Late Night Flip Flop

Good late, late night or early morning.
If you haven’t seen my new Friday movie, it’s below this one.
After I made that movie, I went ahead and got drunk, if you will.
I changed my mind. I am going to make a movie every day next week.
But I’m putting a limit on it. The limit is whatever I can make in one hour.
Or less. So there you have it. Keep checking back every


  • Yeah, I can't believe these early ones only have like a hundred views apiece! Wheezy = Win.

  • I have decided to favorite this one because of the way you say "limit" and because I really should favorite all the Wheezy Waiter videos in which you're intoxicated. Now, how to tell if you're drunk or not…. Hmmmm……

  • I decided that I wasnt going to comment on this video, but then I decided to comment about how I wasnt going to comment. <3

  • wheres the comments

  • If I could pick one person on all of youtube to go out on a date with, I'd pick you… not really, just wanted to get your hopes up, but I'd want to be your FRIEND!!!!

  • I'm so happy my homepage recommends old wheezy. You da best.

  • *******

    I am in the journey of watching ALL wheezywaiter videos. My journey has reached this video. This is video number -22-… 0:21 minutes of entertainment..


    This is a 21 second video, probably the shortest in ur channel. Well, lets keep on rolling. Next stop, Video 23

  • I cant tell if the things he makes movies about is paradies of his life. Or hes jst aking fun of things he SEES in life. Also i cant tell if he really drinks or not.

  • It really feels like he's a completely different person. And with that in-between beard? Sooo… WEIRD.

  • What what what? No ding…. Lol weird I still said ding when you winked 🙂

  • Okay never mind there was a ding, just quiet :p

  • Craig is so different in these early videos. And I'm not talking about his lack of beard in this particular video

  • Lemon.


  • So this is the earliest sighting of sexy clone, right?

  • So this is the earliest sighting of sexy clone, right?

  • I was expecting you to be wearing flip flops

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