Magic Tape Platform Sandals – review GearBest

GearBest the Best! So we have the Magic Tape Platform Sandals. Unfortunately, they are very very poor quality. There are scratches and deformations on the
artificial skin. The sole is glued very wrong, bad, not even. The material of the sole is similar to cracked
plastic, which can not be given out as a sole. This is the situation on both products. Here are scratches, scrapes, traces of indentation. It looks very flimsy and does not last long. Particularly well seen in the photo. This is a full bulshert! But most importantly, It’s a very very bad
smell. Stinks so that I want to get out of the room. But there is one positive point about which
I will say. This is the return policy of Girbest. This product is a full bouche, but Girbest
has fully refunded the money for this product. They did not ask to send the goods back, they
did not fool me, they did not try to deceive me, they just returned the money. They watched my video about the product, believed
my words and returned the money. For this they are very grateful. On the one hand, getting a bad product is
not pleasant, but on the other hand, I got the money back and left the goods. Money was returned not to the bonus account
but to the main account of the PayPal and it’s very good. GearBest the Best! All the best, good-bye!

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