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Lila Rani, the media guys are here. Oh God, I asked my husband to
dye my hair, but he forgot it. Is my grey hair visible?
– No. Then it’s ok. Now let’s get started. Your mother, your elder sister,
your younger sister, your wife.. …all of women.
– All are women! For women men are..
– Lovers! You fools! It’s not lovers.
It’s enemies. For women men are..
– Enemies. For women men are..
– Enemies. The evil Relangi Raj Babu who
outraged a woman’s modesty.. Must be felicitated!
– No! He must be punished. Yes, he must be punished. Silk
Shalika who is fighting.. …for women’s equal rights..
– Must be punished. No! She must be felicitated.
– She must be felicitated. Our women’s organization’s
president Mrs. Lila Rani.. Must be punished!
– Oh God! You are wrong again. Down! Down! Down! Down!
– Oh hell! Oh hell! Oh hell! Oh hell!
– What’s this, Jyoti Lakshmi? When you hired them you should’ve
checked their IQ. It’s the month of religious
vows, sister. That’s why most of the
women are in temples. Since there’s weren’t many people.. …I brought these labor workers
from centre. – Alright! The media guys are here.
Shout loudly! Men’s atrocities..
– Must be stopped! Men’s atrocities..
– Must be stopped! Women must get..
– The protection. What’s going on?
– Today there’s the hearing.. …of a sensational case.
– Sensational case? Yes, I guess this is the first
time in our country.. …that such a case is going on.
– What’s the case? Rape case. – Such men shouldn’t
be brought to court.. …but they must be shot in
the middle of a street. You are shooting without
knowing the matter. The attempted rape didn’t
happen on a lady. But the victim is a man here.
– What do you mean! A man tried to rape another man? No, that’s not the case. A
girl tried to molest a man. How lucky! Will you give
me that girl’s address? Who’s that fool who didn’t
co-operate with the lady.. …and filed a case against her? Relangi Raj Babu!
– Down! Down! Relangi Raj Babu!
– Down! Down! Relangi Raj Babu!
– Down! Down! Silk Shakila!
– Must get justice! Silk Shakila!
– Must get justice! Relangi Raj Babu!
– Must get punished. Relangi Raj Babu!
– Must get punished. What’s this, Miss. Lila Rani!
The boy filed a case.. …against that girl of attempted
rape and fighting for.. …that girl’s justice?
– We are not bothered about it. All we know is supporting
fellow women. That’s all. You mean we should suffer
without raising a voice.. …If you women molest us?
– Why? Is it only men who can.. …molest women? You can rape us,
but we can’t rape you? Yes, we can! Yes, we can! A fellow woman tried
to molest a man.. …to save the rights of women
and you are stopping her? You are stopping her?
You are stopping her? When women can get equal
rights in everything.. …then why can’t we women
get equal rights in rapes? Why can’t we..
– You need not rape men. If you even touch us we
will surrender ourselves. What do you say, brothers?
– He’s right. He’s right. We men won’t stop you
like you women stop us. Order! Order! Order! Rajanala, get started.
– My client Raj Babu came to.. …Hyderabad for SI-training
and took a room on rent. And the accused Silk Shakila
who is landlord’s daughter.. …set her eyes him and one
day went to his room.. …to take advantage
of his condition. He didn’t co-operate with her. And she attempted a rape
forgetting that he’s.. …a lonely man.
– Objection, your honor! Does he have any evidence
to prove that my client.. …has attempted rape?
– Those who rape people.. …don’t do it in presence of
video cameras and witnesses. You raise such objection
only for the sake of it.. …but you too know it very well.
– You stay quiet. You carry on. She was completely horny..
– Me? – No, it’s Shakila. And attacked my client. But it
was my client’s good fortune.. …that he wore Pantex
briefs that day.. It’s not Pantex, sir. It’s VIP.
– Yes, we wore VIP briefs.. …and that’s why he
could save himself. But tomorrow if Shakila
succeeds in her attempt.. …who will marry him? Ours is the land of the women
of Eliyana, Aarti Agarwal.. …Sakshi Shivanand, Kareena Kapoor,
Katrina Kaif’s stature. But women like Shakila are
a danger for our society. That’s why I request the
court to punish Shakila.. …as hard as possible.
– Objection, your honor! My client Shalika has
been framed here. As far as I know no
woman can rape a man. That’s not possible.
– Why? Did you ever give it a try? No personals. Jaysheela.
– Sir. Do you have any evidence
to prove that a woman.. …can’t rape a man?
– I don’t have any evidences, sir. Then sit down. Raj Babu. – Sir. – In today
generation when a mere.. …eye-contact from a woman
makes men horny.. …how could you say ‘no’
to her even when she.. …propositioned you and put
yourself in such position! Sir, we wear the clothes of
our choice, we eat the food.. …our choice, we watch
movies of our choice. And similarly tomorrow when
we will marry a girl.. Not we, just you.
– That’s what I meant. I want the girl of would be wife
to be a virgin, in the same way.. …I should also not get impure
till marriage, right, sir? Yes! Yes! You are right. Your
rape story is very interesting. Tell me in detail what
happened on that day. That day I completed
my police training.. …and returned to my room. After I took a bath and came
out of the bathroom.. H’s you? Why are you covering your
body when you should be.. …removing your clothes?
Are you feeling cold? I am feeling shy.
– I saw whatever there was to see.. …through the hole. There’s
nothing left to feel shy. You saw everything?
– Except your face. How can you see other men
when they are bathing! Because I don’t have
a man in my life. That’s why I came here to see you.
– Don’t touch me. I don’t have any skin diseases.
– Remove your hand. I didn’t put my hand here
to remove it so easily. If you wish you can also
put your hand on me. I am not that type of man.
– But I am that type of woman. Please get out of my rented room. If you say ‘yes’ you will get
this house along with me. Even if I get this entire colony I
won’t say ‘yes’. I will say ‘no’. I am requesting you and
you are rejecting me? God will punish you. Aunt Mumtaz! Aunt Mumtaz! Aunt Mumtaz! Aunt Mumtaz! Will you complain my mother
about me? – Yes. You need not put so much effort.
I will do it for you. Mummy Mumtaz! Mummy Mumtaz!
– Yes, baby. What’s the matter?
– Look at Raj. He’s rejecting me. He might be feeling uncomfortable
as I’m at home. I will be going to the second show. My mummy Mumtaz has a lot
of affection for me. I can see that.
– What’s the delay for! I am not going to surrender
myself to you.. …no matter whatever you say or do. You need not surrender. I will
force you to surrender. O king Manmadha! O king Manmadha! Don’t play with a girl’s heart. Don’t rob me and look around
as if you know nothing. Don’t plant a kiss
on my rosy cheek! Stop! If you come close I will..
– You’ll stab me? No, I will stab myself. In that way I showed her the
knife the entire night.. …and saved myself. I escaped
from that place.. …only after the milkman and.. …the newspaper-lender came
there at morning, sir. After going through such
horrible experience.. …you didn’t strangle yourself
to ceiling fan.. …but you brought this matter to
the court. I appreciate you for it. Your honor, there’s a
strong reason behind.. …my client committing such
mistake. – What’s that? This boy used to work-out
in short pants.. …on the terrace in
my client’s presence. So you don’t want him to wear
even those short pants? Don’t be so greedy.
– No! He exposed and provoked my client. So you are agreeing that your
client committed this crime. My client isn’t a motionless
rock to be silent.. …even after being provoked, but
she’s an ordinary person.. …who eats chicken and mutton. We too eat fish and prawns.
She’s provoking us.. …since morning along with them.
Did we lose control? Sir, I haven’t done this
to him with desire. We know that it was lust.
– No. I love Raj Babu deeply. If you loved him so deeply
then you could’ve.. …written a letter and sent
it to him with your brother. I don’t have a brother, sir.
– Then you should’ve sent.. …an SMS, but why did you rape him? Don’t you know why people
rape others, sir? Stop those stupid questions.
Answer my questions. I thought no other woman
would marry him.. …If I molest him and then
he would’ve married me.. …as he wouldn’t have
had any other option. You heard that, your honor?
– I am not deaf. It’s been proved that the accused
called Silk Shalika.. …has committed the crime,
so she will have to spent.. …6 months in women’s jail.
– It’s injustice! It’s an atrocity! If a man would’ve raped a woman.. …you wouldn’t have given him
just 6 months’ jail term. He would’ve got minimum
7 years prison term. So we women are not getting equal
rights even in jail terms. I am opposing your verdict!
– Your verdict! Who is she? – She’s Lila Rani,
the president of a Women’s.. …Welfare Organization.
– What does she do? She does everything expect
living with her husband. Even if a woman commits
a rape or a murder.. …she protests for her rights
in front of the media. She can go to any length for
publicity. – Hey, you scoundrel! How dare you to comment on me! Come out of the courtroom.
I will show what I can do. Have you seen her, Mr. Judge,
how she’s threatening me! For your contempt in court
I am giving you.. …the jail term of 7 years
in contempt of court. Throw her in the cell.. You expected something and
you got something else. Your plans have backfired. You expected something and
you got something else. Your plans have backfired. There’s some good news for you, son. Did I receive posting orders?
– You will get that.. …sooner or later. I found
a nice girl for you. Father, so you are trying
to make some extra money.. …with such nasty side-businesses?
– Cut that crap! I saw a suitable girl for
you for your marriage. I don’t want to get
married so early. But I want to get married.
– Sister wants to get married. So get her married.
– But you should get married first.. …to get her married.
– Why so? Because we will get her
married with the dowry.. …that you will get. – I am the
future SI. I won’t take dowry. You take the girl. I will take
the dowry. – You worry about.. …only your marriage.
– She’s a grown-up girl now. You have no idea what sort
of a burden she is for us. If you delay your marriage she
will elope with someone.. …and we will have to cover
our faces with helmets. That’s not the thing, father!
How can I get married.. …without a job? – Who said
that she doesn’t have a job? The girl is working as a
typist in the MRO office. I am not talking about her
marriage. It’s about my job. Even your father didn’t have
a job when I married him. There’s no need for that flashback.
– ok. But I will marry her only
if she looks good. Why are you sitting like a tortoise? Raise your head like a giraffe
and look at the girl. This is the auspicious moment
when our eyes met. Why are you hesitating?
Why are you worried? You are a lot more beautiful
than I expected. Daddy. Jayamalini, you can ask the
boy anything you wish. Don’t feel shy.
– Alright. I need to talk to you personally.
Can you come aside? Aside? – Girl, if you take
him aside people might.. …misunderstand you. We will go
outside if you want privacy. Please go ahead.
– I don’t want to marry you. Why?
– I didn’t like you. I think you didn’t see
me in my best pose. See me from this angle. I look
even better from this angle. Please don’t show me anything else. Can you tell me what the reason is? The girl who raped you..
– No. She didn’t rape me. She made an attempt to rape me. That girl looks far better
than me, doesn’t she? Well, she looks beautiful
in saris and chudidars. Then why didn’t you get stimulated?
– Stimulated? I mean why you didn’t do anything. Who said I haven’t done anything? I filed a case against her
and sent her to the jail. What I meant is..
– I see. So you meant why I didn’t.. …’Do’ anything. Such type
of things are wrong.. …before marriage. – But she
said that she’ll marry you. She’s not the type who
would marry a man. She uses men and then abandons them. And also I don’t like her.
– You don’t like her.. …or isn’t there current
in your body? Oh God! How can you make
such accusations! A real man never rejects a woman. If he rejects her he must
be either impotent or gay. No, I am a complete man.
– I saw your felicitation.. …and everything that happened
at court on TV. I couldn’t see anything
masculine in you. You may go now. He’s back.
– Son, was it a success? Yes or no?
– It’s a complete no-no. Let’s go. Son, if you didn’t like her
I saw another match for you. Let’s go there. This is our hybrid seed.
– Hybrid? Aren’t you the father? Please don’t misunderstand me. We didn’t have a child till
ten years of our marriage. At last we got her because
of a saint’s blessings. That’s why I call her hybrid.
– I see. Don’t kill me with your eyes. Don’t wound my heart and leave. I need to talk to your daughter
in private. – As you wish, son. Change the bed sheets. The boy
wants to talk to our girl.. …In private? – I don’t want to
talk in bedroom or bathroom. I will talk to her on terrace. I know why you were staring
at me like that. You were wondering if I have
current in my body or not. I have sufficient amount of current. I have an additional
generator as well. That day I didn’t surrender
myself to that girl.. …because I just wanted to
be pure, but not because.. …I don’t have any current
in my body. – I know that. But I don’t deserve a
nice fellow like you. Why? You don’t have
current in your body? The thing is that it’s my
3rd month. – Come on! I know that girl reduce their age,
but not to that extent. I am not telling you my age,
but it’s age of the baby.. …that’s growing in my womb.
– What! You’re pregnant? How did you become pregnant.. You’re a man. Don’t you know
how one becomes pregnant? I mean how you became pregnant
before marriage. What’s the need for marriage
to get pregnant! Please explain it to me in detail. When I was studying
in 12th standard.. …my hormones dominated me and
then like your Shakila.. …I too seduced the boy
who was our tenant. You didn’t get tempted and
here he got tempted. You rejected it and here
he co-operated me. What’s the matter, son?
– Mummy, what are you.. …doing here? – My match is here,
son. You go and play. So other than the child
in your womb.. …you have a child outside
your womb? – Don’t worry! He’s my second child. The
elder one is in the hostel. Then why did you say yes for
this match when you have.. …so many kids? Why don’t you
marry your kids’ father? My parents are against our marriage. They have caste feeling.
That’s why they emptied.. …his room and house-arrested me. I thought that if I agree to
this match I can use you.. …as a courier and I could
send him a message. Here’s my lover Prakash
Raj’s phone number. Tomorrow we are going to
Mother Durga’s temple.. …for the naming ceremony
of my child. Tell him to come there
with 4-5 jeeps.. …and to kidnap me
along with my kids. So what’s this time?
Did you like her? She’s a pregnant lady. You rascal! I asked you to look
for a suitable girl.. …and you are showing me
the mother of a child. She’s a mother?
– Yes. Not to one or two kids.. …but mother of three kids.
– What are you saying! I will never get married.
– Are you kidding me? Whatever you might say, but
I want to stay a bachelor.. …like Mr. Abdul Kalam and Mr.
Vajpayee. – So that you could.. …become a prime minister
or a president in future? You have your sister waiting
in the line for marriage. At least look at her face
and change your decision. I looked at her face. I
will never get married. Please, brother. Just
marry once for my sake. You can get divorced
after your marriage. You three years younger than me. What’s this rush to get married? When I sleep alone your
brother-in-laws.. …come to my dreams and tickle me.
– Brother-in-laws? Yes. Since I’m single
everyone from milkman.. …to the old man in our
neighborhood are hitting on me. So you want to marry 5-6 men
like Draupati of Mahabharata? Our society won’t let
us be that lucky. Just find one man for me.
I will stop dreaming.. …and start leading a married life.
Say yes, brother. – No! If you ever talk to me about
marriage and all that crap again.. …I will tie the grinding stone to
my waist and jump into the well. Son! Never talk like that again! We are not getting enough water. And then you want to jump into
with the grinding stone? We don’t have the grinder at home. It will be difficult for
us to grind the pulses. O mom! You love me so much!
– Post! Yahoo! – What happened!
You were fine till now! What’s the matter? Has some
girl accepted your proposal? No. I got the posting orders
as an SI in Hyderabad. Which station? Good morning, sir. Mr. Head! Mr. ASH! And you! Everyone get up.
The SP is here. Good morning, sir.
– Good afternoon, sir. Good evening, sir.
– Goodnight, sir. Didn’t you get over the high
that you got after drinking.. …last night? This is not
goodnight or good evening. This is good morning.
– I said ‘good morning’, sir. I caught it.
– Did you? – And you! Did you quit.. …the police department
and join the scouts? Why are you wearing your cap
in that way? – Sorry, sir. With your fear I just..
– You are trying to get smart with.. …this SP Balasubramanyam?
– Sir, Balasubramanyan is here. I was testing you if you were
alert or not. Good observation! Where’s your new SI?
Doesn’t he come out? He didn’t yet enter the
police station, sir. He took a leave on the
first day itself? He must’ve gone to some temple.
– No! I can tolerate anything,
but not indiscipline. I liked your sincerity, sir.
– I will also like you if you shut.. …your post-office. Move aside! Move aside!
– He’s here, sir. Move aside. Move aside. Sir, move aside. – Sir, the new
SI is asking you to move aside. I am the SP. He’s asking me
to move aside? How dare he! I won’t move aside. I will
see what he can do. Sir, move aside. – No. – Sir,
please move aside. Please. What a great stroke lt’s so much pleasure The brakes failed. Very, very
sorry, sir. – What sorry! Our SP can bear anything,
but he can’t bear it.. …when someone hits
on his ground floor. Is it painful, sir?
– Do you really want to know? On the first day of your duty
you rammed into the SP. In future you might also ram
into the IG and the DGP. That’s why I am suspending
you right now. – Sir! You will suspend me even
before I joined the duty? Ok, join your duty, then
I will suspend you. Please don’t do that, sir.
– I say anything just once. You are suspended.
– You might get suspended.. …If you suspend him.
– Why would I get suspended? He asked you to move aside,
but you stood in the middle.. …of the street and all
of us saw it live, sir. Tomorrow if they use a lie-detector
in the enquiry.. …we might tell them the truth.
Right or wrong? – Right. Ok. Ok. It’s alright. Since all
of you are requesting me.. …and since I am also not that
hurt I am forgiving you. I am canceling your suspension.
– Thank you, sir. And what is this!
– Hero cycle. I didn’t ask you if this is hero’s
cycle or villain’s cycle.. …or a comedian’s cycle. Don’t
you have a bike? – No, sir. You are very lucky, sir.
– How come? You could get up because he rammed
into you with his cycle.. …but if he had done
that with his bike.. …then the box-office
would’ve crashed. In spite of being an SI if you
ride on such a cheap cycle.. …no grandson-of-a-bitch is
going to be scared of you. Sir, it’s not grandson-of-a-bitch,
but it’s son-in-a-bitch. It far more offensive
than the later. You can’t come to station on
cycle from tomorrow onwards. Shall I come on a rickshaw, sir? What rickshaws and cycles!
These days even the.. …home-guards are maintaining bikes. Sir, I joined today itself.
Within two months.. You will take bribes and buy
a Benz car? – No, sir. I will buy a Luna on loan.
– Alright. Alright. You can use my jeep
for the time being. And you will use my cycle?
– You bloody! Sir has another Ambassador car.
– ok, let’s go inside. Who’s the SP? You or me?
– It’s you, sir. Then why are you walking before
me. Follow me. – Yes, sir. Oh God! It’s a bomb.
Someone help me! Sir, it’s not a bomb. Our
new SP broke a coconut. Do you think I don’t
know the difference.. …between the coconut’s
sound and a bomb’s sound? Then why did you get so scared?
– I didn’t get scared. I was testing your courage. And why did you break the
coconut in that way? Since this is the first day of my
duty, so for auspiciousness.. We policemen shouldn’t
have such sentiments. Come on, sign here.
– On resignation letter, sir? To join the job. Sign here.
– Thank you, sir. All the best. Here’s your revolver.
Lock it properly.. …or else it will blast in
your pants. – He’s right. A few years ago it happened
with our SP.. …and it was shattered into pieces.
– What? His right thigh.
– No leakages in the department. You join the duty. You eat so
much, but you don’t know.. …what and where you
should say something. How can you not respect your
SP! And you, Raj Babu.. Oh! I asked you to join your
duty and you sat here? You’re the one who asked
me to join the duty, sir? I meant go outside and
catch the criminals.. …but I didn’t ask you to sit on
the chair and pick your teeth. Sorry, sir. – Yesterday evening
we went to the temple.. …and in my presence a thief
stole my wife’s necklace. Sir, your first wife’s or
second wife’s necklace? Do you really what to know that? How will we know if you
don’t tell us, sir! Did you file a case against
him, sir? – No. It must be a cheap one.
– Correct. You catch that thief and recover
a costly golden chain. Where is he, sir? At my home. He’s took
our bedroom on rent. Useless fellow! Wouldn’t
I have caught him.. …If I knew where he is? When the SP like you doesn’t
know where he is.. …how can an SI like me
find out where he is! You have to find it out. It’s
your duty. – Yes, sir. Whoever the criminal might be
I will sleep in his heart! Why? Don’t you have a
bedroom in your house? I don’t want to hear Sai
Kumar’s dialogues. Catch that thief first. We have grown up! We
crossed the teen age. We wasted the last 20 years. Our eyes are filled with dreams. We are surviving on our dreams. Hey, in the rush you forgot
to shave your moustache! And you didn’t shave your beard. What shall we do now?
– Let’s hide our faces. Will you come?
– Where? To the hotel.
– To the hotel? I will give you 5,000
rupees per hour. Promise?
– Promise. Sir, this man is asking me
to come to the hotel room. He said he will give me
5,000 rupees per an hour. It’s a month’s salary.
May I go with him once? Why is he calling you?
– He might want some company.. …for a drink. – He’s not asking
you to come for a drink. Then? Oh God! He called me for that?
I’ll teach him a lesson. Shall we go?
– You have a moustache? Men do have moustache.
– So you are a eunuch? What else did you think?
– Sisters! Hey, he might be here anytime.
Cover your face. Where is he? He will come here like a
love elephant. He’s Remo. He will crush you with
his kisses. He’s Remo. Girls, hide your hearts.
He’s Remo. Rambo Remo! He will drive away your
sleep. He’s Rema. He will throw flowers with
his eyes. He’s Remo. He’s the thief of hearts.
He’s Remo. This is what I called the
kite falling in our hands. Someone has started an exhibition. Without further delay I
must show them my talent. lt’s a beautiful day. This figure is so tall. Your
sari is very beautiful. Did you buy it in Jayshree
brothers or in DC brothers? In Paruchuri brothers!
– What! In Paruchuri brothers? When did Venky and
Gopi open a show.. …without my knowledge?
– They didn’t open a shop.. …but they bought this sari for me. So you are public property! Ok. Your sari’s even better.
Did you buy it in.. …Bommana brothers? – No, my
neighbors Chandana brothers.. …bought it for me.
– This is also public property. Thief! Thief!
– Police! Police! Hey, we are the police! – Sorry!
I got a bit involved in the sari. Are you female police?
– Scoundrel, can you see.. …our moustache and body hair.
We are male police. Then.. – What will you
do with those details! Actually I have a bit
of ladies weakness. To be frank I didn’t put my hand
over there for the chain. I too felt the same and
co-operated with him. You can ask him.
– Shut up! Come with me. Come.
– In spite of being policemen.. …you came in disguise and
fooling the common man? Ok, I will not mind it. I will
not get caught so easily.. …the next time. Think of me
as a cousin and leave me. Did you hear him! He’s not saying
that he’ll quit stealing.. …but he’s saying that he
will not get caught again. I am saying that I will quit
stealing lead a normal life. You are not as big as a terrorist.
– I gave you advice.. …with so much affection,
but you rejected it? Now since you are arresting
me please do me a favor. Shall I call your family lawyer
and ask him to arrange.. …the bail for you?
– No, I will get bored alone. So shall we bring a girl for you? Won’t you let me complete
what I say? I have a cousin. If you arrest
him we will stay here together. Where is he?
– Wait a minute! I’ll see. The one with watermelon in hand. What! It’s him?
– The eunuch? – Yes, he’s my cousin. But he doesn’t look like a thief!
– You are so innocent. Like in the days gone by we
thieves are not wearing.. …check Lungis, striped vests,
and kerchiefs around neck. We are coming in disguise
just like you. You know what I did yesterday,
I went to.. …Care hospital in doctor’s
disguise and conned a patient.. …of 25,000 rupees by
saying that he needs.. …an open-heart surgery.
– And he gave you the money? I told him that an open-heart
surgery means.. …we have to perform a surgery
on an open street.. …and I took the money from
him saying I will arrange.. …the operation table in Ameerpet. You’re not an ordinary person.
– It’s all due to your blessings. Wait a minute. I will
bring him as well. Come fast. I am already
getting bored. Bye. Thank you. – Sir, that thief
is escaping on our jeep. Oh God! He fooled us. Hey, stop!
– Hey, stop! Hey, stop!
– It doesn’t have sufficient petrol. We filled the tank just
a while ago, didn’t we? I said that to make him stop the
jeep, but still he didn’t. He thought that since
it’s a police-jeep.. …he will get free petrol
at petrol pumps. If I lose this jeep on my joining
day, both of us will lose our jobs. You are right. And that
jeep is our SP’s jeep. Shall we call the control
room and inform them? That we lost the jeep?
– No, but to tell them to catch him. No. We will catch him.
– But how? – By chasing him. Let me hear some songs. Bravery is the keyword. Never lose the courage, brother. Bravey is the keyword. Never lose the courage, brother. Why are you driving so fast
like we are in some race? Drive slowly.
– Do you call 120 miles/hr speed? In my college days I used
to drive at 150-160! People used to call me Superman. Who’s he? Spiderman?
– He must be his father. How’s my hairstyle?
– Hey, my wig! My wig! You old fox!
– Darling. Darling. You baldy. Hey, don’t run so fast! Did you get shocked on
watching the stick! Sir, I am not shocked
to see that stick. I am shocked of your running.
I saw so many chases.. …In my life, but not
a chase like this. I am the state champion in running. I got this job in sports quota.
– I got cheated. Had you told me about it there I
wouldn’t have started the jeep. Anyhow let me touch
your great feet, sir. So you want to pull
my legs and run away? Run away? Even after watching
your rocket-speed? I don’t have that much courage. Even if I run away you
will walk and catch me. I knew the matter completely.
– Sir! – But, sir.. Are those legs or Dunlop tiers? You ran like a dog was chasing you. If I had such horsepower
no could have caught me.. …and I would’ve reached
the Dawood league. Sir, I would like to make small
suggestion if you don’t mind. What’s that? – Resign the SI’s
post and shift to our job. You will have a great future.
– I will kill you with this stick.. …If you dare to give
me such foolish ideas. Nagesh.
– Sir. – Find out where the SP is. What! You got CDs of porn movies
in Alfanso Video parlor? Pass the phone to its owner.
What’s the matter, dude! You said you didn’t have any
CDs when I came there. What! My concubine took
those CDs that day? I will kill you. She doesn’t
watch such type of CDs. Tell me does Jyoti Lakshmi
ever watch such CDs? She doesn’t watch such CDs.
– Well-said. If the quality is fine.. Salutations, sir. – Are you an
SI or a professional killer? Now you are riding a jeep
because you plan.. …didn’t work out with the cycle?
– No, sir. I was too thrilled that I
caught a heinous criminal. That’s why I was driving so fast.
– It’s our bad luck.. …that you are still alive.
– And where’s the criminal? Don’t waste time. Let’s go. He’s behaving as if he’s
Sardar Potti Paparaidu. Well-done, my boy.
– Thank you, sir. I said it to my SI.
– Very good, my boy. You shouldn’t give him a pat.
– I will do that. You too shouldn’t do that.
Well-done, my boy. Thank you, sir.
– On the first day of your duty.. …your proved your talent. If
there’s one person like you.. …the rest of the policemen can
take leave and rest at home. Can we take leave and take rest
at home, sir? – Shut up! I said it in a flow. Don’t
take it so seriously. By the way who is he? Is he Bin Laden’s right-hand man? He’s not even the dust of his
left hand’s finger. – I see. Is he a terrorist of
Lashkar-e-toiba? – Jihad! He’s not even the grey
hair on their head. Then is he the head of
some radical-group? He’s not even a torchlight in
their hand. – Then who is he? He’s a chain snatcher, sir.
– What! You tied died such an ordinary
chain snatcher with chains.. …and brought him here like
Veerapandya Katta Bramhanna? I told him that a small
thread will do for me. He’s new to this job. He was
a bit too excited. – Shut up! He snatches chains from women.. …but can snatch a dog’s chain
if he gets a chance to do so. But still how can you tie him
down like that. If you do so.. Then according to
Section WEN-Mk. …you will get a harsh punishment. He knows about the sections as well. Not just about sections,
but I also know.. …about your second
set-up Jyoti Lakshmi. How do you know about her?
– A few days ago I went to.. …her house for stealing, but in
the dark in stead of grabbing.. …that article I grabbed
something else. She’s so bad. She can’t
say no to anyone. What’s her address, sir?
– 5-12-20914161 Saiteja Residency”. That’s the old address. She
shifted to a new house now. Sir, please give us her new address. I am not a dumb to give
you the address. I thought you were bringing
some Al-Qaeda terrorist.. …so I canceled my program
with the CM. He might appear like a junior, but
he’s very senior in this field. His daddy is also our guest.
– Guest? He committed 3 murders and 6 rapes.. …and is at Swarnapally jail
right now. – Is it true? Not just my family, but my entire
family is settled there. Because of your department
we are living freely.. …without any worry of rent
or food or anything else. A few days ago we came to
know about my sister.. …and the jail’s superintendent’s
love affair and got them married. As a brother I wanted to gift
a honeymoon package.. …for my sister and brother-in-law.
That’s why I came out. Shut up! – Raj Babu, never ever
give us build-ups again. He’s leaving. Ask him what
my program is. – Sir. Shall we leave him?
– Why? So that next I can use a thread
to arrest him next time. Stop kidding. Take him to the court. What will he do in the tennis court! Don’t let our department down
in front of the thieves. The court of justice.
Now who’s this! Is it Jyoti Lakshmi?
– I won’t tell you that. Hello! Dear body? Where? I was born and the world cried. I was crying and the
world was laughing. I was laughing and the
world was crying. I don’t have anything to do
with this world anymore. Don’t care! Master.
– I’m not your master. It’s alright. Is he dead
or is she sleeping there? I heard that he’s dead.
– He died just like that? I think the doctors killed him.
– But why are these people.. …so happy as if they met
each other on some tour? They were crying when I came here. To console them I said that he
won’t return even if we cry. And all of a sudden
they stopped crying.. …and having a good time here.
– It’s a new world! By the way how are you related
to the dead body? I am not related to that dead body. I used to be his elder
son when he was alive. But why aren’t you crying?
– What’s the use! He willed his wealth to himself
in the next birth. You must at least be crying since
he didn’t will his wealth.. …to you. – You’re right. Thanks
for reminding me. – It’s alright. You passed away without willing
your wealth to me. How can you do this to me! I saw you somewhere.
– I appear on TV regularly. In ‘Crime Watch’ or in ‘Crime And
Evil’? – I felicitate people. Correct. So you are the fool
who felicitated my son. I see. So that rape-case
boy is your son. Has someone tried to
rape that kid again? Tell me, I am ready to
felicitate him again. No, he’s working in
Hyderabad as an SI. From now onwards he will be
raping girls. Very good. What good! He filed a case
in the court secretively.. …but you felicitated him
and brought him on TV. Now whenever he goes to
see a girl they ask him.. …If he doesn’t have current,
if he doesn’t have generator.. …If he doesn’t have a transformer.. …and they are doubting and
insulting my son. Rascal! He had the courage to reject a
girl and instead of embracing.. …such a man girls are embarrassing
him? So sad! By the way Mr. Chidatala Apparao..
– Yes. …as far as I know you have
a daughter, don’t you? Yes, as far as I know
I have a daughter. She’s your daughter. You gave an A-certificate
to that boy. Why don’t you get your daughter
married to his son? Will you accept her as your
daughter-in-law? – Of course! But before that tell me how
much can you give in dowry? I can give about 5-6 lakhs. She’s his only daughter. If
he too passes away like him.. …then all the money will
be your son’s money. I don’t have any objection,
but make sure that he.. …prepares his will before
he passes away. Hello! Balanagar police station! What! There’s a snake in your house! What do you want us to do! What’s your opinion on police!
We are not from municipality! Hang up! Who’s he! He’s asking me to
catch the snake at his home. No one values police these days. A few days ago a lady called
me and said that she was.. …unable to tie her blouse
and asked me to tie it. And when I went there I found out
that she’s a 90 year old lady. Does she need a blouse at this age!
– Hear this! A few days ago a lady called
me and asked me to send.. …two constables to protect her
potato chips on her terrace. And when I told her that we
don’t guard potato chips.. …she questioned me
why we are hanging.. …’May I help you’ board
outside the station.. …and gave me a lecture
for half an hour. But why did you hold the
phone for so long? Her voice was a bit tempting. Wait a minute. I will
lift the phone. Look, we are not here to open
your coconut-oil bottle’s lid.. …to put the thread
in the needle’s eye.. …and to wash your utensils
when your maid is not there. I am your SI’s sister.
– Sorry. It’s your sister. Hello! – Brother. – What’s
the matter, Smita? Granny! Our granny!
We lost our granny. Come here immediately or else.. …you can never see her again. What’s this! I thought the
house will be crowed.. …like Chiranjeevi’s movie premier.. …but there is no crowd over here. They might have taken away the
body. – Even if they took.. …away the body there must at
least be the sounds of cries. They must be tired of
constant crying.. …and must be relaxing for a while.
– Granny! She’s the one who died.
– Granny! Mother. Son. It’s over. It’s over. I didn’t know that you would be
here. I finished the coffee. There’s no milk at home.
– I am not crying for coffee. Then?
– Granny. – Granny. Brother.
– Sister. How did this happen?
– She woke up early morning.. …and had a bath and
two plates ldlis.. …and drank this much coffee
and went to the temple. She must have died when she
rang the temple’s bell.. …and when it fell on her head. That means she passed
away in His temple. If I ever die I would like
to die in that way. I can still hear my granny’s voice. Not just her voice, but granny’s
spirit is here for you. You are calling me a spirit?
– Chandramukhi! Jyotika! Granny, are you fine?
– Nothing will happen to me.. …till your marriage.
– I saw a nice match for you. You wouldn’t have had come here
had I told you about it.. …so I had to kill your granny. I have to see a match again.
I won’t go there. Why are you touching my
feet like lord Vasudeva? Because you are a donkey.
– All of my friends are going.. …to Prakasham Barrage with
their respective husbands.. …on their scooters.
– So you want me to take you to.. …Prakasham Barrage, right?
– Not with you, but with your.. …brother-in-law.
– Sir! Are you a brother? Do you have a liver? There are
brothers who touch others’ feet.. …to get their sisters married
and on the other hand.. …there are you. You don’t have
that thing? – What’s that? Sister sentiment. She’s begging
you for a husband.. …but you don’t even care about
her. You’re not a brother. If I had such a sister I would’ve
asked her to elope.. …with the man of her choice
and I would’ve given her.. …some money and packed
her suitcase. – Stop it! Don’t give me stupid leads.
– Alright. This will be the last time
I am going to see a girl. If it’s ok, it’s fine. Or else I
will never get married in this life. What are you saying! The
boy’s family is coming.. …to see you and you are saying
that you can’t come? So what do expect me to do!
You want me to marry.. …a person after meeting
him hardly for 5 minutes? Don’t talk rubbish. I know
his family very well. There are many guys here
whom I know. Hi, Tarun! Who’s he? Your boyfriend?
– Ex-boyfriend. But you have to meet this guy.
The boy has a good height. You won’t need ladders
to hit nails in future. And the boy is also very sort.
You can keep him in your grip.. …after marriage and you
can play games with him. Daddy, I have a few ambitions. I already designed how my
would-be husband should be. Hi, Dipen! Coming! ok, daddy! Bye!
– Listen! What did she say! Did she say
she doesn’t want to come? How did you know that?
– She’s my daughter. You mean there’s no
contribution of mine. There’s no need to get
into those things now. Call the boy’s family and ask
them to cancel the program. I tried to call them, but they
already left the house. Then you deal with them.
– Where are you going? To the beauty parlor. – How can
you go away just like that! Why? Will you show me as the bride? Society won’t accept it
if I get married again. You got it in that way? What shall I do now! Our landlord Mr. S.V. Ranga
Rao can give me some advice. Mr. Ranga Rao! Oh God! What the hell
is wrong with you! Sorry, uncle. I couldn’t see you. I felt like a road-roller rammed
into me at 160 miles/hr speed. I never got such a shock before. Do you eat cement and pebbles.. …that you are so strong? Baby, drink some Horlicks, or
else you will become weak. Have it, dear. Have it.
– If he encourages her like that.. …then he will have to buy
a crane to move this girl. What do you want? Why
did you come here? I fixed a match for my daughter. The boy’s an SI, but
he’s a nice fellow. And when they are coming
here to see the girl.. …my daughter called me and
said that she’s not coming. By the time I called the boy’s
family to cancel the program. …they already left the house.
I don’t know what to do. I came here if you can give
me some cunning idea. Tell them what the matter is.
– They will throw sandals? At me? – At me. I should’ve
told them about it earlier. It’s enough, daddy.
– My sweetheart! Idea!
– But you asked me for an idea! So that it shouldn’t be late.
– And what’s that idea? How would it be if we show your
daughter as my daughter! No! What if they like my Saundarya?
– Come on! No human being is going
to like this mountain. So you want to say that my daughter
won’t get a husband? I didn’t mean that.
– God forbid, even if he likes.. …our daughter..
– Our daughter? She’s my daughter. I agree that she’s your product. Even if they like your girl
we will tell them.. …that your daughter
didn’t like the boy. Dear, will you act like a
bride for just 5 minutes? I feel shy. – Sit there without
feeling shy for 5 minutes. Please.
– It’s alright, dear. Sit there. You will also get some practice.
Take the Boost. But she had a bucketful
of Horlicks just now! She had another bucketful
of Bornavita as well. How does it bother you!
– Sorry. Mother, you too sit there.
– What will mother do there? I will be there.
– Let her sit there along with her. My wife’s not at home anyway.
– Why did you touch her? You want my wife to act as
your wife. How do I look? I will stab you.
– You misunderstood me. I don’t even touch my wife,
what makes you think.. …that will touch your wife?
I asked her to be there.. …not as my wife, but as
your daughter’s mother. What’s the difference?
– Come on! He’s requesting so much. Please say yes.
– Why are you so interested in it? These days when I see TV serials.. …I feel like I am a better
actress than them. Nayanatara, you are not
an ordinary actress. You’re my goddess who came
here to save my reputation. She’s not your goddess.
She’s my goddess. I said so because you’re
the landlord of my house. Look, girl! You get
ready immediately. The boy’s family is about to arrive. Please come. Sit down. Call the girl immediately. The
auspicious time is here. Saundarya! – But you said your
daughter’s name is Roja. We call her Saundarya at time.
– Don’t you call her Meena? What’s the need of two
names of one girl? He gave her one name and
I gave her another one. Who’s this fatso? He looks
like an elephant. I am the girl’s father. He meant he’s like a father-figure
to my daughter. What’s the need of a father-figure.. …when the real father is present. He lives in our neighborhood. He
has a lot of affection for her. But still he can’t be her father.
He should be her uncle. I will ask her to call him
uncle from now onwards. You will make my daughter call
me uncle? I won’t accept it. Oh! Come on! I understand the affection
that you have for her. She used to call him daddy
since she was a kid. So he couldn’t bear the uncle’s
tag all of a sudden. Ok, now call the girl.
– Alright. Saundarya! Roja! Hey, you! Dear, I’m calling
you. Bring our daughter. What’s this! Why is he addressing
your wife as ‘dear’? Does she have two husbands? Sorry. I forgot it. She’s his wife.
I thought she’s my wife. How can you think so!
– Sorry! Mrs. Nayanatara, bring the girl! The beautiful babe is here! O beauty! O beauty! O beauty! The beautiful babe is here! O beauty! O beauty! O beauty! She’s appears like a red apple. O beauty! O beauty! O beauty! Put your hands up! Start playing the band! ..with passion. I will Zip it, lock
it with the music. Sir, did you see the girl?
– I am feeling shy. You will feel really shy when
you see her. Look at her. Oh God!
– Son! Why did he fall down?
– What else can he do! Our SI’s heart is as
strong as granite. That’s why he’s still alive. If it
was someone else in his place.. …he would’ve died by now.
– Stop it! He was pleasantly surprised
at her beauty. It’s not because of her beauty,
but it’s because of her fatness. You shut up! – The girl looks
like the golden mountain in.. …McKenna’s Gold. Two eyes are
not sufficient to see her. You are right.
– Did you really like her? Concentrate on her, sir.
– Do you want us not to like her? No, I will be the happiest
if you like her. I think the boy didn’t like
her. Look at his face! He looks like a banana in de-fridge. I have never seen him happier. The girl took after you,
expect your bald head. What rubbish! She took after me. How can his daughter take
after you! – He lives in.. …the adjoining house. He
might have co-operated. Girl, what’s your educational
qualification? – MBA! But your father said that
you failed tenth class.. …and are working as a salesgirl.
– She wanted to.. …study MBA, but she quit
studies after she failed.. …In tenth standard. That’s
what she was about to say. Forget studies! Dear, did
you like my grandson? I hope she didn’t.
– I liked him very much. Oh God! I guess she didn’t see his face.
See him properly, girl. I saw him, uncle.
– She’s calls her father uncle? I told you that she failed
in tenth failed. She doesn’t know the
difference between.. …father and uncle. Girl, you
may go to your room now. Shall I go, daddy?
– She calls her father uncle.. …and she calls her uncle father.
It’s something fishy. No, there’s nothing fishy. She
liked him so much.. – Here! She liked him so much that she’s
confused with happiness. She’s failed in her tenth standard. Dear, please come here once.
– Yes, I’m coming. Why is he going when
your wife called you? She takes his advice in everything. Why does she take his advice
when her husband is present? They are neighbors. She must
be using the helpline. You too please come inside,
brother. – Brother? She too failed in tenth standard,
uncle. – Uncle? Did you see this! I too
got confused and called.. …brother-in-law uncle. – You
must also have failed in tenth! Correct. You have such a sharp mind. I’m sure you passed in tenth.
I will go inside once. This way.
– Thank you. What’s going on!
– The girl’s a bit fat. They must’ve thought that
we will not like her. That’s the reason they are
a bit confused. That’s all. What’s the matter? – Brother,
I thought that she will never.. …get married in this birth.
It’s her good fortune.. …that they liked her.
She too liked the boy. Please fix this match. Is there a problem?
– Yes, the girl liked the boy. She’s saying that if she
ever will marry someone.. …then it has to be your son. Then why are you saying
it with a dull face? I thought you won’t like it.
– We are 100% ok. The marriage must happen
in a grand way. Even if I need to mortgage my head.. …I will make sure that
it’s a grand occasion. Why would you mortgage your
head for his daughter? He too has a head. A round one! It’s a bald one. He thought
it’s not a head. Right? We don’t differentiate
between our daughters. We treat each other’s daughters
as own daughters. Fix a date and send us a message. Sure. You may go now.
– That’s why we stood up. Let’s go.
– Shall we leave sir here? Shut your mouth.
– I shut it. – Lift him. Oh my God! His temperature
is 116 F. – 116 F? Yes. This is my thermometer record. Shall we call the Guinness
Book people? He never got a sneeze or a cough. What happened to him, doctor? He must’ve seen something scary. He saw a girl for a match.
– Did you show him.. …some scary looking girl?
– It’s made in Bezawada.. …but she looks like Benz lorry.
– So that’s the matter! Ok, give 60 tablets per hour.
– It’s for us? No, it’s for the patient.
– 60 tablets per hour? You can also give him 30
tablets per 15 minutes. Do you have a medical shop?
– My brother-in-law has one. The address is written in it.
Buy it from his shop. He will give 20% discount.
– To you? – No, it’s for you. And he might get an 80% discount. Where are you going?
– To Hyderabad. What’s the need to go
there for a few days! The date of marriage is
10th of this month. You can leave along with
your wife after marriage. Who’s getting married?
– Your mother and me. What are you saying!
– Then what else shall I say! I am a human being. How
can I marry an elephant! Elephant? – ok, dinosaur.
I will never marry her. What does that girl lack?
– Everything’s in excess. She’s their only daughter.
That’s why she was.. …pampered a bit.
– They pampered her.. …and turned her into a truck.
– The girl might be fat.. …but she’s so sweet.
– Then go and cuddle her. But please don’t force
me to marry her. If you get our SI married to her
and if she throws her hand.. …on him as a joke he will break
the windows and fall on road. And if she drops her leg
on him during sleep.. …his leg will be
broken into pieces. And it won’t be of any use
even if you take him.. …to Jaipur or Puttur
after the accident. He’s burning with anger and
you are adding fuel to fire. Take a vow in front of
lord of Seven Hills.. …that you will bring her
to his temple on barefoot. She will become thin in no time. And if she slips there he will
be left with just Six Hills. She will become slim if
she goes to the gym. Who’ll become slim? Her trainer? Don’t talk like that! I have a
lot of expectations from you.. …that you will agree to this match. Why are you wiping tears
when she’s crying? No matter whoever cries in your
family I always find it funny! But when I see your sister
crying I too gets tears. You don’t even have the sympathy
for me that others have. Look, if you need money
for your marriage.. …I will ride a rickshaw and
mother will sew clothes. Generally mothers sew clothes
only after fathers die. You can sew clothes
even when he’s alive. And father will work as a coolie
and granny will work.. …as a maid, and we
will get you married. But please don’t force
that road-roller on me. Is that your final decision?
– This is quarter-final.. …and semi-final decision as well.
– This one? Move aside. Hey, where are they? – They must
be at the doors to stop us. Let’s leave from the backdoor.
– Correct. What’s this! – Stools below
us and ropes above us. And then are in between them.
– You shut up! You said that you will die, but
you won’t marry that girl. That’s why we are dying.
– So you are trying to emotionally.. …emotionally blackmail me?
– Brother, I have a last wish. You want to die as a married woman? After our death build a common
grave for all of us. With granite or with marble? With whatever his budget permits? Then it will be the cheapest stone. Hey, Hrithik Roshan,
they are my family. It makes sense if they
try to commit suicide. But what’s wrong with you?
– I have been asking them.. …to give me a raise, they said
they will give me a raise.. …when you’ll get married. You
will never get married and.. …I’ll never get a raise. There’s
no use in living anymore. Priest Sitarama Shastri,
what’s wrong with you! I couldn’t fix even a single
match since last six months. I am in deep slump. I thought that
if this marriage is fixed.. …I can clear my debts. But
this one has also missed. Look how many lives are taking. Son, think about it
for the last time. Will you tie her the sacred thread.. …or do you want to see this
rope in around our necks. Will you marry her or not? Will you marry her or do you
want us to commit suicides? What do you want?
– What do you want? What do you want?
– What do you want? Have you seen it! Since
he is dying anyway.. …your servant is also
trying to dominate you. Try to get some emotion
and run in slow motion.. …and kick all the
six stools at once. You will get rid of this
trouble. Except him! Why aren’t you saying anything? Say something. We are also
getting late for our train. Ok, go ahead with it. They are really committing suicides. Get down. I will marry that girl. What we worried about
has come true! Why has God done this to us? It’s a situational song, isn’t it? That sad music is making it worse. Mere thought of marrying
that cylinder.. …giving me a shiver down the spine. Tell me a path to break this match. Do you have a pen? – Will you
draw some diagram of the plan? I need to think about it.
– To think about you need a brain.. …but not a pen. – Haven’t you
seen our writers’ photos? We will get ideas if
we are in this pose. Did you get it?
– Yes. – What is it? The ink of this pen. Idea! Since we couldn’t slash
them in this direction.. …let’s slash them from
the opposite direction. It won’t look good if policemen
kill common people. Don’t take everything literally.
I didn’t ask you to kill them. What I meant was to make the
girl’s family reject you. Why would they reject me?
– Assume that you are a fool. Scoundrel, we might not
be on duty right now.. …but that doesn’t mean
you can scold me. Don’t get me wrong! If they get
such an impression about you.. …they will automatically
reject you. Who’s that?
– Is Chidatala Apparao at home? He’s cooking in the kitchen.
– Hey, your master is cooking.. …and the maid is reading
a magazine in the veranda? Are you kidding me! I am not the
maid. – Are you his relative? Yes, a very close relative.
I am his wife. You’re his wife? – Yes. I am
Apparao’s wife Bipasha Basu. Didn’t your parents ever feel
like changing your name? Look, Mrs. Bipasha,
if you are his wife.. …then who’s the lady who
was with him that day? He might have two wives. She
must be his second wife. Shut up!
– Why did she become upset? She must be his first wife.
Am I right? – Hey, Appi! Wait a minute, Basu. I am bringing
coffee for you as well. When did you marry again
without my knowledge? I hadn’t even done anything
to my first wife till now. Then how did you get that daughter?
– It’s you? Yes, it’s us. Tell us if
she’s your first wife.. …then who’s the lady was
with you on that day. She’s.. She’s..
– Tell me! I want to know who it is. A lady will bear anything, but
she will never tolerate to.. …share her rights to harass her
husband with another woman. Who’s she? – Basu, we can talk
about those things later on. You go inside for the
time being. Oh God! I will decide if I have
to go inside or outside.. …only after you tell me who she is. I will tell you everything
personally. Listen to me! No, I won’t. You left me with
no other option other than.. …river Godavari. Give me money.
I’ll go to Rajamundry. What’s the need to go to river
Godavari to commit suicide! There’s Krishna Dam nearby.
– And it would also be easy.. …for him to collect your dead body. I am going to Rajamundry not
to jump into river Godavari. Then? – My uncle Gotum Gangaraju,
a famous goon.. …lives there. I will tell
him and get him punished. Don’t go that far. I am innocent.
– Shut up! – Oh God! Leave me. They fight every second day. Sir! Sir! Mr. Ranga Rao.
– What happened? You are beating your husband again? Son-in-law, when did you come here? I am really tensed right now.
You don’t call me son-in-law! He’s your husband’s second set-up. You can see how close he
is to her even in public. So she’s the other
woman in your life. And that’s the reason you didn’t
want to leave this house.. …when I suggested of shifting
to some other house. You said that the landlord
is very compatible. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law, you
completely misunderstood me. What actually happened is..
– Don’t tell me anything. You will say that it
was a lonely night. And you committed a mistake
because of a thunder. And ever since then you are
continuing with it, right? How did you like my husband!
He repels even me. As if you don’t repel me.
– The fights in a family.. …are so interesting, aren’t they?
– That’s the reason.. …the family drama movies and
serials are always hits. Sister, let me tell you..
– What will you tell me! That my husband is Sobhana
Babu and you would ask me.. …to adjust with him like
Sharada and Vanishree? So he’s Sobhana Babu
and you both are.. …Sharada and Vanishree?
– And he’s Jagapati Babu? Yes, he became a bit fat these days. Will you all keep quiet for a while! I can’t bear this tension.
I will tell you the truth.. …before my marriage collapses
like World Trade Centre. Look, son, actually what
happened is that.. Have you seen those shots, son?
That’s what has happened. I knew it! I knew that
this baby elephant.. This baby elephant was born
to these elephants. Son-in-law, please don’t get upset. You want me not to get upset
even after such a betrayal? Do you still expect me
to marry your daughter? I will file a case against
you all right now. Hey, take out the charge-sheet. There’s no need for charge
sheets and bed sheets. Tell this matter to your family.
They will break this match. Correct. Correct. Correct. Let’s go. Son. Son. Son.
– Father, he’s leaving. Girl, your father’s there.
– Father, ask him to come back. Son. You said that that Sunday is an
auspicious day, didn’t you? There’s a one-day cricket
match on that day. I won’t be free.
– Then fix it on Monday. My wife might change her
mind if we delay it. Betrayal.
– Deception. Fraud.
– Cheating. You are right. The auto-drivers
of Bejawada.. …are worse than the
city-bus drivers. Mother! Granny! Sister!
Hey, Hritik Roshan! They too know that.
– It’s not the auto-matter. It’s not the meter-matter as well. That Chidatala Apparao
cheated us like.. …Chit Fund company. – The jewelry
that girl was wearing.. …doesn’t belong to her?
– That girl doesn’t belong to them. Is she their adopted daughter?
– It’s his neighbor’s daughter. Say it clearly. How dare is he to deceive
us in that way! I will cut him into pieces.
– One minute, father. Take this, father. Go and
cut him into pieces. It’s not a sword, but it’s a stick. The weapon is not important,
but what is more important.. …Is ambition. You carry on, father. And listen, if they hit you
back just give us a call. We will bring a doctor
in an ambulance. Shut up and get out of my way!
– ok, we’ll bring a nurse. Thank God! Veturi Sitarama Shastri, why
did you lie to us that.. …that girl is Chidatala
Apparao’s daughter? I am an elder person and
I am also a poor man. Please forgive me.
– Never again bring a match for me. Even if you receive a proposal
for me lie to them.. …that this is my tenth marriage
like an Arab Sheikh. If they don’t believe you tell
them that he’s got AIDS. Shut up! – Tell them that
I have got TB or cancer. So you want to say that
I will never get married? Won’t I get rid of my spinsterhood? Brother, please get me a husband. She’s dying to get married.
Bring a guy and tell her.. …that he’s the CM of Tamil
Nadu or the CEO of.. …of the Volkswagen company
and get her married to him. She thinks only about marriage. Take these sweets as
my match has broken. When a match breaks people cry,
but don’t celebrate. Mummy, you would’ve cried
for the rest of your life.. …If I had got married
to that truck. And she would have eaten the
entire month’s ration.. …In just one day. If you
want to buy her a sari.. …you have to stitch 2-3 bed
sheets together for her sari. With the cloth required to
stitch a blouse for her.. …you get stitch 2-3 chudidars
for sister. – He’s right. If she wants to take a bath you
will need a tank full of water.. …and couple of big soaps. Give
me some sweets. – Take this. To feed that baby elephant we
need the Food Corporation.. …or the Reserve Bank to sponsor us. Middle-class people like
us can’t maintain her. Son. – Yes, father. – I cancelled
Apparao’s match. I am proud of you, my dad.
I am proud of you. Why are you crying?
– I am not crying, daddy. These are tears of pleasure.
– Tears of pleasure? Isn’t it called tears of pleasure? You are right. It’s something else. Yes, it’s called tears of joy. Now take these sweets
on this occasion. You too take one.
– What’s that? I talked to that girl’s
real father SVR.. …and fixed your match with
that particular girl. Yahoo!
– Yes, you are a very lucky man. Apparao said that he will
give 5-6 lakhs as dowry. But S.V. Rangarao though
looks like a wholesale.. …clothes dealer, but he
is a very generous man. He has 15-20 crores property. He has got only one wife
and one daughter. The entire property will be yours. You mean my son will
be a millionaire! Oh God! Then brother will get
me a groom from America. He took after his grandpa. The
same happened to him as well. He came to see a girl
in my neighborhood.. …but at last he married me. I see. So this serial is going
on since a long time. I am getting married for the
first time in my life. Think about my safety for once. What’s there to think about! That
girl was born in Maruti car.. …and was brought up in a Benz car. Why? Couldn’t her mother
carry her in the womb.. …and deliver her in the car itself? I am saying that she’s
such a costly girl. We don’t even have a secondhand car. If you want a car I
will get one on rent. You can see the entire city on car. But please don’t put that
burden on my head. Is it a joke or are you serious? His face looks very sad.
He must be very serious. Hritik Roshan. – Get the ropes
ready to strangle ourselves. Father, like they alert the
fishermen every time there’s.. …a storm, you can’t call for
ropes each and every time. It’s not done. – Then you tie
the nuptial thread around.. …that girl’s neck. – You are
saying the same thing again? Then I will change my words now. The strangling program is cancelled. Marry her. Sir, the ropes and the stools
are ready. – Let’s go. Don’t go. You need not die for me. For you people I will die..
I will marry her. We are about to get married, girl. You can see the arrangements. Son, why the guests running
in that direction? Has some film-star arrived?
– No, we’re watching the groom. You are watching the groom?
– To see who dared to.. …marry that mountain.
– Ranga Rao used to worry a lot.. …about how he will get
his daughter married. But at last he succeeded
to trap someone. Don’t worry. This is called
life. Control yourself. I can’t hear those words.
Come with me. Are you going to commit suicide? No. To stop the marriage. The arrangements are really
great, brother-in-law. Thanks a lot, brother-in-law.
– Sir, our SI is calling you. Sir, what’s the matter? Have
we done some mistake? You haven’t done any mistake.
I did a few mistakes. What? – I need to tell you some
naked truths about me, sir. Don’t call me sir. Call
me father-in-law. Father-in-law, I take a drink.
– To strength? Not that drink, I am talking
about brandy and whiskey. What’s wrong in that!
Two pegs per day.. …Is good for health. The
doctors are saying so. I don’t stay quiet after drinking,
father-in-law? Do you vomit?
– No. So you take something else?
– Yes, I take a prostitute. Great! So you are very
good in that matter! What’s the matter? The
father-in-law and son-in-law.. …have already started eating
each others’ ears? No one values land-phones
when there are cell-phones. Brother-in-law, my son-in-law
has some great qualities. My daughter is really very
lucky. She’s lucky! Who is he! – He’s your father-in-law.
The priest’s calling you. Father, I can’t sit on that seat. You want us to take you there?
Hold this, Nagesh! That’s not the thing. When
you ask me to go there.. …I feel like I am being
the scapegoat. Think about it for one
more time, father. We knew that you would create
such problems at.. …the last moment. That’s why
we are carrying cold drinks. Take a look. You are the groom’s family. How
can you serve cold drinks! The servants are there to do it. These cold drinks are
not for serving. You naughty! So you
mixed whiskey in it? No. We mixed poison in it.
– You want to commit suicide.. …as you can’t bear to see your
son marrying that fat girl? We decided to kill ourselves if
you go against this marriage. lt won’t stop! It won’t stop! lt won’t stop! Thanks, son. You saved six lives. Here! Ladies, push that vehicle. Sorry. I mean bring the bride here. O my beautiful girl! I fell in love with you. O my beautiful girl! I fell in love with you,
O my beloved one. Come here, dear. Enter
the dragon. Sit down. The groom has gone up!
The groom has gone up! Bring him down. Who can survive if one is forced
to marry that mountain! I didn’t mean he died.
Look that way. If you sit on the edge the boy will
fly in the air like a rocket. If you sit in the middle
he will be safe.. …and he will be able to attend
his marriage. Come closer. Come closer to him. At the
centre. That’s right. For his protection hold the seat
for a while. – Alright. Alright. Do you exist? Do you really exist? Son, take the mixture of
cumin seeds and jaggery. This is not the time
to eat sweet and hot. You don’t eat it and
stop troubling me. Place this on the bride’s head.
– If I place it on her head.. …Is there any chance that ants
would get on her head.. …and bite her and kill her?
– Don’t play jokes. Do what I say. Put! Girl, you also do the same thing. Put it on the groom’s head. Girl, you need to press it so hard. I didn’t press him. I just
placed it on his head. You just touched him and this
is what happened to him. If you had pressed him he
would have gone to hell. Ladies, lift the girl’s hand.
– Alright. I think we need a crane. He is not bleeding, is he?
– Keep quiet for a while. If wish he had a helmet. The bird is being forced
to marry the cage. Son, tie the sacred thread to her.
– To her finger? Not to her finger or leg.
Tie it around her neck. This thread isn’t big
enough for that neck. I am sorry. By mistake I
brought the medium-sized. You need an extra-large one. I will extend it. Now his bachelorhood
is about to end. This is the auspicious moment. There’s the nuptial thread
around her neck. Marriages are made in heaven. Marriages are made in heaven. Marriages are made in heaven.
This is the auspicious moment. There’s the nuptial thread
around her neck. Son, revolve around the fire.
– You mean around her? I didn’t revolve around
the mountain.. …but I asked you to revolve
around the alter. Son, be careful. Get up. Ladies, why are you staring at
him instead of helping him! Push her like one pushes a lorry. Madam, please co-operate with them. And she’s blushing. Just
walk the nuptial rounds. Life is here. Death is here. Where else will we go
other than this place? Son, put your feet on her leg.
– Tell me such easy things. Girl, now put your feet on his leg. He tied the nuptial thread. Why
are you punishing him now? It’s a ritual. You keep quiet. Girl, you put your feet
on his leg very slowly. That really hurts! It looked
as if the lorry’s tier.. …was crushing a lemon. The
priest was even telling her.. …to put her feet very slowly. The muscles tore and the
bones were broken.. …only because she placed
her leg slowly. Had she pressed my legs
with her full strength.. …by now you would’ve got
a wheel chair and clutches. Please. Don’t make me
sympathize with myself. This time you escaped luckily,
but the real danger.. …Is lying ahead.
– What danger! First night. – Every couple lie
over each other that day.. …but you don’t have that chance. It’s alright if there’s
a stone on road roller.. …but it’s quite dangerous if the
road roller is on the stone. Come, son. The auspicious
moment is here. Auspicious moment? What for?
– For first night. You will have to let the
girl sit on your lap. Don’t make such programs.
His legs will break. He’s from a reputed family
who hit their thighs. Ok, then, I will finish the
ritual in a simple way. Come. Get up. – You got me married.
Your wish is fulfilled. Now you are you forcing
me for the first night. So that your wishes could be
fulfilled. – Come on. Let’s go. Where are you going?
– To escort our sir. I will slap you. He’s going
to meet his wife.. …but he’s not going to
a prohibited area. Go. Here is the white sari. Here
are the jasmine flowers. Wear a white sari. Adorn your
hair with the jasmine flowers. Make me the luckiest man. What for? – This is the most
important night for us. This is the most important
night for us. Here is the white sari. Here
are the jasmine flowers. Take it. – What’s this? Poison?
– It’s Thumbs Up! Women take a glass of milk with
her on her first night. Mother-in-law said that
you don’t like milk. I see. So you already learnt
about my likes and dislikes! It’s my dharma being your wife. You are not my wife.
I don’t accept you. She also told me that you
wake up at midnights.. …and eat snacks at that time.
I brought snacks as well. There’s something important
that you should know. What’s that?
– Come with me. You are already getting so excited!
Wait for some time! Don’t go too far. I didn’t hold
you for that reason. – Then? You are not moving when
I pull you. Do one thing. Hold my hand and take me to mirror.
I will tell you then. Let’s go. Look at this! I look like stick
and you look like a drum. Look how our combination is. The drum sounds well only
if it’s hit with a stick. Oh God! Oh God! I wanted a
wife like Trisha or Shreya. I would’ve adjusted with her
even if she looked like.. …Aishwarya Rai, but I got
someone like Kalpana Rai. What are you saying! Isn’t
Kalpana Rai a woman? Doesn’t she have a heart?
– Yes, she has one. Then you should’ve married
someone like.. –Iron-leg Shastri or Adnan Sami-. Look, I married you because
my parents forced me to.. …but not because I like you. Ok, you were against this marriage. Are you also against the
‘first night’ ceremony? I am against it as well.
From today onwards.. …there is no relation
between you and me. We are husband and wife
only outside this room. So shall I shift our ‘first
night’ ceremony at outdoors? Ever since I came here you are
talking about ‘first night’. Are you really that eager?
– I am worry only about you. It’s my responsibility
to keep your happy. If you want me to be happy
then you will have to.. …sleep on that sofa and
I will sleep on the bed. Your wish is my command. No! Wait.
– You changed your mind. Shall we sleep together on the bed?
– Stop kidding. If you sleep on that sofa
the sofa’s legs will break. You sleep here and
I will sleep there. It will be difficult for
you to sleep there. You sleep on the bed. I will
sleep in some other room. No! If you sleep outside
people will think that.. …I really don’t have any current.
You sleep here. Your wish is my command.
– You are using the line.. …’Your wish is my command’
far too many times. Do you think that if you
behave like that.. …I will think that my wife is very
nice and that I am the one.. …who is torturing her and
I will make a commitment? You made a commitment
when you tied.. …three knots in around my neck.
– You are a fool. I knew that I would
become your husband.. …If I had tied three
knots around your neck. So I tied just three knots. Even
you parents didn’t see it. Your one knot is as much
as hundred knots. Goodnight. Have nice dreams!
– Bad night. Have nightmares! What happened? You are there
like a lorry-driver.. …who came straight from his duty.
Didn’t you sleep all night? How can one sleep in lion’s den? I feared that you would fall on
me at the middle of night.. …so I was awake eating
these snacks. Saundarya! Saundarya!
– Yes, coming. Stop! Don’t kiss me at this time. What makes you think that
I am going to kiss you! I didn’t come here for that.
– What are you doing! School dropouts like you won’t
understand such mega-ideas. Now go and open the door. Listen! Just blush after you
open the door. – Alright. Take a bath, dear. I will
prepare tea for you. Did you get me now why did this! Relangi Raj Babu is B.A. passed. Whatever I do has some meaning. You go now.
– Alright. That’s alright, but.. You may go. Get up! I am calling you. Get up. Let me sleep for a while, granny.
My body is aching. Why is your body aching? Just
because your messed her hair.. …the Bottu(dot on the forehead)
and her flowers? When did you see it! Did you
fix some cameras here? You fool, you learnt about
these things from movies. And I practically sent 100s
of brides into the room.. …on their first night. Your
tricks won’t work with me. Wash your face and get fresh.
– What for? So that we could divorce her
and to go our own way. We are not going anywhere. You
and your wife are going. Where?
– To honeymoon. To honeymoon? With her? No! A husband and wife should
go to honeymoon. Then ask mother and father to go.
– Shut up! Both of your should go.
– Then ask her to go to Kashmir.. …where there are terrorists,
and I will go to Ooty. Don’t behave stupidly and
get ready. The car’s ready. Brother, come. Get into the car. What are you staring at!
Get into the car. What if she asks for cold
drinks in the car? Buy two Thumbs Up bottles for her. Shall I ask Mr. Chiranjeevi’s
for money? Why don’t you say it clearly? Take this 100 rupees note and
spend as much as you want. But it’s too big an amount.
– If you save some money.. …bring a couple of
Eucalyptus bottles. It’s good for cough and cold.
– Oh God! Son, take this money.
– What do you want? Java oil? I don’t want any java
oil or palm oil. I just want you to give me
a grandson. That’s all. I might be a police office,
but what makes you think.. …that I’ll accept bribe for that.
– No, it’s for your expenses, son. I booked a suite in Taj Residency. And when did you book the pants? Son-in-law has a really
a great sense of humor. You need not pay the hotel. The driver will also be with
you along with the car. Thank God, the three of us
can stay in the same room. It will be safe for me. – No,
I won’t stay in your room, sir. I will take a separate room. By the way my name is Nana Patekar. You look like a Telugu person,
but you have a Marathi name? My real name is Aryan Rajesh.
But my mother told me.. …a secret when she
was on her deathbed. That’s why I had to change my name. Alright, you should leave now, son. Give me a call if you face
some problem over there. I will be there to look
after those things. Where are you going?
– To honeymoon. It’s not their honeymoon,
but not yours. My boss doesn’t get anything
if I am not with him. He doesn’t get anything
she will guide him. You join your duty and
catch some thieves. Tata. Adieu. Goodbye.
I shall go now. Tata. Adieu. Goodbye.
I shall go now. Vanakkam(Salutations), sir! How can we not Vanakka(shake)! You are habituated to it.
– Vanga(Welcome), sir! We too know that we
have to Vango(bend).. …when we come out of the car. Good morning, sir. May I help you? You need not help me. My
father-in-law booked a room. Give me the keys.
– Do you have any reservation, sir? Yes! I English very
well speak! B.A, no? I coming Bejawada from.
Honeymoon uncle arranged! Booking room here.
– Sorry, sir. I’m not getting you. See I Raj Babu, Hyderabad
SI. She my wife! We come honeymoon.
– Wow! Even the boy who works
in the cycle-stand.. …doesn’t know such good English. But what’s the use! She’s
not able to follow me. I am a Telugu person. When I can’t
understand your English.. …how can an English girl
understand your English. What are you exactly expecting, sir? Bejawada! Mother Durga’s temple. Krishna river! Recently there
was a religious ceremony. That’s not what she asked.
Actually we have.. – Stop! I’m talking to her. She’s unable
to understand my English.. …who passed B.A. How can she
understand your English.. …who is tenth failed candidate?
See Miss, I coming Bejawada! Her father booking room.
– Sorry, I can’t understand, sir. Oh God! She doesn’t understand
any English. They give her a job just because
she has white skin. We won’t get a room if he talks.
You talk to her, ma’am. Excuse me! We have a reservation
behalf of.. …Mrs. S.V. Ranga Rao,
in the name of.. …Mr. Raj Babu and Saundarya
coming from Vijay Wada. Will you please find out?
– Yes, of course. This is your cottage, ma’am.
– So nice! The room’s very nice, isn’t it? Why are you looking at me like that! How do you know English so well? You must forgive me. I didn’t
study till tenth standard. I knew that you studied till LKG
or UKG. – No, I am an M.B.A. M.B.A.?
– YES. I studied till tenth
standard in Ooty.. …and the rest my education
was done in Australia. What! Then why did you lie to
me that you failed tenth? You would’ve felt bad if
you knew that your wife.. …studied more than you. – But you
fooled me without telling me. Anyway don’t leak this
matter anywhere. If people find out that you’re
an M.B.A and I’m a B.A.. …people will look at me
as if I am a big fool. What’s the matter? Did you
hear out conversation? It doesn’t matter as you
don’t understand Telugu. Sorry. You misunderstood me, sir.
I understand it very well. I am a Telugu person. I
am from Pichchuka Lanka. Alright. Don’t tell this
matter to anyone. That I am from Pichchuka Lanka, sir? No! That I am a B.A. and
my wife is an M.B.A. ok, sir. I’ll tell people that you
are an M.B.A and she’s a B.A. Wait.
– Yes. Sir, the newspaper costs 3 rupees. That’s not for paper. It’s for you.
It’s a tip. – It’s a tip? Yes. Go and have a tea.
– Sir, this is not Sillu Surraj’s.. …cheap hotel on the road, it’s
a five-star hotel. – I know that. Take this as well. Sir, I won’t feel bad even if
you don’t give me any tip.. …but please don’t damage Telugu’s
people’s reputation.. …by giving a tip of
50 paisa and 1 rupee. If the management knows
about this matter.. …they will take your photo
and glue it at reception. What? To let people know that
I am a good customer? That you are a bad customer. They won’t allot you
a room next time. You will know the value of
money when you’ll earn. What’s your salary, sir?
– 10,000 rupees. My salary is 20,000 rupees per
month. – Boy. – Yes, madam. Your heart is as big as you. Did you give him a tip or did
you give him money on credit? It’s a tip. – If everyone is like
you then it will become hard.. …for people like me to survive. You gave him 300 rupees as tip
only to insult me, right? No. I didn’t you to feel
small in front of anyone. If you are with me I will
always look small. O beloved one. O my beloved one. O beloved one. O my beloved one. O beloved one. O my beloved one. You naughty! We reached this
place after a long journey. Let’s not do it before a bath.
– Don’t think too far. Just because I brought a cold
drink do you think that.. …I’ll get cold and get tempted
and sing a song with you? That will never happen
till I am young. I am removing my clothes to
take a bath in swimming pool. People don’t bath in the pool.
They swim as an exercise. I know that. Don’t wait for me.
– Can’t you swim? I meant I will be late. If we are on honeymoon with
a beauty like her.. …then it would be called
a honeymoon.. …but not with a fatso like my wife. My heart is yearning
for you today. My heart is singing for you today. This is the day of our unity. This will be the most
memorable day for me. The distance between
us should disappear. Our wishes should be fulfilled. Oh God! What’s that! You look like
a hippopotamus in briefs. We need to wear the swimsuit
when we swim. That suit didn’t suit you at all.
And you want to swim? We need to go to swim and
gym to knock off pounds. If you jump into the swimming
pool the water will disappear. If foreigners see you
they will get scared. Indian Tourism is already
in dire situation. Don’t worsen it further.
– It will be fine. Foreigners are fatter than me.
Please don’t say no. I will also swim with you.
– With me? If hotel-staff sees us together
they will think that.. …I am giving a bath to
an elephant. – Please! Ok, swim alone and don’t
talk to me. – Thanks. Where is he?
– I’m here. Why are you hanging there
like a trapped crow? You were here till now.
When did you go there? I didn’t come here intentionally. When you jumped into the pool
I automatically came here. Sorry.
– Look at those foreigners. They are scared like they
are hit by a tsunami. Run faster. Tsunami once again! Thank God, I was not under you. Had you jumped on me I wouldn’t
have been alive! Look, if you want to swim then
Indian ocean or Arabian ocean.. …will be better for you. Such
pools won’t work for you. How would I get down now?
– Shall I shake the stem? No! I will fall down like a ripe
fruit and will be smashed. I will catch you. – If I jump
from here you won’t catch me.. …but you will have to prepare
for my last rituals. What will you do now?
– I will somehow come down. Even villain Mukesh Rishi
shouldn’t get such sorrows! Can you climb the trees? Can
you climb the rooftops? Can you climb the trees? Can
you climb the rooftops? Can you climb the trees and
bring those flowers for me? Can you bring those
flowers for me? Sir. Would you like to order
dinner? – Note it down. Yes.
– One chicken biryani. – Right. Mutton roast- Prawns pepper salt. Apollo fish.
Lobster. Mutton chops. Curd rice. Fruit salad.
With Vanilla ice-cream. Sir, are you expecting some guests?
– No. This order is just for both of you? She dishes won’t be
sufficient for her. She will need half the
items in your kitchen. These dishes are for me.
Take her order there. Alright. Bye.
– Madam, would like to order dinner? Two pulkha, one salted buttermilk. Hello! You need not feel shy.
You can order what you want. Your father is going to pay the
bill. – I don’t eat more than that. If you don’t eat more than that
how come you became so fat? I didn’t put on so much weight
because of excess eating. But it’s because of heredity.
– That’s the case with.. …some people, madam. They
eat even two snacks and.. …they put on so much weight.
And there are some people.. …who keep on eating like
a hippopotamus all day.. …but still they look like a stick.
– Pichchika Lanka! – Yes. I know whom you are referring to.
Get out of here first. – Oh! My dream-girl! You stay here.
I will be back in a moment. I will follow you.. ..wherever you will go. I will give you a gift.. ..of our love. I will follow you.. ..wherever you will go. Sir. Sir. Sir. Why are
you running like that? Do you want to go to loo?
– No. I’m just jogging. It doesn’t look like jogging.
It looks as if you snatched.. …the receptionist’s chain
and running away! Do I look like a thief?
– Well, 90% you look like that. This is not Veera Hanuman lodge
in high-level junction. This is five-star hotel.
No jumping. No jogging. You walk like that. Style!
Style! Style! Ok? Where’s he? Excuse me! Can I sit here?
– Sure. It’s not reserved. Sorry. The Bindhya(dot on the
forehead) will shine. No man in this world will be
able to sit in front of her.. …and not proposition her. If she
say ‘yes’, then I’m going to.. Yes. What will you do? Do you know Telugu?
– I am not a Telugu TV anchor.. …that in spite of being a Telugu
person I won’t know Telugu. I am from Guntur.
– It’s nearby Vijayawada. What do you do there?
– I don’t do anything there. I am working in Hyderabad.
– Then what are you doing here? Are you on your honeymoon?
– I came from training. Training for honeymoon? – It’s
for hotel management training. I’m not married yet. I didn’t
even fall in love yet. Thank God!
– And what do you do? Do you know Satyam computers?
– Yes, of course. It’s yours? – No. No. I work as
an SI in the police station.. …next to it. – What! In spite
of being such a rich man.. …you are working as
a police officer? I not only do charity, but I also
want to get people justice. That’s why I am doing that job.
– Great! Thank you.
– Excuse me, sir. I kept your food in your cottage.
Shall I bring it here? No, but thanks. You need not pay the bill, sir.
– This is not a bill, Bill Clinton. It’s a tip for you.
– Oh God! It’s a tip for me. My God! – Till now I got only
50 paisa and 1 rupee.. …from some customers, but I
don’t give a tip less than.. …1,000 rupees. I will 1,000
rupees to beggars as well. You may go now.
– Thank you, sir. Hey, you! Take good care of sir.
He’s our special client. Whoever becomes your wife
is a very lucky girl. Why shouldn’t you
be that lucky girl? What do you mean?
– I love you. How can you say it so fast?
– Because this is what.. …I am going to say
even after a year. I am going to Hyderabad
tomorrow morning. I will think about it
by the time you return. How can I meet you there? This is my cell-number. Give
me a call when you return. We can meet there.
– Thank you. Rambha, stop! Rambha! Come. Please… I am calling you, darling. I love you. I like you. – You naughty!
Till now you pretended.. …that you didn’t like me, and
now you are calling me.. …as if you are sleep-talking. When the bird will beak the fruit. The shape of the
fruit will change. When the bird will beak the fruit. The shape of the
fruit will change. What happened? Why are you crying?
– What else shall I do! I see. You are crying
because you missed.. …such hot experience till now?
– Shut your mouth! For 24 years 3 months and 3 days
I protected my virginity. But today you robbed it like
a dacoit. – You’re the one.. …who did everything.
Why do you blame me? And what’s the big deal! You
lost your virginity to me. That’s what I am crying about.
I wouldn’t have cried.. …had I lost my virginity
to Mallika Sherawat.. …or Rani Mukherjee. God will
punish you for this sin. I know that. I will get the
result after nine months. You shameless lady! I made a
mistake in sleep and you.. …Instead of controlling
me indulged in it. What! You didn’t rape me
that I would stop you. You made love to your own wife. Yes, why would you stop me!
You are always ready.. …for a chance to bed me.
– I didn’t fall on you. You’re the one who pulled
me towards you.. …and started kissing me without
giving me a chance. What! I kissed you as well? No! No! God, can’t you take me back
to the past by a night? Can’t you give me back my virginity? I too want the same. I wish
we could relive last night. There is no end to your wishes.
It’s me who’s.. No! We can’t stay here
for one more minute. Pack the luggage. We are
leaving for Hyderabad.. …right now.
– What’s the need to leave now! Let’s stay here for a few more days. So that you could trap
me a few more times? If required I will
sacrifice my life.. …but I won’t lose
my virginity again. Where’s the number that
I wrote on my palm? You rubbed my cheek number
of times last night. It might have disappeared. Once again! Oh God! How can I get two
blows in just one night? What’s this exam?
– Why are you worrying so much! Is it some locker number?
– It’s my lover’s number. Your lover’s number?
– I mean, it’s a lottery number. I wonder where I will get that
ticket in Hyderabad city. How much? – It cost me 1.09.000
rupees in finance. I didn’t ask your auto’s cost.
I asked about the meter. It cost me another 3,000
rupees for the meter. What’s the charge?
– I see. The charge? It’s 24 rupees. Give
me 250 rupees extra. You want 250 rupees extra?
– But look at your luggage! My luggage won’t be
more than 4 kilos. I am not talking about those kilos.
I’m talking about tons. But still you can’t charge so much!
Give me some discount. Ok, deduct 25 paisa from it.
– Are you kidding me! Do you know who I am?
I am Balanagar’s SI. Do you know who I am?
– Rajnikanth of Basha? I am your SP’s concubine’s brother. Sorry. I didn’t know about
your background. Take this. You can keep the balance. Is this your servant’s house?
– Are you kidding me! It’s mine. How can you live in such a small
house! – By paying rent. Had I knew that I would marry you.. …I would’ve rented Food
Corporation’s godown.. …or a floor in Ramanaidu Studio.
– Raj Babu. I couldn’t see you since
10 days. Where we you? I went to Bejawada.
He’s the house-owner. She looks like Golkonda.
Who’s this Anaconda? This Anaconda is.. She’s..
– What’s the matter! I thought you were a nice kid.
I gave you this house on rent.. …as you have the reputation
of rejecting women.. …even when they proposition you. But how dare you to bring
a sex-worker to home.. …and that too at daytime.
– She’s not a sex-worker. Then? – She’s the burden of
my life. She’s my wife. When did you get married?
– I got married one week ago.. …accidentally. How can you marry a girl like her!
– I was forced to. Rama Prabha, Raj Babu got married
and brought his wife. The girl is as slim as a wire. Have you seen them! Till now
people used to laugh at you.. …but now they are laughing at me. That’s why I was against
this marriage. Good morning, sir. – Raj Babu,
I heard that you got married. Just now he’s back
from his honeymoon. Why didn’t you invite me?
– How can I invite you.. …to my honeymoon, sir!
It doesn’t sound right. I mean why didn’t you invite
me to your marriage? Actually everything happened
in a rush, sir. Marriage or honeymoon?
– Both. – It’s ok. It’s ok. Give a party and invite
the entire staff. And introduce us to your
wife in the party. Sir, you want to see my wife?
– Why are you so scared! The thing is.. The thing is that
my wife doesn’t leave home. She’s from a good family.
– You mean our wives.. …are not from a good family?
– I didn’t mean that. Don’t say one more one.
You are giving a party.. …along with your wife and we
are coming there. That’s all. What’s the matter, sir? You are
as worried as a prisoner.. …who escaped from the Central Jail. I am wondering how to bring
my Goods train to the party. What’s there to worry about!
We can hire a lorry! Transportation is not the problem. My landlord and the milkman
has already laughed.. …at her for half an hour. I
fear if our staff sees her.. They will treat you as a fool.
– That’s why I want.. …a good idea from you. Here’s the pen.
– You are following me well. Yes, you said that you got
a beauty in Ooty, right? Request that girl and ask her
to be your wife for 2 hours. She will find out the truth
that I am married. So you told her that you
are a bachelor? – Yes. And I lost her phone number as well. I don’t even know where
I will get her now. Then we can hire a beautiful
girl and give a party. Good idea. Where will we get a girl? You will get here. Welcome,
sir. Welcome. You will regret it if
you don’t come here. The rates will increase
if you are late. Welcome, sir. Welcome. – Yes,
I am here. What are the rates? Damn cheap, sir! Sari
costs 1,000 rupees. Chudidar costs 2,000 rupees.
Skirt costs 3,000 rupees. Jeans costs 4,000 rupees.
– Is it a fresh stock? It’s of imported quality, sir. You
can check the material. – Ok. – Go. Ok. How’s the material, sir?
– Midi’s great. Ok, pay the bill.
– Where’s the trial room? We sell faces. You have
to get the places. I am new to this city.
You give me a place Do you have another 100
rupees in your pocket? Yes, I have 100 rupees. Take it. Take her and go to that
Red colored pub. – Ok. Don’t go to the green colored
light. There’s another party. Welcome, sir. Welcome.
– Yes, we are here. – Sir, it’s you? No.
– What a pleasant surprise! How’s your business going on!
– It’s ready made clothes store. It’s going on fine. – You are
right. There’s no man here.. …who won’t need your clothes.
– Well-said, sir! Sir! Sir! – Why are these clothes
smelling of jasmine? To attract the customers I kept
the jasmine flowers inside. Ok, give me some flowers.
I will take them home. What will you do with those
secondhand flowers, sir! I will get you fresh flowers,
sir. You can take as many.. …as you want. Hey, flower!
– Even though they are.. …secondhand flowers, still they
are very fragrant. – Sir! Sir! Sir! Don’t open it, sir. Welcome, my darlings!
– We are here, sweetheart Welcome, my darlings!
– We are here, sweetheart Come to me! Come
to me! Come to me! Hi!
‘ Sir! Where did you get these flowers?
– Sir! Don’t hold my feet. Hold his feet.
– Who’s he, sir? If I’m Allu Arvind,
he’s Chiranjeevi. I got it. He’s the new SI. Sir, I beg you. Please forgive me. I will leave you if you do me
a favor. – What’s that, sir? Who’s the girl in that van?
– She’s Khushboo of Kotipalli. She’s fresh stock. She’s superb.
– Call her out. Khushboo, get down the van.
Sir’s calling you. Sir, so you too came for shopping?
– Stop kidding! I want this girl for rent for three
hours. – I too give girls on rent. If you wish you can take her on
rent for 3 days and 3 nights. Don’t go too far. I want
her to act as my wife. She will not act, but
she will live the role. A few days ago she acted
in a TV serial.. …where she was in the
crowd in a crowd-scene. She also won an award.
– Did they request her.. …not to act again?
– Come on, sir! You can take her. Not now, I need her this evening. You too come along with her.
– What will I do, sir? There’s father-in-law’s character
as well. You’ll play it. Then I will come with get-up.
Where’s the location, sir? Welcome, sir!
– The SP is here. Good evening, sir.
– This is not an official party. It’s your marriage reception party.
No formalities. Be free. We can move in a friendly manner.
– ok, Balu. Thank you. What! You called
me with my name? I will forget that you are an
SI and I’ll shoot you here. Shall I give you a revolver, sir? Give me the revolver. I
will shoot you as well. I said it in the flow. – I thought
moving in a friendly manner. It’s not friendly manner. It
was offensive. – Sorry, sir. It’s alright. Where’s your wife? The babe’s here.
– The babe’s here? You don’t have any respect
for SI’s wife? You asked us to move in
a friendly manner, so.. Only when you will throw a party,
but not when you attend.. …others party.
– Yes, sir. Why are you so late?
– What can we do! He said that he will send
her back in an hour.. …but he took two hours to send
her. – Ok! Now come inside. Sir, she’s my wife.
– Greetings, girl. – Hi! Your wife is really wonderful.
I think she’s from.. …a very conservative family.
– It’s fresh stock, sir. It’s fresh stock?
– We are a newlywed couple. That’s why he said so.
– By the way who’s he? I’m the one who arranged
this cassette. You arranged the cassette?
– Yes. So you are a broker?
Are you a broker? He sent her from his house
to her husband’s house. That’s why he used that word.
He’s from a village. He’s your father-in-law?
– You caught it well like Dhoni. I am good at catching. Sorry,
dear! I couldn’t come.. …to your marriage. – It’s alright.
You can come next time. My wife also has a good
sense of humor like me. So you are made for each other! What’s your name, dear?
– Khushboo of Kotipalli. Khushboo? ls yours an
inter-caste marriage? No, it’s her pet name.
Her real name is.. …Muramunda Manjubhargavi.
– Muramunda Manjubhargavi? What’s the matter? He knows more
details about your wife.. …than you do. – He’s the one
who set me up with this girl. He set you up with her?
Then what about me? What do they mean by ‘set you up’? He means he fixed my marriage
with his daughter. They are relatives.
– You are relative? Yes, he’s my brother-in-law. What
are you staring at, fool! Is it true?
– Yes, I guess so. You don’t know that? – I too came
to know about it just now. Why are you behaving in a different
way? – Different way? Because you are our SP.
– Yes. So you are a bit intimidated by me? No tension. Feel free. Take this, girl.
– Is it a tip? No one gives such big amount
as a tip. It’s for booking. Tip? Booking? What’s this language! Buy a gift for yourself, girl.
– Thanks a lot. Don’t behave like a call-girl.
Behave decently. Thank you.
– You brought it. Congratulations, dear! Wish
you a happy married life! Where’s he? Hey, you!
– Hi, Raj Babu! Hi, sir! – Congrats! He’s Mr.
Sai Kumar, Jubilee Hills’ Cl. I know him. – You know me?
– You already forgot me? We met month in Gandhipet farmhouse
party, didn’t we? You met him? – In a party,
son-in-law! She has a lot of friends. I lost my heart. I became alone. O lovely breeze, can you find
out where my heart is? Did you remember me now? Hi, Rajashekhar of Trishulam!
– Why is he blushing? Thank you. She must have
done something with her.. …that he is ashamed of.
– Oh God! I didn’t know that she’s so famous. I wonder what these people
must be thinking about me. What’s there to think about!
You want fish? They will think that
you married her.. …like Kamal Hasan of ‘Nayakudu’! How can he marry a girl like her!
– That’s what made me.. …gulp half bottle wine, but
still it didn’t affect me. He must’ve met her on some raid. What’s the matter! What are
they whispering about! Are the arrangements fine?
– They are not worried.. …about the arrangements. What sort of officers are they!
They forgot that she’s your wife.. …and see how they
are hitting on her! Why do you always want a
share in whatever I take! It would’ve been far better if
I had brought that cylinder. Yes, you would’ve at least
got some sympathy. Why did you give me such an idea!
– Every idea doesn’t work! What’s the matter? Why are you
all staring at my daughter? No, it’s nothing. We were
thinking that Raj Babu.. …Is very lucky to get a
beautiful wife like her. If you wish you can also
be as lucky as him. Shall I arrange for it?
– Will she come? Why won’t she come if you pay money? But she’s SI’s wife..
– So what! She doesn’t mix business and
friendship. – I can’t believe it! Wait a minute!
– Hello! – Look on your left. She’s looking in this direction.
– Wave at these fellows. Hi!
– She waved at us. – Give a kiss. Not to me. want one. One here. – Is that enough or
do you want something else? It’s enough. We can’t
take everything here. Each of give 5,000 rupees
in advance. – Advance? Do you know who we are?
We are policemen. You are after all policemen.
There are CIs and SIs.. …standing in the line. I’ll
leave if you don’t her. Here’s the money. Here’s my address. Give me a
call and tell me the place. You will get it delivered
at your door. Who are they? Passengers(customers)? This SI brought us to a great place. We booked some nice parties.
– Really! There will be houseful collections
for a month. And there won’t be any raiding
as well. – My dear police! I see.
– Go. How’s this house, son-in-law?
– It looks like a palace. Whose house is it? – It’s your
house from today onwards. Don’t show me false dreams.
It’s not right on your part. I am not kidding, son-in-law.
My daughter said that.. …the house you are staying
in right now is a small one. That’s why I bought this house. From today onwards you
and my daughter.. …can live happily here.
– Which girl? – Saundarya! I thought I will get a new
wife with a new house. Son-in-law has such a good
sense of humor. – Right. But we don’t feel like
laughing at his jokes. Dear, come here. What!
– How’s our bedroom? Don’t say ‘our’ bedroom? Let’s stay in a common
room my parents leave. Common room?
– So son-in-law, didn’t you like.. …your bedroom?
– It’s great. But when I will return
home in uniform.. …people will think that I am the
watchman, but not the owner. People will definitely think
like that if you ride that.. …broken cycle. My daughter
told me that you are going.. …to station on cycle because
you don’t have a vehicle. Isn’t cycle a vehicle? – But still,
when your wife and you.. …would go out, cycle
won’t look good. It won’t look good, because
it will break into pieces. That’s why I bought a vehicle.
– A road roller? You see it by yourself. This is..
– ..for you. It’s Benz Car. It must’ve
cost you 5-6 lakhs. You won’t even get a sponge
car for 5-6 lakhs. How much did it cost you?
– It’s not that costly, son. It’s just 52 lakhs. 52 lakhs? – Do you have
a press where you print.. …fake currency notes?
– No. I sold one of my sites. I have only one daughter.
What more can I ask for.. …other than your happiness!
From now onwards.. …go to the station on your car.
– If I drive this car people will.. …think that I am a driver, but
no one will think that I own it. That’s why I am giving you
a driver. Nana Patekar! He knows me very well. I went
him on his honeymoon. He knows not just driving,
but he knows everything. He will take care of
everything you need. I know his abilities, but my
salary won’t be sufficient.. …to pay his salary and to
buy petrol for this car.. …and to maintain such a big house. I will have to start stealing
and rob banks for it. You need not do any
of those things, son. There’s a shopping complex
in Ameerpet. Shall we rob that? – We are
the owners of that building. You get 2 lakhs rupees
per month as rent. He will give you that money
from this month onwards. You can spend it.
– Sometimes I too feel very happy.. …to be your son-in-law.
– First of all Saundarya and you.. …go to the temple and offer
prayers to the God.. …to cast off the evil
eye off the car. What happened? – Nothing. I will
get down from this side.. …and you get down from that
side and go to the temple.. …from that way.
– Why? – Do what I say! The husband and wife came
to the temple together. Then what’s the need to get
off from different gates? Get off from the right gate.
It’s auspicious. This is Benz car. We can get
down in any direction. Or else why would they fix
two gates for this car? I waited for this morning
since many days. Today when I see you.. I waited for this morning
since many days. Today when I see you.. heart is dancing with joy. Why doesn’t it dawn? Why doesn’t
the darkness leave? Hi! You too came to the
temple to pray alike me? To pray for what?
– I came to request God.. …to help me get you.
– ok, but whose car is this? It’s mine. I bought it.
Benz car. 52 lakhs. Who is she? She’s my wife.
– But she seems to be very fat. That’s what I am crying about.
– Who is she? She’s.. She’s a case..
– A case(call-girl)! The moment I saw her in Ooty
I knew that she’s a case. Don’t meet such a people. You
will get HIV+. – Shut up! She isn’t that sort of case.
She met me regarding a case. If she met you regarding a case
she should’ve met you.. …In the station, but how can
she meet you in a public place! What will the public say about you!
– No interrogations! Mind your business! Sorry! He’s a mad fellow.
Once he bit a mad dog. Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. – I am greeting her. My name is Saundarya. I am SI’s
wife. – Nice to meet you. We shall meet again. We are in
a rush right now. Let’s go. You go ahead. I will
come there later on. We must offer prayers as a pair. He’s the one who will
drive the car, right? Take him as your pair
and offer prayers. No, thanks. I will go alone. I really pity you. – Why? You think
I don’t suit that Benz car. No, but because that Benz
lorry doesn’t suit you. Exactly. That’s why
I love you seriously. Your driver is looking at us.
We can talk later on. Bye. Babe’s arm is as soft
as a Dunlop mattress. We don’t have a mattress at home. Will you come with me
and sleep at my home? Hey, you! Why are you harassing her! Who are you? Why is
it bothering you? Are you her husband?
– One doesn’t need to be a husband.. …to be concerned about a lady! I responded to it as a fellow
a man of this nation. It’s not right to harass
other man’s wife. If I won’t harass other man’s wife
then will I harass my wife? Get lost.
– Why are you pushing me! We shouldn’t push this sir.
We should kick him. Look, till now no man with
a moustache dared to.. …mess with me.
– You got beaten up only by women? I meant no one has beaten me. Then I don’t have a moustache.
I will kick you. Why are you staring at me!
– Shall I run away? Are you not a man? Go
and save your madam. You couldn’t do anything
in spite of being.. …a man, a husband and an SI.
Why would I take any risk? If you wish I will take you to
hospital after you get beaten up.. …and if you die I will
to take you to Osmania. Traitor of the owner! Look, this is a temple. So let’s
not create an issue here. Don’t punch me. Don’t beat me. I am an SI. I
think you don’t know that. So what! I can punch you, but you can’t. Let’s punch him! I told you that you can’t punch me! What will you do if we punch you! It hurts. – Then why were
you getting smart with us! Hey! What! Where has he gone? Oh God!
Why are you sitting there? I was scared. – You need not
get scared till I am here. Actually I was scared of you. I
didn’t know that you can fight. All these days I was ignorant
and misbehaved with you. Please don’t mind those things! You are my husband. Get down. You know fighting? – Madam is
got a black-belt in karate. She’s a state-champion.
– Do you know karate.. …before our marriage?
– I forgot it due to.. …the lack of practice,
but thanks to them.. …I got some practice again. I
don’t know when I will get.. …such a chance again. Come.
– Yes, I’m coming. Sir, why did you come
here at this time! Why? Are you doing some underworld
business inside? No, sir. Our men are sleeping
in their underwear. They will scold you
if you disturb them. I am an SP. They will scold me? – A few days ago they scolded
me when I disturbed them. The Benz car! I think the
home minister is here.. …on a sudden visit. Officers,
get up. Home minister is here. Wear your uniform. Good morning, sir.
– What! Why are you wishing me, sir! Because I didn’t know
that it was you. Ok, tell me whose car is this?
– The Benz company’s. Why did you bring their car?
– They sold it and I bought it, sir. You bought it?
– Yes, sir. It been less than two months
since you joined this job.. …and you already bought a Benz car? So you are taking bribes in full
swing. – No, it’s.. – No! Don’t say one more word.
I knew it right then.. …when you were dealing
the real estate case. If I let you go easily then
you will come to office.. …on helicopter like our CM and
you will start lending money.. …to the World Bank. That’s
why I am transferring.. …to the Andaman Jail.
– Sir, but prisoners are sent there. Where there are prisoners
there are policemen! I am sending you to
there to guard them. Even if you send him there
they won’t receive him. Why? – It doesn’t belong to
our state. We don’t have.. …any control over it. Then I am transferring you
to Nallamala forest. Sir, listen to my version once.
– Hear what he says, sir. He might offer you some bribe
to cancel the transfer orders. Shut up! Raj Babu, such a costly car..
– I didn’t buy it, sir. Did you steal it?
– No, sir. My father-in-law felt bad when
he saw me riding a cycle. So he bought me a car.
– What! Your father-in-law bought
this car for you? Our SP’s father-in-law
never bought him.. …even a secondhand auto.
And your father-in-law.. …bought a car for you who is an SI. There’s no need to bring my
father-in-law in this. Keep quiet. Look, Raj Babu! Even if your
father-in-law bought this car.. …for you or even if
your mother-in-law.. …bought this car for you we
are not bothered about it! You are getting the
transferred orders. Forgive me for the last time, sir.
– How can he forgive you! From tomorrow onwards you’ll
come to station on Benz car.. …with a driver in uniform
and you want our SP.. …to come to station on
an old Ambassador car? What do you mean! Just because
your SP’s wife is old.. …you want my master
to have an old wife? Who’s this crow who’s
screaming here! Nana Patekar. I am sir’s driver. Then I am transferring him as well. How can you transfer him!
– If I transfer him.. …he will also go there
along with him. Sir, I won’t come to station on
Benz from tomorrow onwards. I will come here on my cycle.
– We have an option. Let’s bring your cycle in
the boot of the car.. …and I will drop you
at that corner.. …and from that corner you can
come here on cycle. That’s all. It seems to be a nice idea, sir.-
No! I didn’t like this alternative. Then I will come here on bus, sir. Please don’t transfer me, sir. Ok. But if you come
here one more time.. …on this black car with
this black driver.. …then you will go to Nallamala
forest. Don’t forget it. – ok, sir. Why don’t you stay here for
a few more days, daddy! Tomorrow there’s a registration
to be done. I will be back again after a month.
– Where’s son-in-law? I think he’s taking a bath.
– I see. He will live for 100 years. We
were talking about son-in-law.. …and his phone rang. Hi, darling! What! Are you shocked? Yesterday I thought about you
all day and changed my mind. I love you, darling. Who’s this!
– Who are you? I am Relangi Raj Babu’s
father-in-law. Son-in-law, who’s she? Don’t you know who she is, uncle!
She’s mother-in-law! I’m not talking about her,
but I’m talking about her! She’s my wife. Your daughter. I’m not talking about them. Who
was the lady on the phone? We can’t see the other
person on phone. We can’t see them, but
we can hear them. She called you ‘darling’.
– She called me ‘darling’? She said ‘I love you’ as well.
– Why are you asking me.. …who that aunt is when she
said ‘I love you’ to you? She didn’t say that to me. She
used those words for you.. …on your phone. It’s not been more than two
months since your marriage.. …and you already started
having an affair. Tell me who she is.
– She’s.. She’s.. She must be the case you
met at the temple. It’s not her. – You mean you
met one more case as well? Shut your mouth!
– Why are you asking him.. …to shut his mouth! Ask your
husband to shut his mouth! He ruined your life. He
destroyed your life. Mother, whom do you doubt!
– Your husband! You doubt my husband who filed
a case against the girl.. …who tried to proposition him? Then why would she call
him ‘darling’.. …and why would she throw kisses? She threw kisses as well?
– Have you seen.. …how scared he is!
– He didn’t get scared. He’s feeling bad that he missed it. Didn’t I ask you to shut
your mouth? – Ok. That must be a wrong number, daddy. These days we get a lot of such
wrong calls. – Well-said! You are getting late for your
train. You should leave. Yes, she’s right. – But still I
feel that it’s not a wrong number. Daddy, I have been living
with him since a month. I know him well. When
we go for a movie.. …she closes his eyes when the
heroine’s there on screen. Yes, uncle. A few days ago
in a movie, Sushmita Sen.. …and Reema Sen were
dancing in swimwear.. …so I closed by eyes and
just heard the song. Then it’s fine, but
never let us down. You need not worry about it.
You can leave happily. Look, son-in-law, I brought
up my daughter.. …with a lot of love and
care since childhood. Till now she never had
tears in her eyes. You need not worry about it.
From now onwards.. …I will make her cry every day.
– Thanks! What! You will make her cry?
– You said it just now.. …that she never had
tears in her eyes. I meant never make her cry.
– Is that so? Ok, then. I will fill her
life with happiness. Let’s go. We are getting late. You don’t leave till my in-laws
get into the train. Shall I get them into the train
or shall I get the train.. …onto them? I have been thinking about
you since four days. How to get rid of me?
– No. Your parents did injustice.. …with you by getting you
married to that fat lady. You too understood that
matter even though.. …you hardly know me, but my
parents didn’t understand it. That’s why they say.. A Sanskrit chant! What does that mean?
– Even I don’t know that. I said it with grief.
– Do you really not want to live.. …with your wife? – 150%, I
don’t want to live with her. I swear on my grandpa.
– Is he alive? He died 25 years ago.
– Then why do you swear on him? Because he’s already dead.
– Swear on a person who’s alive. Then I swear on Amitabh Bachchan. How are you related to him?
– I am not related to him. But he’s Abhishekh
Bachchan’s father.. …and Jaya Bachchan’s husband
and my favorite hero. Then why are you swearing on him?
– Because he’s alive. I don’t like that fat girl
at all. I like you. Do you really like me that much?
– You are my life. A child’s life. This
girl is my life. Put a hand on heart and say it. Stop it! Not on my heart,
but on your heart. God gives me a been ..then I will him for you. Even when I am sleeping.. ..l will be a shadow of yours. When I see you I feel like helping
you! – In which way? By cooking for you, by feeding
you, by buttoning you.. …by living with you,
by making you a daddy! Don’t forget those words.
Let’s get married. If you remarry without divorcing
your first wife.. …then you might get
jailed for 7-8 years. Hey, don’t you have any commonsense! Two lovers are talking
to each other.. …and you are eavesdropping on them? I didn’t come to you. You came
here to talking near me. What’s this nuisance!
I am unable to hear it. Sorry. Sorry for the disturbance. Come, Rambha. Let’s go
to some other place. Your driver was right. You might
get jailed for 7 years.. …If you remarry.
– I am an SI. So what! You should protector
of law and order! If you break the law you might
get punishment harder. Do they give such extra
facilities to us? They saw says that we
can’t marry again.. …but it didn’t say that we can’t
have an affair after marriage. So you want me to be your concubine? Did my words have such dark
meaning? I didn’t mean that. Even though she might
be my wife officially.. …but I treat you as
my wife unofficially. It doesn’t make such difference. I don’t want these problems.
Do one thing. – What? Divorce your wife. You can divorce her,
but we need reasons. I am married to her. Isn’t that
sufficient? – Our case will be.. …stronger if we have some
other reasons as well. Because for the chariot
called marriage.. …husband and wife are two..
– You showed four fingers. Sorry. I am a bit weak
in mathematics. A bit more than a bit.
– Yes, they are like two wheels. Right. But if I am a cycle-wheel
she’s a tractor-wheel. Give me some reasons.
– Did she become fat after marriage? I married her after he became fat. Then they will question you if
you didn’t see her before.. …or during marriage? – You answer
them that I didn’t see her. The law won’t accept it. – And
he doesn’t want to accept her.. …as she’s very fat. – I think
you are a bit weak in English. I didn’t mean that lau(fat),
I meant L.A.W. Find out some reasons-. Yes, your wife is a sadist.
– No, she’s a nice woman. I am talking about his wife.
– I am also talking about his wife. Oh! Just assume that she’s a sadist. She’s torturing you in the bedroom. There are scars of burn
if you remove the pants. Your pants? – No, your pants.
– But don’t have any scars. If required we will
get you some burns. It seems that he has got some
experience in that department. She’s making you wear
a ladies’ wardrobe.. …and forcing you to dance like
a bar-girl. And you’ve to give.. …witness that you saw it
through their window. So you are giving me a partnership
in this sin? If you create such stupid reasons
and get me a divorce.. …I will offer a coconut to lord
Venkateshwar of Tirupati.. …and I will offer you two
coconuts and worship you. You mean you won’t give me my fees!
– Come on! Here is your advance. Just 400 rupees.
– It’s not 400. It’s 300. You are trying to fool the
lawyer just because.. …he’s weak in mathematics?
We work in police department. We shouldn’t do such type of things. Give me that amount.
I will pay your fee. One, two, three, four, five!
Take these 6000 rupees. That’s better! Take these
papers and get her sign. Will she sign these papers?
– You forge her sign. If you forge someone’s sign
you will get at least.. …3 years jail-term.
– Hey, what are you doing here! What else can I do!
I am waiting for you. And you were talking to him.
– And you were listening to me. Because I am not deaf. How
can I not hear you! – You.. I will teach you a lesson later on. You do one thing. Don’t tell her
that these are divorce papers. Tell her that these are some
LIC papers and get her sign. She’s not a B.A passed candidate
that you’d fool her.. …she’s an M.B.A. ls there any change? Not that change. Can you see
any change in my body? There’s no change from any angle. I have been exercising
since 10 days. I thought you would
notice some change. You built that body in 20
years without any effort. How can you lose weight
in just ten days! Just keep on talking like that.
One day I will become.. …slimmer than you. Shall
I bring coffee? – No. Juice? Then what do you want?
– Divorce! Yes, madam. Sir wants
divorce from you. Is that true?
– It’s.. It’s actually.. Why are you hesitating to say that! Madam, actually the thing is
that sir likes the girl.. …whom we saw at the temple.
You are the hurdle.. …between them. So he is thinking
of divorcing you.. …so that he could marry her.
Am I right or I missed.. …something? What have I done wrong? You married me. Sign these papers. I married you to share
my life with you.. …but not to give you divorce.
– I can’t live with you. As if you are living with me now! You sleep alone and I sleep alone. That’s why we should separate
instead of leading such a life. Sign these papers. – No, I won’t.
Do what you want to do. What’s there he can do!
He can’t do anything. There’s another plan.
– What’s that? A woman can bear anything,
but she can’t share.. …her man with another woman. I asked you for an idea and
you are giving me messages. There’s an idea in that message. Move closely with another lady
in your wife’s presence. And after watching that your
wife will burst with anger.. …Immediately divorce you.
– That’s great! Idea can change my life! What’s the delay for! You are
wasting the time. Get started. Wait for some more time.
– Are you really a man? You too have the same doubt.
Shall I show you? – What? My birth certificate.
– No, thanks. Whom are you waiting for?
– I am waiting for a lady. Can you really handle two women? Do you really have that kind of
stamina? – Don’t talk rubbish! I am waiting for my wife. One does such kind of things
without wife’s knowledge. But you are a reserve-case.
– You won’t understand it. She’s here.
– You got horny? No, my wife is here. Come here. See what your
husband is doing. Catch him red-handed. Look at him.
– Hey, look at him. Ours is a bond of many births. Our bond will never break. I can’t live without
you even for a second. I can’t bear any separation
even for a second. What’s that hissing sound! ls
there a snake in this bush? Dear, come close to me! I didn’t know that you are
such sort of a triplex man. You have wife at home, a
girlfriend outside home.. …and this is what you
are going in parks. You are maintaining three
women at a time. That’s not the thing, Rambha. How did she enter the
scene all of a sudden! It’s alright. It will
be doubly strong. Have you seen him, madam! He
has a wife like you at home.. …but he is cashing such
characterless girls here. No, you don’t deserve
a husband like him. Even if you want to stay in this
marriage, I won’t let you to. Divorce him immediately. He’s the one who made a mistake
and I got punishment? For giving him such foolish ideas. How did you know that
I gave him that idea? Because he doesn’t have
that kind of knowledge. You know that as well?
– Let’s go. Your wife has also seen
you. Now go home. She will beat you really hard. Rambha! Rambha! Listen to me. I did this to show my wife so
that she would divorce me. Really? – I swear on Abhishek
Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. Look, here’s your cap and stick. Hey, lady! You don’t have any
connection with him, do you? Connection? Get lost! He shakes
like a cell-phone.. …on vibrating mode even when
I touch him. Waste fellow! Now you knew what I am.
– That you are a waste-fellow? That I don’t have any
connection with her. I didn’t know that this
was your plan.. …and I said a few harsh
things to you. Sorry. It’s alright. Thank God that
you realized your mistake.. …and didn’t try to take any
revenge. That’s enough for me. Your wife saw everything.
Will she give you divorce? Yes, I will divorce you.
– Really? Sorry! I thought of
lifting with joy.. …when you agreed to give
me divorce, but I couldn’t. By the way, if you had any
chemistry due to my touch.. …then please control your emotion. I didn’t even feel that
a man touched me. There’s a condition before
giving divorce. About alimony? Don’t worry.
I will give 20% of my salary. With the money you will
me I can’t even get.. …sufficient biscuits
for my pet dog. Then what’s the condition?
– Since you want to marry.. …some other girl, so find a boy
for me and get me remarried. You want to remarry?
– When you can marry again.. …why can’t I get married again?
– That’s not the thing! One marriage for you is a
major topic for people.. …If you get married again.. I am not too old, nor am
I an unhealthy person. If the husband is a rascal
the wife can marry again. Am I a rascal?
– People will give you that name.. …If you leave your wife.
– Alright. I don’t care about what people
say. ok, marry someone. I will not look for the groom.
You will have to find out.. …a groom for me.
– Why are you pulling me into this? Then who else will do that for me? I was dependent on my parents
till my marriage.. …so they looked after
me till then and then.. …they handed me over to you.
Now it’s your responsibility.. …to look after me now. How’ll
I survive if you abandon me! You can happily go to your home. If I go home and tell my father
that my husband left me.. …then he will forget that
you are his son-in-law.. …and slash you into pieces.
– Oh God! Then don’t tell him. This is our personal matter. We can solve this matter peacefully. You will become a widow
if your husband dies. Why would I become a widow? Your second wife will become
a widow. – You are right. How can you do this
to a fellow woman! I am not as bad as you. If
you get me married to.. …someone else I will
tell my parents.. …that I was fed up of you
and married someone else.. …and I will tell them
that it was my mistake. Wow! You are such an
understanding person. Whoever will marry is
a very lucky person! Greetings, Mr. SI!
– Who are you! You don’t know the difference
between the SI.. …and the constable? The
SI’s there. Get lost. Mr. SI, my wife’s gone.
– In the storm in this morning? Not in the storm, but she
eloped with someone. Then you should celebrate. Why
did you come to station? You need not give me any
unsolicited ideas. I already arranged the
party and came here. You come to my place at 9 pm. Sir, I fear she might return
after a few days. You have to take some
action to make sure.. …that she doesn’t return again. It’s good for you if she realizes
her mistakes and returns to you. What are you saying! If she
doesn’t return I can remarry. She has become too old
and I got bored of her. She must have also felt the
same way and left you. What do you do?
– I don’t do anything. That must be the reason
she left you. I meant that I don’t do any job.
– Then how do you survive? Oh come on! I eat breakfast
at morning, lunch at midday.. …and at night I maintain
dinner with liquor. Due to such maintenance you
must’ve forgotten to.. …maintain her. And that’s
why she must’ve jumped. What I am asking is how you
earn money for your survival? I have a petrol pump. Ok. Do you really want
to get married again? I can’t survive if I won’t. I am
habituated to share the bed.. …with a lady. If I sleep alone
for too long I won’t survive. Look how my hands have
started shivering. Then I will show you
a girl. Come with me. Right leg.
– Come. Sit down. I will call my wife.
– Your wife? She’s my would-be wife. You are too fast. It’s a rich set-up. Hey, fatso!
– Yes, reed-thin! What! Did you really say that?
– You heard it right. I will kick you with
my left leg’s boot. And I will kick you with
my right let’s sandal. I am your husband.
– But you resigned that post. Now you are not my husband anymore.
If you withdraw.. …your decision, then I might
change my behavior.. …and I will start worshipping
you again. I can’t be your husband
for your worshipping. If you wish I can give you a
subsidy and be your friend. As you wish, dude.
– How can you use such words! That’s how one calls one’s friends. Look, don’t give me that
crap as you got a chance! I brought a man for you.
– Is it a nice party? Why do you ask me such questions
as if I am a broker? I brought a groom for you.
– I would’ve been ready.. …and looked smart had you
told me about it earlier. He will marry you no matter
however you look! Is he such a big fool?
– It’s a great match. Come. Hello, aunt! – She’s not your
aunt. She’s the bride. Oh God! She’s the bride? I was a bit confused due
to the figure. Greetings. You fool! You are the groom.
You need not greet her. Then I take my greetings back.
– How’s the girl? Like buttered bread she’s
very fat and beautiful. What’s the matter still
you look very fresh? It seems that he hadn’t
touched you too much. Don’t interfere in my matter. You can ask her some
question if you wish. What’s your name?
– Mrs. Raj Babu. You can’t tell your husband’s
name to the groom. Miss. Saundarya. – What’s the
reason for your separation? A forced marriage.
– Was it forced on you? It was forced on me. She likes
me a lot. She dies for me. She can even sacrifice her
life for her husband. Will I too get the same
comforts after marriage? You need not worry regarding
that matter. – Thanks. What for?
– For understanding me so well. I understood you well, but you
didn’t understand me at all. It’s my ‘seeing’ ceremony,
but you are talking to her. You are not letting me talk to her.
– Sorry! Do you cooking? – Did you think
that she can only eat? When she cooks you need
not wash the plate.. …you will lick the
plate like a dog. Is she that great a cook?
Then I liked the girl. Then what’s the delay for? Let’s
fix the date for marriage. What’s the need of
dates and rituals! She already has the sacred
thread around her neck. I will assume that I tied
her that thread.. …and continue to live with her. If you wish you can fix an
auspicious time of that. For what?
– For the first night! – Ok. Hello, ex-husband! Wait a minute!
I too need to like him. What does he lack! He’s as smart
as an Oriya film’s hero. I don’t want to make the same
mistake that I did in your case. I need to know a few
things about him. You ask me anything. There’s
no harm in it. Do you have what it takes to
be a husband? – What’s that? You won’t leave your wife because
she’s fat, will you? I am not any slimmer than you.
– You won’t hesitate to.. …take me out as people would
laugh at you, will you? I will bash them up.
– You must take good care of me. You must fulfill all my wishes.
You must not give me grief. I will keep you on my head.
– Don’t step back. Will you please go out? We
need to talk personally. That’s not possible. You have
to talk in front of me. He said it’s personal. Go outside. Oh God! Oh God! I will die.
Please don’t beat me! Oh God!
– Stop it! Stop it! How can you beat your would-be
husband before marriage! You will get those rights
only after marriage. I asked you to bring
a match for me.. …and you bring such kind
of cheap fellows? You are not going to get
Vikram, Nagarjuna.. …or Vikram of ‘Aparichitudu’, if
you reject get cheap fellows! I am not asking to bring me heroes. Then why are you beating him? He asked me how my husband
was in bedroom. I told him that he doesn’t
like to share bed with me.. …so we sleep separately.
And he asked me.. …If my husband is not a man,
and if he’s an eunuch? What a hellish life! From
first scene onwards” …everyone doubts me. I told you to mind
your own business. Why did you interfere in my matter?
– Oh God! Did you call me here
to show me the bride? Look who’s here! Welcome, father-in-law. Come in,
Smita. – How are you, dear? We are fine, father-in-law.
Mother-in-law and granny.. …haven’t come with you?
– No, dear. – Come! Why are you so shocked as if
you got an electric shock? You gave me such a sudden surprise. We came to see you and your wife. If you really wanted to see
us you could have seen us.. …In the wedding album or
the wedding-cassette. What was the need to
spend so much money.. …and to come here? Are
you leaving this evening? What are you saying!
We came here with.. …so much affection and
you are asking us.. …If we will leave this evening?
– I thought if you planned.. …to leave this evening,
I would have asked you.. …to stay here for 4-5 days.
– Alright. Dear, are you expecting anything? A lot of things. She wants
to see if you brought.. …some apples, oranges,
half a dozen guavas.. …and 5-6 watermelons.
– You shut up! Are you expecting, dear?
– Your son doesn’t want kids.. …so early. He wants us to
enjoy life for a few days. If you don’t have
kids when you can.. …then it will be difficult for
you to have kids when you want. Who’s she? He looks like
a spoilt brinjal. He’s the groom who came
to see the girl. Groom? For whom?
– For you. – For me? You were dying to get married.
So I arranged for a groom. She’s the bride. Great!
I accept the girl. Do you really that your
face deserves my face? Not just face, but
liked you entirely. You look like Asin with
different hairstyle. He looks like a person who
steals lids on manholes. How can you get me married to him! You too didn’t like him?
– ok, then, no one like you here. Let’s go.
– Just a second. If you change your mind afterwards.. …then do tell the SI. I will
be available. Please. – Come! Why did you bring me here?
– I’ll tell you. So that we can romance in the
trail room? – No. Not really. I have to go to my friend’s
marriage tomorrow evening. I brought you here so that you
could buy be a nice sari. Welcome, sir! Welcome, madam!
So what will you see? What are the latest movies?
– That was a good one, sir. I meant which saris
would you like to see Show us some exclusive saris.
The rate doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter even if
it costs 100-150 rupees.. …but show us some nice saris.
– Stop kidding! The starting price is
6,000 rupees here. It’s very cheap here.
You show us some saris. Aishwarya Rai wore this sari
in the movie ‘Devdas’. Kareena Kapoor wore this sari
in the movie ‘Chameli’. Rani Mukherjee wore this sari
in the movie ‘Black’. So you bought these secondhand
saris from them.. …and you are selling us
these third-hand saris? You have mistaken, sir. These
are of those models. But no one wore model till now. Madam might be the first
person to wear it. What’s the price?
– 10,000 rupees, sir. You can see this. It’s the latest
one. – It’s great. See this. What’s the price of this sari?
– 20,000 rupees. What, darling! I asked
you how the sari is.. …and you are asking the rates!
– I mean.. I got it, darling. You are worried
that he is showing.. …some cheap saris which don’t
live up to your status, right? Exactly.
– So sir’s range is very high. So you too got it. You can see this one, sir. So, nice? What’s the price of this sari?
– Just 90,000 rupees. Just 90,000! It’s very cheap. I will lose my salary
of nine months. Ok, I will give you
4,000 rupees for it. You have such a good sense
of humor. – I know that. You too quote such high
prices and make us cry. Sir. Sir. What’s this, sir!
She will be wearing it.. …and you are tying it?
– Because I will be tying her.. …the nuptial thread. If she
can’t see it if she tries it. Hello! How are you?
– Fine. Who’s she, sister-in-law?
– Your brother’s case. Brother’s case?
– I mean she came to your brother.. …regarding some case. Am I right?
– Yes. This is a nice sari.
– We already bought it. You might have bought it. We
just want to see it once. No. No. We don’t show
our saris to anyone. Rambha, let’s go.
– Sir, let me pack the sari. We don’t get the saris packed
when we buy them. We take out saris in this way.
– You don’t want to pay the bill? Brother, it’s you? – Sister, it’s
you? Saundarya, it’s you? What are you doing here?
– Buying some saris. – I see. You never bought anything
for me till now. But sister-in-law brought
me here to buy me a dress. You completely misunderstood me. Your sister-in-law brought
you to the sari.. …and I thought of bringing
that sari to you. What do you mean?
– Did you think that I was buying.. …this sari for Rambha? No!
She never wears saris. It’s for you.
– Then why did you bring her here? For selection. – I would’ve
come here had you called me. I thought of giving you a surprise.
– Why don’t you.. …show the same interest in
finding a groom for me? – Ok. Where are you going?
– You asked me to find a groom. I am going to find one for you.
– Sir, your bill! She will pay the bill.
– Ok. Why should I pay the bill
for a sari that you bought? How does it matter
who pays the bill! It’s our money, isn’t
it? Pay the bill. You are very clever. You
bought a sari for me.. …but you gave it to your
sister and Rambha. I didn’t know that they
would come there. If you hadn’t known that why
did you took me to that.. …particular shop. – That’s what
I am unable to understand it. Someone must be spying on us. Ok, then, let’s go
to some other shop. He’s not a college student
to bunk his class.. …whenever you would call him. He needs to go to give security
to minister in half an hour. Why don’t you tell her!
– Yes. Why don’t you directly tell
me that you don’t want to.. …buy a sari for me?
– It’s not because I don’t want to.. …but it’s because I don’t
have the time to buy one. I can buy it for you tomorrow. The wedding is on tomorrow itself. Wear an old sari for this time. You can wear a new
sari the next time. You want my friend to
get married again.. …so that you could buy me a sari? Why? Isn’t my sir marrying again? Hey, mind your business.
– ok, then, do one thing. What? – By friend’s boyfriend
has a Honda City car. She asked me to come to the train.. …and that she would
send a car for me. Tomorrow if you give
me this Benz car.. …I will go to her place in
this car and get back to her! Ok, you can take it. Oh God! It’s 80′ clock. I need
to send the car to Rambha. You can take as much time
as you want. Show them.. …Golkonda tomb, Char Minar,
I-Max theatre and the zoo. Don’t worry. I will
take care of that. If needed I will take them to
Ramoji Film city, Mount Opera.. …and Mother Kanaka Durgamma’s
temple as well. You need take us to that temple.
It’s in our town. Ok, get in. Hey, where are you taking the car? I am sending father-in-law
and Smita for site-seeing. At this time?
– Yes. – They can go tomorrow. We won’t be here tomorrow.
We are leaving tonight. You can see these sights when
you come here next time. What’s so urgent now!
– They fear that there might be.. …a separate Telangana. – It won’t
be right to stop them now. That’s not the thing. The car is..
– To go to the station? Ask your SP to give you a lift.
You carry on. – Tata. Tata Safari. Tata lndica.
And now it’s Tata phone. Hello! – Hi, darling! Did
you send the car for me? That fatso send my father
and sister on site-seeing.. …without my knowledge.
– You mean you are not sending.. …that car for me?
– I could send it only if it’s here. I trusted you and missed
the train as well. Shall I send my police jeep?
– If I go there on your jeep.. …they will think that I am
a call-girl. – You are right. They might even think
that you are a thief. Shall I arrange a taxi?
– Arrange a rickshaw instead. He might not be able to
drive so far. – Shut up! What’s here?
– A stationery shop. We can do without seeing
the stationery shop. We have such shops at
every nook and corner. I think that it’s some heritage
stationery shop, father. I didn’t stop here to
show you this shop. I stopped here to buy
a water bottle for you. Along with that water-bottle bring
a guthka(betel seed) packet. Daughter.
– It’s for you, father. Thank God! I thought it’s for you. Don’t wait for others
to help you out. You will eventually
get disappointed. Don’t forget the truth.$ Hey, Nana Patekar! What
are you doing here? I am.. The car.. the sister..
– Why are you so tensed? I don’t want to lie to you.
– What’s that truth? Don’t force me to tell
that truth, madam. You relation with our
SI will be damaged. It’s alright. Tell me what it is.. -..L will tell you about
it only if you. …promise me that you won’t
ask my sir about it. No, I won’t ask him. Promise. No, Miss. You are our SI’s
property. I can’t touch you. You asked for the car to attend
a marriage, didn’t you? – Yes. He doesn’t want to give you the car. He feared that you might see
the car if he takes it.. …to the station or if it’s at
home, so he asked me to take.. …his father and sister in a car
and to show them something.. …till evening. But he said that that fatso sent
them without telling him.. He might have fooled you. You seem to be a very nice girl. That’s why I want to tell
you another truth as bonus. What’s that?
– He’s a thief. A goon. A criminal. Isn’t he an SI?
– He’s Vijayawada’s Manohar in.. …police uniform. He promised
to marry you, didn’t he? He swore on me.
– I knew that. You will also face the same
fate that my sister faced. What happened to your sister?
– My sister! My sweetheart! She used to be a very
conservative girl. He saw her and trapped
her and loved her.. …and than made her pregnant
and when she asked him.. …to marry her he
said ‘who are you’. My sister couldn’t bear that
shock and drank poison.. …and killed herself.
– My God! Calm down! I told you all these things
as I didn’t want you.. …to face the same fate
that my sister faced. He looks so innocent.
Is he such big rogue? If you want to see how
big a rogue he is.. …you will have to do one thing,
Miss. – What’s that? Oh God! Why is she coming here?
– Let her come. Sooner or later she will
come to your house. You are right, but if
that fatso sees her.. …she will get very angry.
– Do you think she will beat me? Take a risk. If she gives
you divorce in her anger.. …then you can marry the girl of
your choice. – You are right. You gave me a nice idea. I will
give you a raise of ten rupees.. …from next month onwards.
– A raise of 10 rupees? The income-tax people might
doubt you. – Shut up! Come on, darling! I wanted to
give you a call. – What for? Because I didn’t see your yesterday. I need to talk to you.
– Let’s sit inside and talk. Isn’t your wife there at home?
– I am not scared of her. Come. Sit down. Hey, you! I’m calling you!
– Why are you shouting like that? My would-be wife is here. Do you want me to bring a garland?
– No. Bring a coffee. So what’s up, darling?
– How can you do this.. …In your wife’s presence!
– She’s not my wife. She’s the knife that’s cutting
my life into pieces. I have got nothing to do with her. From now onwards you are my life. From today onwards you will
have to stay here. – Here? But before marriage..
– I am married. But I am not married to you.
If we live before marriage.. They will think you
are his concubine. Hey, you! I told you what
the society will think. Sooner or later I am
going to marry you. We shouldn’t waste our time anymore. What are you doing! She might
see us. – Let her see. But still she is your wife. She
might feel bad. – She won’t. Hey, Fatso! Are you feeling bad? Why would it bother me when
it doesn’t bother you! Have you heard her! She doesn’t
feel about anything. What is this! – If we move closely
she will get upset.. …and she will divorce you. You bring your luggage. We
can have some good time. What will I do if you don’t
marry me after using me? Then you will have to start
the business of selling love. Hey, you! Why do you have such doubt?
– You are ready to leave.. …your wife whom you married
in front of everyone. What’s the guaranty that you
won’t leave me tomorrow! How can I betray you!
– Then will house on my name. For my safety. Even if
you leave me after.. …you get over me, still I’ll
have something to fall back on. You will get slapped.
– By whom? By my father. – This house
is on his name, not yours. Is that true?
– I think it’s true. Then make a fixed deposit of 1
crore on my name. – 1 crore? That sort of money..
– You don’t have that amount? Then how much do you have?
– How much cash do we have.. …at home? – After deducting
this month’s expenditure.. …from your salary there
is 220 rupees left. I am not talking about my salary. I am talking about the money
your father gave us. That’s my jacket-money, but
not your pocket-money. Alright. I have 200 rupees. Shall
I deposit it in post office? The amount will become double
after 7 and 112 years-. So except that change you don’t
have any other assets? Yes, he has a 1973 model Hero cycle. If you sell that you can easily
get 200-250 rupees. Won’t she?
– You shut up! I have SI’s job.
– What’s your salary? After deductions I
get 10,000 rupees. Do you know how much I earn?
– 25,000 rupees. Then we can live very happy
with our combined salary. Shut up! When I saw you
in Five-star hotels.. …with a Benz car and a bungalow
in Jubilee Hills.. …I thought you were some
millionaire and chased you. That means you didn’t love me? You are not Aamir Khan
or Shah Rukh Khan.. …that I would fall for your looks. He doesn’t even look
like Kader Khan. It’s completely wrong. It’s justice. That you don’t even look like
Kader Khan? – Shut up! It’s completely wrong.
– What’s wrong! Just like you wanted
a beautiful girl.. …I too wanted a millionaire.
What’s wrong in it? You are not wrong. I am very
sure that you will get.. …a better looking and a far
richer person than you. My Rohit is far better than you.
– Who’s Rohit? My ex-boyfriend. – You mean
you are a secondhand girl? Are you a firsthand man? He said that he will buy
me an Accent car.. …and a double bedroom flat.
And he isn’t married as well. He’s a fresh candidate.
– I might have got married.. …but I am almost a fresh
candidate. – Don’t touch! Please don’t talk like that.
I really love you. But I came to you as I
thought you are rich. I will die if you talk like that.
– Just go ahead. It doesn’t matter to me anymore. Hi, Rohit! Where are you?
Yes, I’m coming. Don’t be upset. Forget this Rambha,
you will definitely.. …get another Shreya or Bhumika. You are mother of patience. You are epitome of greatness. You are mother of patience. You are epitome of greatness. You are consoling him
like people console.. …a boy who fails in tenth standard. You are telling him that he
will get Shreya or Rambha? I am feeling bad to see
him in such condition. So you want to support him
in whatever he’s doing.. …and you want to will this
property in their names.. …and to unite them and
you would joins the nuns? I will tell you what I will do. Why are you feeling so bad, sir? I loved Rambha as much as
Sania Mirza loves tennis. Forget her, sir. She’s totally
a commercial girl. If you keep on thinking about
her and neglect your duty.. …you will lose your job as well. Alright. He might arrive.
Stop the traffic. – Stop! Stop! Stop! Everyone stop there! Why are you stopping
the traffic, sir! The CM will be going on this
route. Stop for a while. Hello!
– When you come home for lunch.. …bring one kg sweets and dry
fruits from Pulla Reddy shop. Why? Isn’t the size you have
right now sufficient for you? It’s not for me. It’s
for your brother. But I don’t have a brother.
– Mr. Nagarjuna. Akkineni Nagarjuna is my brother? He’s not Akkineni Nagarjuna, but
he’s Mikkilineni Nagarjuna. Who’s he? – He’s the groom
who’s coming to see me. But I didn’t arrange for anyone.
– I read the matrimonial ads.. …and contacted him. Where’s the CM?
– Do you have some work with him? That’s not the thing. By now
I would’ve reached office.. …and taken a nap by now.
– What’s the need to.. …go to office for sleeping!
You can do that at home. Will you give me salary for that?
– For your sleeping? The CM’s here. Where is he, sir? We can’t
even hear his siren. He’s not here. He’s in air. What’s this! How can you stop
the traffic on road.. …for the CM who is
traveling in air. Where’s your helmet?
– Where’s your seat belt? And why are you talking
on your cell-phone? Don’t talk about rules, or else
we will also have to talk. Alright, sir.
– You may go now. Go. Go. Why are you so dull, sir? Are
you worried that the CM.. …might not have seen our
salutations from his helicopter! No. I have to go home urgently.
– Then go home. Why did you return with empty hands! I asked you to bring
sweets, didn’t I? There is not sweet or hot dish!
Where’s the groom? Who’s he? I haven’t seen
an uglier man in my life. He’s Mr. Nagarjuna whom
I told you about. Is he Nagarjuna?
– Yes, brother. Don’t call me brother.
– Since you are Saundarya’s.. …first husband I should
call you brother. Thank God you didn’t call me daddy. By the way who gave you that name? If Nagarjuna’s fans know about
this matter they will tie you.. …down at centre and bash
you up with a cycle-chain. Hello! Nagarjuna was born after
20 years of my birth.. …and copied my name. If you
don’t want to call me.. “Nagarjuna, you can call me Nag.
– It’s great. You stop it! We will decide it
later on what to call you.. …but first of all tell me why
you didn’t get married yet. Who told you that I didn’t
get married yet? Then why are you getting
married again? Can’t my first wife die? Can’t
I get married again? You mean this is your
second marriage? – No. This will be my third marriage.
– Your first passed away. What happened to your second wife?
– I lost her. Lost her have a number of meanings. Did she die? Or did she
go to her mother’s place? Or did she elope with someone? Tick the last option. She eloped
with my scooter-driver. What did you do then? – Do you
think he’s the last driver.. …In this world? I hired
another driver. How can you marry a person
with such an ugly past? Have you seen his face closely? It looks like an over-burnt
slice of bread. Once I went for good-looks
and got fooled. That’s why I don’t want to
judge a man by his looks.. …this time round. I will
judge him by his nature. Well-said, Sou!
– Sou? I want to call Saundarya
with that name, brother. I will kill you if you call
me brother one more time. You are too old a person
to marry her. – Hello! Stop kidding me! I am not too old. I am not 100-150 years old.
I am just 62 years old. Like whiskey’s companion is soda.. …a man should have
a female companion. I can spend the day time
alone, but at night.. …It’s very difficult
to spend time alone. And also I couldn’t become
a father even after.. …spending considerable
time with my two wives. But this time.. – What! You
have that ambition as well? Yes, brother. If a man doesn’t
become a father.. …he is not a man enough.
If I become a father.. …I will name my son after you. If a grandpa like you has a
child then you will have to.. …name him after his neighbor. A baby girl will be born. She
will take after his mother. A baby boy will be born. He
will take after his father. What happened, darling?
– Why are you behaving.. …as if you are married
to her! Move aside! Shall I call the doctor?
– There’s no need for that. You made a mistake in Ooty.
This is the affect of that. What do you mean?
– I am expecting. Shall I laugh or cry now?
– Yahoo! Congratulations, dear!
Here’s the bouquet! Hey, I am the one who’s
going to be the father! But we will get married by then. So I will be called his father. This is what is called good fortune. Where did you come from
to worsen my life! If she will walk next to you,
people will assume.. …that you are taking your granny
to her in-laws’ place.. …but no one will think
that it’s his wife. Let them assume that they want
to. I don’t want publicity. I want partner. – I won’t let
you marry my wife at any cost. You don’t have the rights
to say that, brother. We exchanged our hearts.
And we are majors. Whatever you might say, I am taking
this knife in my hand.. …and swear that I will
marry my darling Sou. Why you are coughing all the times? Do you expect me to sneeze
when I get cough? I would’ve have coughed
if I hadn’t had TB. So it’s TB! It’s TB? I got it because of cigarettes
and betel seeds.. …but don’t have this
disease by birth. So you smoke and chew
betel leaves as well? I smoke when I drink. I am
not addicted to smoking. No. Don’t say one more word! Did you hear what he said!
How can you marry him! I will take him to temple
and marry him. I don’t have any objection even
if it’s a registrar office. You shut up! You won’t live
happily if you marry.. …this old, sick person.
– Am I living happily.. …after marrying a young and
healthy person like you? What happened? Why are you
so tensed? – My wife is.. …getting ready to marry a
sick person Sati Anasuya. He’s very old. You can see his
expiry date in his eyes. A lady left by her husband
won’t get Mahesh Babu.. …and Prabhas. It’s quite natural. Hey, I don’t want her to suffer.
– It’s not new to her. Her bad days started the
day she married you. Saundarya is a very nice girl.
She has all the qualities.. …of a good wife expect her weight. I want her to happily all her life. I want to give you a message
if you don’t mind. Since you are my senior officer
all these days I have been.. …giving you senseless ideas,
but even I don’t want you to.. …leave her, sir. You like her. You want
her to live happily. So please don’t divorce her
and stay with her, sir. A lot of men get a beautiful wives.. …but only a few people
get understanding wives. You are very lucky regarding
that matter, sir. Madam, sir is here. The moment
is very auspicious. Yes, I’m coming. Look after the house. I will
be back in a couple of days. Are you going to your parents’
house? – I’m going to hospital. What for?
– For abortion? Abortion? No, don’t do that.
– Who are you to say that! I am your husband. – The day
you wanted divorce from me.. …you lost your rights
of being a husband. I am not your old husband.
I am a new husband. You are not my new husband.
My new husband is.. …Mr. Nagarjuna.
– Don’t go by his name. He is a letdown on Mr.
Nagarjuna’s name. I feel like kicking him
even when I think of him. When you feel like kicking him
even when you think of him.. …how must I have felt when
you brought another woman.. …to this house and when you
kissed her in front of me? How would you have felt if I
too moved with another man.. …just like you did with her!
– He would’ve got a heart attack. I made a mistake. Please
forgive me. – Sorry. Now I can’t make a mistake
of forgiving you. Please don’t talk like that.
Woman is incarnation.. …of forgiveness and patience.
– And also of anger! – Shut up! Trust me. I am a changed man now.
– I have also changed. You are not the only person
who has a heart.. …but I too have one.
– You’ve a bigger heart than mine. Please forgive me with a big heart.
– How can I forgive you! I am also a self-respecting
woman. I want divorce. Don’t talk about divorce.
Please listen to me. I have been listening to you
ever since our marriage. It won’t be called marriage
if one person speaks.. …and the other person
listens all the times. Don’t assault the fish
that’s already dead. It’s not fish, but it’s a snake.
– I know that. That’s what everyone says.
I said fish for variety. Yes, you men always want variety. You want beauty and wealth.
Only men can have wishes? Can’t we women have wishes?
– Why not? Both have wishes and desires.
That’s why they arrange.. …for the fight night.
– Don’t divert the topic. If women also thinks of
variety then 90% of men.. …won’t get married. If a woman
questions a man’s manliness.. …In the bedroom even once,
then the man will lead.. …an impotent’s life for
the rest of his life. Don’t use such heavy dialogues.
I will be hurt. I am very sensitive person.
– Even now you came to me.. …because Rambha rejected you. If she wanted you
instead of wealth.. …you would’ve left me and
went with her, right? You liked the wealth my father
gave you, you like the car.. …my father gave you, you liked
the house my father gave you. But you didn’t his daughter.
Is it my fault if I am fat? I am sorry. I asked
you to forgive me. How can she forgive you!
When the SP asked.. …for a party you
took a rented wife! How can she spend the rest of
her life with you when you.. …feel ashamed to introduce
her the world as your wife! That’s what the problem is,
isn’t it? Come with me. Mr. S.P. Balasubramanyam!
Mrs. Susheela! Mr. Manu! Mrs. Chitra! Mr.
Chakri! Mrs. Sunita! Mr. Mani Sharma! Mrs. Janaki!
Mr. Koti! Mrs. Kaushalya! Mr. Patnayak! All of
you come outside! Why are you screaming! Are
you drunk? – No, sir. I want to tell all of you a truth. Do you know who she is?
She’s my wife. She’s my better-half. She’s my
spouse. She’s my companion. She’s my partner. She’s my consort.
She’s my beloved. She’s my wife. She’s the love
of my wife. – ok, we got it. You need not say it in so many ways. Don’t show off. We too have wives! Wives?
– Yes, of course! Tell me who your other wives are. I said it in the flow.
You are my only wife. I didn’t show you people my wife.. …because I thought that
you will laugh at me.. …as my wife is very fat. Why would we laugh at you, sir? Look at me, I am so fat. Look
at my wife, she’s so slim. But we live happily. We are
leading a happy married life. Physical appearances don’t
matter in a marriage. What matters is love, honesty
and understanding! Look at me. I am black,
stout and ugly. Look at my wife, how fair,
tall and beautiful she is. But we have a beautiful marriage. Made for each other is about how
much you love each other.. …but not about how beautiful
you are. – Well-said! Hindu marriage institution is
respected all over the world. It’s not the greatness
of marriage bureaus.. …or the priests who
conduct marriages.. …but it’s because of
the husband and wife.. …who overlook each
other’s drawbacks.. …and lead a happy married life.
– You are right, sir. We need a person who will
love us unconditionally.. …but not a body which will
deteriorate sooner or later. I learnt it a bit late.
– At least from now onwards.. …don’t trouble your wife
and take good care of her. Great. You shall be my husband
in month as well. It’s not next month, but you should
say next birth as well. You’ll be my husband in
next birth as well? That’s what I don’t like about
you. Goodbye, Raj Babu. Alright, sir. ok, sir. Sorry
for the disturbance. Goodnight. Goodnight. Hi, Sou!
– Hi, Nag! You scoundrel! I could win my wife
back with a lot of difficulty. If you disturb me again I
will bring Mukesh Rishi.. …and get you killed.
– You will get my grandpa killed? Grandpa?
– Yes, grandson! To mend your ways I
just acted a scene.. …In my granddaughter’s script. You didn’t mean it when you said
you wanted to divorce me? Why would I lose a good
husband like you! I wanted you as much
as you wanted Rambha. You are so nice, Saundarya.
– You know only a quarter.. …of madam’s greatness. No
matter whatever you did.. …she always said that her
husband is a nice fellow.. …but she never complained
even her parents about you. Madam is great enough to sit next
to Sita, Sati and Anasuya. …Sita, Sati and Anusiya.
At least from now onwards.. …learn from your mistakes and
lead a happy married life, sir. I will mend my ways. You bring
milk and fruits immediately. Are you feeling shy?
– You are still wearing clothes. Why would I feel shy?
– But I am feeling a but shy.. …as this is our second first night. Light.
– Get rid of it. – My clothes? No, the light.
– Ok. O my beloved one!
O my beloved one! I am waiting for you since the
beginning of the universe. I am drying to get
you into my arms. ‘Wow! What a great chick!
If she becomes my wife..’ ‘ life will become heaven.’ ‘He will not change. Not just he,
but there are many men..’ ‘..who will never change. It’s
very strange, but a person..’ ‘ never content with what
he has and he always..’ ‘..yearns for something
he doesn’t have.’ ‘It doesn’t matter if he’s
good-looking or ugly..’ ‘..if he’s rich or poor, if he’s
a big person or a small one..’ ‘..but everyone wants
to get married to..’ ‘..either Miss. India
or Miss. Universe..’ ‘..or to enjoy with a sports-star
or a pop-star.’ ‘If everyone thinks like
that then expect those..’ ‘..30 or 40 odd men no
one will get married.’ ‘That’s why we’ve to be content
with the person we get.’ ‘That’s the best policy. So
you want to say that..’ ‘..that’s what you are doing. ok,
then, carry on with it.’ ‘Best wishes from us.’


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  • ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Ravj

  • Hi super super super bro RR

  • ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • reshi thej

  • Exlent movie๐ŸŽฌ๐ŸŽฆ๐ŸŽฌ ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • naresh anna movies always super height 6.2

  • Superbbbb

  • Very Good

  • Hindi me dub kare please

  • not Hindi dubbed ??

  • I am also like this movie

  • Full fun and so nice movie

  • Super

  • R

  • so Nice

  • Good,,๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  • So funny movie

  • anyone here 2019sep

  • Super movie real great

  • Worst climax…people liking this, please watch "dum laga k haisha"

  • Super hit Blockbuster movie

  • I am from kerala, waiting for malayalam dubbed version of this film… and also remake of this movie to malayalam

  • Best comedy of the decade we can see as many times best time pass.

  • Out nd out comedy film๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Funny movie ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Polajah

  • SI job cheap aa champuthaaaaa oseyiiii

  • Good๐Ÿ˜›

  • DJ kotR, kotu

  • Penchalaiah DJ DJ DJ kotara kotu

  • Nice movie

  • Nice movie

  • Hindi dubbed kub ayega

  • ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ‘ฏ

  • ๐Ÿฆ…๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿฅ›๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿฏ๐Ÿฏ๐Ÿฏ๐Ÿฏ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿช

  • i

  • Nice movie๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Awasome movie

  • hiii goood

  • Super move

  • Super movie

  • 7uikk

  • Swami Swamiswami

  • ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œsuper movie

  • Super movie

  • Bc , worst movie

  • ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

  • Super hit Telugu movie

  • Nice

  • Super

  • Super hit movie


  • So fani๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

  • Nice movie and also funny

  • Niys

  • Niys

  • In

  • In

  • Nice movie

  • Full of double meaning dailogues

  • ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Anni sarrulu chusina bor kotaku

  • โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  • Super movie

  • Ending is not nice

  • Nace

  • Super making movie

  • I love this movie ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜โคโคโคโค

  • joke

  • 123

  • My favorite movie๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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