Making Cowboy Boot Soles, Heels, and Applying the Finishing Touches


  • Awesome

  • Amazing workmanship

  • This is amazing. The process and details that go into making a pair of boots is fascinating. It’s no wonder the prices are high especially the exotic leather boots. Can’t wait to see the finished product on a pair of yeehaw cowboy boots

  • Who is that beautiful lady at the end of the video? Her and I would make some beautiful babies…

  • These hand made boots are damn good! When I save enough money I'll buy one pair from you. Hope you could ship to EU.

  • Yo fui zapatero desde mis ocho años hasta los 15 y mirar este proceso me hizo llorar tan sólo de recordar esos años de mi vida,porque esta profesión tan noble y tan artístico té hace hacer las cosas con pasión. It’s just beautiful!! Well done guys!! From Austin Tx.

  • Beautiful craftsmanship..!

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