Lost at sea: Ecological assessment around a sunken shipping container

The vast majority of the deep seafloor is
unseen, and completely remote from human experience. But it is not immune to the impacts of human
activities. Around the world, coastal and international
cargo ships make hundreds of thousands of trips annually. Each ship may transport thousands
of standard shipping containers, resulting in hundreds of millions of container trips
per year. These numbers are only growing with increased global population. Most of this cargo arrives at its destination
safely as scheduled. However, the routes traveled by cargo ships can be treacherous, and container
loss is difficult to prevent. ItÕs estimated that thousands of containers
are lost each year as they are transported along international shipping routes. While
this is a small percentage of the containers being transported, the impact on the health
of our ocean is uncertain. During a remotely operated vehicle dive in
June 2004, MBARI scientists came upon one of these lost containers. The tracking information printed on the container
was used to determine that it was lost just four months prior, from the cargo vessel Med
Taipei. Because the container was found within the boundaries of Monterey Bay National Marine
Sanctuary, there was particular interest in determining the circumstances of its loss.
The Med Taipei, sailing from the Port of Oakland, reported that fifteen containers were lost
within the sanctuary boundaries during a strong winter storm, and another nine were lost before
reaching port in Long Beach. Coming across a shipping container in the
deep sea is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. A partnership between MBARI and
the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary has taken advantage of this unique opportunity
to learn more about the presumed effects of a single container on deep-sea ecosystems.
Scientists returned to the site seven years later to investigate the communities of animals
on and around the container. The seafloor near the found shipping container
is dominated by relatively long-lived soft coralsÑsea pens, sea whips, and anemonesÑand
a sea cucumber, called the sea pig. However, the container was found to be well
colonized by animals typically found on rock outcrops in the region, as if it were an island
of hard substrate in a sea of soft sediment. The most abundant animals on the container
were tube-building worms. Numerous young scallops were also present. The container seemed to
provide a useful hard surface for a marine snail to lay its egg cases on. While all of these animals are found on hard
surfaces in nearby areas, the abundance and diversity of animal species on the containerÑand
the seafloor up to 10 meters awayÑwas lower than that typically encountered in the area. This reduced biodiversity may be due in part
to the absence of some animals found in rocky habitats in the region- including long-lived
sponges, corals, and feather stars- none of which were observed during our survey of the
container. The absence of sponges and corals suggests
that either, seven years is a relatively short timeframe for colonization by some deep-sea
animals, or, the potential toxicity of the containerÕs zinc-based paint could deter
more sensitive animals from settling on its surface. We are just beginning to look into
the potential toxicity associated with this container. The lower number of animals close to the container
may be related to several processes, including changes in near-bottom currents around the
container, its role as a refuge for some species, and changes in the influence of predators
and scavengers near the container. The presence of lost shipping containers on
deep seafloor ecosystems is a consequence of human activities that is rarely seen or
even considered. This study sheds light on the importance of basic research to understand
the structure and function of deep-sea habitats. Long-term views of natural deep-sea ecosystems
can help us better understand the impacts of human influence on the deep seafloor.


  • Here's the info on that container:  https://medium.com/@archeocean/tghu7712262-5568a0e5ae6chttp://www.shippingline.org/track/?type=container&container=tghu7712262&line=textainer&track=Track+container

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  • Not all of the containers sink. Many are navigational hazards particularly to smaller ships. They should require the cargo shippers to invest in the recovery of lost containers starting with the ones that have not sunk.

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  • More environmentally damaging is the container ship pumping out thousands of tons of bunker fuel exhaust. It's a fact that a single mega container ship puts out as much emissions as 50,000,000 cars. A few containers lost on the sea floor is trivial.

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    Yes it's shitty that we are polluting the Earth, but in some ways it can be a good thing. In this case the container has provided shelter for these creatures.

    When the container eventually does break dow the tires inside will also provide shelter.

    Ones man trash is another creatures shelter.

    That being said don't use this as an excuse… Many animals also die because of trash…

    I just find it interesting how nature and life has unique ways of making use of everything.

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  • If you think this is bad there is also nine sunken nuclear submarines around the world

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  • I dont understand the apparent disregard for immediate removal of the container (potential toxic contents) in favour of some ridiculous scientific research regarding paint on the surface. You can always submerge a similar piece of metal and do research on that. The important thing is to remove this container from the water.

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  • Don't we have enough evidence of what happens to metal objects when they lay on the sea floor? I mean after all, ships have been sinking and decaying for years before we started using shipping containers to transport goods. I think a much better use of your resources would be to figure out what impact the CONTENTS of those containers is having on the ecology, because it can't be good.

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  • I was reading about shipping containers over the weekend and found this video. Estimated 1390 containers are lost at sea each year.

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  • Honestly, Unless there was something hazardous/toxic inside that could potentially leak out, I really dont see this being any worse for the sea than sunken vehicles (Planes, ships, ETC) considering most of them contained at least some remnants of fuel, and most often are also panted. I imagine in time, the steel or what ever the container is made of will either "rot" away and settle on the ocean floor or stay there and become some sort of artificial habitat for the critters, like they seem to be doing already.

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  • Very interesting! Related to this I highly recommend reading 'Into The Raging Sea', the true story of the ill-fated cargo ship the El Faro that headed straight into Hurricane Joaquin off San Salvador Island in the Bahamas and sank to 15,000 feet with 100's of shipping containers and automobiles aboard. All 33 crewmembers aboard perished. The book is based on black box recordings of all bridge conversations until the final moments. Additionally the author diligently adds context by delving into owners of the vessel and industry politics surrounding maritime shipping. I think measures can be taken through technology to ensure that some containers can be retrieved quickly, or at least send automatic GPS location so that we can track and evaluate the potential threat to the seafloor ecosystem based on the container contents. But check out the book!!!

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