Making a Ballet Slippers Cake : Frosting Top of Ballet Cakes

Now, I’ll show you how to frost the top. You
want to frost the toe section about three inches down and then along the side about
a one inch all the way around. I’m using a smaller spatula. Because, it’s a little more
detailed work here. And, we’ve done the sides. I’ve wiped around and cleaned up the sides.
And, you can take this lip that we’ve built up here and use that to spread over the top.
So, first fill in that area and then we’ll smooth it out. Ok. So, now you take the edge
and you just kind of bring it over and that smooths it. Rounds the edge a little bit and
smooths it out. Now, we’ll frost down here about an inch. Just very gently, not getting
too close to the cake. And, just gently pushing that side pushing that edge over. We’ll go
over the sides and clean up the top again one more time once we get it coated. Ok. Now,
it looks a little bit messy right now. So, we’ll go just smooth the edge and build up
that little bit of a lip there and smooth this edge coming around. And, then you just take your knife and with
a motion starting vertically here and then sweeping over horizontally. And, then just
lifting up a little bit when you come to the other section. And, see how that rounds off
the edge.
Continue that all the way around the cake. Just very gently cleaning up that edge. And,
then the center here we’re going to pipe some white frosting. Every time that I swipe the
edge over, I have frosting. I take a little frosting off. Then, I want to clean it on
the edge of my bowl before I go for the next section. And, then we’ll do the toes. Ok.
So, that’s nice and smooth. And, do the same thing for the second slipper.


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