Klarna’s Smoooth Stores: Britannical & Charlotte Jade

I’m Millie Mackintosh I’m Hugo Taylor
and I’ve joined forces with Klarna and I’ve teamed up with Klarna to help find
the UK’s smoothest store. This afternoon we’re in Brighton to visit Rachel, her business is called Britannical and they make beautiful children’s outerwear,
let’s go inside and find out a little bit more. Why did you setup the business
and what’s her inspiration? I could notice the gap in the market there was no British childrenswear brand that was specializing in outerwear. We make
everything in Britain, everything is ethical and we use lots of organic cloth
as well, so all those things together make Britannical. What do you think makes great design? With outerwear you need to have a good idea of good tailoring where
the seams in a coat should be what makes for good enough pliable fabric and
things like that. Tell me about some of the people you have surrounding the
business. I’m the mother of a five and a half year old child. So Hugo let me
introduce you to little Cami who is my daughter and also my mini muse. Hugo, I’m going to show you some of mums coats Which one is your favourite? The red one. My favourite part, is the big buttons. Yeah they’re quite cool and retro aren’t they, quite 1950s. Yeah. The fabric here is so soft. It’s lamb’s wool actually that one is milled in Yorkshire, I suppose we try to
live up to our name Britannical that’s quite Jackie Kennedy that one I
like the curvature on the buttons We make sure that our workers are
not just on a minimum wage but on a living wage as well and it’s about
creating sustainable ethical pieces that are fit for the future. You’re actually
going in a kind of completely different direction, and saying no it’s about
quality. What are the plans and ambitions for the future people are asking us to
produce dresses and jackets for boys as well How can Klarna help you realise your ambitions? The mentorship that’s on offer
will be absolutely invaluable to Britannical. Why do you want to win this
competition? Well it would mean the world to me to win the competition just to
really allow me to push the brand to the next level. Time is running out so don’t
forget to vote! So we’ve come to Hertfordshire today to meet the lovely Charlotte Jade who is a print designer and I’m really excited to see her work in person
because I’m a big fan of what I’ve seen so far. What are those? They are Lima’s. They are so cute. The drawing is incredible the detail, you’ve really got their faces and their eyes. What gave you the inspiration to set up your own business?When I was in my third year at University studying illustration, I then decided to specialize in making digital patterns
for interiors and that’s where Charlotte Jade was born really. We do wallpaper, cushions, we do upholstery fabrics. Tell me a bit about your
production process. So my process will start with me being inspired by
something I see or sometimes I just get a really clear vision of a pattern I
know I need to create I’ll make detailed pencil drawings sketches. From my
detailed drawings I then take it onto the computer where I then colour
everything digitally and then if I’m happy with the final result and how its
printed it will then be made into wallpaper rolls or fabric or cushions. What do you think makes great design? Being really original and finding your own style is essential for great design I also think finding
the right inspiration as well for me it’s all about bringing the outside in,
capturing like the beauty of nature What are your plans and ambitions for your business? So I’d really love to work more with zoos and charities doing more
bespoke work with other brands and companies that have similar values and
interests myself. How can Klarna help you realise your ambitions? I would really
want to grow the online side of my business and having the payment platform on my website will make the whole buying experience so much easier and I think
having the opportunity to excel in the interiors world and hopefully build my
brand to an internationally known aim would be an absolute dream come true. Time is running out so make sure you

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