Kirby Allison and Elegant Oxford Restore These Allen Edmonds Together!

hi I’m Kirby Allison and I’m excited to
have Preston soto of the elegant Oxford here at the Kirby Allison offices today
press and hey thank you so much for coming to Dallas and joining us I am so
happy to be here you know I’m sure everyone knows Preston Soto and his
channel elegant Oxford you know one of the other great shoe shine channels on
YouTube and another thing that we have in common is our enjoyment of really
renovating and restoring old shoes right so you’ve got your 15 dollar thrift
store challenge we’ve got our $50 ebay challenge and you actually have
customers that will send you shoes donate them to you it’s and you kind of
have a little side charity that you run where you’ll your restore them and then
give them away right absolutely I get a lot of shoes that no longer have a home
so I restore them and I find people who are need like veterans students graduate
high school and I give them a pair if they need one yeah it’s amazing just I
mean how much of a difference just a well shine pair of shoes can make yeah I
mean in a lot and a lot of ways I mean we give a lot of attention to shoes you
know on our channel and on your channel but you know if you step back and look
at the bigger context and purpose of that it’s really about just respecting
one’s self respecting other people and then really putting your best foot
forward and a well shined pair of shoes really does make a difference in how
people perceive you agree with that yeah you’ll get shoes that people will not
take a second look at and then you shine them and yeah so we have an old worn out
pair of Grayson’s we actually bought these on eBay for less than $50 and so I
was thinking today since we have you know you here with us all right you know
that we would go through a restoration of these shoes I’m so excited to start
these yeah these are gonna look fantastic when they’re done so these are
a burgundy and I know that’s one of your favorite colors so I look forward to
kind of seeing your magic on this I’m really excited I can’t wait since you’re
here why don’t we head into the warehouse and grab some stuff to use on
these shoes that sounds great all right awesome I’m Kirby Allison and I love
helping the well-dressed acquire and care for their wardrobes join me as we
explore the world of quality craftsmanship and tradition
here we are hanger project warehouse I say it’s the best men’s clothing store
you haven’t Dallas that nobody knows about
so let’s go shopping for some product to use on issues so I guess first things
first we’ve got a burgundy shoe but one of the things I really appreciate about
your challenges you’re very experimental that’s your polish colors yeah so what
would you use unless I get this question a lot how do I match the cream perfectly
mission the truth is there’s no perfect match yeah depending on what color you
want to accentuate you can use a different colored cream so if you want
to bring out the purple and burgundy burgundy tones you can use a color like
Bordeaux okay but if you want to bring out the red the brighter tones you have
used something like erm is red okay and I love armies red I love bringing out
those red tones it’s the shoot look fantastic yeah well let’s grab some
Ramez red then so would you start with the cream polish then uh no I’d actually
start with a leather lotion type maybe you run a vittoria
okay thick for intimate or we’ve got plenty I have rid of the door here we go
awesome okay and then you know just kind of walk me through I guess you know any
cleaning or anything um yeah I’m gonna need actually I’m gonna need rental mat
wait oh man let me go man so there we go Reno map just to polish
off yeah make sure the shoe looks clean and
presentable yeah and you were saying with Allen Edmonds you really enjoy
using a little bit of kind of a heavy-duty cleaner to begin with yeah I
do I like taking off a lot of the old polish a lot of the old grime and the
dirt shoes get really dirty people don’t realize that the shoes can get really
great yeah now were you clean a pair of shoes with something like the real mint
every single time you shine them um no maybe for the first time okay or if the
shoes a really bad shit I’ll use something like okay what about new shoes
like straight from the factory on it um only if the the owner wants me to remove
the factory finish or just do just cream polish yeah top I can do that as well
okay waxes we get plenty of laughs okay so for waxes you can use a burgundy or a
mahogany type color and I usually use mixture of both okay well is get I’m
that’s mahogany mahogany section looks works
really well I know there’s a little tiny bit of amber in here okay but when you
mix together it looks really nice so I usually use a mahogany
that’s a good color that’s one of the things I love about non black shoes yeah
if you can really have fun with the different colors and the way you accent
and the patina yeah and just with Polly I know you do a lot of dyeing right but
if someone at home isn’t comfortable using leather dyes I mean you can really
achieve the same effect for all intents and purposes use wood polish yeah dyes
are permanent and you really can’t fix that easily so stick with creams if
you’re not comfortable with the ice permanent dyes okay what about a little
bit of a high shine should we try to bring them up with maybe some mere glass
yeah that’d be a good idea we might not go for a full mirror shot okay something
a high shine would be a good ideas okay what color would you use premier shine
since it doesn’t have a lot of pigment I think brown would be fine brown or
neutral either would be mutual here’s the neutral mirror glass excuse me and
then also there’s some scuffing on those shoes right so we do have a little bit
of stuffing and a little bit deep sky yeah right pretty deep so we’re gonna
need something to repair that and to cover it up okay we’re innovating Repair
Cream I love this works wonders and so with scuffing I mean minor scuffing you
can really just use a cream polish right I like modality or a lot because it
really penetrates the leather really well I’ve seen it and showed it in a
couple of my videos scratched like that will get covered and will get taken care
of really easily so I’ll actually show that when I shine the shoe but stuff
like this is no problem it’s really when you get a scratch that’s pretty heavy
like that yeah like a gouge on gouge yeah looks like a piece of leather was
chipped off yeah so we’re gonna need something to repair that okay all right
let’s see what else where are we so we’ve got our wax we’ve got our cream
we’ve got some rinna victorie no matte a Repair Cream any brushes yeah we’re
gonna need some brushes ah I like yeah so we’ve got a large assortment of
brushes horsehair Pig bristle yak hair as we’re all fine I think horse hair
will be perfect for this okay great so that’s well actually for something like
this we would probably use a darker bristled right you know just again and
people ask you know like how do you like why do you need two colors of horse hair
do you have multiple colored brushes um not personally okay
I know that it’s a good idea to do yes and the general idea here is just you
know in order to prevent streaking like a black polish on the lights in our
shoes just to keep them separate yes but the other thing is is this pretty easy
to clean brushes just that’s right towel right so do you clean your brushes you
clean my brush here and there okay a little bit of Don soap okay so let’s see
what else so we’ve got the mirror glass and we’ve got a high shine water
dispenser in the office that we use and then it’s not gonna need shoelaces but I
do need okay well here are some shoelaces
and so we’ll just take the bonnet I know you’re a big fan of shoelaces so we’ll
give you some shoelaces for coming out to visit us and will cannibalize of the
rubber bands anything else we’ve got shoelaces trees shoe trees these are one
of the most important part of a restoration I’m sorry so what size said
there’s a twelve twelve okay so this is a large large okay shoe trees are really
important for your clean shoes you’re gonna be pressing down with pressure so
you want the shoe to remain strong and sturdy in and right shape so shoe trees
are definitely what about creasing I mean does it help with creasing it does
ah how do you approach enemy I mean because a lot of the shoes you’re
working with it it’s from a thrift Shore right it probably hasn’t been really
maintained with a pair of shoe trees in the closet that’s true right so you’re
gonna end up with a lot of creasing right what I found is that when you use
a good shoe tree and then there’s moisture from the shoe cream the the
cleaners that kind of softens the leather and it kind of doesn’t dry but
it relaxes in it gets around the shoe tree and then it starts to look much
better and I’ve also seen people apply a little bit of hot steam to the leather
I’ve never heard that sounds like that way you know just kind of relax the
leather yeah and then actually carmina in New York they have a small little
iron that they’ll actually kind of iron out some of the greases also okay and
since we’re you know restoring these shoes you know why don’t we throw in a
pair of shoe bags for these for you know whoever we send these to right
and then anything else okay great yes let’s uh here we go let’s get
started this is gonna be fun we got our bucket of supplies all right so we’ve
got all of our stuff and I guess comfortable so we’re gonna let you do
the work here this will be the first time someone other than me has shined a
pair of shoes I guess at this table other than a shoeshine sundae all right
so here we are we’ve got you all seated up you know you put on the shine apron
there we go now that that’s actually my secret trick right there is it so I’m
all right well we’ve kind of got everything that that you said you needed
so let’s work some magic for okay so I think we’re gonna start with some shoe
trees that’s probably where we should go these to the left side right here and so
generally you like your shoe trees tight I do I like my shoe trees tight not too
tight that’s all mm-hmm miss shape the shoe but just tight
enough where we can get a good finisher we get this in you know with these split
toe shoe trees sometimes you’ll keep it together and then I’ll push it and
before loading the spring that’s right it’s a good day because then it doesn’t
get in this far you know what you’re right I feel a little tighter here but
you’re I know that you actually have a really special parachute trees your
father thrifted for you yeah I do they’re old so it’s not a split toe so
this is really a new problem for you here we go that’s perfect okay so we’re
gonna start using a little bit of rent of a tour on this tassel there we go and
just put a tiny bit with my finger here that’s maybe too much just to get it
moisturized like that that’s perfect so the tassel is not out of shape and we’ll
put in a little rubber band on there this is fine right here this is to help
just kind of read train that tassel to be straight that’s that’s a great way
she’s gonna stray yeah we’re a strand we’ve got a little stray we want to pull
the old polish off the old dirty old grind
so I’m gonna use a little brush and just get all the old stuff off here yeah
those are dusty though yeah they’re pretty dusty so go that’s a good one
let’s do the next one okay these are good now
we’re gonna use the reno match to get all that old polish off so i get a lot
of questions and how I tie my shine rag around my fingers so I just do that
putting around my fingers like that hold it tight and twist and you’d like to use
a big rag I do these are old t-shirts they are and they are old t-shirts I
like using a rectangular long ragged and it was works great for me so let’s get
some of this open strong stuff it is strong you can smell it so this is gonna
take off kind of anything that’s been put on top of the lip right right
especially dirt and grime you really can’t see but a lot of the old polish
it’s gonna come off so you can see it going there yeah it’s cuz you have a
shampoo with like a leather cleaning soap and a big horsehair diver
saddle soap I do use when the shoe is soiled or dirty but I don’t want to use
anything strong like Reno Matt okay I’ll just shampoo and give a good cleaning
like that how long we let the shoes dry you kind of set them off and come back
to the next day um yeah I’ve done that before sometimes I just wait five I do
the the shoe shine method and I just go straight go straight through yeah so
that’s probably just fine if you don’t have time okay doing fine getting old
that old polish off make sure to get under the tap there’s always a nasty
piece of dirt here I’ve noticed so it’s important to get that old stuff at the
bottom off right here now this is strong but I’m used to ask that’s no trick yeah
this is actually a really great yeah this is a the arena mat is supposed
to be a little bit safer on there yeah I sure because acetone if you go heavy on
acetone you can actually remove the alcohol based leather dye right and
almost strip the shoe yeah you can actually need to read ayat yeah you can
do a little damn I always tell people and I had a little warning on one of my
videos that if they’re gonna use acetone they need to be careful because they can
ruin theirs they’re not careful and remove the old
factory finish and less is more yeah you got to be really careful and
cautious and I always tell people just take your time and don’t go too fast
yeah and you’re never going to get it so that you stop pulling off pigment from
your chamois right so people think that you know that because the burgundy
polish is coming off onto the chamois that they need to use it more right and
then you end up getting to a point where you’ve just taken all the things I’ve
got here I have actually working on a pair right now that’s white the shoe
looks white really I just pulled everything off and the videos like pale
horse I’m gonna actually put upload that soon but it is really really pale so we
have some nasty looks like edge dressing they got on the on the shoe so I’m gonna
just take that off real quick there we go
now what I like to do and I don’t do this often is I use my nail you can just
really scrub it yeah scrub it out so all this did a great job looks like it got
it off just fine so you can also a moccasin tassel loafer is actually a
little bit of room but I don’t really worry about that too much cuz it’s
covered by this leather piece right here sometimes when you add pressure the
shoes gonna yeah get tossed to the side okay all right so you can see the
difference there this shoes ready to decline and this one’s just I’ve got
some old stuff to get off yeah the read oh that’s great too like if you had some
guy at the airport shine your shoes and yeah you know he used some quality of
polish you’re not too sure about that sausage pulls that off yeah that’s a
really good one good comment I call Rina Matt the Drano of like shoe cleaner yeah
you don’t use it every single time you shine a pair of shoes but it’s nice to
use occasionally yeah it seems to be doing a fantastic job this is really
really awesome here so circular motions yeah like hard medium to firm pressure
yeah sometimes I just like to move my finger around just cuz the way where it
helps to have a big chamois that’s true yeah here we go
let’s keep going I’m gonna use my nail here kind of like
you’re scratching the leather giving a little scratch
looks like it’ll start coming off yeah it’s coming off we’re done yeah great just keep getting down there
yeah yep it’s coming off nice so a little bit
more all right here so just a light green
come on this is great I think the shoes are ready for a good polishing okay so
so now we’re gonna brush just brush it all off and make sure it looks good do
anything stiff or like a pig bristle brush yeah that might work better
here we go from earlier perfect I love how stiff it’s totally different
texture and absolutely and it really just everyone needs a set of horsehair
brushes and a person yeah it’s rest of it it really gets that friction going
and just why usually just grab it like this and shine like that so you don’t
want the tassels so these break it’s kind of a pain to replace them and oh
yeah I’m kind of being cobbler could probably do that okay yeah but it’s not
something well you’d have trouble having the match if even if you could replace
it right yeah so it’s just a little bit of a pain you want to make sure you get
take care of those so that one looks good okay hold the tassels there we go
missing a little bit of a nice shine right there you can see right on that
alone that’s amazing sometimes with just a little bit of brush in which you can
do oh sure just get all that stuff off and I always
like to make sure I get into the welt right here just to get there a lot of
dust gets in there and then it’s hard to get out so should we use any like cream
or wax polish to clean the welt I do I use a little q-tip and I go right
through there and it gets some stuff out with the end you use it with a like a
wax or cream run of it or okay yeah I do that a lot
there we go just make sure it’s all good to go time for some write up a tour no I
like using my fingers I get a lot of comments why do you use your fingers I
use fingers because it’s good for control you can really if you use a
chamois it uh usually end up getting more than you want yeah and I found it
really absorbs and you like apply pressure with your fabric in on skin I’m
getting a little bit of pigment off still pigment off there right there
should be find though okay and do you leave the renovate or out like we ever
put the rent up at or on and then leave it overnight and brush it I do if like I
have another project or if I just want to get the shoes if they’re really dry
I’ll put a good amount on and leave them overnight and that usually does the
trick what you use their inventory on all your
shoes do Bosh yes I use on every pair it’s like the most important thing I use
because it really I mean it’s like liquid gold yeah I mean you said that
and I’m not kidding it really is it’s the best conditioner I’ve ever found no
doubt and I’ve used a lot of them it’s its first time I used it it’s not I
opened it it’s like it smells like honey and milk it’s like a weird really really
nice smell and I just couldn’t get enough of it and again if you’re rushed
for time I mean you can just use the round the toilet yeah I tell people who
aren’t really into high shine hey just use your end of a tour get a jar and
you’ll be able to shine all your shoes it has waxes yeah and it doesn’t have a
color it’s neutral so you can do whatever you want with it it’s really
really a great option for pretty much everyone do you have any trouble with
leather darkening I do and usually it’s not because of the renovate or it’s just
part of the leather it’s the make up of the leather or just how the leather came
from the factory little darkens and areas but in reality I tell people
that’s a true patina a true patina caused by the led by the leather it
absorbs dye and and polish in different in variation in different areas and
that’s kind of a true patina so just go with it just go with it I tell people
it’s marbling some people really love it I mean they asked for the tummy I want
that marbling effect how do you get that marbling effect I want it to look like
like wood you know something really beautiful Tom well some shoes just do it
naturally some people pay for an artistic patina and either
but some people just kind of get lucky and they get that variation in the
leather which I think that’s really beautiful and all the other darkens a
little bit whenever you apply polish is the leather sachet or saturates yeah and
then ultimately that should kind of rebound to its original color that’s
right so I told me well don’t worry they email
me and they’re like oh my gosh my shoe dark and I tell them don’t worry it’ll
it’s just part of making sure the leathers hydrated said will darken a
little bit but it’ll go back to normal after after a while you’ll be fine so
what’s like the worst mistake you’ve ever done on a pair of shoes most years
biggest in debacle or I had a tin of an old it was a Kiwi tin back in the day
and it got really cracked I thought I got a glass it over so I put it on my
stove just to heat it up and it got too hot
and it caught on fire and I was kind of it was one of these big ones so it was
substantial I mean it was enough Rick it was hot and I was like oh so I I tried
everything I even put like a little rag on and yeah I started smoking it wasn’t
working this is gonna burn down and then I got at the top of one of our pans and
I just put it over oh and you some other didn’t you smart but in a moment I
panicked yeah it’s just like I couldn’t think straight I was like this is it and
it smelled the house smell terrible it smelt like oil like like terror it
was the worst your wife ever and what does she think of the smell is it she
doesn’t mind it at all no she does she’s no one yeah I’m sure
if there’s one of the nice things about the severe polishes is that the aroma is
nicer there it is it smells really you know it’s not as petroleum-based as your
other ordinary polishes yeah I get people Tommy I love how petroleum smells
or petroleum based I don’t know I don’t know how you do that cuz I can’t stand
it smells really bad I think we’re good here
we just make sure we do have a little bit of a scratch right here and a little
bit of a ding mm-hm so we’re gonna have to use some renovating repair cream just
to fill that out yeah and I think it’s great because some stuff you just can’t
get up with cream polish and a brush that looks like it’s a little bit yeah
should be fine so and this looks like a putty kind of helps fill and a little
bit of this goes a long way yeah so we recommend not using this over
large surface areas because it is like resin right but it really kind of helps
fill yeah it’s really good for small little repairs and little things like
that yeah it just fills it in just you can put something you can give it you
could like actually fill it with right there we go should be fine right here I
mean helps a little bit it does help because if now you’d have
to get really in there and sand it down and that might be a little more work
than the average Joe is looking to to do the other problem with sanding and is
that inevitably remove the finish right so then you have to read I the shoe
right and you can’t if you sand it you can’t fix that with cream like you gotta
use a leather dad you got to do something serious and sanding you could
inevitably sand down the pores in the leather that’s kind of how they make a
corrected grin yeah like you might make your own version of correct and drain
okay now we’re gonna brush the renovate or off amazing just for the round for
what you think ah yeah yeah it’s really really great
shoe can your shoe care can be as complicated or as simple as you wanted
that’s right it’s easy to make it complicated if you’re not careful so you
got to make sure that everything’s looking great here we just pull the
tassels up in areas like this will be filled in motion by those pigmented yeah
I tell people you really have to add pigment at some points you can’t get by
just using neutral powers yeah at some point you do need that pig name just to
restore little areas and to make the shoe look vibrant again for you if not
you’re gonna be a it’s gonna look dull kind of like a grayish pale color well
just to even the finish you’re gonna scuff your shoes like you can’t avoid it
right right and the nice thing about safir’s it has a higher concentration of
pigments than normal cream polishes that’s right and you can find good wax
polishes out there but the cream polishes there’s really nothing that
comes even close to this appears right and I tell people that
Saphir cream polish it has a lot of pigment
and it shines really well and it really gets into the leather like you put it in
and it goes detail it’s that hydration in the penetration yeah and I’ve
honestly I haven’t found one product but those all three things that well so I
keep sticking with it as the yeah how many are cream collars yep okay do you
like that that’s the variation in the weather right thank you some people
won’t be able to stand that but it’s good though
yeah just the difference in kind of color yeah the light spot right there
yeah or the leather will absorb something differently in some areas I
find that that variation in the leather is that was what creates dimension right
and beauty to the light right character because anyone could just paint a shoe a
solid color right but it’s a natural material right and the way that that
natural material bulbs and interaction the polishes over time yeah you know
creates dimensionality to the finish there that you know at a certain point
it really becomes beautiful right right okay we’re ready for the cream polish
all right so your arm is ready right I like to accentuate those red tones and
so you’re saying Ramez Reds actually your favorite color it’s my favorite
color of all time Bordeaux has a lot of purple Purple’s very yeah it’s a really
purple and some people like purple it’s very regal I just like that pop of red
and it’s great stuff here we go all right just love how red it is and again
your tinting with the polish it’s not gonna totally transform no no it’s just
a kiss a little hint but enough where you’ll see a difference so just write
tell people to experiment you’re not gonna ruin anything right within reason
within reason leather is really hard to mess up so I tell people experiment with
colors add burgundy to dark brown or just accentuate different Amber’s
different different colors and you’re gonna be happy what’s the most number of
polishes you’ve used in a single like different colors three easily used black
Hermes red and like a little bit of tan or a little bit of tobacco
unlike which finish on a brown shoe okay yeah
and over time like I had a pair of shoes that were medium brown and I used Hermes
red for a long time and they’ve built this really nice unique unique color
people would ask me where would you get that color said I just kind of did that
with polish because you had layers the shoe will get really uh yeah really
shiny it’s gonna look really nice I just love how red it is well it
devolves over time all right so you can’t achieve in one sitting what you
can achieve and you know yeah oh five or six sir yeah so you’re use a very light
application of cream I do but I rub it in hard as my fingers are using like
firm pressure yeah I’m using firm pressure and it gets
in there really nice because what you’re trying to do in order to create that
Chinese really fill the pores right right have to push it in there yeah you
got to get it in there and massage it in and it’ll get in there so you use a tiny
bit jar will last you a long time so that’s a good thing about yeah I mean I
actually prefer to use shammies versus Dobber for that same reason yeah because
one is more efficient with thick polish and you’re able to control it more right
um you know a Dawber you know really I haven’t used dauber to apply a Polish in
a long time yeah I used to use these like sponge applicators and they didn’t
work very well and they just did soak up all this polish yeah it’s not the
greatest here we go how many applications bit cream polish
will use one one or two I usually don’t go to three but you can if you want but
the third one usually comes after the first where you just keep shining him
that way and they look really great so just get a little bit up here yeah I had
a client asked me to dye their pair I was like you sure do you want oxblood he
said no I want red so I had a bite red dye everything really like I’m gonna use
this they really popped I was like wow they look I thought they were gonna look
terrible it actually looks really nice and that’s kind of where I fell in love
with the Bergen with the red tones yeah this is still conservative red this
other pair I did was like red red but it still look nice here we go yeah red with
a little bit of black on top of it just creates a beautiful rich yeah mahogany
you know I made Merlot yeah I also tell people look to nature for ideas of you
see Browns and and Amber’s come together really nice
so I was still be able to look to nature there’s some good color combinations out
there like all of them well not for shoes but pairing shoes with clothing
olive green Heath Browns and BM different types of birds you know Bob I
sure that’s another thing so nature really can teach you a lot about how to
combine colors and I just want to make sure I get that shade right there get it
in a little tiny spot right there okay we’re good to go here so you can
always tell when the shoes ready when it’s not sticky anymore and when you
kind of start to rub it it’ll get a little shinier I’m gonna see a little
bit of shine coming through so that she’s ready to bother it yeah I’ve never used that Ramez red on my
shoes next time I shine them yeah the shoes too dark like really
really dark purple it may not work it’s kind of has to be one of those shoes in
between and this is the pig bristle brush this is the pig bristle brush I
like houses how firm it is it really creates good for a chin of it the shine
looks really nice the Mexican boleros and the square yes I don’t know how they
do it they’re just really going at it so it’s really amazing to see them work two
brushes yeah and they click the handles together
and it’s like it’s almost like a dance it is and the guy was whistling to make
it sound like it was shiny oh really I mean he was like really funny okay that
one here so you can see the difference between yeah well I made just one coat
of polish yeah just one color and you can add two
you know the finish is really evening out and again you’ve got to add pigment
at some point yeah and especially a new pair of shoes that doesn’t have any
waxes on that leather and in the pores I mean I can’t
and yeah I can’t emphasize enough how important is for that first shine yeah I
tell people if you have a new pair of shoes make sure you shine it absolutely
wearing for the average time because people think that a new pair of shoes
shouldn’t need to be shined well in fact a new pair of shoes need to be shined
the most I’m it’s almost seasoning the leather yeah yeah you know and some
shoes have been sitting you know at a store for maybe a month or two and it
just had longer talking yeah yeah was that even that’s best case scenario yeah
you might get a pair that’s been dried I mean if you think about like how long
that that leather has been just kind of sitting there since it’s been shipped
from the tanneries exactly so it needs a good shine so I
love experimenting with brushes so I want you to try to really unique brushes
I’ve got our first this is our mixed bristle finishing brush oh great so this
is a really long length horsehair on just a medium brush for Jennifer yeah
and then we have a yak hair brush which is what I call the rarest brush alright
so I want you to try this I’ll see what you think yeah absolutely let’s try this
one out here because you were using the pig bristle which has a stiff bristle
right so this actually might do a better job buffing yeah this looks like it’s
doing a great job yeah and again the longer the length of the
bristle the softer it is right yeah but the more flex you get yeah the
pig hair was really stiff yeah this one’s doing a great big hair is great
for cleaning you know if you have anything with broguing or a woven vamp
you know it’s really good to get in there but for that final buff whenever
you’re trying to really create that shine and then this is really something
so this is Mongolian yak hair the Yak is a it’s like a domesticated cow yeah
right and it’s really unique so it’s incredibly – look how dense that is yeah
this is like a sheep really yeah yeah yeah this is finishing it off really
well so originally we called this a teaching brush but really it’s a great
buffing brush it is it’s really fantastic she’s probably my new favorite
brush right here yeah well we’ll set it home yeah and then this interestingly
enough we haven’t made an Institute for the blind it has to be hand penned
Wow so the people that make this you know it’s kind of like a work live
program yeah that is awesome it’s fantastic okay we’re ready for some wax
bars let’s have some wax so this is a mahogany yes oh yeah mahogany and it’s
got some amber in it but it looks really nice when you combine it with our maze
right I love opening a new tin it’s one everything’s – do you see that oh here
we go a little wax so it looks just the glass oil it’s an omen of good things to
come yeah that’s cool okay so gotta make sure you get it tied
up I love this little foil thing yeah that doesn’t know why it’s nice touch it
is it’s nice okay so I add one layer over the whole shoe just to protect it
from droplets and dust it’s a really good idea to add one layer of wax this
is mostly and it dries really quickly so you can start brushing in like a minute
or two so we good this is what a standard shoe shine will be like at the
airport it’s like a wax and that’s it and good brush to protect the shoe and
to get it here which is nice for a quick shine but it’s not gonna really nourish
right in the same way yeah it’s not the same as a higher shine or anything like
that so then looks like it’s doing and then you get a pretty good mirror shine
but it doesn’t persist like a proper mirror shine right right right that’s
another benefit of the severe waxes is again because you know all of our waxes
have such a high quality wax in it like all of our creams or polishes that the I
find that the shine persists longer right and can be really simply renewed
just by buffing sure if you find that yeah that’s what I found as well it’s
really good for touch-ups it doesn’t require a lot you can just brush it or
just what I do is I’ll spread a little bit of water in my brush and then I’ll
go over it and it just does wonders it’s really yeah yeah it’s you can actually
spray the water onto the brushes a little spritz and you’re good we have a
little water dispenser I guess we’ve got the water dispenser here the high shine
one but yeah I like the spray bottle also yeah I’ll travel with it because if
I’m pressing my shirts in a hotel room yeah I don’t want to use the water
reservoir from inside the artist’s princess that’s actually a really good
idea you never know what’s in there right actually had something happened
today was a little bit of a little residue I thought that was funny that
you mentioned that ok so just wait about a minute and we
should be ready to go so uh but what I do like about wax is that it dries a lot
faster than cream you guys ready to brush up I guess I
said higher solvent concentration yeah right it’s gonna evaporate faster yeah
yeah in the waxes they’re the wax there’s a really good job cleaning too
because of that high solvent faster yeah it’s good for that as well all right
let’s see how the yak hair brush works on the way okay let’s do it it’s a
really hard brush rest to source this is beautiful and it’s different right I
mean it’s it’s a really dense you know kind of helped you’re getting a good
protective shine as well it’s a really good idea to use wax and this is a
really great brush get some friction on there sometimes you got to go hard and
are you applying pressure I am so I’m kind of like pulling it off kind of like
a punishing it a little bit there you go a little bit of pressure not too much
will you work a really kind of fast yeah you kind of want to go fast like that
cuz this the friction that is glistening the waxes right yeah yeah you’re kind of
doing like a rocking motion mm-hmm pressure pressure pressure what kind of
fat it works for me okay yeah the high-gloss shine that’s like
the most impressive one yeah and that really sets you apart it
does and it catches the ions yeah I’ve had people stop me and say why your
shoes are really shiny somewhat Samara shine that’s really telling me should
learn how to do it it’s so fine your shoes look it’s gratifying right yeah
good about it afterwards yeah and it’s it shows that you have a
level of competence and skill that the average person doesn’t have it’s really
cool whenever I walk into a room with the really well shine pair of shoes I
feel more confident right it’s a great feeling it’s kind of like a you know
it’s kind of like you’re a suit of armor it’s I mean yeah going out into the
world it’s a tough place sure look your best
yeah that’s great great way to look at it okay okay now we’re ready for a
pioneer shine all right well there we go beautiful this is and this is just with
one coat of cream posh won’t go away oh yeah so that’s all you can do at home if
you’re in a hurry but you’re choosing to look better just do that yeah
and you’ll look great yeah I mean sometimes I find myself reluctant to
just do a quick shine yeah I’m like I don’t have time right quick cream polish
you know in a quick buff or what I’ll do is I’ll take a high shine chamois and
just a little bit of neutral Pat deluxe and just I mean just really like if this
as long as this looks good that’s like 80% right all right of what people
notice right I mean as long as the rest of its not terrible absolutely and then
the rest of its really easy to take care of just with some cream polish and a
brush yeah it’s really simple I think people over complicated but it
really is that simple I mean the most time-consuming part of a shoeshine
really is the mirror shine if you’re going for a high-gloss absolutely that’s
the one that gets people well here’s the mirror glass okay so how do you use the
mirror glass and the Pat deluxe together everyone can has their own you have your
methodology I do that you can share no trade secrets no no I’m gonna tell you
what I do so I like using Pat deluxe I really find that it’s wet and has a lot
of moisture I find that just helps me to Marichal really quickly okay Mary Goss
is a lot drier and I use it interchangeably a little bit near the
end I okay I don’t put it on first and people
do yeah it’s really popular I mean it’s interesting you ask because that’s kind
of the opposite of how I approach it I put the mirror glass on first to create
that foundation of hard waxes yeah and then I kind of finish it or wet buff it
yeah pat deluxe at the end and you know I could be wrong well I don’t think
there’s a right answer yeah I might be not be right but Pat
deluxe has it cut my mirror shines in half it really yeah it’s always really
been something I uh that’s how I really doing so and that was whenever you were
Mary Shannon just using like a Kiwi yeah using Kuwait I used it for another
parade glass yeah I found that parade glass doesn’t work as well as like the
normal key but it works it just took me a lot longer and I could take or so when
did you first discover severe you said you had a client that’s into too I guess
yeah I had a client and resisted for a while I really resided hard I thought oh
man it’s just because it is expensive yeah it’s just it’s just a story
but when I tried it the first time I’m not kidding I thought this really mirror
shines so quickly and it really shined really well I was really impressed by it
and I’ve haven’t gone back so yeah I guess I’m here with that but it really
does work better than you think it’s what I always tell people it’s better
than you think so we’re softer putting a little bit of wax
so when you’re doing high shine you kind of want to avoid you can see the creases
on the shoe the flex points of the shoe so if you do a wax finish over this area
if you put too much much wax it’ll crack when the person walks so you kind of
want to avoid these lines these areas and kind of focus to make the whole shoe
shiny but don’t go overboard right here on these flex points you’ll you’ll get a
lot of cracking so that’s an important thing here so let’s just start with it
so what I’d like to do is just tap it get a little bit of water and just start
again and this can really feel monotonous but it’s just part of the
experience of shining your shoes so can’t rush it can’t rush it’s a little
bit of what sometimes it’s enough just a little touch of wax you then you start
again like that you know bit of water drop and you start again like that
so I know what acted was I like using my breath oh it adds some moisture I guess
it’s a spit shine traditional breath moisture for a little bit of hot hot
washer yeah and it really like disperses evenly and
perfectly so you guys have found I find that it really helps because if you use
too much water you can end up over saturating the leather dress it create a
dark spot yeah you got to be careful not to use too much water and I tell people
that you need less than you think when they asked me how much water should I
use it just a little tiny little yeah little tiny drop just start again okay
and and here’s the thing some shoes really cooperate and they will marry
shine really quickly some don’t I’ve spent an hour on a pair that just would
not shine so some shoes are really nice to you and they cooperate and they do
really well some shoes you’re gonna struggle with but it’s it’s okay you can
as long as you are patient you will get a mirror shine eventually it’s what I
tell people so yeah as long as it’s a hope and poor like natural full grain
leather yeah you know it will cooperate it’s the corrected grain step that you
can’t really do anything right and then at that point it’s practically plastic
right and it is everything yeah unfortunately it was really popular in
like the mid 90s I don’t know why I always find corrected grain and from
shoes from the night even it’s tough because you can’t really do anything
with them you’re stuck just kind of not being able to shine him as well
now at some point I found that this bottom part kind of helps its like clean
it kind of bring out that I kind of roll the chamois yeah and I’m back and forth
on my fingers where I’ll have yeah you know the higher concentration of waxes
on the right the fingertips I’ve been a buff with the cleaner part kind of
across the mid finger yeah yeah it’s that’s that’s why I always intend of
need a bigger chamois because I kind of use all parts of it all right so we’re gonna just stop while
we’re ahead there we go so a little bit of teamwork
to get both these up but yeah I think they look great so there we go we’ve
done so this is you were saying this is a casual so we’re not gonna like you
know not go supers lost but enough where it looks impressive you know and kind of
the toe kind of along the side those hard areas of the day right you know as
an opportunity to kind of add a little bit of dimension with additional polish
all right so what’s next process so we’re gonna remove the rubber band and
see how the tassels gonna just look a lot better
there we go that’s really she so that’s kind of all it takes a little bit of
neutral polish you’re running the tour to help soften that leather yeah just in
a rubber band get it a little straighter your little pressure on there and we’re
good to go yeah great I’ll shoot them this is a new
life on these shoes yeah it’s a 12 B which is kind of an odd size right so
it’s really nothing to do in terms of right giving these anyone it you know
anyone that need something you know they’ll send it off probably someone out
there who could use a Madame pressing hey you know thank you so much for
coming into our offices in that you know enjoyed the opportunities to shine some
shoes with you and then you know if there’s anything we ever did help let us
know thank you I appreciate it was so fun to come and and change into the
other was awesome yeah cheers hey man thank you at this thank you you


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