…
I was with him because
I loved him. Genuinely, I was supposed
to be with him. He kept asking me
about marriage. He made me realize stuff
that I never even knew
I thought about, like the future,
and being with him. Ma’am, that sounds
really good. (CLAPPING) This calls
for a standing ovation. This calls for
a standing ovation.
This is beautiful. JUDGE LAKE: Stop! I’m just being honest,
Your Honor. Stop, Mr. Heartfield. She’s playing games
with you guys. No, you playing games,
you the one with a wife! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Your wife does not
look happy. Your wife is sitting there having to listen to testimony about you sending
text messages to a 22-year-old girl,
talking about “You horny.” I wanna hear from your wife. I know she wants
some results too. So, Miss Heartfield, I can see when
you were sitting there, this was very painful
for you to hear. This is ridiculous. JUDGE LAKE: Did he fill you in
on all of these details, and the fact he’s still
texting this 22-year-old
young woman? No, he did not. How did you even find out
about this entire affair? The text message
that I received from her. You get a text message? A random text message
that says, “I’m in a relationship
with your husband, “I have been for eight months, “and I’m pregnant,
and that’s it.” What do you do from there? What the bleepity-bleep
is going on here? And I asked him about it,
and he said, “Oh, she’s just
some little girl,
she ain’t nobody.” I didn’t like texting
so I called her,
and I’m like, we had a conversation,
it was a decent conversation, to which I told her,
“Best of luck. “He’s not going to
take care of your child ’cause
he didn’t take care of ours.” True. “I don’t have time
for children, MS. HEARTFIELD:“I’m not
dealing with this, I don’t
want any part of this.”
And that was where I left it,and I haven’t
spoken to her since. And, so, Ms. Streeter,
who was with you at the birth? He was there
when the baby was born, he was excited, like, “You know, this is my baby,
this is my boy, “I never got to see
none of my kids,
I wanna be with you,“Let’s make this work,
we got a child.
“He needs to be in a house
with both parents…”
telling her these things,
Mr. Heartfield?
No. STREETER: I tried to give him
to sign the birth certificate, but the reason why
he signed it at first, but it was time for
the witness to see us, and he like, “You too anxious
about me signing
this birth certificate, “you know what, miss,
take my name off,” talking to the witness, like,“I don’t want to be
on the birth certificate.”
So, first, he signed
the birth certificate?
have any proof of that?
Yes, I do,
I have the original one, when he first signed
the birth certificate. JUDGE LAKE:So,
his name is placed
on the Certificate of Birth.
So, Mr. Heartfield,
you’re a married man,
HEARTFIELD:Yes.but you’re on this child’s
original birth certificate? No, no. Well, the name
is printed, there’s no
signature of mine. So, at first, you allowed
your name to be printed? They did that while
I wasn’t there, Your Honor. This is the first copy
before he took off the name. Mr. Heartfield, you’re saying
it didn’t go like this? HEARTFIELD: It didn’t. How did it go? She kept pressing me about,
“Please sign it, “you’ve got to
sign it right now,
it’s got to be done.” First of all,
it’s embarrassing that
I have to stay up there, and he wanna go
back and forth with me,
on whether or not… Why am I pressing him
to sign the birth certificate? So, it was not just that
I got so mad about DNA test, he just was… I’m not the only man
she said was the daddy. He’s… He’s lying. JUDGE LAKE: Really? I’m not the only man. He’s a liar. Mr. Heartfield,
what do you mean, you say you’re not
the only man? There’s a guy
in our local town, and she’s also told him… He’s lying. …that he was the father and she promised to give him
some more loving
when she had the child. What game are you playing
with a 22-year-old girl? Okay, okay, okay… I’m not… I don’t
sleep around, like
I just don’t understand why he comin’ up
with these lies? For me, I felt like…
It’s the thing for him. If I don’t wanna be
with him, he don’t
wanna be with the baby.But at times when
I have to come over
and he has to…
that is absolutely crazy.
Nuts, what she’s saying. If I don’t wanna
be with her… Would you look at this
queen, right here? STREETER: You wouldn’t
have cheated on her. If I, if I… Hold on, hold on, no, no, no. I’m serious. You said “‘Cause I don’t
wanna be with you.” STREETER: I have a picture… HEARTFIELD: I’m not just
saying, Your Honor… HEARTFIELD: I do have options. Anyway, my wife, I love
her. God knows I do. During the time that
Dominique and I met, I had my own place… He was staying living
with me, I didn’t know
he had his own place. Wait a minute, I don’t
need her support. I don’t needed your support. No? No, I don’t need her support. Please, sit her down. Please, sit her down. JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute! HEARTFIELD: Please,
sit her down. Wait a minute. Hold on! She can’t put me out
’cause I got my own place. Hold on, Mr. Heartfield.
Just a minute ago… HEARTFIELD: I don’t want her. That your wife was a queen. And yes. But she gonna
speak like that and she’s not supporting me. She supports somebody else. Whoa… Wait a minute,
wait a minute. Your Honor, only
by your wish… JUDGE LAKE: You seem like
you getting flustered. HEARTFIELD: I don’t like it. That’s why I… I
stepped out and
had intercourse. Oh, now it’s her fault? Because I never got her
support or anything. STREETER: Not only that… That’s a fact. He have more girlfriends
when he was talking to me. When I first met him, he had
a lotta woman he talked to. HEARTFIELD: Of course.
Of course. A lot. STREETER: It was a… Of course. STREETER: So, not only wasn’t
me. It was other people… Let the truth come out.
That’s exactly what I say. So she’s not my only
choice, that’s my point. I don’t need her. I have my own place.
I’m a man. I’m standing
on my own two feet. And both of them wanna
go separate ways,
that’s fine with me. I’d never have a
relationship with her. So, Ms. Heartfield, you felt
like he was living with you when he was sleeping with her? MS. HEARTFIELD: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: And you didn’t
know about this other place? I did not know about
the other place. JUDGE LAKE: How did you
find out that there
was another place? When she told me. I have pictures of him He took… and my son spending
time together. JUDGE LAKE: Let me
see these pictures. These are pictures of what? Spending time with my son… Is this at the other place? HEARTFIELD:Yeah…JUDGE LAKE:And this is baby
Kaleb together?
week, actually.
JUDGE LAKE: Also… You told me
something else. Baby sit down please.
You ain’t got nothing
to do with that. I sure don’t have
anything to do with it. I wish you hadn’t come.
Why’re you here? Pick a lie. ‘Cause you asked
me to be here. Mr. Heartfield, I’m gonna
let you pipe down just
a little bit ’cause your tone while you’re talkin’ to your
wife is making me edgy. I understand, I understand. MS. HEARTFIELD: It’s making
me edgy too. Please sit down. I called her up to testify. So she’ll be standing until
I ask her to be seated. JUDGE LAKE: I don’t know
what part of this you
think you running… Stop that none sense clapping. You don’t run me and
you don’t run this court. Now, ma’am. Ms. Heartfield. You’re saying that
this was not the story that you were told? MS. HEARTFIELD: No. JUDGE LAKE: What was
your understanding? I knew they had
a relationship. And it was, “I don’t wanna
be with her, I made
a mistake, I’m sorry. “I wanna be with you.”
Yadee-yadee-yadee. Can we, can we work it out? And I can see this
really upsets you. It’s foolishness… And I didn’t need it and
I didn’t ask for it. I want a divorce,
if I can get one. We good. I’m good with
that. Not a problem. You’re classic. HEARTFIELD: Thank you. You’re classic. Thank you,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You really are. I mean, it’s just, if
I pull up the profile of cheater, con-man,
clown, and coward… Your face would
be next to it! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE LAKE: Now you standing
up here with your wife standing next to you. JUDGE LAKE: That’s your wife. She’s my seventh wife.
Your Honor. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Things that have been said in
here. All of it is not true. No the things that have been
said in here, you validated. This is the part that
I don’t think you see JUDGE LAKE: I mean that you’re
compulsive with it. Yes. ‘Cause you will validate
what they both say? JUDGE LAKE: And then
in the next breathe,
say they’re lying. Well, hey… Okay. And honestly, Mr. Heartfield,
I’m really letting you go on because I haven’t figured out
yet what your end game is? He doesn’t have one. JUDGE LAKE: That’s
exactly what I’m… That is exactly what
my conclusion is becoming Ms. Heartfield.
Okay, so… I just wanna make…
So let’s take a pause for the cause. HEARTFIELD: Yeah. Women, did you
hear his testimony? Oh, yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, I just
wanna make sure. Mr. Heartfield, you may be one of the most disappointing
man I ‘ve ever seen… HEARTFIELD: Thank you. In this courtroom. Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: You are really… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: Now, the clapping,
I mean, what a disgrace. HEARTFIELD: Thank you,
thank you, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I mean, you really
should be so ashamed. It doesn’t bother me, though. I know, I can tell. I have given you
every opportunity
to tell your story, and also acknowledge
the fact that you have
led this young girl down a road to nowhere. HEARTFIELD: Okay. Now, she may
have a child by you. But, I think I’m really
just talking long enough ’cause I want to
give the women
an opportunity to understand, so they can run
while they can. (HEARTFIELD CHUCKLES) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You’re clapping
for your own idiocy. (CHUCKLING) HEARTFIELD:
I mean, you know… JUDGE LAKE: And I love that. HEARTFIELD: Thank you. I’m always hopeful for
the spirit of an individual, and I try to see
the good in everyone. Right. I don’t think I’ve ever
said this in this courtroom
before, Jerome, but I pray he’s not
this child’s father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (APPLAUDING) I hope not. Jerome, I’m ready
for the results. JUDGE LAKE: Lord, help us. Or he can just help me,
I’ll be cool with that. Quiet! HEARTFIELD: Yes, ma’am. I’m so sick of your little
nonsense mouth running. HEARTFIELD: Yes, Your Honor. You a tall glass of nothing! Sitting up here, clowning
in this courtroom today, HEARTFIELD: Thank you.
Thank you. clapping and smiling. JUDGE LAKE:
Acting like a buffoon. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Streeter v. Heartfield,
when it comes to
1-month-old Kaleb Streeter, it has been determined
by this court… Mr. Heartfield, you are the father. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) (EXHALES) Okay. That’s cool.
That’s okay. Do you understand now
what you just
made a child with? STREETER: Right, right… No, do you? No, no.
Look at me. Mmm-hmm. I don’t know what he told you
up until this point, I will say
that conmen like him, they can be very charismatic. You two are both
very beautiful young women. You don’t have to
deal with this. But I want you to see clearly, in this courtroom today,
how he has acted. This is your child’s father. Now, his wife
has already told you, he didn’t take care
of the one
they have together. And, quite frankly,
I’m nervous for Kaleb, because I don’t want him
to be his example. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Miss Heartfield, I know
this was probably all very
difficult for you to hear, and yet,
I really do feel this… This all needed to play out. Oh, absolutely. I wanted to
hear it firsthand, ’cause I couldn’t trust him
to tell me the truth. This is a rough day for me. (STAMMERING) I’m really… HEARTFIELD: Yeah… I… Listen, listen. Mr. Heartfield,
just stop talking. (HEARTFIELD CHUCKLES) Just stop…
It doesn’t, it doesn’t… You don’t ever say
anything of value,
so just stop talking. Okay. You got a little boy now,
he’s one month. Got his whole life
ahead of him. At this point,
you’ve gotten a lot wrong. Yes, of course. Are you going to be a part,
like, not just financially, but do you plan
to be an active father? I will. You don’t want your son
to end up in this position. Standing between
two women in a courtroom. I can’t teach him
how to be nothing but myself, now, if she wanted to have one
of other guys, that’s fine,
too, I don’t care. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Streeter? STREETER: Yes. I needed to dig enough
for you to get your answer. Okay? STREETER: Mmm-hmm. Proceed with caution, and you, clown can go
right on back to the circus. Court is adjourned.


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  • Ive been watching PC season after season.. this is the most frustrating case. That idiot was lucky the judge wasnt me🤣.. Im prepared to lose my license just to knock him out with my gavel.. so freaking annoying!!

  • I prayed he was not the father!

  • Wow!!! This episode is wow!! I can tell the judge was FURIOUS AND RIGHTLY SO!! This man is nasty and disgusting! All the best to you ladies

  • He is obviously a low life nothing. But what makes me mad is these women that still entertain him… like I would punch him in the face and get TF OUT. His wife better divorce him on the spot and ruin his life.

  • Jerome suppose to be shutting him up

  • I just started watching and I can tell he’s a liar

  • What a fool man

  • All i see isPEDO

  • I love this judge she's nothing nice

  • CLOWN!


  • TRULY DISGUSTING!!! Ladies …R.U.N!!!!

  • A married man that didn’t take care of the kids he had with his wife…yet they were still together?!? I’m confused

  • Devil incarnate! 😈

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