“Making Cops Laugh / Krispy Kreme Doughnuts” – Gabriel Iglesias – (From Hot & Fluffy)

Oh my God yeah Somebody asked me they say Well in your first special that you got to do You kept talking about this guy This friend of yours named Felipe Is he a real person? He is a real person… And he… He’s an oooold friend Known him forever But he’s one of these
comedians who doesn’t know when to Stop being funny And that’s why sometimes
it’s hard to hang out with the guy cause Cause, you know… I know when to quit Especially around cops When I hear The joke is over If I hear You get an apology My friend didn’t know when to draw the
line, you know? We’re hanging out one day And sure enough freakin cop got mad Oh you think it’s real funny huh? You think… You think it’s easy to be a police officer? You see that scar? I got stabbed in ’92 See that? Bullet wound ’96 What you got to say about that? And I was like, I have nothing to say about that My friend Felipe was like oh yeah? What are you doing? Fool, watch this… Ahhh! What are you doing?! He grabs my shirt Pulls it up Tells the cop… Fool, you see those stretch marks? Donuts 1996 I said dude! He’s gonna kill us! I know fool, but it was funny huh? And speaking of that I get pulled over
by a cop one night Two minutes after coming out of a krispy kreme drive through All right? Don’t get ahead of me watch I made a
left turn instead of making a right But I wasn’t paying attention Cause I had a box I was like oh you’re gonna get it when you get home Oh you’ve been so bad So… Ahhh! I’m gonna get
this I’m not paying attention I go the wrong way right? Sure enough Awwwwwhh! I pull over… Later… I’m sitting there patiently waiting And the cop is taking forever I said the hell with this He’s taking too long I grab my box I put it on my lap I flipped it open right? Oh I was gonna get nasty And just as I was about to tear it up, The cop gets to the window and says the same thing that they all say right? You know why I stopped you? It was too easy… I looked at him and I said… Cause you can smell it! Aww, he was dying man… Son of a bitch! Whatever, he let me go man That’s what I’m sayin. You just gotta be careful And if you can make a cop laugh You got a chance


  • What Channel?????

  • I don't think I could be a cop. If you tell me a joke and I laugh, I'll let you off.

  • man Gabe is #FluffingFunny

  • My dad is a cop and it is hard to make him laugh sometimes

  • I once saw police sitting in his car and watching diner.. only place in little town where you can get dougnuts

  • Some bring me a bottle of whiskey and a box of marijuana

  • 8 years later still here??

  • You are my favorite comedian Gabriel lol

  • Fluffy you are precious !!!
    inimitable !!!!!! LOL alk the way.

  • He reminds me of about a dozen gamous comedians who joked about food and later died from obesity.

  • ?????

  • SON A BITCH!!! ???

  • "I know fool but it was funny huh?"

  • Felipe esparsa??

  • LOL that's so funny.
    Cause you can smell it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Dude I just gotta let you know that I just finished fixing my resume and I actually used some of your lines you had in the comedic part about "different voices during different occasions just because of how formal it sounded.


    *smacks lips*


  • officer401

  • 2:30

  • just recently found this. man! this was absolute gold, cried myself of laughter and subscribed so fast, like i've never been in my entire life, after watching the video

  • Try that don't take the bate anyone got clue what get cop that 280 Lb to bite

  • I know fool but it was funny huh.

  • 2:30

  • If you hear gun reload the joke is over!

    If you hear police car ambulance you get an apology!

  • my favorit episoid is when you say cuis iam black I la if so holed I olmosr ped on my selivmy litil bruirhir DoD iam so gape my mom told me opawr gpu

  • Funny as hell

  • Lol

  • This is just extemely disturbing to me about the donuts.

  • Gabriel i was wondering if i could work for you please send a blessing my way i live in elsereno ca close to Alhambra

  • I like this

  • Dude see those stretch marks donuts 1996 lol

  • I think it's very weird how when I subscribe to certain artists or certain people on YouTube I'll go back to the video sometime after and I noticed that it tells me to subscribe again. How come when I subscribe to a YouTube channel I go back and it shows that I haven't subscribed to it even though I already did,

  • I have the full video but still liking this video

  • Please, Japanese subtitiles I pleade

  • Funny cop joke

  • This video is 8 years from now and people are still watching it

  • ??????

  • Gabriel probably won’t read let alone respond to this, but I’ve been watching his specials and his movie since 2014. He’s helped me through his comedy get over depression. I’m from Australia in Melbourne so idk if I’ll ever meet him but I hope I get one day where I can

  • https://youtu.be/JY_SegfEU3s

  • Why do you have to have sex with your food?

  • You made me laugh so hard you made me spit my drink out of my mouth that is how funny you are

  • 2:43 son of a bitch

  • this is funny ass shit

  • 0:42 ?

  • I was 5 when this was posted?

  • The crispy cream joke because the cop can smell it ?lol priceless

  • 9 years old and still watching lol

  • Can anyone tell the name of the song that plays in intro and outro of the video?? So catchy!!!

  • He's really funny, smart, likable.

  • Cause u can smell it
    I was dying at that part like wey me estoy moriendo de risa

  • This is my favorite segment. I need to see this guy live

  • the way he said “cause you can smell it”
    made it 10x funnier

  • Felipe is Felipe Esparza. A Comic & Podcast Host

  • *drool*. Mmmmm. Donuts. *tongue lolls out*.

  • I love the Hot Light, yes I do.

  • This fat fuck is not a comedian

  • So that’s how they made r2d2’s voice

  • https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/santas-gonna-love-me-i-brushed-my-teeth-single/1446475890?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

  • Dude u wanna see those bumps on my stomach. Working out 2014. People tell me they wish they started at my age im 13 turning 14 on February 7th 2019

  • cop: do you know why I stopped you?

    Gab: Cuz you can smell it!

    cop: SON OF A BITCH!

    Gets me every time son, but that was funny huh?

  • 2019 ???

  • 2019xp

  • I'mgeeting new clothes and l
    Leaving for the day good bye friend

  • Came back here cause of One Shot Fits All special

  • Who else came back here from his Netflix Special

  • Gabriel I am 11 years old and I admire you and my school is selling Krispy Kreme Donuts please tell me if you would like some.. thanks and thanks for doing what you do

  • This is beutiful

  • WUUUUUuuuu

  • Americans are so dumb, my question is? How in the fuck they find this fat dude Fanny?? How!!???

  • How!!!!!?????

  • Anyone know what the intro music is called

  • hoo man Gabriel, you got me crying with laughter!

  • This is still great..
    Lifes still good watching this

  • ??????

  • Lmaooooooooo

  • Shirt up to Xl:

    Guy:u don’t have my size

    Gabriel we have shirts up to XL6 we don’t have ROARRRRR XL

  • Fluffy your the funniest

  • How tf that’s a whole FELONY to drive on the opposite side of the rode

  • that was awesome and funny.
    LOL Gabriel Iglesias just made my bad day to a good day.
    Cop " Do u know why i stopped you ?
    Gab and Me would say together " Cuz you could smell it"

  • Anyone in 2019??

  • I remember watching this 9 years ago and am 23 now still laughing my ass off ?

  • Omg cuz u can smell it that face

  • 2019 anyone?

  • Dude i should keep those white suger donut in the car for such an occasion

  • ? ‘92
    ? ’96
    ? 1996

  • Soooooooo funny cuz you smell it ???

  • 9 yr old video. Still watching

  • Hey see these stretches donuts ? 1992?

  • Awesome! Who still watch this video this year?

  • Dude do you see those stretch marks Donuts 1996 i lost it??????

  • That’s never gets old

  • Cuz u coold smell it

  • Doughnuts 1996

  • anyone watching this in 2019???

  • Donuts 1999??

  • I just die laughing at ???

  • I never thought I would hear about someone getting "dirty" with DONUTS…. ???? died laughing!!

  • https://blog.naver.com/7heppy7
    We made it well.

  • I wish Gabriel would start his own chain of: FLUFFY'S Donuts I would be at that store every morning ???

  • Luv ya fluffy ❤
    So there was this one time…I just got done making homemade donuts…it was probably like my ..first time using this recipe. .
    I hear ..a knock on the my door..
    So.. I go to answer it still covered in flour…
    It was a few police officers..
    I.. .was like wow these must smell really good..Lol..??
    Turns ..out they were looking for someone…wanted to know if I had seen them…I was like.. I thought my homemade donuts ..brought you hear…Lol..
    So I ask them if they would like a homemade donut..they smile and kinda chuckle…but those cops got my hopes up..and possibly a little swollen head..Lol..? good thing I am a blonde.. they probably told this as a blonde joke back at the station..??

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