LEATHER REPAIR FILLER | Leather TEAR Repair | HOW TO fix a tear in leather

is so here we have a bycast leather
repair very common problem bycast leather is what happens is through force the the blunt grain Euler viber love the cowhide does not bend and flex and it sort of just rips open in the
same area jewelry and news we’re going to fix this if you do you have a coach rude
questions are removable you could take the form out flip it inside you
actually work from this side the repair and then fill
it out on top but for those people who have coaches that are stitched together where they can’t remove this
going to fix it that way so we’ve cut a little P so far leather repair claw both sides all the cut and what we’re going to do is we’re gonna feed it through much as you can just lift home cushion
to a certain degree to position and that’s what we’ve done
here leave position it underneath him going to get our leather appear filler
am take a small amount get a room inside the printer the rhythm try to get it on the inside lip all
around the lip balm you’ve done all around the lip me in the ninety-four and then just
pushing name push it down hopefully middle scored 0
the rim juwan push it down again so that the area
that’s been ripped is nice lamb day and you can even push down in along
the actual terror area and then apply the filler rate into that
gramm there that’s beautiful now we’re going to let this here overnight 18 hours this is
the easiest way for it to properly here and then we’re gonna come back and
we’re gonna send it down over gunnery Fisher and it’s going to be fixed up will be
back in rhythm okay so we’re back 20 eighteen
twenty-four hours later and as you can see it has set up a
really nice it’s fully repaired it’s nice and
flexible it’s an excellent repair SCA strengthen
it you can see that know what we need to do is just Senate
down a little bit clean it up Ste Supplier leather dyes to the surface this is a dark brown C Colin shake it up apply it to the sponge simply doubt on the higher one more coat on over there the the and we’re going to apply RC or or leather sealer sprayed onto the
sponge evenly whiteman right the mirror that’s a very nice bycast repair if you wanted to you could fill another another little area in here the bike ask
flat no but that’s very that’s a very nice repair for minimal effort that’s not an open up
again that’s that strong that’s a strong repair you
find this and many more products that leather touch-up die dot com okay so just to finish this up a little bit better what we’ve done is
we’ve done a little bit more leather filler we’ve put it in that area and try
to level it owes much as possible for there was still a little dimple in there but you
know i mean the area’s fix but for static reasons I mean you could always make it
a little better you can always make it a little better so what we’ve done we’ve made a little
bit better we flattened that area out again we’re going to apply or leather
dye we’re just going to you Dapitan in this
area dryer in a force all our supplies are
backwards compatible the speakeasy fix this area and you could die on seal
the that doesn’t mean you can’t do it all
over again you can do it over again just make sure there’s drive change less dry enough for another cope
Swan make sure that it’s not too hot and pawned cold should be wearing my gloves no so chaotic and washing of water hold the k Lascal for away from the whole training that’s yeah going to you sealift their sealer a and as you can see that’s even a better
repair now so that you know that’s probably a boat
ninety-eight percent perfect rate there for a bike ask leather repair were finished up you can find this and
many more products that leather touch-ups I dot com to order this and many other fine
leather products go to leather touch-up die dot com


  • That looks really bad

  • Yes it was a really bad rip. LOOKS REALLY GOOD at the end of the video. AMAZING LEATHER REPAIR !

  • Will this work on a 5" long by 2" wide burn? I believe it is a bonded leather Berkline love seat (Black) No zippers to remove cushions. If so what is approx $$$ of kit? Thank You!

  • What's in the jar – DAP?

  • Would this work for shoes?

  • This repair does not look impressive !

  • that,s a really bad fix, why put that on YouTube?

  • this video would of been better if you had the actually couch vs the piece cut out and try to fix it.. that patch won't stay still for you as your actually fixing the real issue as it well fall down!

  • How did I get here from airplane disasters?

  • I would really appreciate if you could let me know the exact products that I need to do this.I have a pair of US Marine combat boots worn in Vietnam in good condition except for a crack almost exactly the same shape as the one in your demonstration.Would that work for my boot? Thanks for the upload.

  • That turned out well. For those saying that was a bad repair when it comes to rips it will never be 100%. You can get close, but even if it was it still will not be 100%. Just as he stated that could have been filled more to be flat. Either way good job. I think it turned out well and would have been better if filled level. Thanks for the video.

  • Can this be used on car seats is foam on other side though

  • It just seems like he making it worse by trying to make it better?

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