Loafer Shoes Guide For Men – Tassel, Penny, Gucci, Horsebit, Weejuns & Slip-on Slipper Explained

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette. In
today’s video, I’m going to talk about Loafers. I’ll explain what loafers are, what they’re
not, what different styles are around and basically everything you need to know about
this great shoe. First of all, a lot of people get loafers
mixed up so let me explain what a loafer is. In casual situations, a loafer can substitute
any other shoe that you have may it be a canvas shoe or like a sandal or whatever. It’s just
more elegant but it’s not a boat shoe. Boat shoes are usually worn without any socks but
a loafer should always be worn with socks. If you like the look of “sockless” outfits
and shorter pants, you can get these very thin socks called invisible socks but you
should always wear socks with your loafers because otherwise, it’s not very hygienic
and your feet may also hurt because they’re not meant to be worn barefoot. A loafer is
a laceless shoe and as you can see here, it has an exposed ankle, it has a moccasin like
welt or seam on top of the vamp but unlike a moccasin, it has actually a separate sole,
it has a heel which is oftentimes low and basically, that’s what constitutes a loafer
shoe. What is not a loafer shoe is this version.
It has also an exposed ankle, no lacing but you will not find any seam on top and that’s
why this is called a Slipper.So, now you know the difference between a slipper and a loafer
and we can go ahead and talk about the history of this great shoe. Interestingly, a loafer
has Norwegian origins. A Norwegian actually went to the US and saw the native american
moccasins, brought them back to Norway, modified them slightly, added a separate sole and that’s
how the loafer was created. Of course, just like with many things in history, there are
various theories and there’s also an English theory claiming that it was designed as a
new house shoe but to me, it seems much more likely that the Norwegian – Native American
way was the true origin of the loafer. In general, Loafers are casual shoes because
they’re slip on and as such they’re usually not worn with double breasted suits or more
formal garments. Of course, people like the Duke of Windsor broke these classic rules
of style and he would often wear a two-tone loafer in brown and white or off-white that
he would wear with double breasted suits so by traditional style rules, this was completely
wrong but he was so powerful and impactful that today, you can see people wearing loafers
with different kinds of suits and double breasted suits. When it comes to loafer construction,
most of the time you will see that it has a very thin sole, it’s much thinner than a
sole that you would see with a Goodyear welt shoe, that means they’re usually Blake rapid
stitched stitched or just glued. Every once in a while, you can find a Goodyear welted
loafer but it also comes with just a thicker sole so if you have to walk a lot, definitely
go with Goodyear welted loafers otherwise, Blake rapid stitched loafers are fine or blake
stitched. Glued, I would probably personally say to stay away from it simply because it’s
usually an indicator of lower quality. Loafers come in many different styles. One
of them is the so-called Wildsmith loafer and it was a British invention. If you want
to learn more about it, check out our in-depth guide about Loafers. Second, you have the so called Aurland Loafer
and it is a town in Norway which was home to Nicoli Gregori who’s the one who invented
this Norwegian loafer style in the first place. This shoe was produced there in the 40s and
the 50s today, I think it’s not produced there any longer but it’s still originally from
there and the term Aurland loafer is still in existence. If you enjoyed this video, sign up to our
email newsletter and you’ll get these videos right to your inbox. I’ll even throw in my
free eBook about 15 style mistakes and how you can avoid them. Of course, you should
also sign up to our YouTube channel so you never miss a video again. A Tassel loafer is called that way because
it features these dangling tassels and you find this kind of shoe in all kinds of variations.
Sometimes the tassels are just attached to the top, sometimes they go around with some
braided leather just like in this shoe and overall, the tassel loafer is oftentimes favored
by 50 or 60 year old men but it can also be really cool, young and fresh in different
colors and I think it’s a wonderful shoe to have in your shoe closet and you should definitely
give it a try because it provides a unique look without looking old necessarily but it
all depends on how you wear it and how you combine it. This tassel loafer has a very
long last, it’s flat as you can see and elegant. The original tassel loafer was invited by
the Alden shoe company and it was a little more boxy and round and that’s typically the
shoe you associate with more seasoned gentlemen. Another really popular style is the so-called
Penny loafer. It’s a loafer that was invented by G.H Bass in the US and it was really popular
with people from the Ivy league, with students especially in the 1950s and so you have to
put pennies in this diamond shape just to stand out from the crowd and some other people
claim that you needed 2 cents to make a phone call back then so you could have one penny
in each shoe and always be able to make a phone call, what the right theory was, I don’t
know but if you want to learn more about the details of the penny loafer which is probably
today, one of the most famous loafers in America, please check out our Loafer guide. The penny
loafer is particularly popular sometimes in cordovan leather or like a red color, you
can also find it in suede like the one here. It comes in all shades of brown, sometimes
spectators and it’s just a really great casual shoe that people like to wear after work,
maybe to resort towns, to more casual dinners, it’s also very popular during the summer. In terms of formality, loafers are overall
more casual but I would rank the Tassel loafer slightly higher than the Penny loafer, Of
course that is impacted by the choice of leather. A black penny loafer is more formal than a
yellow, suede tassel loafer but given that colors and leather are equal, I would classify
the penny loafer as slightly less formal. Nevertheless, it can be business appropriate,
I think it looks great for example, with a chino-blazer combination. Another really famous loafer, is the Gucci
loafer. IT has these characteristic horsebits on top and usually they come in gold or in
silver and they became so popular in the US. Gucci sold loads of pairs and even to this
day, they always issue new versions every season, with different styles sometimes with
canvas, with leather, different colors and many consider them to be a staple in a man’s
wardrobe. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the look and although some people wear it
even with like black tie, it is definitely not an evening shoe and you should always
go either to pumps if you like the laceless shoes or to a patent leather oxford but stay
away from the horsebit loafers with Tuxedo or even white tie. It’s great as a casual
shoe, some people like to wear it with suits. Again, I’m not a fan of that but it can be
done and if you like the look of it, you can certainly consider adding it to your shoe
closet because it’s a timeless style and you should be able to wear it in 20 years from
now and still look very classic
and timeless.


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