Making a Ballet Slippers Cake : Mixing Ballet Cake Fondant

For the ribbons on our ballet slippers we’re
going to make them out of fondant. And this is a ready made product that you can buy in
the cake decorating section of most craft stores or cake decoration specialty stores.
And we’re going to color it with the same color that we used for our frosting. And what
you do is you use a paste color. You don’t want to use any liquid colors because they
soften the fondant too much and make it too sticky. So you take it with a toothpick. Oops.
If your toothpick doesn’t break. And just rub it into the fondant and then fold it together
so it’s on the inside. You don’t want to start kneading your fondant with the color on the
outside because it’ll just get all over your hands. So you want to put that on the inside.
Now in order to keep this fondant from sticking to your hands you want to grease them with
a little bit of shortening or margarine. You just take a little bit. You don’t want too
much because it will soften the fondant too much. You also want to make sure that you’re
working on an absolutely clean work surface. I have this plastic that I use only for working
with fondant so that I know that it’s very clean. You want to make sure that your hands
are absolutely clean. Make sure there’s no other food colorings on them or any other
dirt. Because the fondant picks up everything. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your
hair is tied back and that you’re not wearing any linty clothing like a fuzzy sweater because
the fuzz will find its way into the fondant. Now to mix the color in and to soften the
fondant you knead it. And this is done by rolling and folding and rolling and folding.
And you can see how the fondant is getting smoother and less crackled. And just continue
doing that until your fondant is smooth and the color is solid.

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  • Well this was the dumbest tutorial I've seen yet. You don't even show how to make the dang slipper.

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