Man Thinks Famous Singer Is Dad, Siblings Say He’s After Royalties (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is a case of
Yarlborough/Jones v. Triplett.
Thank you Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Yarlborough,
you were here previously in this very
courtroom to prove that the late Chi-Lites’
member, Creadel Jones, was your biological father and that Michael Jones is your brother. The results from
that case prove that Creadel Jones is your father. Now, you and Mr. Jones stand united
together to protect your father’s legacy
and musical estate by proving that Mr. Triplett is not your sibling. JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Triplett, you state… Yes, Your Honor. …you’ve always known that
Mr. Creadel Jones is your father and
you hope that once the DNA results are revealed Ms. Yarlborough and Mr. Jones will welcome you
with open arms. Yes, Your Honor. So Mr. Jones, tell me,
why do you doubt Mr. Triplett is your brother? MR. JONES: He claims that he’s
like, two weeks older than me. As far as my life, I know
my mother and father was always together. From 1964 to 1974. We went on trips together. My father was there,
my mother was there. I’d never even
heard of Mr. Triplett. Plus, uh, my dad signed his
name on my birth certificate, as well as my brother Irving’s
birth certificate. JUDGE LAKE: So you’re
saying growing up you never ever had
any idea there was… This man would be two
weeks older than you? Right. JUDGE LAKE: You grew
up thinking you were the oldest child? Yes. For 50 years. Fifty years? Fifty years, I’m… You’re saying your father
signed your birth certificate? Yes. Do you have evidence of that? Yes I do, Your Honor. Jerome, may I see that please? Thank you. So this is
your birth certificate and your brother’s.
Both of which list Creadel A. Jones as father. MR. TRIPLETT: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Triplett, is Mr. Jones on your
birth certificate? MR. TRIPLETT: No, he isn’t. He is not? No. I’ve always been told that Creadel was the only
father that I’ve ever had. JUDGE LAKE: Your entire life? MR. TRIPLETT: My entire life. And you were told you
had brothers and sisters? Yes. Yes. So, Mr. Jones, I mean
let’s be clear, he is a music legend.Incredible contributions
to the music industry.
You were told that
you were his child?
I’ve only met him twice.
The first memory of
meeting him, I was maybe eight or nine. He pulled up in a car and he kinda patted me on the head
and handed me $100 and went up to
talk with my mom. And I left. Um, then the other
occasion was uh, he came but this time my
relatives were there and he uh, spoke with my relatives.
They knew him and I guess these
other gentlemen. I didn’t
know who they were. And I was able to recognize
from the first time that I met him, that
that was the guy that my mom pointed out
to me was my father. You knew,
“This is the man that “I was told was my father?” Yes. Did you have a conversation? Not at all. No. And if he’s just two
weeks older than you and you’ve never heard… I’ve never heard of him. Never heard of him. Mr. Triplett or his mother. And your parents were married? Yes, they were married. Did your mother ever say anything about your father potentially
having another son? No. So, Ms. Yarlborough, you once stood in this
very same position as Mr. Triplett. MS. YARLBOROUGH: Right. Mmm-hmm. And your paternity
was doubted, and it was proven
in this courtroom that
you are, in fact, Creadel Jones’
biological daughter. Did you ever hear that in addition to yourself,
there were other children? I mean, the only ones
that I’ve heard of were Mr. Jones and his brother, and Koby when I got here but I’ve never heard of him. I don’t know where
he comes from. We just been through this
and now here we are again. You know, somebody claiming
that they’re, you know, a wife or whatever and I mean, if you are,
that’s fine. Maybe you think it’s a lot of
money here. I don’t know. You think this is about money? You think… I do. And I’m upset because, I mean, I hear this,
I hear everybody telling me what they had and the experience that
they had with him. The only memory
I have of my father… I mean, my mother told me
that when we were kids and growing,
he was in the house. He was there when
I was born. He took care of
me and my sister. When he went on the road
he sent my mom
money for us. And my older sisters and
older cousins have memory of him
but I don’t. My only memory of himwas at 11 years oldwhen he came to visit
me and my sister.
That’s it.I would rather have…(SNIFFLES)
I would rather have had a memory of him, I mean… I would… I want to know
what his voice sounds like. I couldn’t care less
about royalty rights, I want to know what his
favorite color is. I want… I want a father and
I don’t know who he is or
what he’s claiming but it’s just like,
maybe he saw us on the last show
so that’s my… That’s what I’m thinking. And now he think that
there’s a lot of royalties here and he
want in. I mean… You’re correct.
It was the last show, you’re right, um, that led me to this show so that I can find out
if he’s my father. It’s not about money.
I don’t need the money. Not at all.
I just want to know if he’s my father. To me,
we all look like our dad. But, you’re… To me there’s
no resemblance there. MR. TRIPLETT: That picture
there was shown to meand everybody that I knowalways said that
I look like him, so…
JUDGE LAKE:Who’s told
you that over the years?
My family.Your family? Yeah. And so after witnessing their appearance
in this courtroom previously… TRIPLETT: Mmm-hmm. …you felt it was important
to get the answers you needed as well? Right. Also most of
my family have, uh, they died of cancer. And so, the issue for me
was also for health
reasons as well. And so… MR. JONES: That ain’t
what I got though. So, I’m saying
what I see now… Okay. …there’s no resemblance.
There couldn’t be. Okay, Okay.
Time will tell. Yeah, it will. JUDGE LAKE: Your father has an incredible legacy. It would not be unheard of for people to just
want to attach themselves to it. But if this is what
he’s been told… He didn’t just come up
with Creadel Jones out of the wind. Exactly. Well, I mean,
he has the evidence that shows the royalties. And even all… It lists
all the siblings, all of our father’s estate.
Even the possible ones. So this evidence
shows what, Mr. Jones? That evidence shows that
my name, Angela’s name, and my brother, Irving,
we are the rightful heirs. JUDGE LAKE: So the heirs… MR. JONES:That have been
proven to be the children
of Creadel Jones.
This evidence, you’re
saying does not list Mr. Triplett’s name anywhere? Correct. Not even as a possible heir? MR. JONES: Not
even as a possible… It’s making me think like, he’s coming out
of the woodworks like anyone would if they
knew it’s about some money. Since you believe
this is about money, I have an expert.
Mr. Fred Buggs from WBLS in New York. Hello, Mr. Buggs.
Thank you for joining us.Well, Judge Lake, how are you?We are here on another
paternity matter connected to the legendary Creadel Jones of
the Chi-Lites. We want to understand
the value of this estate. Can you shed light
on that for us? Sure can. You had
a couple of great stand-up singing groups
during the 70s. Temptations, Four Tops,
Chi-Lites out of Chicago.Bunch of number one songs
on the R&B charts.
With the amount of samplingthat has been done
throughout the years,
the publishing has got to be well, well into the
millions by now. JUDGE LAKE:
And so you feel like this is commonplace
for there to be a fight over royalties and that fight would
often include siblings, offspring that may not have been recognized earlier. You know, in these cases, we think about the 70s and we speak safe sex now but during the 70s there was a lot of free-spirited activities taking
place then so, uh, now we are finding, there are more family members than initially
reported at the time. Well said. Thank you so much Mr. Buggs for joining us. Thank you much, and all
the best to the families. JUDGE LAKE: So what
his expert testimony confirmed is that… First of all, the situation you find yourselves
in at this time is not something we
have never seen before. I mean, it’s been told
that he has about 32 kids,
which I don’t know if that is so or not. Thirty-two? Thirty-two. AUDIENCE: Wow. JUDGE LAKE: I’ve another
independent witness I’d like to hear from. Jerome, would you please
escort Mr. Jones into the courtroom? Yes ma’am. Mr. Jones, thank you
for joining us today. IRVING JONES: Thank you
for having me. We’re here, of course discussing the paternity as it
relates to Mr. Triplett. We have established that Creadel Jones, is in fact
listed as father on your birth certificate? Correct. Do you or do you not
believe Mr. Triplett could possibly be
yet another sibling? I believe it’s a possibility. You do? I do. Please explain to
the court, why. I haven’t seen
my dad, our dad, since I was
three years old, 1972.I ran across an ad
at work one day
featuring one of the
Chi-Lites members.
I looked at that, in that
magazine, read the article and thought
about Dad. I wondered,
“Was he still alive?” I sent an email to
their PR agency, um, telling them who I was
and that I hadn’t
seen my father and that I wanted to find him. She told me she would
forward the email to the proper person. Later that day, I get an
email back telling me she sent the email
to Marshall. Marshall Thompson. And he asked for us, for me,
to send a picture. He wanted to see me. So I took a picture,
snapped it, sent it to him. I get an email back saying
“Today is your lucky day. “Marshall wants you
to call him.” He saw the picture. Evidently, he saw the face. (CHUCKLING) And, it’s possible
you know so, I called him after
I talked to my mom. Nobody, in my family knew
I was even looking for Dad. I didn’t tell Michael. I didn’t tell my mom. I didn’t tell nobody. I wanted to go find
him, you know. So, once I called Marshall, I told him who I was. He asked me, was I…
Was Barbara my mother? I said “No, my mama’s Ruby.” And he said, “Oh, Ruby. I remember!” Came back to his head. But that’s the first time
I heard the name Barbara. And I found out Barbara, was his mother. AUDIENCE: Ooh. So that’s why I believe
it is a possibility. JUDGE LAKE: I see. Because Marshall
connected the dots. For me, at the time I didn’t
know about him, I didn’t even think about a kid.
Didn’t know if there was any
other kid, period. I just knew the three that
he had with my mom. But to this day, after learning about her
and this case, I believe it is a possibility. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Jones, in light of the testimony we’ve
all just heard. Does this change
your mind at all? No. It doesn’t? No. Why? He don’t look like me. So you’re basing this on… I’m going by, he look like me, she look
like me, my other sisters and
brothers look like me and we all look like our dad. He has no resemblance. JUDGE LAKE: Your father’s
genes are very strong. MR. JONES: Very strong. How about you,
Ms. Yarlborough?
Does it make you feel differently to hear
this man say that his mother was brought
up to him years ago? Um, a little bit, but that makes me
doubt the motives of the person that
gave the story. And, and I don’t believe that he cheated on my mother
’cause they were together. Oh, come on man, you… I’m not gonna believe that. I’m not gonna believe that. JUDGE LAKE: I will not speak poorly about the deceased nor will I say that I have
first-hand information. But what we do know as a music legendthat there were, of course,many opportunities and accessto probably many
different women that would have been
interested in dating him and sharing his time. I understand that. And so as I listen to
Mr. Triplett’s story what I find fascinating is that he was told that
this was his father but he had no real contact
or connection with him. He didn’t really pursue
the relationship but instead did what a lot
of young people say as they enter my courtroom. They say, “Well if he didn’t
really care enough “to have a relationship
with me, then I just “decided to go on
with my life “and try to do me.” But as he got older he
began to think, well, “I really don’t want
to leave this earth “without knowing
who my father is.” That’s it. “And now that I’m older,
wiser, more experienced, “I can handle the result.” And the sad part is, if Creadel Jones is not his biological father, where else does he turn? He’s never been
given another name. That’s the only man
has ever been told… I was told was my father. The only man. Well, I think we
can move forward by getting the results
and I have them. Jerome? (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) These results were prepared by
DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Yarlborough/Jones v. Triplett,
pertaining to Torlan Triplett, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Triplett, Ms. Yarlborough, Mr. Irving Jones and Mr. Michael Jones, you are related. MR. JONES: Oh! MR. JONES:
I apologize, brother. It’s all right, It’s
all right, it’s all right. How you doing sister? Okay, come on down. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) How you doing, brother?
All right, all right. (MUMBLING) All right, all right man. How do you feel Mr. Jones? (VOICE BREAKING)
Really emotional. Apologetic. MR. TRIPLETT: No need,
there’s no need to apologize. And now I got a,
a big brother. (LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: Yes, you do. You been used to being the
big brother all these years? Yup. Now you got one! Yeah. I love that. How about you Ms. Yarlborough? I accept him. I have no, no problem with accepting him.
It is what it is. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Jones? This means a lot
to you to help bring clarity to this? It does, it does. It’s nice to know that I get to know my father
from their point of view. Um, and I get to know
who he was as a man and not just some
picture on an album cover. But, ultimately
as we talk about your father being
a music legend and part of his
legacy was of course his music and what
he left behind. But I think an even more
important part of his legacy are the people
and the children he left behind. You get to know your father because you all can share the stories and the
information that you have so that you can better
understand who he was. I think it is gonna be one
amazing family reunion when y’all finally plan it. (EVERYONE LAUGHS) And I hope you all
celebrate one another and your father and his legacy. I wish you
all the very best of luck. Court is adjourned.


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