Let’s Play – Pokemon Soul Silver Part 2 “Running Shoes”

Captions for the lulz work possible dot after does uh… on this
town and we’re going onto the marchers to see what they have for sale right now
let’s check it out welcome what do you need to come with a
bicycle i think they have let’s go back to the bottom screen so we can check of
the items so that the bush and and and to do it in
the parent is still sadly enough they have nothing out
really wants undiscovered council and exit out here did don’t really have anything that let’s have right now because i will
really have to need me to have right now some portables but they don’t have it so welcome back whether as a little dates
are probably on a new marks let’s go back to where we really have to go was happening girls buff imitates i thought about one
thing this is another stop in for me to take its to guide them detach included the map gargoyles hoover
spoke a year sourcebook igure canal should be town map sucked booking of the screen and then
select the down not item we’ll see the maps region you currently
booking a becomes more useful as you got carts alicia what on your journey partnership that is a bitmap now let’s go to the pokey gear and select
steen map all right let’s go down to buy the
specific she’s conceive where we are there we go that’s where we are currently and uh… i guess you gave us to check
it out to other locations that we’ve been amateur you bartels where we came from this is
where we are right now and this is uh… filed city is where we gotta go not not not
productive it’s uh… to go around sorry we’re gonna go next all well because you need and this is
world synopsys and so i don’t know marks for the stuff we ever got a map now so indoor mold uh… gameplay story normal
book in months dick i cant only keeps eating map he doesn’t give it to running shoes the
relishes is in addition attitude obviously diesel silver uh… the battle with disputed and i’m gonna fight him embodies the watered-down him because i
think uh… water effects are kind of uh… on uh… on flying put him on some of our present
sure but i’ll use the word and because it’s
also more powerful we’ll go to spend the same attack how
would you scratch next if he hasn’t uh… still now is still there mpg stuff in a poly can be critical let’s give them a scratch their ego and a voltage is gone welcome at shakespeare’s p dot nafsu
confident that if i go as these are probably uh… wouldn’t do very well so what
they’re going to do now is on the deal myself quebec’s dont spiel it’ll come back here at all way cooler
fights all healed and alka back to this point impinging on the journey will conclude at i will come back i was uh… we’re here
where we last out where are selected as often until my up total dollar are you also uh… evolved
to level seven malice check it out how he is well i i it looks like he wants to leave let’s go
to this house he put it is and what is all about such as gentleman people usually come to
my house looking for a music book it was about you didn’t mean to visit my house rights uh… how proud of you do you have danny
kaye pecans ever gone stories bear fruits once a day i have one of those to you still
everyone’s are really something you could make for people’s heads of the
sayings they are quite useful the i have a feeling this is meant to be i’m so happy delegate lead us all right so now we have the abe record
books we can’t carry a brick on so the only
reason i haven’t seen this dutch histories it’s because i have no where
to place the but now it’s a good record three we’ve got a gas they green tape recorder and we can check it out on the itunes in the bottom screen to say this to see
what it is all about has gone to get back a list checkout steeped items there’s an
advert on box let me click on its rights nominees that uh… that this is
the tape recorder path an honest austrian says uh… green at
the corner great at record highs and students are aromatic cents the release of what it is for but that’s
all the district in the kids press the back budget austrian resumed
again now we can have eight record stalin there’s another ballot here are so not that that is done let’s uh…
move on here and get these poor people witches and antidotes a surrogate wasn’t you can use to consider to kill himself privacy what’s this route is all about
this book and was out straight-ahead spots sadly we can take this uh…
shortcuts i think uh… there’s the left ways do real way
to go out and is with us for two healthy despite arsenal that fight is over let’s resume
it get ready to see a lot of this fall sort
of of rebel that dennis uh… could even physicists who thought
the it directly but i’ve got a level it now
which is awesome allerton rage all right so we’re doing good spots on
the air this president happpy lots that there’s a berry three here which i’m
gonna check it out student record trade rather debate the seems to be a pink a
pre-party costs uh… there are some of the three there but we
got all but it was just yet because it requires an h_m_o_ gimmick at double woodruff it now now
this is the house of mister poking on the house of the actually have to go so
let’s go inside you must be silver it was i sent an email to professor l or earlier okay that’s a given me this is what i want professor held to
examine and i got to be me street eggs a friend of mine from the critic a critique didn’t give it to me abotu
confines this kind of having to tell about professor l might be able to tell
what it is is the best and when it comes to the
researchers walking on air pollution consequence from all from the famous professor though irritating to professor allen here your
book and what you got some rest illegal hill your book in months he is you don’t have the perfect health she’s awesome and we got unprofor’s oak people can
worry sister sue silver i was just visiting my friend be spokane
wa interviewer running an errand for per cent of fruit professor else are waiting
here lesbo was this a rare book and what i
see you must be helping to present dollars
research but they’re going to stand by professor i’ll give you that put him on you will treats your book and what i
would love a carrot seeds uh… you seem to be dependable how
would you like to help me out to sea is the latest version of the book it it automatically records data on welcome
on you’ve seen oracle it’s a high-tech incidents like the dea
i’d like to have it all right and now we have the boca decks go meet many times but the ones a
complete that book id expedite state you long i have to get to the golden rod for my
usual radiation solar i’ve a feeling that this will not
be the last time we meet let six exchange numbers just to be on the safe
side and also that the professor coaxed
number into pokey here now are so you guys should be familiar with
the book it exits not i will walk you that’s true susceptible to having you go back and forth but please make sure the
hand that they had to professor l let’s go back to the bottom screen
kisses so we can check out steeple cadets is the joe to a popular destined for
fourteen months and i have one not impressed they to open it up and see
all the documents i’ve seen subtotal dalian esteemed pgi go back to top screensavers conceit that
ours is a total dollar and gives me a small description in info nozzle we can
hear decries you can see more details about them for
the area that’s o’clock and what time of the day they were they’re caught their
size forums and pretty much all the details all right so that’s it for developing
cataracts this uh… you guys should be somewhat
familiar with it but if not that’s what it kinda looks like uh… wait i’ve got a call from a poking
here and hello silver it’s a disaster needs this terrible what should i do on our please get back
here now what could it possibly wheat all right so let’s get back there
immediately and now that we have t professors or uh… helm but now we have this parcel which pcbs
react and uh… something else is come up
always is a battleground hotel scape are so let’s resume from here now to where we gotta go which is we’re
going to go to town now but after downs of what in the grass as
much as i can i really don’t have to get into dressed unwanted attention more forty-one
battles for now and on the level efficient bill more levels but on goods in an article on the right at that
michael tomorrow we’ll pick entered a no that’s being perfect held so we are good now applauded exiting judas part right
here uh… we are going to you meet arrival
so it is going to be a rival battle now remember there was a simple to
listen to study for any was really groups you have the book and one of two
up what a waste that’s that support among us to do for we’d
like to you that you get what i’m saying well like
you have the people commit also want to meet so but they were set up professor uh…
elm was uh… called us about was what it is what they want but stolen and that it was the but this guy which
focuses in boy now we will live in eventually but we
don’t we don’t really know his name right now so unworthy use rage because rage is that this reject that
starts off really really uh… load emmett select that says it s that’s
all it’s like a twenty-eight damage and david size building up two more use its announcement before you
damage uh… indians would’ve been more and
more i’ll see how it goes if it doesn’t do it
very much riches building some of those guys and see the more i
use it to more stronger it would be suspect doesn’t do very much did all
these in their back and i was a critical house room goods so but see fifties we’re going to get out
uh… secretive it rage as it does uh… concede that was just
all of you the you’re doing ok for some one week uh… as an s_l_ before eyes like that those easels finishes the
put him on at least more i would say among the missiles pending originally you start to finish
this off that’s it this battle is won wasn’t too hard if you uh… level up a
little bit sixty seven points while others hoods on
their level not now the are you happy one you got five hundred forty dollars for
women you want to know who i am i’m going to be the world’s most popular
trainer well say that you lost that battle high
holly dot its but i can appreciate the profits give it back that’s my trailer parks
although you saw one day workplaces or so before we continue our jams
familial why put them on and come back here since it doesn’t just a second hasselbeck is it’s a magical editing uh… all right let’s move on to to run
at twenty nine and kawan fuel uh… well basically where we came from from
charter of founder first c_d_ ever that we uh… courses our hometown square we we have arround house and stuff so i’m just gonna go back there which is right through here brittania barked on his mono i’m going
to go immediately to the professor helms lap to see what the essay constantly
responses who are you we are investigating the
case often missing booking on here rollover one whoever did it will come
back to the site old meisje must be one who did it no i’m not all on a second it was he has nothing to
do with this i saw its there was a rather oracle
holding low looking into the building he battled what that’s he must be the
one who did it the germans say his name now we get to put he’s name obstacle and
goals because i don’t know any of the clever
names to turning my rival it well i see so goal was his name so it was therefore helping my investigation by
next summer please to search for this red haired individual silver i’m glad the understand you
waller innocents see letter well really visits silvers is terrible all yes what was it is supporting winds big
discovery so let me see ektu professor l visit it’s is technique the something i’ve never seen still is just a bank is a baltimore is always fascinated by x houses you give it to us via my as well
find out splits it really holds i could meet for a while to find out about the egg well gave you book it acts is that’s real that’s incredible these
spore uh… seem to potential people as trainers or silver when you were a little different stings
are going to be your book and listen to really like you
so don’t you take the uh… put him on june
challenge isn’t minister difficulty was new limits
and john spokane wally champion or not becoming the champion is not all kisi but you can certainly challenge policies
gene chosen to james scatter rugs will be a
long journey before you leave make sure that you talked to mom all right let’s go out there in the
n_f_l_ small but for that let me just check out my put him on uneasy already seems to be happy you put all scratched out these bodies
relaxing as coherent up to my mom so mythos attitude of the talk about uh… some
savings assault or so you living on an adventure
ok all well bolat gonna do for you adelle everytime receive a prize money also
some of it for you on a long journey monies important jointly to save you
money for you yes they’ll take care of your money
because whole whatever is friends we work as a team
you can accomplish anything i saw what happened here it is every
time a week a battle and i get a little bit of money she will take some of its to say so incase tiny somebody uh… this is pretty much it’s i think i i i have to uh… uh… yet i’ve gotta go outta here now i guess is appearing at a time and again
scraps israel’s out to restart its edu comes a dozen accepts us where uh…
we’re going to actually move onto the next c_d_ and
uh… affected next jim so i’m answering other walked
unstructured peace

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