Live PD: Chivalry is Not Dead (Season 4) | A&E


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  • They should put him in front of car dealerships so he can sway with the wind even when it's not windy

  • I want to skateboard in that trench

  • She won't mad cause he stole
    She was mad that he got caught

  • Dudes just flailing his head around. He has probably been up for 3 days or more. Disgusting af.

  • Is there anything worse than having to explain your joke?

  • Can't afford shoes but most certainly can afford cigarettes and drugs. Lovely.

  • “I’m a convict, been there done that…”

    bruh you’re still doing it…

  • Stanley Yelnats would be proud.

  • He look like Megamind

  • Lol tweakers… he's definitely into cocaine or meth. He's pretty twitchy.

  • I was just wondering how would handcuff a man without arms?

  • Drugs are bad mmkay

  • Is it just me or is he tweaking really hard? Maybe he could have bought the shoes instead of getting high… just saying.

  • An de say

  • Who else has been supporting A&El before 2019?!

    ??Giving my next 122 loyal subs a ?

  • She looks just like John Connors stepmom in Terminator 2

  • If he was chivalrous, He woulda stole the right shoe & gave her the left shoe that he's still wearing. Now that is "TRUE LOVE"…LOL

  • Said it before, I'll say it again.
    There is a Meth Head to this madness.

  • Could have set off the lunk alarm

  • Electric cars are really just run off a twitchy meth head where the Battery should be. Prove me wrong!

  • Why do almost all LivePD videos end up with a man lying on the floor with cops all over him, police work has to be more than this!

  • Planet Fitness is the "Walmart of all Gyms…"

  • There is truth in it(being broke had something to do with it), ive seen it man. Random kids starting young and the parents are broke but the kids are hungry, so they learn they can swipe a lil food and it goes up and they swiping drugs, then they selling, then selling guns and then locked up because they felt like it was literally their only opportunity to give their families support but along the way by the time they get to 18 they look at 7.25 an hour as "in an hour I can have 10 homies swing by for a G and I got 40$ profit" and got caught up. Feeling isolated out of normal society from the get go. But going back 90% of cases stem from money/family problems(as most likely the latter stemming from money as well), which is why it's so important that we can give the fairest chance to every citizen, and at least yield with generosity to those who did immigrate here or more poor, whatever circumstances, because they are literally you… but with a different story, everyone is looking for the same thing… Happieness. If they actually do a crime yes you gotta punish them, but every other country deals with these things from the root cause, and not just surface level punishment (pun intended)…(double and tripple pun not intended haha). We can get better and it won't hurt any officers, even will lessen the pain to criminals, but also after conviction provide them much better options to get out of the previous life. And the better economically all of us normal people are doing(as long as we are generous too) we can slowly start helping lift up other people just because we can ?

  • Notice he has to yell to his GF that her feet hurt, so she would know what the story was. LOL

  • This dude is a chronic ☹️☹️☹️ Poor guy

  • Why was he placed in the front seat?

  • should we be worried that this cop doesn't know what "larceny" means yet continually uses the word anyway?

  • Dude looks like Megamind

  • He eats meth for breakfast

  • Yep 5150

  • "Wtf why you callin' the popo?"
    Planet Fitness: Sir, you're sweating

  • Officer “Chivalry is not dead”
    Suspect “what’s that mean”
    Oh How the school system has failed this guy

  • Why does every cop open their door before putting the car in park? I swear they do it in every video I see. I don’t know why that bothers me so much ?

  • If you were a man you wouldn't be on drugs, living in the streets and stealing. You would have a job, a home and self respect.
    Not to mention a gangster. The tat is a dead giveaway.

  • the, awp us it? and he just dont wanna be honest with himself and why he throw the sneaker's down into the trench with all that water in it?

  • That mf'er tweakin ?

  • My guy looks like mega mind ?

  • Would you steal to feed your family? I would regardless of what my wife says .

  • So methed up…

  • He's on Meth. Look how he's sweating, fidgeting.

  • At least he was honest though

  • He has a warrant? No. Say it ain't so.

  • What?

  • What are ya smokin. Crack or tweak?

  • Homie is stupid

  • Planet fitness the type of place to ask the officers to leave

  • ????

  • Hes on a good one

  • Nothing says "I love you" like a pair of stolen shoes…

  • Megamind just trying to get his girl some shoes. Let him be! ?

  • "Babi gurl, Iluv you"
    Says every white trash, junkie couple ever.

  • Scene ended with shoes on baby girl’s feet? She just stole her own?

  • If the shoe fits ?

  • Meth will destroy you.

  • Dudes gotta bounce he’s got a ride to catch ?

  • Awwww. He loves her!

    Did anyone else start laughing when his girl smacked him in the head?

  • this dude looks like a ghetto megamind

  • Mega mind really let himself go …smh

  • Whaaaaat? What kind of world do we live in where a man can’t take care of his woman? He just wanted to try the shoes out on the treadmill next door. LOL

  • He probably did that mess so he could get locked up and GHOST that troll of a "woman"… or he likes the meth… Probably both.

  • Tweak's lol

  • Crack or tweak?

  • Looks like Morgan from criminal minds, if he experimented with meth

  • And that why i quit going to planet fitness theyll let anybody in there ?

  • That dude lost so many brain cells his head is caving in

  • Once I accidentally searched for Live DP and got completely different results.

  • This looks fake

  • The biggest crime in the video is “working out” in the Planet Fitness…

  • It’s ridiculous how there’s actually girls out there that date guys like this with no future or job with a mental capacity of a 15 year old.

  • I brought dickies back in style

  • Imagine riding shotgun when getting arrested.. must be the coolest dude ever


  • What a bobble head lol

  • Just vote for Bernie. Free shoes.

  • He is a tweeker

  • Dude was tweaking so hard he broke the lunk alarm

  • Bruh that's the boy boy west coast

  • Mega mind is on meth? I never knew that. LMFAO

  • Dude was more sweating than the people in the fitness

  • At least he had a good reason for it

  • How come they sat him on the front seat? if he happens
    To flip out he might cause more problems

  • Ol nicotine turns to meth.

  • He stole his girls some Flias. Bruh deserves to be caught….

  • An ex-con going back in the slam?
    That’s unpossible.

  • Lookin like Stevie Wonder on all that meth

  • He was driving on the wrong side of the road

  • Planet fitness is supposed to be a safe spot and they are playing tag.

  • I thought they were arresting him for dropping the weights or sweating…

  • this dudes stealin shoes for his chick nd i cant even get a girl ????

  • They breed, that's the sad part.

  • They could have taken him straight to jail but, they showed him some respect instead. I respect those officers.

  • Tweakers

  • He's got the good hookup.

  • Live PD relaxes me ??‍♂️

  • So this is what happens when you set the lunk alarm off

  • cracked

  • homie was just tryna get some work in

  • Too bad the lunk alarm wasn’t going off

  • I am actually surprised that he indeed had a girlfriend hahahahaha

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