Lems Boulder Boot Review | Lightweight, Compressible & Minimalist Zero Drop Shoes


  • Have you tried a zero drop or barefoot style shoe before? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • no weatherproofing at all? so its only for urban environments…and dry days only at that…

  • No idea why people would be so negative on this boot's appearance, for a boot it looks pretty normal.

  • i kind of want but no weathering is a no for me dawg

  • I have these and love these, but one time dredged on a wet, muddy hike and they took over 12 hours to dry. Now if there's any chance of rain, I wear my waterproofed Otz boots instead. I still love and wear my Lems though, going strong for a few years!

  • I’m really surprised at the amount of people who don’t like the look of these. I’m about to order them in the black leather option and think they look great for many different occasions.

  • Great review, and love your positivity and clear eyes. You're like a Jude Law that grew up in Hawaii lol

  • I am so getting this boot now. I dont know what the previous me a month ago was so worried about. hopefully they survive the Tonto National Forest. Sadly my altama maritime did not but luckly they had a stellar warranty. seriously tho shoutout to dis channel! always finding what i need/want.

  • They look pretty cool. But I wish Lems would figure out a way to make find some waterproofing. Perhaps I could spray them with some water repellant? Do you have any reviews on the Lems Trailhead?

  • Hello. Is the nylon green or brown? at min 1:27 the nylon looks brown and the ones you are holding look green.

  • Just saw on the Lems site they’re coming out with a waterproof version in November 2019. ?

  • Easy to collapse cos there is no support – can you say Superfeet up one size and install Superfeet orange when the waterproof version comes out then you might have something.

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