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– There’s just no way
to not immediately draw all your attention to the shoe. Even though I’m kinda trying to be like, “Look up here!”, it’s like, “Nope! Look
at your cheese foot.” (upbeat music) (hinges creaking) Oh, hi, there! I’m Kristin. And this is Mike. Mike produces a lot of my
videos here at Buzzfeed. So, we were talking
about fashion faux pas, and I mentioned that I
accidentally got engaged while wearing Croc brand flip flops. Everyone I tell that to is horrified. I think Crocs are a very
traditionally maligned shoe. To which I was like, “Why, though?” They’re actually really comfortable. They’re one of my favorite
shoes to wear to theme parks. They’re waterproof.
They support my arches. So, this week, I’m
gonna see if I can style a bunch of outfits with Crocs. It’s gonna be easy, okay? They’re just shoes. But I do think that most
people watching this will think that it’s going to be hard. The other thing is that
I share a workspace with the most fashionable
people at Buzzfeed. The cast of Ladylike and the
team that works on Boldly. Whenever I walk into work, I’m like the seventh
best-dressed person there. So, at the end of the week I wanna see if I can impress both the Ladylike and the Boldly girls into thinking that these
outfits are actually good. How would you feel if I told
you that I’m going to be styling five different looks around Crocs? – Why the hell would you do that? – Because they’re very comfortable shoes– – Ew, no. Are the dresses long enough
that it hides the shoe? – Crocs… (both laugh) – [Kristin] How many
outfits out of the five do you think I’m gonna
be able to pull off? – One. If that. – I think black Crocs are possible… – So, two and a half outfits I think you’re gonna be
able to style successfully. – So you don’t think I can do this? – No. – Crocs are definitely a statement piece, and I have yet to see
them woven into anything where it’s not like, “Oh,
my God, theres Crocs!” I think if anyone can do it, it’s you, but you have a lot on
your hands this week. – [Kristin] Thanks. Now I gotta shop for these Crocs. Look at these yellow ones. What do you wear with a pair
of yellow Crocs, though? Okay, I have these fruit ones… – [Mike] That’s kind of adorable. – It is adorable; it’s also
kind of for a five-year-old. – [Mike] You’re also wearing
a dress with cherries literally as we speak right now. – Can I help you with something? I think I need something really hard. Here’s some camo-print clogs. There’s like a fun little
tropical clog here. The thing is that the bottoms are white. I’m definitely gonna like,
help myself a little bit here and get like a pair of black classic ones. We’re gonna be wearing comfy
shoes this summer, Mike. The Crocs are here. Here is the first pair. (laughs) These are just as full of holes
as I thought they would be. We have this lovely
pair of tropical Crocs. I see that the colors are
very interesting. (laughs) We can just style black Crocs, right? Are you ready for this pair? Bam! – [Freddie] Whoa! Okay… – These literally look like Swiss cheese. I just picked these
’cause I thought, like, “You know what’s fun?
Making my life miserable!” You haven’t seen the best pair yet. – [Freddie] I’m nervous,
you’re building it up so mu– (laughs) – Fruit by the foot. Man that is a… vibrant terracotta. – [Freddie] Uhm…
– What do you think, Fred? – These are tame compared to… These. – Look, it gives a yellow glow on my skin. – [Kristin] Yeah.
– Yellow. God. – Do you have any ideas on what
you’re gonna wear with this? – Nope! So I thought these would be the easiest, but I don’t think that
that’s the case anymore. My first instinct is to pair this with something fruit-related. Like maybe I should just lean
into the whole fruit thing. But, like, I’d have to get
the color scheme right, and then it would be like
fruit-on-fruit-on-fruit. Nobody wears this red,
except four-year-olds. I think I’m gonna go for the yellow. This isn’t mustard, though, so mustard’s not gonna work for this. They’re really cute, I just don’t think they
go with anything on earth. I wonder if I can do denim with this. Some of these though, I’m gonna kinda look
like a preschool teacher. What’s my budget? – [Mike] You know, just try
to keep it reasonable… – You sound like the dad about to hand over the
credit card in a teen movie. But I love shopping! Here are these like,
bright yellow culottes. They are a statement pant. The problem with these is that
they have the white bottom. So I have like this plant
body suit, but like, I don’t know what I
could put on the bottom. Let’s talk about these. These are all neutral colors, so if I create something
with a neutral palette, it should be okay? Maybe just all black, and
then like, olive, and then… This. It’s a blender full of nature colors! Let’s just get nature colors, I’m not… I sound like a person
who’s lost their mind. Just nature colors! (retro superhero sound effect) So the black ones are easy, right? What about like, something in gingham? It’s a playful print, I can do like a hat. I’m not gonna lie, I got these ’cause I
thought it’d be funny, I didn’t think I was actually
gonna find anything for these. Maybe like a black skirt of some kind? Let’s order this stuff and
let’s see what happens. I received all of the
clothes that I’m gonna use to style the Crocs with. So for this project, obviously, like, I wanna do it correctly,
and that means overbuying. (laughs) Okay, so, clearly, this sucks. In my defense, I wanted to pick something that was gonna be really bright. This dress is plan B. This I really cool, but not on me, and not with these shoes. On me, it just kinda looks like someone stuck me
in a garbage disposal. Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! You think you’re covered,
but then it’s like, surprise panty! I officially do not know
what to do with this. I think I’m gonna have
to go more 90s here. Like,
90s. Shut up! I think this might be the
worst outfit I’ve ever put on. Okay, I’m beginning to think these just don’t work with pants, ’cause they make your feet look so big! Pants don’t really even go
that well with the dark ones. I’m in over my head. Everyone was right. I need to make sure
that all of the bottoms don’t go anywhere near the shoes. I think they have to be
alone and like, untouched. Take two! Did some shopping. So this blue gingham, I think goes well with the black Crocs. I think rompers are actually
kind of the best bet. Since rompers sort of denote, like, “Eh, I might get in the pool,
I might not get in the pool”, the same way that Crocs sort
of give you that impression. I’ve also rounded up every
distressed denim skirt in the tri-state area that belongs to me. Okay, I’ve gotten dressed for the day. Now we’re gonna go see
what my friends think of the camo outfit. I think this looks pretty darn good. I tried on like a lot of
iterations of this outfit, and I figured out pretty quickly, you just can’t wear pants with Crocs. I honestly think there
is no other possible way to style a pair of camouflage Crocs. You know, at this point,
I almost don’t care. I think I look cute as shit! I ended up using the black
skirt that I was gonna use for the yellow Crocs on this outfit. This is also the only ones
where I took the strap and I put it in the front, ’cause I kinda just wanted
to treat these like mules. – Sexy, but also casual. – You look really hot. – [Kristin] Really? (laughs) – The shoes are gonna take a little bit of getting used to for me. Where are you going in this? I love you so much, and I’m so worried. – This is really about
your journey, Chrissy, and your journey to discover
that Crocs are not so bad. – I would not have noticed the Crocs, because I’ve been with you all day and I have not noticed the Crocs. – It just looks like… whatever you’re doing today, you want to be very comfortable. But it doesn’t translate
in the outfit-wise, because you’re wearing a shorter skirt, and like, a low-cut shirt. So I feel like that’s
not the most comfortable. – My first thought was to judge you, and my second thought
was, “I think it works.” You know, Crocs are not that
far off from Birkenstocks. – [Woman] Should we put them together? – [Woman 2] Crocs and Stock. – [Kristin] Yeah, I mean, like, you can borrow them!
– What? – [Kristin] No? (laughs) No? – I think you wear them better. – I think the outfit would be better with a different pair of shoes, probably. These yellow Crocs were
the hardest Crocs to style. Like, hands down. I was wearing SpongeBob on my feet. So I thought I’d do
this daisy crocheted top with some pasties. And then, like, the denim skirt. ‘Cause denim is kind of a neutral. I forgot my pasties. So I tried to put like, 30 band-aids on my nipples to cover them, did not work. – This is crocheted, my love. We would see that there are 30 band-aids. (laughs) – Are your tots out? No one’s gonna be looking at your shoes when your boobs are out. So that’s, I like that. The outfit itself is really
fucking cute and summery. – [Kristin] You just still hate the shoes. – Yellow is a lot. – You know the shoes that
Daisy Duck wears? (laughs) Those are like the Croc version of the Daisy Duck shoes she
would wears around the park. – They’re so yellow! I actually like the black bra contrast. – [Kristin] Really?
– If you need to show that you’ve got boobs, it’s really okay. – You remind me of a little prairie girl. (laughs) Like, you just belong bouncing
around in a spring meadow. I think it’s adorable,
– Really? – I think it’s really cute, yeah. Yes, they are very bright,
but I think it works, because you got this poppy yellow, you got that poppy yellow. – I don’t think I did
it. (laughs) I don’t. I reached for the stars, and I got burned. Outfit three, I got this
little gingham romper, ’cause I realize that gingham
goes with well with Crocs. I borrowed one of Chrissy’s hats. So, this outfit I’m calling The Chrissy, ’cause it feels like
something Chrissy might wear. So let’s see if Chrissy actually likes it, or gets mad at me for borrowing her hat. – You look cute! Wait, I really like this. I like the gingham, very hot right now. Very on-trend. I like the off-should. I like the romp. – [Kristin] You literally
said everything but my shoes. – You know, black Crocs are
probably the best ones yet. I will say that
– [Kristin] Really? – You look like a beauty blogger that’s like walking down the street. It’s like, “Here’s my
look book for the fall.” They look like flats. You get to the shoes,
and you’re just like, “Coulda looked better with boots.” – Gotten to the point where it’s taken me so long to style this, that when people give me
opinions, I’m just like, “Yo, fuck you, buddy!” It’s like, you’ve no idea
what I’ve been through, how many clothes I
bought and then returned, and then, in one case, rebought. Everyone is just like, “Why
are you still doing this?”, and I’m like, “Because
I am fucking stupid.” This shoe can go back to
the hell cave it came from, ’cause it doesn’t go with anything. There’s something about
the fact that it’s white, and there’s a pattern on top. This feels like a really expensive way to look like the person everyone
hates at the tennis club. I’m panicking a little, ’cause
we’re shooting tomorrow, and I thought this was gonna
be really good and cute. So I gotta find something
that’s gonna go with these, and I have like, I don’t know,
a couple of hours to do it. This came to me in the
middle of the night, ’cause I’d seen this body suit
early on when I was shopping, and I was like, “I don’t know about this.” I had this white-and-green
Swiss cheese plant body suit, and this silver metallic gym skirt, and sunglasses. What do you think of my super cute outfit? – You look cute… except for those. They’re fine, they’re a slipper. – We are going to South Beach. – I love this. Is this a bathing suit? – [Kristin] No, it’s a body suit. – I really love this outfit, your sunglasses are adorable. – [Kristin] Thank you! – The Crocs are definitely a tough sell. – [Kristin] Does this outfit work? – It works.
– Yes! – Yeah, it works. – I am actually not mad at this. – [Kristin] Really? (laughs) – Yeah, the shirt… goes with those shoes. Like it’s a theme. And I’m here for it. I mean, I don’t agree with those shoes. But you look really cute!
– [Woman] You do! – I love this outfit. This outfit completely works. I really like how it
goes with the reflect-y skirt thing happening.
– [Kristin] Yeah. – The Crocs are an essential part of it. – I didn’t think Crocs could be disguised, but my attention doesn’t go to the shoes. And, did you do that on purpose? ‘Cause it’s such a shiny skirt? – [Kristin] Yes.
– You’re just like, how do I distract? I am proud of you. I just posted this on Instagram. – Let me show that. In this Insta photo, I don’t hate the Crocs. In fact, they look kinda good. (triumphant sound effect) – I thought this outfit was a throw-away, so I was pretty surprised
when people were like, “Where did you get that
outfit and those shoes?”, and I was like, “Oh!” We get right to the final outfit! Let’s just do the white crop top with the overalls with the deep cuts, you can see the sides of my body, and then we’ll just use the fanny pack as a belt and a pop of color. Personally, this outfit
is actually my favorite. The thing about this is
that it needs a belt, so why not a fanny pack? Plus, the outfit had no pockets, so, pocket up front. – I didn’t even notice
you were wearing Crocs. – Honestly, you’re pulling them off, and don’t think I’ve ever seen
anyone pull off Crocs before. – Literally, I just can’t stop smiling. I love this. You styled this so well. I can tell that you’re not running away from the fact that you have on Crocs because the fact that
this fanny pack is red, it really kind of pulls the attention down and pulls it together. I never thought I would say this, but I have more than one favorite outfit from this experiment. – Hi, Jasmin. – This is it. I love it. I have nothing bad to say. (triumphant sound effect) 100%, I did not think
it would go this well. – There’s a reason why this has taken me about four weeks to do.
– Exactly. (laughs) – I’m proud.
– Really? – Yes, like, very proud.
– Am I doing it? – You are. – Thanks fashion mom.
– Yay! – Mike, we did it! – [Mike] We did it! – It just took forever. People can tell me in person, “Oh, your outfit’s cute!”, but behind my back be like, “Hmm, why is she wearing
rubber duck feet?” I wanted honesty. So I sent photos of all these outfits to everyone on Ladylike and Boldly, and asked them to score them anonymously on a scale of one to 10. I don’t think there’s any sort of consensus on any of these outfits, so if we can solidly get 6.5, that’s a fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, so it’s good enough for me. Only Mike knows the scores. – I have tallied them up, and Kristin doesn’t know what they are. – We’re about to find out whether or not I was embarrassing myself for five days. – [Mike] Average score, 6.7. (ding)
– 6.7! Camo was tough, okay? Look, the fact that I
got two nines and a 10 on a camo outfit I think
is pretty significant. Ironically, they are so camo that they stick out wherever they are. Alright, I’m ready to hear. I know this one’s gonna be disaster. – [Mike] Average score…
– Uh-huh. – [Mike] 5.8. (laughs) – Yeah, that’s about what I thought. High score was a nine, and the low score was a 3. – [Mike] So somebody loved it, and someone else did not love it. – Who loved it? This was gonna be anonymous, but it’s totally not. (both laugh) I’m just like, “Who’s the traitor?” – [Mike] Chantel loved it. – They are aggressively yellow. Like misdemeanor yellow,
three counts, at least. These Crocs are going to jail. – [Mike] Average score of 7.6. – Yay!
(triumphant trumpets) I styled Crocs! – [Mike] Almost everybody
said it was successful. – Was Chrissy the six? – [Mike] No, Chrissy gave it a 10! – Chrissy gave it a 10?!? – [Mike] Yeah! The six was Chantel…
(record skips) (gasps) Someone’s nosy! – I am nosy! This is also the only one
where I only bought one thing. Sometimes, the simplest things
are the most successful. Which is why this video will
do worse than a taste test. – [Mike] Number four.
– For outfit number four… – [Mike] 6.8. (dings)
– A 6.8! – [Mike] The highest score was eight. – Okay. – [Mike] And the low score was five. – Five? – [Mike] It was Devon. – It was Devon? – [Mike] Yeah. (laughs) – I am a little bit emotionally
attached to whatever score I’m about to receive. Just lay it on me, so I can
begin the grieving process. – [Mike] Average score, 7.1. – (gasps) Yay!
(celebration trumpets) I think that the fact that I
was able to style any of these is pretty impressive. And I think four pretty well. Every person I talked to was just like, “Good luck, buttercup.
Don’t suck, but you will.” No one’s gonna give me
anonymous scores ever again. – [Mike] No, your credibility is shot. (cheerful trumpet music) (hinges creak)

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