Lowa Men’s Vantage GTX Mid Hiking Boots

The Lowa men’s vantage GTX mid boot is an
excellent balance of fit, of cushioning and of support. You have got a fully waterproof
lining, a leather upper. You have got TPU toe and heel guards and excellent traction.
Let’s take a closer look at the boot’s fit and features. We will start by talking about the upper of
the boot. You have got basically full, split leather construction across the body of the
boot, so excellent durability, support and stability as well. High on the cuff you do
have some Cordura construction. And actually that follows down across the top of the foot
as well. So it is gives a little bit enhanced comfort there, lessens the length of the break
in period of the boot and, again, just some nice com-fort higher on the leg and across
that forefoot. Worth mentioning, while it is classified as
a mid cut, it is a fairly high mid cut as far as that goes, which actually just makes
this boot that much more supportive and stable. On the toe, on the heel you have got some
TPU construction that actually bolsters that durability. You are going to be kicking rocks
and roots on the trail, nice to have that toe protection there as well. There is also a fully waterproof Gore-Tex
lining on this boot. So you have got waterproof and breathable protection for nasty elements. Moving on to the midsole of the boot, again,
you have got a really stable, really sturdy boot, some rigidity there as well, but you
also need some comfort. So Lowa has got cushioning throughout the boot, the fore foot all the
way back through the heel as well. Also helping to reduce the impact, keep you
comfortable Lowa includes its balance foot bed. So you can see nice contouring and shaping
there. This is a foot bed that stays nicely in place. No movement ensures that you stay
right where you want to in terms of your foot within the boot and comfortable even during
long days and trying conditions or terrain upon your foot. Moving on to the outsole of the boot, obviously
a key, key element in any hiking or trek-king boot. In this instance, Lowa is using its
track light out sole. So you have got really sturdy rubber throughout the boot. Again,
nice traction at the heel, also in the forefoot as well. And, again, maintaining that excellent
support at the mid foot as well. So you have got great traction. You have got
great support regardless of the terrain that you intend to tackle. It really makes the
Lowa men’s Vantage GTX mid boot an excellent option for backpacking, for hiking, for trekking.

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  • It seems that whenever I'm researching a piece of gear Backcountry Edge has done a video on it. Always appreciated.
    While I know they're a store, need to share specs and "sell" the product, I'd love to get the real world thoughts of this reviewer after he's put gear through its paces. Outdoor Gear Lab is pretty much the only spot where you'll get truly unbiased reviews. Some user review sites are strong but not many people are going to slam expensive gear because they don't want to admit they screwed up.

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