LG G8X Hands-On: Two Screens At The Same Time

– [Reviewer] I gotta be honest, after the flop that was the LG G8, which combined forgettable design with, um, this. I didn’t have high hopes for the company’s next smart phone and
that didn’t really change when I finally got to put it in my hand here at IFA 2019 in Berlin. Until, that is, it
sprouted a second screen. (Upbeat music) Okay, so technically these
are two separate products, the G8X smart phone and
its dual screen case, but it’s only when you use them together that they become really interesting. Now, the part of me that still misses the bold LG designs of yesteryear with their pioneering curved screens can’t help but point out that the G8X and its dual screen case looks kind of… goofy. The big bezels and big
hinges, the twin notches, even though there’s only
a camera in one of them, there’s nothing sexy about this product and I don’t think it represents
the future of smart phones. But as Samsung very publicly learned with its Galaxy Fold fiasco,
riding the bleeding edge has its price, so LG is carefully to say that this isn’t competing
with folding phones, even though it’s trying
to do the same thing, fit more screen real
estate into the same space. In our Berlin briefing, the company kept using the word practical. It’s not a phone for the future, it’s a phone for today. (whoosh sound) And, you know, the more I use it, the more I think LG might
actually have something here. The software makes a lot of sense and gives you a tone of options. You can run two different
apps at once, of course. LG gave the example of YouTube
and a game at the same time with a custom audio mix between them, but God does that sound exhausting, so I’d probably stick
to email and a browser. That could be Chrome or a
special preloaded browser that let’s you keep multiple
tabs open across screens. If you go the gaming
route, those game pads are totally customizable. But the thing I could genuinely see myself doing everyday, popping this thing open
in mini laptop mode with huge touch keyboard on the bottom and a full size smart
phone display up top. I’m happy to say the weight
distribution works out, too. There’s no wobble and it’s actually pretty comfy to type on. (whoosh sound) – When closed, this thing
is a bit of a chonker, but as my Android Central
buddies pointed out, no more so than a big
phone with a case on it. If there’s something
to complain about here it’s the glass finish on the exterior. It just seems to me that if you’re going to make a case
that folds in on itself to protect those displays,
coating the front in glass kind of defeats the purpose. It also makes it impossible
if there’s any sun out to see that small OLED
display that lives up front to give you essential notifications. Again, though, for most of this, LG seems to have gotten it right. The displays are identical OLED panels, so they’ve got the same color temperature. Something that rivals
ETE totally whiffed on with it’s Axon M. The screen switching is done through the extended display functionality already built into Android, so there’s not a lot of custom LG software to trip up on, and the interface that is here has finally gotten a fresh paint job. Pricing and availability of the G8X and its case are TBD
since LG usually lets its carrier partners announce those details. And also TBD, TBH is
whether I’m going to try to review it. I mean, as much as I value
the practical approach here, if the most exciting thing
about your new smart phone is an accessory, well, it’s
not always a great sign. LG is going to need more
than an iterative rehash of a poorly received product to get back on the map in a big way and I hope that’s something we see come next year. Let me know if you want me to review this peculiar pair, folks, and please subscribe the The Mr. Mobile on YouTube so you don’t miss all the other big mobile news coming
out of IFA 2019 in Berlin. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends.


  • Look better than Samsung..

  • big chungus

  • Seems cool

  • Yes do a review, I'm not sure I'll watch it!!

  • i lost my shit when he said, dual notch

  • The second notch is ridiculous ?

  • Most underrated device ever – LG G8.

  • Save yourself some time Micheal… No need to review it. I don't see this being even remotely relevant in the industry. I am glad LG isnt afraid to try new things! But this idea will be overlooked quickly. Especially with the Fold on the horizon.

  • Full review please

  • For developers, what a God send. One for on the go with screen real estate and some powerful chops too. For me? Yawn. Seriously practical does not sell to the G.P. Not happening folks. LG once again asks a question today it needed an answer 5 years ago. On the rebound, the TVs are astounding. Watch out for burn in but the C7 TV and B series are hallmarks to me what LG was made to do. Smartphones need that leadership status their TVs are enjoying. As now? Meh. Next device please Mr. Mobile.

  • Do it. Please

  • Narrative is real….. it is getting really old. Been in the phone industry for 8 years now and I have to say, lg is doing it right. The Lg g8 works fine- in fact it is better than my note 10. The lg experience feels like an adult smartphone- Samsung is a big jitter bug ui with hidden menus- even after customization and themes. The Lg g8 is the Best phone you can buy that is straight to the point period. Also, the lg 8 had live focus video way before the note 10.

  • Some day. this phone will be mine!

  • It was much easier to make back camera work as a front camera with this setup, but they didn't. Unforgivable

  • I am going to buy LG G8X when it comes out in Europe

  • Is this a flat screen

  • I think rather than second screen. LG need to make physical keyboard case with the same design. it will be cheaper for customer. but very usefull.

  • What an abomination of a phone. LG really are shite. remember the LG 5

  • That moment when the bloke is rather thick and don't realise he be flipping you off in the thumbnail.

  • LG would instantly become relevant again if they kick out a great camera on any of these phones, similar to what they did back on the LG G4.

  • Mob eye L..correct English pronunciation?

  • I hope that singapore launch the 2019 flagship lg phone including thie as it nvr even launch all these at all like lg g8s or lg v50 thinq.

  • Do it!

  • 84 More Bloody Idiot Dislikes And Counting…

  • I'd Rather More Prefer This But ESPECIALLY The LG V50~Than Samsung's Folding Phone…Even Though They Improved It And Reissued It…

  • Review it and ill subscribe

  • Damn, I should have waited before I grabbed my G8, ? I could use it along side with my Note 9 for various productivity tasks…

  • Yes, I'd like to see it reviewed

  • LG UX9 and this version of Pie looking amazing. Might even go as far to say it maybe the best or one of the best versions of Pie. BUT little too late and worst of all no LG device will have it except for the G8X/V50S lol…

  • G6 & V30 are last legends from LG..LG really out of creativity and innovation…….

  • This is the most cheapest concept ever to exist… Ps. Trash

  • Just thought I should mention that in Britain the hand sign in the thumbnail is a swear ?

  • So can i use this with my lg g8

  • Wasn't ZTE got one like this last year ( or 2 year ago) ?

  • I'd buy it if LG didn't have such poor resale value.

  • Motorola: Removes headphone jack (Moto Z1)
    Apple: Courageously removes headphone jack (iPhone 7)
    HTC: Removes headphone jack (U Ultra)
    Google: Removes headphone jack (Pixel 2)
    OnePlus: Removes headphone jack (6T)
    Samsung: Removes headphone jack (Note10)

    LG: KEEPS headphone jack!

  • yeah, just review the damn thing

  • ZTE did this a couple years ago. Nobody cared, even if it does bring benefits.

  • Way better than those foldable phones.

  • Way better than Samsung. Lg always pushes the limits and everyone talks shit.

  • I'd like to see a full review.

  • I actually find this so cool and would prefer it over the Samsung fold

  • I miss LG G Flex 2 successors.. LG phone nowadays is boring

  • LG had one feature that separated them from other flagships, something I actually care about: a removable battery. Now they're actually gluing the battery in permanently. There's no gimmick I can conceive of that's more compelling to me than simply a flagship phone with a removable battery. I care about that, so I cared about LG, but I don't give a single fuck about dual screens, hand gestures or all glass phones. LG would have had me as a customer for life if they kept the one feature I really care about, but as it is I'll probably never own another LG because without it, their phones just aren't as desirable as the rest.

  • I personally would like to see if this dual screen accessory is worth buying and to see wether or not it is a flop

  • I've already said this multiple times now, but that fake notch on the case cover is super weird. Was that necessary?

  • Please review.

  • if i need more screen estate id be working with a tablet or laptop. Design the phonr as what it’s supposed to be

  • LG, please just release an Android One flagship with awesome cameras and the quad DAC?

  • Please do a full review on this and give all the use cases you can come up with on why a second screen is worth it. Thank you, happy v20 user.

  • Imagine a dual display case from Samsung. I'd buy that

  • Stupid. Really.

  • Glass on the front is really good, to can use it as a mirror

  • it's kinda neat

  • I find LG phones to be underrated so I personally would appreciate a review so yes please. The question I have is if the glass mirror finish on the outside cracks does the inside screen still work?

  • LG doesn't get enough credit for their DAC, particularly given how everyone else have abandoned the headphone jack.

  • Respect for the work you do, but I think you've been unfair to this product…. It's a super pragmatic approach to the idea of the foldable phone. This is to Samsung's foldable phone, what a tank is to a Jeep – ugly but bomb proof.

  • that notch with no cam must have several reasons & benefits for it for both consumer and company
    1. Aesthetics
    2. Software (e.g UI will act the same on both displays having notch e.g even games like coc)
    3. If LG is using same panel and glass cutout as phone itself it will help cut company cut costs
    4.again if its same panel same dimension glass would mean down the road case could be repaired using phone panel

    not sure about last two but if thats the case its worth having a blank dot

  • I dont get it why LG gets this much hate for having good phones ,I think if they price their products lower from start they are in better game,Samsung is way too much expensive with newer phones with cartoonish UI and hole punch ,I have been samsung user ever since SGS2 uptil S8+ not anymore i have used iPhones and Lg among many other phones

  • Sometimes one has to question these YouTubers…..everything as a practical use. Emulator or us geeks, I use my V30 as a music player plus carry the note 9. I could use this as one unit. My phone plus music player all in one…..

  • Please review this Michael.

  • Don't need a review. Thanks though

  • Wow an LG product I'm actually genuinly impressed and excited about.

  • Review it!

  • Dear LG join the android one program just like Nokia with few extra features.

  • Just imagine this kind of phone with Samsung edge display and thin bezel and very thing case.?

  • LG is always the innovators that's why I stick close to them. The V series are so fire.

  • we love it mr moshit

  • I do not see how this is any different from it’s predecessor with the same dual screen case.

  • It seems like a good idea. Please review!

  • Please review

  • Yeah review it.

  • This phone is a blessing for market traders who need to keep a watch on multiple screens

  • Trim down those bezels where they meet down the middle seam so it's less nintendo 2DS XL and try to reduce the thickness of the main phone so it has a slimmer overall profile and this would sell like hot cakes.

  • Please do review it. It looks very practical and I expect this not to be in the $2000 range. So please, I will appreciate a lot if you review this and the V50 dual screen accesory. Thanks and keep on with the good work.

  • Big LG mobiles fan and user of LG G6 G7. But this is just lame.

  • Lg out

  • Now I know why my V30S still didn't get the Android 9 update, and when it did start rolling out on V30 they pulled it back because it was extremely buggy. Why? Because LG was working on this nonsense.

  • Why does that dual screen have a notch? Wth?

  • This is not a new Lg v50 it does

  • Your right @MrMobile. The only thing interesting about this product is the accessory. I still would love to see a review

  • I'd use this just for mini laptop mode….I do all my business on my phone and it's not always practical

  • Nobody:
    UnboxTherapy: i switched my phone!

  • i really wish samsung had thought about this for their samsung DEX feature when connecting to an external screen. you can have a desktop experience in you pocket.

  • I haven’t been particularly interested in Android phones and their accessories but this looks cool. I think you should review it.

  • For the first time in years I’m excited about a phone. I want this phone!

  • Last LG product I owned was the V10 such a shame they don't try like HTC as well.

  • I like this. I'd strongly consider it depending on the price.

  • LG G8 wasn't a flop. It wasn't marketed good.

  • No phone or tablet is perfect.

  • Review it!

  • Please review!

  • Not a perfect execution but I love this.

  • Captain Two Screens doesn't have the same ring to it

  • Yes please, a review would be awesome

  • They should put a wide angle camera on the empty notch .. Definitely will make it more interesting, plus added more value to the case itself.

  • It's not going to be better than the Galaxy Fold, but it still seems really cool. A low price with the case combined will be the only reason to get it. LG better price it RIGHT !

  • Review it review it review it

  • What's the controller app for the second screen called

  • I'm not in favor of you reviewing this one.

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