Local students kick it in brand new shoes

local students kicking in in their brand-new shoes hundreds of them from anonymous company donated by a national nonprofit to students at magnificent to high school 10news reporter Cole Transat explains why they were chosen and how a local church helped make it all happen shoes hundreds of this fits in fine a pair for every one of the roughly 1,000 students at Magna Vista High School who wanted one only about ten chose not to get them I think it’s a great opportunity I think it’s really cool yeah like we all get free shoes who wouldn’t take that even if you didn’t think you’d want these shoes and we didn’t know what they were before we got them right we were all really excited to even see what they are national nonprofit convoy of hope identified Henry County as an area potentially in need and reached out to visions Assembly of God in Collinsville church member Delta Mitchell coordinated the donation they were looking for some schools that had the older kids because the organization that they work with for the shoes had kind of an abundance of the larger shoes the church worked with the nonprofit back in 2017 to provide shoes for local elementary students it’s a great opportunity I feel light to be able to make a difference for the kids here and for hopefully the families in the area as well students at Magna Vista say they’re excited to see the impact the shoes are going to have while I kids around the school that have don’t have the opportunity to get new shoes especially name-brand shoes that are this nice because they’re nice shoes and you know just being able to see kids with that nice of a smile on their face and being so happy about getting a brand-new pair of shoes it’s it’s really great to see in Henry County Coulter and staff 10 News working for you

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