Live from the On Labs | Cloudstratus – a performance running shoe made for maximum cushioning

How could we make the sensation of running on Clouds even better? What would happen if we added more Clouds? Some serious Swiss engineering later, we are happy to present to you: the all-new Cloudstratus. Made for maximum cushioning, it features two layers of CloudTec and it gives you a feeling that makes you want to run twice as far. What do the two layers of CloudTec achieve? Quite simply put, they will give you extra cushioning. As you land, the first layer will absorb most of the impact force, but then the second layer of CloudTec kicks in. Almost like an afterburner to absorb that residual impact. When you transition, both layers will be closed and shut, ready for you to push off without any energy loss that you would typically find in max cushioning shoes. Of course, the Cloudstratus features Helion, On’s proprietary superfoam. When you run in the Cloudstratus, you’ll notice not only the absence of impact forces but also that the shoe has a lot of forward drive. That’s because we’ve put one of the stiffest Speedboards that On makes into the Cloudstratus. So as you are landing, this Speed board will load, you will transition, and all that loaded energy will release for a very explosive push-off. So even though it’s a max cushioning shoe, it’s not slow or inert. In fact, it’s very responsive. As a max cushioning shoe, the Cloudstratus is built for longer runs. That means that also the upper needs to keep up. But what you definitely don’t want, as your foot might swell up, is any pressure points in the upper. So the Cloudstratus features a very soft, very flexible upper. What’s very unique is its asymmetrical construction. The heel counter is higher on the medial side and it works together with the stiff Speedboard to keep you over the maximum cushioning platform. As you transition, the Speedboard will propel you forward onto your big toe and then the asymmetrical star lacing connects your forefoot to the mid-foot. The star lacing also gives you more options to widen or tighten the forefoot as your foot might or might not swell up. So if you want maximum cushioning for a soft, yet supportive ride, the Cloud stratus is your shoe. With the two layers of CloudTec, you’ll be able to go longer and more often without slowing down.


  • Love this breakdown of the Stratus, and showcasing the midsole/speedboard without the upper attached. It really gives the viewer an easy eye look to the tech and engineering put forth.

  • We’re waiting racing flat with Helion foam!

  • What are the difference between the cloud ace and the cloud stratus?

  • I wanna buy it

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