♪ Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
in Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey ho, come on let’s go ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly! Okay, here we go Moonicus Junicus. Hmm, that didn’t work. Moonicus Junicus. (Squealing)
It worked, I did it! Moonicus Junicus. Hamilton, can we do
something else now? Now, why didn’t that work? Hamilton, answer me. Are you going to play
musician all day? Beast, it’s “magician”,
not “musician”. Well, are you going
to play that all day? Beast, please, I have to practice before
Maggie gets here. I’m going to take a nap. That’s nice. Hmmph. This says, hmm … Rabbits, I have
to go find Nedley. (Frog croaking) (Suspenseful music) (Beast snoring) I wonder how long I slept. I’d better see if Maggie’s here. (Frog croaking) Hello? Is there anybody in there? Hello, who’s in there? (Frog croaking, Beast yelling) This is a warning from
the Ferocious Beast. Come out, come out,
whoever you are. All right, I’m warning you. I’m going to raise this hat. (Frog croaking) Oh, Hamilton, you turned
yourself into a frog. You should be more careful! (Croaking) What can I do to help? I know, I’ll be right back. You wait right here,
don’t go away. (Ribbiting) Look what I brought you,
Hamilton. See, it even has a lily pad
for you to sit on. (Frog ribbiting) Does that feel good? Hamilton, what can I do? I wonder if I wave
the magic wand … You have to hold still. Moonis Junis. That doesn’t sound right. Oh, wait, I’ve got it. Moonicus Junicus. It didn’t work. What am I gonna do? Who’s gonna make
my pumpkin muffins? Hi, Beast! Oh, Maggie, I’m
so glad you’re here. What’s wrong? I don’t know how to tell you,
it’s so terrible. Just take a deep
breath and tell me. (Sad music) Is it something about the frog? Mm-hmm. What about the frog? He’s not a frog! It’s Hamilton! What are you talking about? Hamilton was practicing
his magic act and I went to take a nap
and when I woke up Hamilton was gone and the
frog was wearing his top hat! (Laughing)
Beast, that’s ridiculous. This is a frog. (Frog ribbiting) Sure, now he’s a frog,
but I know that’s Hamilton. He magic wanded himself
into a frog. (Crying) Oh, don’t cry, Beast. It’s going to be all right. No, it isn’t. I want my Hamilton. Who’s gonna make
my pumpkin muffins and take care of my spots? Please, Hamilton,
please come back! (Frog ribbiting) Look, Maggie, look at his eyes. Can’t you see that
it’s Hamilton? Not really, Beast. ♪ Maggie, what are
we going to do? I don’t know about you,
Beast, but I’m going to wait for Hamilton to return. I’m telling you,
Maggie, this is Hamilton. We have to do something! Beast, believe me,
there’s nothing to do. There is one
thing we could try. Well, what is it? You’re not gonna like it. Just tell me. You won’t do it. (Laughing)
Maybe I will. You know the story about the
princess who kissed the frog and turned him
back into a prince? I won’t do it. See, I told you. I’m sorry, Beast, but
I won’t kiss a frog. Please, Maggie? Look how cute he is. It’s Hamilton,
dear, wonderful Hamilton. (Frog burping) (Maggie sighing) (Kissing) There, that’s
the best I can do. Hey, what’s going on? (Gasping) (Laughing)
Where have you been, Hamilton? You’ve had the
Beast very worried. What’s wrong, Beast? Oh, nothing. Where did you go? I went to ask Nedley
if he knew a rabbit I could
pull out of my hat. Well, did he? No, and he seemed
a little insulted. He said he didn’t know any
rabbits in show business, but tell me, Beast,
why were you so worried? It was nothing,
right, Maggie? Tell him it was nothing. It was nothing, really,
Hamilton. (Giggling) All right, but I think I’ve
had enough magic for one day. Just let me put this stuff away. (Squealing)
What on earth? (Maggie and Beast laughing) Eww! What’s on my head? It’s a frog. He wants to be
in show business. (Frog ribbiting) (All laughing) Oh, here it comes! I caught it! You sure did, Hamilton. (Beast and Rudy cheering) It was nice of Nedley
to give us a beach ball. Where is Nedley? I don’t know. He was supposed to
join our picnic. Jellybeans, have
you seen Nedley? Nope. Not today. Uh-huh. Haven’t seen him. He’s too late, anyway,
we’re cleaning up. I wonder what’s keeping him. (Nedley yelling) ALL:
Nedley? Great googly moogly! ♪ Nedley, I didn’t
know you could ride a unicycle
and juggle. At the same time! I love to ride
and love to juggle, but doing both
can be a struggle. Well, you seem to
be very good at it. Yes! Amazing! Fantastic! Riding that unicycle
must have made you hungry. I think there’s some
lunch left over. Oh no, I cannot stay, but there’s something
important I must say. What is it, Nedley? This unicycle I rode
here for a purpose. I’m running away
to join the circus. (All gasping) What, join the circus? You’re kidding. You mean, you’re
leaving Nowhere Land? It’s something I’ve
always wanted to do, but when I leave,
I will miss you. Is there anything we
can do to make you stay? I’m sorry, I’ve
already made up my mind. As friends,
you’ve all been so kind. Now I’ve gotta go home
to pack. I’ll say goodbye
on my way back. Oh dear. It won’t be the same
without Nedley. There must be something
we can do to make him stay. (All sighing) (Gasping)
I’ll be right back. (Crashing) Ta-da! Hamilton, this is hardly
the time for dress-up! No, Beast,
Hamilton has an idea, a very good idea. We’ll put on our own circus. We’ll even build
our own circus ring. Then Nedley won’t want
to leave. I can be the ringmaster. That is a good idea! (All cheering) (Playful music) There, we’re all done. JELLYBEANS:
So are we! Come see! Yeah, come and look! What is it? It’s a high-wire. It is? Of course it is. Oh, it’s very high. (Drum roll) Woah. Oh, wow! Careful! Woah! (All gasping) Woah!
(Grunting) (Laughing)
Ta-da! Oh boy, maybe we’ll
work on it a bit. Yeah, I guess we better. I thought it was very good. Yes, now what will
the rest of you be? I want to be the tall man. Hmm, well, what you’ll
need are some stilts. I may have something
in my box, come on! (Jellybeans grunting) What will we be, Maggie? We can be a team. You can be an elephant and
I’ll do tricks on your back. Oh, I love elephants. Hamilton! Oh, Hamilton! Yes, Beast. Can I borrow your vacuum hose? Sure, but what
do you need it for? I’m an elephant. Oh, okay. (Playful music) Here you go. Thank you. Maggie, will you
tie it on, please? Sure, Beast. There. Now I look like an elephant. (Trumpeting like an elephant) Now hold still a minute. (Laughing)
Whee! Wow, Maggie, that
looks like fun. Let me try. Oof. (Funny music) Woah! I’m dizzy! (Crashing) Maybe I’ll stick to
being the elephant. (Maggie laughing) HAMILTON:
We’re ready! Ladies, gentlemen,
and beasts of all ages. A warm round of applause
for Rudy the tall man. (All cheering) Stand on your stilts, Rudy. I am! Woah! (All cheering) Now all we need for
our circus is Nedley. (Rudy grunting) We’ll go get him. Come on, Beast. See you later. Let’s go practice. Yeah, we really want
to impress Nedley. We’ll be all ready
when you get back! ♪ Hamilton? (Hamilton giggling) Hamilton! Welcome to Nedley’s
Nowhere Land Circus! Huh? To your right are
the amazing jellybeans. (All cheering) Come on. Steady, steady, ta da! (All cheering) ♪ (All cheering) Wow. And to your left
is Rudy the tall man! (Drum roll) (All cheering) MAGGIE:
Way to go, Rudy! And for the finale,
the dynamic duo, Maggie and the
Ferocious Elephant! (Upbeat music) (Maggie humming,
Beast trumpeting) Ta-da! Oh, my, what do you know? Nowhere Land’s own circus show. And all we’re missing is
a juggler on a unicycle. What do you say, Nedley? How can I refuse? You’ve won, I’ll gladly
join your circus of fun. You mean, you won’t
leave Nowhere Land to run away
and join the circus? No, my friend,
please do not fear. I’ll unpack my bags,
I’m staying here. (All laughing) Look at
that rabbit go! Oh dear, it’s raining. I’m getting wet. Look, there’s the Land
of the Umbrella Trees. Where? Over there,
Beast, to the left. Great googly moogly! I love the umbrella trees. ♪ (Laughing)
Isn’t the rain in the Land of the Umbrella
Trees wonderful? It smells so good
and it’s always warm. It’s still wet. Let’s get under
an umbrella tree. Hmm … Beast, what are
you looking for? I’m picking out
the prettiest tree. Don’t be ridiculous,
any one will do. Let’s just get out
of the rain. (Gasping)
Oh, there’s one! Maggie, isn’t that one pretty? Yes! Oh dear, hurry up! ♪ I’m comfy. I’m cozy. I’m wet. Come on, Hammy, relax. Oh, please don’t
call me “Hammy”. In case you haven’t noticed,
my box is getting wet. Well, there isn’t room
for it under here. I can’t leave it
out in the rain. (Grunting) Do you have anything to eat
in there, Hamilton? Yes. Wait a minute, I’ll help. ♪ I hope he brought
something good. I’m hungry. Here, better dry off. I’m nice and dry,
now let’s eat. Mmm, that was delicious. And it’s not raining anymore. (Gasping)
Look! (Maggie gasping) HAMILTON:
Amazing! I’ve never seen such
a beautiful rainbow. It ends way over there. Come on, let’s head for
the end of the rainbow. Okay, let’s go. ♪ HAMILTON:
We’ve been travelling
a long time, Maggie, and the end of the rainbow
doesn’t seem to be any closer. I know, and nothing
is familiar. Please stop, Beast. Gladly, I’m getting tired. (Sad music) Look, here is the Land
of the Umbrella Trees and we’re going this way. We should be coming
to Mud Creek. Mud Creek? Where have I heard that name? Mud Creek, hmm … (Bee buzzing) (Humming) I know, that’s where BB Cat
said he was from. Right, well it looks
like the end of the rainbow is somewhere in Mud Creek. Let’s go! Maybe we’ll see BB Cat. (Jazzy music) HAMILTON:
Look, it’s a bridge! That must be
the 10-cent bridge that BB Cat told us about. Right, Maggie,
and that’s Mud Creek. Oh dear, the gate is closed. And we can’t reach
the end of the rainbow unless we can cross
the bridge. CROW:
That’s right, and you
can’t cross the bridge unless youse pay me a dime. Hello, Mr. Crow. We’re on our way to find
the end of the rainbow over there in Mud Creek. Many try to reach
the end of the rainbow and they all have to
pay to cross the bridge. But, Mr. Crow, we
don’t have a dime. Hmm, well now, then you can’t
cross the bridge! We don’t have 10
cents, but we do have a lovely
pumpkin muffin. Hmm, pumpkin muffin, hmm… Look, here comes BB Cat! Hi, BB! Hello, little miss Maggie. Hi, Beast, Hamilton. What are you doing here? We’re trying to reach
the end of the rainbow. Yeah, everybody looking
for the end of the rainbow usually winds up here
in Mud Creek. But we don’t have a dime
to cross the bridge. If you had a dime, I’d
tell you not to waste it trying to reach the
end of that rainbow. Why? Because it can’t be done. Rainbows aren’t meant
to be chased. They’re just there
for us to enjoy. Oh, do you think
we should turn back? Indeed, I do,
little miss Maggie. Let me sing you a song. Maybe it’ll help explain a bit. ♪ You’ll never find
the end of the rainbow ♪ ♪ To try is just a waste
of precious time ♪ ♪ For the joy a rainbow brings ♪ ♪ Like the song
a bluebird sings ♪ ♪ Will be swept away
forever in the sky ♪ ♪ So remember when you
see another rainbow ♪ ♪ Only fools will try to
chase that pot of gold ♪ ♪ For the treasures
you hold dear ♪ ♪ Are the things
you have right here ♪ ♪ As you watch a rainbow
fading in the sky ♪ Oh, that was beautiful, BB. It sure was. Look, Maggie, you can’t
see the rainbow anymore. Like the song says,
it’s very foolish to try to chase a rainbow. Well, I guess that means
it’s time to turn around. Climb on, BB. Are you sure, Beast? Posi-lutely! MAGGIE:
Goodbye, Mr. Crow. (All saying “bye”) Hey, hey, hey, what
about my pumpkin muffin? All right, here you go. Thanks and remember, don’t
go chasing anymore rainbows. Okay. We won’t. How did that
song go again, BB? ♪ You’ll never find
the end of a rainbow ♪ ♪ To try is just a
waste of precious time ♪ ♪ For the joy a rainbow brings ♪ ♪ Like the song
a bluebird sings ♪ ♪ Will be swept away
forever in the sky ♪ ♪


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    Nick Jr Logos: Bears
    Skidoo: Book Of Baby Bear's Room
    1. A Finished Picture Of Steve And Blue
    2. A Pencil
    3. Blue
    Right Answer: Write Her Name

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