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with a shoe review so turns out that these bad boys are rather popular
Louis Vuitton runaway sneakers this is what I’m going to be talking about today
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luxury sneakers are a thing okay we love them everybody loves them everybody’s
super into them Balenciaga are making some absolutely hideous
s sneakers or whatever they’re called the S the Triple S and they’re going
around I’m surprised as to why that’s a thing but other designers are doing chic
things so we’re gonna talk about one of them yes sir
Louis Vuitton these apparently have been around for a while and I’ve only just
started taking notice when I got them I want to say I got the earlier
this year I definitely got them earlier this year but I’m trying to think when I
want to say around January time January February ish this style is a very classic
style for Louis Vuitton they bring it out all the time but in different colors and all
that so this is the original ish color with the black with the Louis Vuitton
monogram on the toe and around the ankle in leather
you’ve got the patent leather here you’ve got some canvas here with the
rubber monogram there you’ve got some suede
you’ve got this gold bit which I think really makes it really makes it nice we
agree it makes it so you’ve got this gold thing it’s got the logo just on
the top there and then you’ve got the tread with suede and then you have
white so and then you’ve got the patent pull at the front that they’re chic
super classic style is this a runner would this be classified as a runner it
comes in all the way Vuitton shoes come in a glorious shoe box so this is the
mustardy orange whatever colour this is but it says Louis Vuitton across the front
and it’s like a drawer now I’m not gonna lie to you I now use this to store all
my charges it’s like the drawer in my room so I’ve repurposed it and use it
now for this for this reason which is I think I think that’s pretty nifty I
think that’s pretty nifty you’re proud of me I’m pretty proud of me so yeah it
comes in this great little draw I am a 39 in general that is my size and
these are a 38 and a half so they come out very a big go half a size down
they are available half sizes I’m at 38 and a half, they’re very very comfy very
comfy there is only one thing I’m gonna say to you which is there is you get
some heel height right but you see how this is at an angle it does feel like
you’re walking at an angle it feels like you’re walking on like a mini mini wedge
which it is a mini wedge but it feels like you’re working like walking in like
mini wedges so it’s a little bit weird it’s not uncomfortable or anything but
you can definitely feel the difference between shoes which are just like flat
and this and but then again this is the first of this kind of style of trainer
that I’ve ever bought so I’m sure if like the Nike Air Max is the same
because it has that thing doesn’t if I’m going to show you a video of me walking
in these they have a very nice pointed toe
you’ve got the tread all the way up the toe there it looks like a little looks
like little snakes mouth little snakes mouth
yeah they’re very very hard-wearing that’s the other thing they have a
little bits of suede so that is probably the only delicate thing about this apart
from that that tough they’re tough bitches they can be put through it and but yeah
really really classic shoe purchase you’re gonna wear these all the time
they’re great I would say that these are more winter shoes than there are summer
I don’t know why because I just think summery trainers I like white and
lighter colors and stuff like that but obviously you could wear these in the
summer without an issue and but yeah they’re just really great all-around
easy I have nothing bad to say trainers so
I’m giving to now insert a little video of me hopping around in them so in case that
helps also they shall be linked below for your convenience that was my review of the Louis Vuitton runaway sneakers let me know if you have any questions about these below I think I’ve
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  • Hey, im thinking about buying these, but how much are they? btw the link does not work

  • Fake and gay

  • Do they run true to size? Would be so helpful to know as I'm not near a store and want to order online. Thanks.

  • LV have pretty much ripped off the reebok classic profile with this trainer.

  • Hey hun do know if these are still around , if you any chance you have a link

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