Louboutin Haul – High Heels Haul – Try on Haul – What’s in my luggage – Christian Louboutin Shoes

Today I show you my Louboutin high heels my favorite Louboutins that I always have in my travel luggage and without which I would never go … For that video I selected my Louboutin Lipstick … I have my Louboutins now all once unpacked and it already looks impressive to have all so close next to each other … Mostly I have them in the suitcase and unpack only the shoes that I just need … but it already looks great … I present you the shoes now all alone just before and later I show you them in a “Walking video clip ” – so stay tuned !… So you can see the shoes again in motion and how it looks on my legs … if you have any questions about the shoes – comment below the video … And if you want to see more videos with my shoes or nylons, commenting on the video, give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel … Then I know you like this video and you want to have more videos – and you like this kind of shoes … These shoes I show you today – let’s start 🙂 These are the “classics” – the Decollete 868 which have a 10cm heel and black patent you can be combine them with all things, these shoes are always in my luggage – no matter where I travel … In the summer when I wear more bright clothes, I like to take nude-colored pumps I like to take the “Simple-Pumps” that also have a 10cm heel and also have a rounded toe front … just like the Decollete 868, which are more pointed … I wear both very often … especially for bright colors (such as my red dress) because I find black pumps not so suitable … if I want to wear correctly pointed shoes, then I select my favorites – the “SoKate” – which also have a very thin heel 12cm heel height – it is for me also correct “Red Carpet Shoes” are also somewhat more difficult to walk – even for me (as practiced high heels fan) … as you can see … the sole is almost perfect when you see these compared to the Decollete … It is already a huge difference … These are for me definitely really classy … Similarly, the “Degraspike” – with sharp spikes around … but are somewhat more difficult to walk because you rub quickly with the spikes to each other … and I quickly touch both shoes and it can hurt a little bit 😉 They also have a perfect red sole, although I have the shoes a bit longer … But these are my “Photo Shoes” I always like it have a minimum of one pair with a classic untouched red sole … Sometimes I just have to take fashion photos (and I like to do fashion photos) and then you have place the sole above each other … and then the sole is worn. Therefore, I always have a pair of shoes, one with perfect red sole .. Then I have a pair of booties in black patent (Moulange) The shoes (Moulange) are about 3 years old and the box is packed relatively deep in my carpet … but the shoes no longer exists anyway and you can these shoes no longer buy more … The heel and platform looks extreme, … but the shoes always look great worn out (compared with the SoKate Pumps) … But I prefer the booties to black leather pants … but I find it still looks just MEGA … 🙂 Then I completely got two new pair of Louboutin Pumps namely, it is the Ballerina Empress having a thin 10cm heel and is a slight rose touch … and currently I’m considering my Nude Pumps to take out of my travel luggage … and more likely to choose this pair of high heels. They fit perfectly with … bright clothes, because the black is not so dominant … … and the new Pigalle Follie These are my favorite shoes right now, my treasures … they look so brilliant … and like all Pigalle shoes a tip and a 10cm heel … These are currently my favs … I had dressed these shoes not outdoor during the last weeks (but got them just a few weeks ago) … and now I show you all my shoes in a Walking clip … This was not a styling tip to attract a black pantyhose to Nude Pumps It was only for the video – do not do it 🙂 I hope you liked my choice of Louboutin high heels … I have a lot more Louboutins at home and other high-heels .. but these are my high heels that I have to take with me when traveling … Write to me once in the comments what your favorite is … and on what pair shoes could do travel without That would be interesting… and if you want to see styled me the couple, look at the next VLOGs and subscribe to my channel…

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