Le migliori ciabatte del BLACK FRIDAY

three two one Hi guys it’s Dyanantasya but you can also call me *noise* as you can see I changed the background and the ugly sockets are gone so I must say that now “royality” is all over the place. you can smell it. So Today i’m gonna make an experiment and I’ll make some shoddy slippers And I also want to customize them Yeah I’d like to name this video “S l i p p e r s” Ah, alright…. Alright then, let’s start I need some baking paper Oh what the hell.. chill out! I need a shoe I lay down the baking paper and I draw the shape When the hot glue is ready I’m gonna trace the sole shape Now I’m gonna do the same thing, this time vertically And the good news is that there are more layers to make It’ll dry up in 3,2,1 Well this is our sole In order to make the sole “stronger” I took a cardboard box, I cut it out and now I’m gonna make the shape I have to make some sort of slipper sandwich I’m gonna make the rectangle that I’ll need for the upper section this is my shoddy slipper and this is the piece that I’m gonna put on it and here we have our slipper Yes, Why not? Have you made the slipper? Good Now park it here and let’s make another one The clever thing you need to do make the other foot is this simple thing and voilà Alright you didn’t see it but I messed up because the glue I put here was too hot and I made a crater but like a real crater So I had to let it dry up but there are like 500.000 strings attached The bases are definitely done Now we’re gonna turn this poverty into something a little bit nobler Steal a pollow from yout mom in order to make the slipper comfy and warm I like this destruction phase you’ll also find your grandma inside very well This shape must be placed exactly here Now I’m gonna place it on the sides of the slipper Now we have to cover the lower part then take some more hair and use it to make the upper part If you enjoyed the video leave a like, a nice comment and turn the notifications on So you don’t have 20 €?


  • indovina un po', sono fottutamente primo) di nuovo…

  • Ma spacchi!

  • Интересно, подушки еще остались?:)

  • Про каких армянок она каждый раз говорит в начале?

  • I can't understand Italian, but I always enjoy your videos, you make them so full of energy =) Also wanted to say since first saw you on Kuzno channel – you are so gorgeous :3

  • ))))) Капец подушкам

  • Будь здорова 🤣

  • А подошвы остаются необработанными?

  • Итальянский язык должен быть изучен, потому что вы говорите)

  • 😺😻😸

  • Я тоже хочу пожелать здоровья!

  • Spacchi come sempre, poi dimmi se son comode😂😂😂😂😂

  • 😆👍troppo forte!!!!

  • Если то же самое сделать герметиком, будет еще и мягко.

  • Эх, и как же долго такие тапки прослужат?)

  • 😄💪👍красивые тапки получились.передавайте привет Kuzno 😉

  • Meraviglioso video Diana. Idea originale. Sei super Diana. Ti amo.

  • io ti ADOROOOO!!!! <3

  • Mi piace il fatto che ci siano i momenti quando sei seriosa

  • Reebok отдыхает, сколько стоит такие в Москву заказать?

  • Aspetterò con ansia la versione infradito!

  • È tempo di inventare il tuo marchio e logo)))

  • ♡♡♡

  • Монтаж на уровне! Подписался!

  • Надо еще субтитры еще и на русском!

  • what's your height?

  • Креативненько 😅

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