MADE IN ENGLAND Dr Martens Boots (CUT IN HALF) – 1460 doc marten review

so today’s the day we’re cutting open
the made in England Doc Martens Doc Martens most expensive boots and
comparing it to their cheap boots and a pair of vintage boots so let’s get to it
I’m so sad about this when we were tearing apart these vintage boots we I
think we’re like 6,000 subscribers and I was like well when we hit 10,000
subscribers will tear apart these boots and they’re like literally like four
days later we were at 10,000 and I was like oh I didn’t even get to wear the
boots and so that was like a week ago and we run production out of the shop
all week long and so I only get a film on Saturdays and Sundays so right now
we’re at 17,200 subscribers so if you like what I’m doing lik e and
subscribe because this is super fun even though it’s it’s really heartbreaking
but yeah thanks and today I’m going to try to knock out three videos first ones
going to be the Doc Martin and then the second one is going to be the bellroy wallet tear down where I take that apart and see how it’s built and how
good quality it is and the third one is I bought a really cheap belt on Amazon
so we’re gonna do a little tear down with that too a little bonus episode for
this week so here we go that was a bit of a battle getting this
one apart so I got high hopes for it so here we go wow this is actually really
similar to the vintage pairs of boots pair of boots it’s really just a three
part construction the little pad for your your pad of your foot and then
this felted fabric and then the insole or the that waferboard high density
foam stuff there wasn’t even an insole in it which I don’t think is a bad thing
insoles are cheap and you might want to choose your own anyway so okay let’s
tear apart is welt now all right I got the welt taken apart it
is a goodyear welt in the way that the welt this part that goes around the side
of the boot is stitched to the actual boot itself most Goodyear welts go
through the sole this one does not neither does any of the other Doc
Martens so they say it’s a good year welt but some people say it’s not but
definitely the welt is definitely stitched to the boot now let’s look at
the weakest point on Doc Martens which is the way that they hot knife weld or
stick the welt on to the the sole so what they do is
they take a hot knife and the welt which is this dark part and the sole which is
the lighter part are two separate pieces and they run a knife along it which
heats up both of the plastics or the PVCs whatever they’re made out of and
fuse them together they say it’s a really strong bind or it’s a really
strong joint but it’s it’s had a lot of complications in the past a lot of
people don’t like it so let’s try ripping this one apart and see how it
does hi I’m gonna cheat cuz I can’t get it to
come apart again so where’s my knife hi
you’re in the shot scoot oh my gosh this is hard oops I think I’m
actually tearing okay so that’s a good sign so the actual welt is tearing
before the seam does so that’s a good sign so oh I don’t have it all the way
off so that’s super good news I’m really happy about that
so this welt was a huge pain to get off it was harder than the vintage boots and
significantly harder than the cheap Thailand boots you can actually see you
where on the heel and kind of in the toe area when I was pulling that welt off it
wasn’t coming loose and it was actually just tearing at the welt instead of
tearing the welt from the sole like there’s some of this black plastic still
left on there that restores my help in Doc Marten boots so now let’s do a
little side by side by side comparison of the three they’re basically all built
the same way the same style there’s a few differences here and there like
these two are almost identical it’s the same construction around the same
strength of welt to sole and they both have that that like fiber like felted
fabric on the inside so if you like the vintage ones these ones are really
really similar to it and I think they probably are just as comfortable I don’t
think this felted fabric is quite as thick as the vintage ones but they’re
they’re a whole different world than these ones like these ones are it’s all
foam there’s no felted fabric in it and foam always breaks down because the more
you press it the more those little teeny cells inside there squish over and over
and over and they start to break apart versus a felted fabric this stuff is
just gonna conform to your foot and it’s not gonna fall apart as easily so I’m
gonna I’m a fan of these two boots these ones still suck at least this one didn’t
pretend to have a shank at least it’s honest with itself
you know lets measure how thick and how much these felted fabrics on the
inside compress so the made in England felt compresses down to about three
millimeters okay and then we go to the vintage pair is more closer to four
millimeters so the me- or the made in England boots don’t have quite as thick
of a felted fabric on the inside and the vintage ones have a better thicker
it just feels different too like you can tell it’s a lot denser and it kind of
springs back more this is a lot thinner alright now let’s talk some leather
quality so on the doc marten site it says this is a corrected grain leather
and that there’s a print on top and the print is it’s made to look like it’s a
full grain leather where you can see like an individual pores and stuff but
that’s not the actual leather it’s just the print on top so the leather is a
four to five so it’s two millimeters thick which is a four to five ounce
leather which is pretty on par I think with these other boots yeah four or five
ounce actually these vintage ones are a little bit thicker so this is probably
like a six ounce leather so it’s two and a half millimeters six seven ounce and do
they just don’t make them they don’t make them like they used to
I actually like this leather I like the color of it I don’t like the dyed
through black leather I like this more natural leather it’s a I had to call Doc
Martin and it’s a chrome tanned leather and it’s a has a really it’s a corrected
grain leather which and if you don’t know what any of these terms are I just
posted a video about like leather 101 kind of going through the different
corrected grain full grain top grain different dyes different qualities of
leather so that you can identify different qualities of leather so that
when I talk about this I don’t explain it over and over it looks like it’s a
top grain leather I think I can see part of the grain in there especially on the
tongue area so decent leather I think this leather would last a long time if
you took care of it so now for like an overall review kind of what I think
and everything I think that these are good boots are they worth the two
hundred twenty dollars or two hundred forty dollars that they cost online maybe
not you know they’re they’re pretty pricey for what you get but they are
much better than their their like their made in Thailand boots good good
not great I’d say nothing special but nothing horrible I think the last and
and the next we’ve got the solovair boots so I’m really holding out for the
solovair boots I I’m hoping they’re better than these and then after solovair I wanna do a red-winged series where I just do exactly what we did with these boots
but with Red Wings they’re a lot more expensive so hopefully these videos keep
doing well and I also want to tear apart a timberland boot Timberland boot
I’ve been getting tons of requests in the comment section but I’ve never worn
them so let me know what kind of timberland boots you want me to tear
apart but that’s my review of the most expensive pair of Doc Martens see you
also shout out to all the dads who get mad at me for cutting towards myself
thank you for thank you for looking after me I appreciate it


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