Liquidation sales starting at all Payless Shoe stores

that’s to get her Hank Winchester here and Hank we saw this happen with Toys R Us in Sears right exactly when they announced those stores were gonna close we saw some bargains roll out maybe 20-30 percent off but it wasn’t until we got to the final days of those stores being open that the big deals rolled out and that’s likely what’s gonna happen right here with pay less right now we’ll take you inside this Payless store in Ferndale we’re looking for the advertised deals ahead of the final liquidation good time to buy shoes ok some shoppers hearing about the bargains but not surprised by the closing online competition making it harder for some brick-and-mortar stores to compete you know they haven’t been able to keep up with the times and you know innovation kind of innovation has to take over sooner or later and that’s why you got all these other businesses and everything they’re thriving on the businesses that Knoller businesses that haven’t been able to keep up right now most of the inventory 20% off that includes men’s women’s and children’s shoes we’re told that some women’s boots are now 40% off and remember because pay less is closing all sales are final make sure you’re keeping what you’re buying we visited two suburban locations both with a steady stream of customers but many not seeing the big sales right now here’s what we know 2,000 stores across the country will close down including those here in Metro Detroit and most will be shut down by May the big deal 70 to 80 percent off they’re gonna roll out in late April the inventory that expected to be very low when the company was booming about 20 years ago paleis had 3,500 stores across the country they had locations in 40 different countries and employed about 18,000 people now all the stores across the country are going to be closed the stores that will remain open are only located in Latin America now remember going to pay live first job I’d get my little TV suit and I go to pay less and I’d buy my little heels and it was fine I just remember my mom dragging me up and down the aisle and we had to do everything ourselves and oh you didn’t like that well it was just kind of embarrassing or card shopping no but you know what happened is is now so many people are even buying shoes online there’s so many retailers that are shoe specific off bring 7080 percent off major brands so it’s hard for those stores that we’ve all gone to to survive a little sad again yeah yeah thank you


  • Prices too high times changed u can shop on line cheaper. They should do online only an lower their prices…


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