LootWear December 2017 Unboxing Marvel Deadpool Slippers in the Cold Arcade

We are 5 live on Bobby T and today, I’m opening December’s Luke where hopefully it’s pretty good. It’s breezy Alright guys, so I picked up Luke where this month. I am subscribed to correctly Luke where regular Luke ray and Luke rate DX Last once the X was kind of disappointing the November I believe it was unite 2.0 We have a review of that if you go check that out the whole gang gets in on that one Thanks for watching! this month however is the It’s a little better I think it’s Explorer Is gonna be the theme for everything so we’re gonna have some more videos coming up So if you like share and subscribe especially subscribe notifications you’ll find out all the videos We’re doing we are not paid by Luke rate But this all does come out of pocket so know that any opinions are our own So it did slice this open here, and let’s see what we got Okay, this isn’t bad got the Deadpool bunny slippers, so which this is awesome because I have to tell you right now in the arcade in Connecticut It is freezing outside It’s probably I think about 18 degrees outside right now So this isn’t the worst thing that could have been 15 bucks plus shipping Okay, we’re in the neighborhood. I mean, it’s a licensed product So you know you’re getting something for real at least because you’re getting it for Luke, right? Yeah, I’m not too shabby, we’ll see we’ll see how fuzzy and furry these are All right We are back from that little cut break and my feet are nice and toasty now down here in the arcade not too Shabby a little grippers on the bottom your basic fare. I do enjoy them Let’s see see how long they last but in the meantime guys remember from Bobbie T You bought it because you love it. That’s all that matters Alright guys Don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and check us out online at 5 Live VP on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and check out some of our other videos that are kind of floating Somewhere over here and a little subscribe thing because if you’re not subscribed. What are you doing also good like come on? It’s just a couple clicks You

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