Luxury Brands That Aren’t Worth The Money

Most people think that luxury goods are better
than other brands, but that’s not always true. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to
something nice or are shopping for the perfect gift, here are some luxury brands that you
may want to avoid if you want to get something that’s actually worth the high price tag. Louis Vuitton Has there ever been a more iconic brand than
Louis Vuitton? With a high sticker price, these bags are
well-known as an indicator of wealth, but the markup on Louis Vuitton purses is ridiculous. In 2000, the New York Times calculated that
the production cost of a Louis Vuitton bag is hundreds of dollars cheaper than what they
sell for. A spokesperson for the company claimed this
estimate was inaccurate, but declined to reveal the real production costs. The same spokesperson said that part of what
you’re paying for is “…the product development that is involved
in its design…” –which is just a fancy way of saying that
you’re paying for the name behind the purse more than the purse itself. “How does an unemployed girl with three roommates
afford the patchwork denim bowly Louis Vuitton bag?” “It’s rented.” Montblanc While the art of writing things by hand is
quickly being displaced by modern technology, quality writing instruments still have a dedicated
band of followers who are willing to drop hundreds of dollars on a pen. Well, save the cash for something better. The high price tag of a Montblanc pen makes
this one luxury good that definitely isn’t worth your money. As long as you’re not a US president, a regular
pen will do just fine. “The ever-reliable, virtually indestructible
BIC, just twenty-nine cents. Does anyone know anything the way BIC knows
pens?” Veuve Clicquot Whether you’re ringing in the new year or
celebrating a wedding, a champagne toast is a classy way of commemorating the occasion. While it might be tempting to indulge in a
bottle of Veuve Clicquot, do you really need to? It turns out that you can safely save your
money without sacrificing quality. In a blind taste test conducted by Which?,
Veuve Clicquot lost to far more affordable sparkling wines. Cheers! “And that’s all she wrote!” Tiffany Tiffany is one of the most well-known brands
there is, but are you really getting what you pay for? If you really want the brand name, which many
people do, be aware that you’re going to be paying extra for it. If you’re just looking for beautiful jewelry,
however, consider a store like Costco that offers top-quality gems at much lower prices. Good Morning America went shopping at both
stores and found that a Costco diamond of a quality similar to one sold at Tiffany’s
was $10,000 cheaper. To be fair, though, you’ll never get much
value for your money with a diamond. Diamonds are nowhere near as rare as we have
been led to believe, and the prices are massively inflated. “And of course a big, perfect diamond is a
rare object. But, the typical diamonds, half a carat, one
carat diamonds, they’re available by the billions.” It turns out that diamonds actually aren’t
a girl’s best friend after all. Rolex Rolex is another prime example of an overhyped
brand. While the brand is beloved, its overwhelming
popularity as a status symbol is a fairly recent development. If you want an elegant and timeless watch,
look to Rolex’s prime competitor, Omega. Like Rolex, Omega has produced Swiss-made
watches for decades and is widely recognized as a luxury watch brand. They also tend to be cheaper, so you’ll be
getting a much better bargain. Louboutin Louboutin sells more than half a million pairs
of shoes each year at outrageously high prices. Those red-soled shoes might be iconic, but
they’re definitely not worth the cost—or the pain. Christian Louboutin himself said that his
goal is to make stylish works of art and that comfort isn’t even something he prioritizes
when designing his shoes. The designer told Vogue, “People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don’t want to create painful shoes, but
it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as
they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I’m not against them, but comfort is not my
focus.” Basically, the only way that a pair of Louboutins
is worth hundreds of dollars is if you believe the mantra that pain is beauty. Mikimoto If you love pearls, you’re probably familiar
with this brand. Widely acknowledged as the best cultured pearls
that money can buy, even a simple strand of Mikimoto pearls can cost thousands of dollars. At the end of the day, though, they’re only
cultured pearls–which means they’re nowhere near as rare as pearls that are grown naturally
and harvested. In fact, there’s really not much of a reason
to dish out the big bucks on pearls at all; most people can’t tell the difference between
real and fake pearls, anyway. If you’re looking for that perfect strand
to complete an outfit, go ahead and buy some imitation pearls. Balenciaga Balenciaga is a designer that likes to take
everyday products, throw their spin on them, and then sell them at ludicrous prices. In 2017 they debuted a $2,145 tote bag that
looks suspiciously like the ones Ikea sells for just a dollar. If you don’t want to spend that much money
on a tote bag, Balenciaga has you covered with this calfskin shopping bag–which looks
identical to a paper shopping bag. At just $1,100 you’re getting a bargain as
far as Balenciaga is concerned, but still paying way too much money as far as literally
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  • Do you agree? Are some of these actually worth the money?

  • Please, respect the designer

  • Where’s Gucci??

  • Where is Hermès on this list?

  • Wrong again….!!! Who writes this crap. I know this gay dude that buys and sells vintage Louis Vuitton bags and luggage. He’s rolling in dough. He collects rare bags and resell them…. people from other gay dudes to women are lining up to buy his bags… he also has other bags made from crocodile to rare animal skins that you cannot leave the country with. So rare that the skins are banned.

  • How do we create a brand and make it a luxury one? This is the fundamental question you should be answering

  • Birkin bags are a waste of money 🚮

  • Quality wise luxury and designer brands are usually better than mall brands, but not 10-20 times better like the prices suggest. You're paying for the designs and brand names mostly. I own a few luxury items, for example, a Saint Laurent leather jacket. The leather is surely not 10 times better than my cheaper jacket, but it looks great. In my opinion there's only a few things worth paying luxury prices for, like suits, leather jackets, coats, watches and shoes.

  • Louis Vuitton designs are srsly ugly. I dun get it

  • Omega are becoming the price range as Rolex in certain styles… it’s all in the eye of the beholder

  • Maybe I'm just too poor to understand the hype for luxury brands lol

  • always a highlight US-people mispronouncing french brands and names… worth a hearty laugh ^^

  • I have LV toilet paper that I wipe my anus with. I save them in my LV wallet to smell for a later time.

  • How to make profit

    Make a designer company

    Make a bag that cost 16 dollars to make

    Sell it for 2,000

  • balenciaga is just doing a social experiment to see how many dumb people exist on the planet

  • Rolex Vs Omega is absolute rubbish, they both start from about 5 grand, with the Rolex being unmatched in quality

  • So agree.

  • I’ve found bottles of veuve clicquot at liquor stores for a lot cheap than in other stores

  • Its marketing lol

  • i am not rich but i like have couple designer bag , not to looking rich i just like bag , i am bag girl and buy designer bag like make me happy . if i bored already i can resale even for loose .. not like my normal bag hard to resel when i bored with it 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ if designer stuff make you happy who care everyone have different preference for what they like if not for you then don't buy simple

  • Rolex's are designed to last for over 20 years and are very high quality. I think they are worth it.

  • Only poor people buy Coach and Michael Kors

  • I would never spend $2,000 on a purse even if I were rich. I have 30 purses and my most expensive purse cost $300 and I’ve had it for ten years. I normally spend anywhere from $25-$162 but that one purse cost $300 you can still get quality purses for low cost. I have a purse made in Italy and it only cost $25

  • This brands are status symbols, you pay for the status!

  • I rather have the money😄😄

  • Louis vuitton and gucci and other similar brands, are in fact pseudo luxurious brands made for poor ppl to be able to make them look rich. Fact is, what makes you rich, aren't the clothes you wear, but the amount of cash you re worth … Gates, bezos, zuckerberg, they don't need that shit. The sell you that shit.

  • "comfort is not my main focus". 😂😂😂 WHAT THE FUCK

  • Balenciaga selling a paper bag for $1100 if bullshit

  • People will always hate on stuff they can’t afford. Love my Rolex and my LV belts. Omega sucks. Poor people stick to Walmart

  • This is one dumbest videos I've ever seen. You literally just compared a Montblanc fountain pen to a Bic – idiotic. Also idiotic regarding Rolex vs Omega. Both fantastic watches but Rolex's hold their value better than almost any other timepiece. Also, you don't buy designer shoes for comfort.

  • Louboutini is quality hence Christian can't compromise quality for comfort

  • I went to buy a Rolex watch ($10,000) seen my monthly income on the tag of one of the Rolex watch ………….

  • Thanks for explaining us that we paying for brand name, very needed video.

  • The heck you can get way better real leather bag for under 500 hundred

  • Capitalism 🙄🙄🙄

  • You forgot sketchers sneakers, ed hardy purses, Jennifer Lopez clothes & shoes, Jessica Simpson clothes & shoes,
    & others… Go to the damn thrift store people save your money

  • Coach is best price for quality. But who cares about that now

  • hugs my Alexander McQueens its okay daddy loves you

  • The something like eating gold or adding jewel food are really not worth that money because It is not delicious to add gold to eat and you can make even more beautiful without jewel

  • Lv is crap ugly looking bag ever too my eyes

  • I really don’t care about the price of high end designer clothes. I get a buzz going to football matches wearing high end clothes, somet non designer clothes won’t give ya.

  • Find great items here @t

  • Paying for the name

  • Why isn’t gucci on here gucci should be replaced with Louis Vuitton gucci is by far way worse quality than Louis’s Vuitton

  • Lol, you are not supposed to value these goods by the cost of manufacturing and materials used., you are paying for the design which is artistic expression and the desirability factor. You dont have a valid argument.

  • This video is just full off hatred toward rich people.

  • I am planning to get the Balenciaga Speed Trainer, I really love the minimal design, aesthetic and comfort of the shoe, but I know that the high price is mostly for the brand name. Is it worth buying? 😅

  • My apple watch is better than ROLEX

  • We all have been punked by Louis Vuitton …he has been using bad materials since his rise … people know that but they love being stupid 🤯

  • Best way to buy designer and luxury brands is from the damn goodwill. I can get a designer jacket from france for 10$ when originally it probably would've cost thousands.

  • Once I found an ugly heart shaped "cape" from Yves Saint Laurent that was almost 14,000 US dollars. It was scary.

  • I compared the feel of a Walmart brand shirt and a black polo shirt and…

    They felt the same. It’s really only for the flex be honest. Y’all have the “I have money for it so imma buy it” mentality.

  • nobody that knows what designer is like and owns something from designer brands knows how the quality is…. the quality in designer brands is not always comfort but it is reliability and quality of the stiching, fabric, and simplisity.. think about one thing would you reather spend 300$ a year in H&M chlothing and have to buy new hoodies or pants about every two months or would you just buy for only 50$ a year in H&M and then buy three high quality sweatshirts or pants.. people wake up! You buy too much of clorhing that just ruins after 10 washes, but often the high quality chlothing can last for years!! I have a stone island hoodie and i take good care of it and it is three years old and its like new.. stop saving and extra 50 or 200$ a year for bad quality chlothing and then just toss it away and fuck up our earth.. buy fewer and more high quality clothes and have it for longer reather than buy 10 low quality hoodies and toss it away after a year..

  • it’s for the flex

  • no luxury brand is worth it. just find a quality product and buy that.

  • 1:52 lol I love Tiffany but I’m still buying it tho ( even if their small shades are 400 bucks )

  • it's worthed if you're a social climber of some sorts

  • People are smartening up. No one pays for the name brand much anymore. I still do, but I wait for a price drop. I buy D.C shoes at 60 bucks when I can get them down from 120 bucks.

  • Rolex is worth it in my opinion

  • I'm still going to get a Rolex

  • Vakey der goes my bucket list half emptied 😅

  • Apple

  • Apple

  • Apple

  • Apple

  • Louis vuiton is worth it you are paying for the hand made bag the highest quality leather the traditional brand that IS OVER 100 YEARS OLD

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