KNIT COZY SLIPPERS Free Knitting Pattern

Froze Toes knitted slippers from haters
back off with Miranda Sings. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit! Today, we are going to make these knitted slippers
inspired by the favorite sweet treat froze toes of one of my favorite fellow
youtubers Miranda Sings. if you are a Mirfanda or know someone who is these
haters back off inspired slippers are the perfect knitting project to keep you
cozy while you Netflix and Knit. For our materials we are going
to start with number six that’s super bulky weight yarn as well as number ten
us knitting needles and scissors and a tapestry needle I have a link in the
description below for the exact yarn that I’m using here it’s super cozy and
I wanted to point out we are using a smaller knitting needle than the yarn
calls for so we have a tight weave to make the pom poms you’ll also want a
little bit of scrap yarn just a regular fork and the sharpest scissors that you
have on hand. I have the free written pattern on my website it’s directly on my website as well as a printable pdf when you join my mailing list if you’re
excited to knit up your own froze toes slippers please like up this video you
also can save it on your Pinterest board to make those cute little bubblegum
pom-poms first start with a scrap of yarn and put
it right in between your fork tongs and leave it right there
and then take the rest of your yarn and wrap it around the width of your fork to
make your pom-pom as big as you would like it
and then just take those ends and cinch up your pom-pom right here in the middle
as tightly as you can knot it up and then on the edges you
just go ahead and cut the pom-pom on the sides of the fork edges and lift it off
your fork now you’ll see that the shape is pretty wonky here so we’re going to
take those scissors and the sharpest scissors that you have are best and
you’ll just start to shape your pom-pom until it is the size and the roundness
that you’d like. so we’re going to cast on for our slippers and make sure that you have about 18 inches of a yarn tail right before you make that slip knot
because you’ll be using that to sew up the toe of your slipper and then once
you have that slipknot we’re going to start out with six stitches and the
little edge right here that’s your toe. I want to show you just a little bit of
some of the particulars of the pattern you definitely need the written pattern
on my website so that you have the sizing and all of the exact row-by-row
on hand now we’re starting out with two knit stitches and we’re going to do an
increase that’s kfb so I just wanted to show that to you that means knit front
and back so you knit one time front but you keep it on your needle and then you
go around to the back to make an increase and knit through that I have a
link to a more detailed knitting tutorial on kfb let’s do it one more
time here so you knit keep it on your needle you come around
you knit into the back and that’s another increase and you’ll follow the
pattern increasing from the toe all the way up until you have the specific
number of stitches now I’m going to make the large size of slippers so I am
ending with 30 stitches and you’ll see that it has a nice rounded shape that’s
where our toe is going to be right there here is the front I have 30 stitches
right here this is looking at the right side of the work and here is what the
wrong side or the back looks like and then we keep on knitting now this is an
SSK decrease I want to show you so you slip slip knit you’re slipping those two
stitches and then you’re going to decrease by knitting into those two slip
stitches with your left needle and then you take the yarn around knit it on
through and where you had two stitches now just one remains and that makes it a
decrease again I have knitting techniques if this is new to you down in
the description below and here’s one more decrease this is k2 together knit
two together so you’re taking those two stitches and you’re going to knit
through okay then you just keep knitting in the Garter stitch on the heel area
and that is super simple so once you’re done with the decrease rows then you
just continue knitting in the Garter stitch and that is knit knit knit knit
knit and here I have completed my garter stitch since I am knitting the large
size of slippers I am finishing my piece once it measures 10 and a half inches
from the toe all the way to the back of the heel and then it is just time to go
ahead and bind off your work all the way down the row and when you cut your yarn
and leave enough yarn tail because we’re going to be using it to sew it up so
let’s finish it off and right here along that bind off edge here is the right
side of the work you can see that pretty curvature and here is the wrong side and
we are going to fold it lengthwise with the right sides together so we’ll lay it
down flat and then we’ll bring those two right size touching and once you have it
folded go ahead and seam together the edge I’m doing a really simple little
stitch this yarn is very forgiving you really can’t see what I’m doing when it
comes to my stitching and my weaving in my ends which is awesome so just tack
those edges all the way down weave in your ends and then cut off your yarn
let’s go check out the toe. So along the top of the foot right here where we
cast on we’re going to cinch up that little toe area those were those six
stitches that we began with our cast on and then once you have those all sewn up
together go ahead and just seam up the top of your little slipper right there
until you reach the beginning of the garter stitch again weave in your ends
cut off your yarn and then we are just going to turn it right-side out and we
can see our beautiful stockinette stitch where the toe area is and our garter
stitches near the heel super simple really cute and totally cozy ok let’s
finish it up by tacking our bubblegum pom-poms together with our yarn and our
tapestry needle and you are done I hope you are inspired to knit up your very
own froze toes slippers while you Netflix and Knit. Bye!


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