hey guys Bryan here coming to you with
some more Bomber Beta today we’re checking out the La Sportiva Maverink
wait isn’t this a kid’s shoe well let’s talk about it in a minute all right so
getting right into it here we got the La Sportiva Maverink I picked these up
today and my local used gear shop and you can see what I got him for fifty
five bucks I could not pass these things up I’ve been looking at these things for
a while on the internet and I didn’t really know what to think about him they
sell them as a kid shoe and they had these in 41 and a half which is like the
same almost the same size that I’m wearing in most shoes and they felt
pretty big so slipped him on they felt great and I was like you know what I’ve
never had a no edge shoe so let’s give him a try
so I want to tell you guys my initial impressions of these shoes and maybe
like what you guys should think if you’re looking for them
so these shoes are marketed to children with growing feet and you know smaller
climbers some women climbers stuff like that but these are like pretty good
shoes I would say and at the end of the video I’m going to tell you what I think
the best use case of these things is so stick around for that but let’s take a
look at a couple other shoes that we have that might be somewhat similar to
these I love to go to this shoe to kind of compare but you can see here like you
know sizing and structure like you know we got like a bit of toe hook rubber
maybe it’s not as much but it’s good stuff you know and we got I mean look at
the bottom of those shoes I mean it doesn’t look terribly different here one
thing this thing is rocking XS grip 2 rubber that’s some good stuff like
that’s that’s the stuff you go and get you want to go get a resole you’re gonna
pay extra to get that stuff so I mean these shoes are really nice and you know
they’re coming in like okay like if we’re comparing like this shoe right
here you can probably get for anywhere from like hundred to a hundred
and thirty dollars this one you’re looking at you know probably closer to
180 and then we have like this one that’s pretty similar the Furia by
Scarpa that things running you almost two hundred and then we have this
one which i think is maybe even the closest to this just in the fit and feel
I got through these on I feel like I’m wearing the pythons almost like look at
that toe I mean we got a bit of asymmetric and this here that the heel I
mean obviously it’s a La Sportiva heel you can see it’s almost identical I mean
I want to say like it is identical I mean there really isn’t much difference
there at all look at even the P3 bands here I don’t think they call them P3
bands on the pythons but these otherwise you can see a little better but I mean
what ya what’s really the difference here is just a little bit of rubber up
here the no grip edge and there’s no a excuse me velcro right here
that’s it and we go from having like a 200 dollar shoe to like a hundred
dollar shoe I mean just for the the velcro closure that’s that’s insane I
mean this shoe I feel like is a shoe that people can wear and it’s not just
for kids like this shoe is yes it’s a slipper it’s gonna be comfortable I mean
this thing is it’s it’s pretty it’s pretty nice it’s it’s a little narrow
but it’s so stretchy and soft in here like it really just molds right to
your foot like you can see everything’s pretty soft and flexible and
it’s just gonna kind of fit you like a sock and I mean when I saw these things
for $55 and I’m thinking most of the no edge shoes that La Sportiva was putting
out are like you know really close to 200 bucks and to find these I mean that
was like a crazy deal and I had a credit with them anyways so I just want to pick
them up and I I really don’t know what else I
can say about these things other than they seem like they’re gonna be a pretty
often use shoe of mine I mean I I’ve tried a couple pairs of the no edge and
I’ve found you know they’re a little bit different to use like you definitely if
you’ve never tried a no edge shoe they’re a little different you won’t
actually like you know get a you won’t be stepping on a little chip and and
finding that edge you’re gonna more so smear on the edge which like I know Adam
Ondra says that if he’s going in and trying to onsight a flash something he’s
gonna grab not these shoes in particular but a no edge shoe so I mean yeah these
things are pretty freakin sweet and so I told you guys I would tell you what I
think about these shoes and where they’re gonna fit in the lineup and I
think that at this price point and the flexibility and the adaptability of this
really elastic upper here I’m saying these are the best entry level
performance bouldering shoes for kids women and men I mean these are these
shoe to go to for that performance and I’m really looking forward to getting
some climbs in with these and letting you know a little more as I start to
learn about the shoe but I’m really excited about this thing and if you guys
see a sale coming up here that I could pick one of these up I feel like you
really can’t go wrong the worst thing that’s gonna happen is you’re not going
to be crazy about it and it’s just going to become a training shoe and that
thing’s gonna last forever and and you can actually buy you can send these to a
La Sportiva certified technician for resoling and they sell that exact rubber
bit and they’ll just paste that on there it’s a real easy resole and you get
basically a brand new shoe so I mean yeah not enough good things to say about
these things right now so yeah hope you guys like this video subscribe leave a
like do all that good stuff and catching the next one

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  • So is it just me or are other adults digging these climbing shoes?

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