Lighting Up Tokyo: Japan’s Custom Supercar Crew

COMM: It might look like a scene from a video game, but this is a typical Saturday night on the streets of Tokyo, as the owners of heavily customised Lamborghinis go out for a midnight cruise. COMM: American Steve Feldman is a regular visitor to Japan. And has managed to gain access to the exclusive Tokyo custom car scene. COMM: And with that the group of Lamborghinis featuring Diablos, Aventadors, Murciélagoa and Gallardos take to the streets. COMM: Collectively worth millions of dollars the super cars have all been heavily customised.
Vinyl wraps give the cars stunning chrome, hologram and even animal paint exteriors.
And custom light kits are everywhere with multicoloured LEDs and strobes flashing in
the darkness. One car even shoots flames. COMM: Steve’s access to this scene has had two benefits. The original video he posted
on YouTube won the award for best viral video of 2014 at the London Motor Film Festival. And to date has wracked up almost two million views. Plus he’s now selling the customisation
kits himself, should you want to make your own car a little more flash.


  • Rice Rice baby

  • rice rice baby

  • すげえなおい

  • It’s the moving Christmas tree that are ricers

  • Dang ricers

  • Im moving to japan

  • qwerty

  • Wow, they're way cooler than us

  • Oh god my eyes! Why would you do this to a supercar?!

  • This video is awsome

  • Is that diablo gt…. ???

  • This just makes me want to cring.
    Why would you want to make this

  • I very like and love japan

  • I'm n LOVE!!!!

  • Fuckin Tokyo Drift


  • 1:15 a Camaro…

  • I love that the average Lamborghini owner wants to be a crazy extreme fuxk machine in a stealth fighter but then wants to evade ridicule and takes the grown up route while these guys don't give two craps if you think it's bad taste or gaudy they are truly unadulterated and they look absolutely stunning they go against the grain they are road sharks crossed with UFO while a western supercar owner is a shark in a suit and tie with a official Lamborghini jacket key ring and dad cap.they are awesome ?

  • Japan, I love you.

  • From the country that brought us Bosozoku and you're all surprised? Not your money, not your problem.

  • If i had one i dont know if i could even afford to drive it

  • I am mostly all in for clean cars, but I gotta be honest. That looks awesome.

  • These people were responsible for letting McQueen fall off the back of mack and the reason he ended up in Radiator Springs

  • 0:06 Isn't that from Need for Speed 2015?

  • The most Riced out cars I’ve ever seen

  • I'll just put a underglow.

  • If I ever buy a Lamborghini, I’ll just stick with whatever underglow won’t get me pulled over 100 times a day, not go all out like this, but I don’t really have a thing for the majority of the super car market, with two, maybe three cars I’d ever want to buy

  • i ll drive those cars cause that lights costs more that a ricermobile

  • This looks like the cars from Cars 1 when they were stalking Mac…

  • Does anyone else see that the guy at 0:52 can be in a anime lol like he has the hair for it too

  • Oooo

  • Neon lights on cars are legal in Japan?

  • All I could think of the cars movie wear McQueen was falling asleep and the light up cars play music on stuff

  • Its dope when neon cars chased by cops

  • Driving arround with the crew in gta

  • what type of LED is that flashing in white bright like thunder?

  • is that the new DLC for gta 5 online?

  • i like how the comentator clearly knows nothing about this

  • When ricers become rich

  • And the all lambo's were RADIOACTIVE.

  • So many neons

  • 海外映画でありそうな日本描写に出て来そう

  • only 2 million views?

  • Theses cars are so awesome and so amazing

  • I like all of them and I what all of them

  • Gaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s a shame, I would prefer gtr’s

  • the lamborghini gallardo is pronounced guyardo, not gallardo

  • UFO's ???????

  • I'm 90% sure this video was stolen from Steve's POV youtube channel.

  • Japonês e dinheiro é a melhor combinação slc parsa

  • This reminds of The First Cars movie where Snotrod and the 2 other cars mess with Mack

  • Can someone explain me where to buy these leds and how they get electricity? i love this!

  • childpark..

  • I'll be rolling with these guys one day soon

  • 1:39, he put Lambo doors on a Gallardo, which has normal doors, so is it still rice?

  • I want to visit japan in a few years, is it possible to take some pictures with the owners and take pictures with the cars as a 'normal person'? 🙂

  • Need for speed in real life.

  • getting the best supercar money can buy, then putting glowsticks on it reducing the price to just $10. just sad, it hurts me to watch these beautiful cars go through this!

  • The only underglow that i can accept

  • absolute LIT

  • Omg ? I love JAPAN ?? ???

  • Japan is crazy and cool and from what i see watching many videos about jdm etc is that most people are polite. Nice!

  • Come to find a few of the owners are actually yakuza gangsters. No lie.

  • Have mine red and metallic red with green glows and call it the SPARTAN GHOST mobile

  • 1:20 this one I like

  • I love it… which I hate….

  • I'm almost crying my eyes right out! I want so bad, a 1985 Countach. I want it all chrome with brightly lit Cyan lighting all over it, just like I see here. Please Japan, please make my dream car come true. I want the Lambo S-5000 Countach soooo much! Just make it chrome and black tinted windows, with Cyanish/white headlights to finish it off. Yeah!-:)

  • Gta 6 looking good

  • is there a name for this kind of japanese style? with the lights and plastic look and see through things???

  • R those lambos fake produce in tokyo ?????

  • Looks like bumper cars .. or fair atraction.

  • vi isso no top gear

  • The commentator needs to be educated.

  • Where are these shown??

  • Some people think these are riced but they look amazing this is not ricer this is what’s called “fun”

  • Why do they do that to Lambos … C'mon man

  • Tokyo drift.

  • im poor

  • Someone please play Tokyo drift

  • This is no ricer… there us no honda civic xr

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    2007 – White Collar
    2008 – TV 80s
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    2010 – Sarah
    2011 – Close My Eyes
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  • Dang! Lamborghinis in Japan? How much they customize it?

  • Great cars to many lights for me !

  • Then u see a skyline GTR pass them

  • Idk why I’m thinking about Hachi-Roku

  • That’s my screensaver

  • Dude they should really put an epileptic warning here ???

  • fuhhhh no words for how fire these cars are

  • that is the most unlegal thing i have seen

  • That hologram Lambo is officially the world's coolest car.

  • Lambos are hella ricey now. .. would rather drive an Audi avant

  • The backfire gallardo was so sick

  • @stevespov

  • Definition of ricer

  • Tokyo drift

  • And America just flexes with their 2015 Dodge Challenger ??‍♂️

  • 0:04 WHAT SORCERY IS DIS!? > 1:59 !!!

  • Futuristic cars

  • Look at steves pov young in japan

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