I got the lunchtime leather shoes ah you haven’t done it properly my shoes so wait to the answer to give away you might have asked a favor please and I don’t know how to tie my shoes is there any tension could tie my shoes for me please oh my god you’re so sweet no actually don’t my mum twice my shoes me oh that’s amazing yes what do you think of them they almost name now single should be good I like to tell you by the way cheers thank you so much you’re a lifesaver you might have asked a quick favor and this is really interesting I don’t know how to tie my shoes right I was wondering how she could tie my shoes finally yeah yeah well like what to be honest I just can’t so does it go under all right no no just ask see we could tie my shoes please could you do me a favor please I am a sim box and I can’t find my shoelaces I’ll just want it’s really attached to you could tie my shoelaces for me please yeah oh you’re a legend maid what’s your name are we not too tight Tom James Nate thanks so much man usually my mum ties them when I leave that’s it she liked my crafts Gucci and they decent day mate cheers for that one very appreciate that’s not I’ve someone did it for me yesterday yeah I can do my name is Nathan what’s your name Lauren yeah crossing over what twice or once right can you count me out I can’t tie my shoes and I was only if you could tie my shoes for me oh what a legend gets stuck right in there yeah I love the trousers man photography what do you mean photography I’m underneath or just over like this okay but completely like that I will literally be like this what kind of experiment would this be you can tie shoes excuse me could you help me out please I can’t do my shoelaces up you do much all right I’m really bad at this joking you could do it for me please no I’m gonna do that to your line be a first year second or third year I’ll do you these are pulled and done late but that’s fine okay thank you thank you very much you got me on no no no I don’t know the tie my shoes yeah yeah legit or what legend yeah you’re Pro this on you I got the lunchtime where the shoes are you haven’t done it properly you’re an absolute legend thank you so much my man we appreciate that can you do me a favor could you tie my shoelaces to me please I can’t tie my shoelaces make you do no no and a just mate yeah have you been yeah not too tight though no no no she can’t know I’ll just start like looking for some friends it’s a tie my shoelaces thank you are you shooting here second year for the Mandan this is Beth she’s helping me tie my shoelaces Beth oh shit that’s the puller legend do you mind even we use that footage yeah okay cool cheers have a nice day man help me film this week also the winner for the giveaway we did is high speed stylus thanks so much like Mario’s voice nobody actually ended today a giveaway so there’s no winner for that one to rip and yeah I’ll see you guys in the next one jaqen people who realize we forgot to film an intro and the outro when we were in the city


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  • "My mum ties my shoes" I always knew you needed extra help Nate haha.

  • Keep it up YouTube is the new wave

  • "Usually my mom ties my shoes before I leave" haha!
    You should upload more often!

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