Las mejores tennis para jugar Dance Dance Revolution [The best shoes for playing DDR]

Welcome everyone, again. As we make progress in the game, we look for options in order to improve our performance. Among those things we often try to improve our eating habits, we try to improve our sleeping schedule, we try to improve our play style. But one thing that I know most of you agree and might be the most important at some point is getting a good pair of shoes. The “DDR shoes” topic is one that can be controversial among players and it can looked from different perspectives from player to player. Not everyone agrees with an absolute model of shoes, but based on the information we gathered as a community we can determine without a doubt that if we were to buy a new, or used pair of shoes we have to consider 3 factors. The first factor is comfort. The second factor is weight. The third factor is durability. Let’s talk about comfort: from starting your session until you finish it. We don’t want to start playing and during mid-session we begin to feel uncomfortable due to swelling or pain in our feet. Let’s talk about weight: this factor might not affect everyone the same way but it’s definitely important specifically if we’re thinking about playing hard (15-19) songs. The shoe weight can be important as we progress into complex “streams” and “crossovers”. Now, let’s talk about durability, which is very important: Of course we want to spend little money in a pair of shoes that are intended for playing but sometimes is better to spend a bit more from our budget in order to buy a long-lasting good pair of shoes. We have different store choices We can always visit stores such as Walmart, or shoe stores like Payless Shoe Source There’s many different kind of stores that sells shoes. We can always buy a cheap DDR-shoes alternative but in this video I’m going to talk to you about brands. Among these shoe brands, I’m going to speak about 4. I’m going to talk about “Nikes”. I’m going to talk about “Pumas”, I’m going to talk about “New Balance”, and I’m going to talk about “Vivobarefoot” since those are the brands I’ve used and they did their work. First, I’ll talk about some old models. Among those models, we have the “PUMA Tapers”. “PUMA Tapers” became very popular from around 2007 to 2010 or 11 specifically among ITG players. As most of you already know, ITG (In The Groove) is a “streammy” game with long songs so, these type of shoes, their sole and the weight, due to ITG complexity, the “PUMA Tapers” where one of the top picks by that time, and yet there are players that still use them. The thing is that right now they are extremely hard to find You *might* get lucky and be able to found a second-hand pair There’s players that knows the high-demand of these shoes, and they usually put a high price on them, so be prepared to pay a lot of money for these. The next model, my all-time favorite so far, are the “New Balance Minimus Life” These shoes are lightweight and it has a flexible, thin sole and they actually feel like if you were stepping barefoot. Even though these have a thin sole, there is some padding in these shoes, which helped with impact Like the “PUMA Tapers” these shoes are extremely hard to find. I’ve been looking on “eBay”, and different online shoe stores with no luck, whatsoever. If you guys find one pair, please let me know. [I’m size 10, btw ;)] There is another old “New Balance” model, but not as old as the previous shoes I already mentioned, and these are the ones that I’m currently using. These are the “New Balance Minimus Zero v2” Unlike the “Minimus Life”, the sole of these shoes is thin but a bit harder. “New Balance Minimus Life” are very flexible compared to these model. These shoes are comfortable for “Double” I began to use these a short while back, so I’m still in the process of adjusting myself to them, specifically on this mode. It’s fairly easy to get used to easy [single] stepcharts since they won’t require a lot of physical effort but you get to know what type of shoes you have when you begin to move a lot. That’s when you begin to know the quality of your shoes, and its response, and so far these shoes’ response is pretty acceptable. And now, we move on to the up-to-date, most popular alternatives of many players. The first option is “Vivobarefoot Ultra Pure” These shoes are unique in their particular way because they are not made with the conventional materials used on shoes, thing that makes them light and very durable. There are a few top players that own these shoes. I personally bought a pair once. You need to be careful when buying them because the sizes are a bit funny (get half, or one size smaller than your size). So just in case, if they are not fitting well keep your receipt so you can change them for another size. The second pair of shoes I’m going to talk about are the “Nike Free RN 2018”. There has been a large variety of “Nike Free” models (and most of them are good for dancing games). and the vast majority have been well-received by most players from the dancing game community. I read on some groups that these might be the best shoes for DDR, so far (at least from the Nike series). So, if you get the chance I encourage you to try them. The sole is a bit thicker compared to previous models I mentioned already but they’re still fairly light and they are great for DDR and ITG, so if you get the chance to buy them, just do it. The last pair of shoes I’ll be talking about are the “Mizuno Wave Universe 5”. These shoes are similar to the “Minimus Life” I haven’t got the chance to actually use them but I tried them once and the feel was almost the same. These are the lightest shoes I’ve ever seen, compared with the “Vivobarefoot” and the “Minimus Life”, which already are super light. I’d say that these might be the lightest shoes overall, when it comes to DDR shoes. You should give a try to this model, as well. The good thing about these models, which I spoke about is that the price won’t exceed the $70USD Depending on the online stores that you look into, you could be able to find them between $40USD to $60USD even less, depending on the conditions. If you don’t mind getting your hands in second-hand shoes then there you have a good alternative. You can try a second -hand pair of shoes, and if the fit, and work perfect you can order a brand new pair but my advice is that if you’re planning on ordering a new pair of shoes for DDR and you already know well the model go and order 2 pairs, or even 3 because chances are that they will eventually stop making these specific models. Before ordering a pair of shoes, you need to think about you goals. You need to think about what type of player you are. If you are a technical player I recommend you buy a pair of shoes with a thin sole because you will be able to have more control over your accuracy And if you’re playing easy charts, impact will not be an issue. You won’t have to be forcing yourself to move a lot. If you’re playing on higher difficulties (15s and up) you can buy a pair of shoes like the “Nikes Free RN 2018”. The thick sole of those shoes will protect you from impact because there are times that you can create impact by streaming or doing crossovers and the attributes of these shoes will help you out with that. Finally, the “DDR shoes” topic is very subjective and everyone have their choices and picks. In this video, I talked about the models that I liked, tried, and gave me great results but if you have other picks or models that weren’t mentioned in the video, I invite you to leave them in the comment box below and talk about your experience with your shoes, and please Subscribe, follow me. Go to my social media. I’m posting lots of content, fun, enlightening, and you’re going to enjoy it. Another thing is, Right now there are 391 subscribers on my youtube channel. Help me out to reach 400! If we reach 400 I’ll make a special video. Thanks for watching! and, until next time! What was said on this video is based exclusively in my personal opinion and experience, and the opinion of a group of top players. I encourage you to share your thoughts. The goal is to find the best shoes that allows us to make the best possible performance in the game.

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  • Cool and informative video ! I've been using Asics Gel-Stratus 3 shoes since I started playing ddr, now they starts falling apart (hole in the thumb toe, parts of the sole detached) so Im looking for new shoes. One guy told me asics was actually a good brand, in your video I was also interested by new balance.
    More than sensitivity, I like having a kinda thick sole and as a 15+ DP player I value comfort overall.

    Looking forward for others DDR tips video like this, you were talking about changing your diet and stuff, im curious how much it can impact your performance.

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