Mace: The Dark Age Bunny Slippers Cheat (Nintendo 64) – Neat Cheats!

You may have forgotten, but the 32/64-bit
console generation was a wasteland of edge 3D fighters inspired by Mortal Kombat. And
strangely enough, Midway published most of them, and they’re all pretty crap. Such as Mace: The Dark Age, a mostly forgettable
medieval fighter with supernatural elements and as you can imagine, it featured a cast
of deadly fighters with pointy outfits and even pointier weapons. My favourite’s the
one with the angry face. You know the one. Oh, wait, they all have angry faces. You’re watching Pug Hoof Gaming, the home
of gaming greatness, and we’re going to give these intimidating warriors a makeover
in the footwear department. A quick and easy cheat this time around, as
many of Mace’s codes are enabled by highlighting various silly-named characters on the select
screen and pressing the Start button on each one in a particular sequence. Which is exactly what you’re going to do
here, so let’s start by highlighting Ragnar and press Start. Then, move to Dregan and
press Start. Finally, move the cursor to Koyasha and press Start. Pick your character, and as you start to engage
in the most Mortal of Kombats, you’ll see that the combatants are wearing the most adorable
pairs of bunny slippers. Does it have any real purpose? Of course not, but when you’re
playing a game this mediocre, you need to grab every ounce of entertainment and joy
you can. I hope you enjoyed this slice of gaming greatness,
but before you click that subscribe button below, let me impart to you this thought:
Why don’t more gaming characters wear comfortable footwear. Or better yet, enjoy the delights
of a nice, warm comfy pair of pyjamas. Goodbye.

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  • I loved this game back in the day, playing it both at home on my 64 and at the local arcade near my folks home. So much fun with the secret characters, especially Pojo. Remember kids: before Nugget on Yakuza 0, there was Pojo on Mace: The Dark Age. xD

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