Made in Nigeria: Meet The Multi-Million Dollar Poor Leather Men At Kano Tannery | Pulse TV

This another Made in Nigeria product, leather,
at the epic Kano Tannery in Northern Nigeria. The Kano Leather Tannery
has been around for up to 120years. Meet those who run the Kano Leather Tannery,
find out the history of the tannery and the massive output that comes out of the poor
company with huge potentials. Some of the finest leathers in the world were
produced at Kano Tannery, but exported abroad for your favorite designer shoes, bags and
belts. Kano Leather Tannery produces all sorts of
leathers, ranging from snake skin to cattle skin. Zakariyya Muhammed-Awwal is the Secretary
at Kano Leather Tannery. While Ismail Dauda is the Vice Secretary. Maiiirma Kofar Wombai Tannery Association
runs the Kano Leather Tannery company. One snake skin at the Kano Leather Tannery
sells for N8,000. Kano Leather Tannery produces 5,000 to 8,000
snake skins in a month. And any type of skin that has hair can be
tennerised there. Kano Leather Tannery have the capacity to
tennerise skins such as goat, sheep, snake, python, anaconda and so on. Watch the steps for product your finest leathers
out of the animal skins at Kano Tannery. Their production processes are majorly manual. One unpopular problem with made in Nigeria
products is capital to scale. Kano Tannery is in need of capital to scale
their operations as well. Kano Tannery can produce more quality leather
at larger numbers daily if they get investment to buy more chemicals, get more hands and
machinery to deliver.

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