Making a Ballet Slippers Cake : Making Pearl Trim on Ballet Cakes

Now, we’re going to trim the edge of the opening
of the ballet slipper with some little pearls. And, we’re going to pipe the pearls with a
number four tip. It’s just a regular writing tip. And, how you make pearls is you want
to twist your bag. Make it nice and tight. And, you’ll make little dots. So, you just
hold the tip over the paper or the cake about an eighth of an inch and you squeeze out until
you get a little pearl. And, as soon as it gets about this big then you pull it up. Now,
you don’t want to squeeze squeeze squeeze and pull up and squeeze. Because, you’ll end
up with something that looks like that. So, you want to put pressure. Release pressure
and pull up. Squeeze, release and pull up. Practice this on a piece of paper or a paper
plate until you have a nice uniform pearl trim. And, then we’ll move onto the cake.
So, we’re going to trim the edge where the white and the pink meet with this pearl border.
And, you’re going to place them right on that border and go all the way around the cake.
Remember, you’re just holding the tip just slightly above the cake so that the frosting
will come out and spread a little into a little circle. Releasing pressure before you pull
up. This makes a nice delicate trim for the edge of the slipper. When you finish the beading
around the around the shoe, you want to make a little bow here. Just make a loop and another
loop and two little strings coming down. And, then just a little dot there for the tie.

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