La Sportiva Tempesta GTX Review

Hi i´m Daniel from Today we Talking about the LaSportiva Tempesta The La Sportiva Tempesta is based on the La Sportiva Mutant That is a model of success We see this very well. The sole is the same as the La Sportiva Mutant This sole now has the Tempesta The special features of the Tempesta are. The Socklike construction is a little higher and ends just below the ankle Here is the ankle It does not bother. The Socklike construction is kept very soft I can easily bend it, really soft I also walked barefoot in it. It does not bother me at all it is also beautiful The integrated shoelace cover It is very easy to hide the laces in it. In contrast to the mutant, he side laces were pulled under the mesh. This certainly has something to do with the GoreTex membrane used. La Sportiva has used the Certainly the Gore Tex Membrane is one reason for that new Gore TEx Flex membrane for this shoe Gore Tex Guarantees that our feet stay dry in the winter and in wet conditions In the rain and and and Tempesta means storm On the Inside it feels there is no seam on the inside I already said it before I was already barefoot in the shoe I hope you can see that now The stitches are perfectly processed The mesh surface prevents us from scratching the surface of branches or stones It is a plastic mesh grid The torsional rigidity is very pleasant in the terrain Now and then i run with Vibram Fivefingers That’s why I’m used to running Zero Torsion I have to say now and then it is pleasant to walk with a stiff shoe in the terrain The foot does not tire so fast and and and Generally, the Tempesta is built for medium-long distances means that the damping is not already after 10 miles and time then needs to be pulled apart again It means that the damping is also firm and and still gives in The sole as we see here I measured with my hand again. The longest piece profile are 7mm This enables mUd-Running I tried it in the mud and had no problems It is really good At the sole of La Sportiva In this zone marked with “spikes” Here you can also screw in spikes. If you walk over smooth frozen surfaces Like ice , ice fields and and and This goes in the front area and also in the back area Then you get small spikes I will not need it. But it is good to know What else is there to say It’s just a great shoe. I would buy it again! The rest is blah blah

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