Lilly Singh Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

What everybody its Joe from Complex Were at
Flight Club New York City with Youtube Sensation Lilly Singh I do comedy I do dancing really loud so my
shoes have to match that We’re going to get a females perspective on
the sneaker game You really have to have guts to wear the shoes. Definitely I appreciate that She’s going to buy some sneakers today and
walk out a sneaker head I love to own a pair. I think todays the day Let’s do it Let’s do it So Lilly every time were at Flight Club and
in the sneaker culture we start at the threes and the fours. Michael Jordans third model
and fourth model. Honestly I’m embarrassed to say I don’t own
a single pair of Jordans. Really? You want me to leave. I’ll leave now No I really want to its just I don’t really
know enough about them. I’m an Adidas girl myself but I’d love to
own a pair. I think todays the day. Well it might be. What about on guys. do you
look at sneakers? Is it a big thing for you to judge their sneakers or what? I do. I think just like myself I like a sneaker
that has a sick color always. I’m about really bold colors, Really bright designs and that’s what I look
for in guys as well. I feel like a guys that’s willing to show a little bit of color on his
feel has a bold personality So but what about black You’re still cool Your still Your still a
cool guy Okay I’ll take it Now this is more your sections because the
sizes are a little smaller there’s a little more kind of a woman’s color ways. which ones
do you like? Those are so dope. See this is really me.
This is my personality in a shoe. Really fun Really colorful I love this a lot Your in town for fashion week. That’s right And it seems like the trend to fashion week
has been Kanye’s foreign into fashion. Of course of course What have you been hearing about this the
Yeezy Boost I literally reported about his a billion time.
I heard about this being on social media. It’s literally all people talk about Yup I’ve heard there awesome I’ve never even tried
them actually. There super light Yeah Wow and they like bend Ah its Witchcraft See That’s super cool. These have been on my wish
list for awhile If you had to design a sneaker what would
it be like and what brand would it be with For me growing up in high school everyone
had the Adidas superstars Right And that was like if you wanted to be a part
of any type of scene you had to have those so I’d say definitely Adidas And definitely something super colorful like
that. I love high tops so probably something really fun, funky. Like I said the Aura Bankshot like that but
not like that. But they vibe for sure Who’s style do you look up to? Id Jeremy Scott for sure yeah Because like I said he always pushes the boundaries.
Hess not trying to make a shoe that realistically everyone’s going to feel comfortable with. You really have to have guts to wear his shoes Definitely and I appreciate that As you said that the superstars were cool
in high school. They’re still cool but the sneaker that’s
really doing it for Adidas now is the Stan Smith. It’s kind of an old school tennis sneaker I do have one pair of Stan Smiths actually Really But which one what is this ? There are your boy Pharrell’s Oh I didn’t know he had one yeah see this is dope I like crazy colors alright we’ve browsed most of the shelves
it’s now time for you to pick a sneaker Oh no I know it’s tough with this great selection I need to I need to try a few one that’s what
needs to happen let’s do it let’s go So Lilly, which ones are you feeling? I was really walk out with my first pair of
Jordans but I mean my first pair of Jordans has to be the OVO tens Okay They don’t have my size bummer So I think I’m going to try on the Yeezy Boosts Okay also though the I do really like those colorful
Nikes right there the Scribble Domes I feel like that’s really my personality so
I want to try on both of those alright let’s do it let’s do it What I need. Make it happen Make it Happen It’s so fluffy ah Two totally different sneakers how did it
work out? I’m going to take both. Nice I need both of these in my life Okay let’s do it lets get it rung up let’s do it alright so the total is $1524.25 Seems like your first trip to Flight Club
was successful? It was. I feel you’re turning me into a sneaker
head. Like goodbye savings account. it’s over Another victim. Well check for you on YouTube
and on Complex Thanks for helping me out today. It’s awesome I got you.


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