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I’m stopping this vehicle
here for a modified exhaust. It’s emitting a loud noise. [car chimes] Hey, how y’all doing? Do you have your driver’s
license with you? Not on me, sir. OK. Do you have a driver’s license?
– Yes, sir. OK, you do?
My name is Trooper Bunch. I’m with OHP. The reason I stopped you is
for your modified exhaust. Then I see you have a
defective windshield here. Do you have an ID on you, sir? Not on me, sir. Sir, if you would come
on back to my car, please. Yes, sir. Just have a seat in the
front seat of my truck. Yes, sir. CHRISTOPHER BUNCH:
Your first name? ROBERT: Robert. And your birthday? 1/23/95. So that’s not
pulling up anything. I swear that’s
what it is, sir. You sure you gave
me the right birthday? I’m pretty sure I gave– You’re pretty sure you did? Yes, sir. Because I have–
I have, actually– I build cell phone
towers for a living. I travel. I’m actually home because
I got hit in the head with a crane ball. So I just have a slight
headache at the moment. But my birthday is 1/23/95. Oh, did you?
OK, hey, man. That’s fine. Just tell me– Is it the same name? Robert. Hey, just relax, brother. That’s not it either. I swear– Did you say you
forgot your birthday? Sir, I don’t even
really know my address. I’ve had a concussion, sir. Like, I do– I’m just trying to
figure out who you are. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. This guy’s telling me
two different birthdays and his name. He’s in the front seat here. I just need to get
his ID real quick. What’s going on, man? How are you doing, sir? Here’s what we’re going to do. If you’re lying about who
you are, let’s find out. All right. So you’re lying? No, sir.
As far as I– – OK.
– I don’t really know, sir. As far as you remember. I got a concussion, sir. I don’t know– I don’t
know what else to say. I don’t– Let’s see that ID. My hands are sweaty because I
have low blood sugar right now. Came back to a completely
different name and date of birth. So we’re going to run
him, make sure he’s not got any warrants, his
driver’s license is valid, and go from there. All right, step out
of the car, please. Yes, sir. Kick your shoe off. Kick this shoe off. Step back. OK, take your sock off. Other sock off. It’s stuck on my heel, sir. Here we go. OK, now you’re under arrest
for possession of CDS. That was in your shoe. Yes, sir. Sure was. We’ll field test that
for methamphetamines. That’s what it
appears to be like. This should come
back blue if it’s positive for methamphetamines. You can see that the
color on that’s blue, which confirms
that this is meth. Whose backpack is this? OK, we got another
loaded firearm. Right now, our suspect
is at the hospital being medically cleared
for his mental condition. Then we’re going to transport
him to the Oklahoma County Jail, where he’ll be charged
with possession of CDS, possession of a firearm after
a former felony conviction, and the reason for
the stop, which was a defective windshield
and a modified exhaust.


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  • That sunset though

  • Hat makes the cop ten times scarier

  • I will never understand why people try to draw attention to themselves with loud exhausts on ugly cars

  • Where does that Trooper buy a shirts at the Baby Gap?

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  • I thought you were not allowed to drive with headphones in???

  • The ol', "hit in the head with a crane ball" defense. Classic

  • I believe I did lol

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  • If you're driving a car, you gotta have a license, i have never driven my cars without a driving licence. Apparently the rest of the world is more special . i did not know that.

  • Why would anyone with half a brain not carry their driver's license and registration with them? Should always be in your wallet.

  • The dog ate my homework

  • Deputy Butch.. do you even squad or lift.?? πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏾

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  • Why didn't you just put a sign on your car? I'm a convicted felon carrying a firearm and in possession of illegal contraband. SMH

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  • I dontttt knooooooo

  • I think there is a link between neck tats and meth……

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  • Just saying that the one cop had AirPods

  • At least he was respectful

  • Idk about OAK but in Florida if you have comp ins on your car the ins co has to replace your windshield free! Dumbass had to modify his exhaust to look badass cost him another trip to jail brilliant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Guys got AirPods in

  • lol y does everyone go to the hospital and lol the cop stayed there for the whole day

  • Some skateboard shoes in the 90s had hidden pockets in them

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  • That dude's actual name was Kyle

  • trooper bunch gotta buncha CAKE

  • 2:00 there is like r.c car in the background lmao

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  • Did anyone see the sky tho??

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  • He has a concussion but he is driving. Lol.

  • Stupid Altima people

  • watching this made me want Burger King.

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  • Those airpods though…

  • The one cop was wearing air pods

    Never mind someone already commented

  • Cop uses AirPods lol

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  • Let’s change the cops name to officer booty.

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  • Officers got his extra shmedium shirt on … He means bidness

  • Fake

  • Dude is wearing air pods

  • Wireless toy car at 2 minutes mark.

  • The officer was wearing an airbod

  • Hey my birthday is 1/23

  • Nobody cares what you do until you're stupid enough to get caught doing it.

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  • drink water

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