King of All Lobster Dishes – Slipper Lobster Lollipops – Sweet and Spicy Lobster Lollipop

Bought these fresh lobsters in the morning. Clean the lobsters. Add cornflour to the lobsters and mix them well Frying the lobsters for a minute or two In a separate pan adding oil and then butter. Adding chopped onions, green chilies, garlic and capsicum. Adding red chili paste. Adding ginger and garlic paste. Adding salt Adding sweet chili sauce. Adding some water and let it boil for couple of minutes. Adding chopped coriander and green onions. Finally add the fried lobster and cook it for a minute and serve it hot.


  • This is going to be interesting…..your channel has really grown. Good job….

  • That's lobster?!

  • Please don't say this is lobster.. this is a kind of ugliest bugs on the sea

  • It looked really good!! I love your videos !

  • Those are slipper lobsters, look ugly, yes but tastes superb

  • This isn't a lobster, it's a random sea critter

  • That water at 0:29 shot out like you were urinating on them!

  • Migavum nanragaa irukkiradhu. Nan indha lobster parthadhae illai.

  • Ruined

  • This is a Crawfish or crayfish not Lobster

  • Well done

  • Overcooked

  • Wow!  That was extremely labor intensive and the results were just awesome!  The next time I cook anything with seafood, I'm going to try making your sauce. Thank you for sharing!

  • Love all your videos ?

  • That looks bloody delicious ! 😛

  • Anna nenga entha ooru. place semmaya irugu..

  • those r weird lookin lobsters bro

  • Thumbnails very scary ? but NYC ?video ?

  • Wait, what?

  • YUMM!!

  • My favorite Lobster I eat when I was I'm Dubai but now her in Bangalor I don't get ??

  • Yummy Sema videos Anna super

  • 三哥什么食材都能做的像屎一样

  • Super g chance ela vara level nega!!!!!

  • Can someone tell me the name of this lobster at @0:16? it looks just like the prehistoric crustacean fossil! I mean I know they're related but still…its uncanny

  • வாவ்! பிரமாதம்! ? என்னவொரு அருமையான லாப்ஸ்டர் லாலிபாப்! ? சமையல் செய்வதில் உங்களை அடிச்சிக்க ஆளே இல்லை! செமயா பண்ணறீங்க! வாழ்த்துக்கள்! ??

  • Super nenga thanga best

  • Nenga thanga best super bro

  • That’s lobster tail

  • Nice

  • Looks yummy ??

  • What i hate the most on this channel, is the channels name… come on man.

    Its like a 12 year old kids channel, loose the "My Money", its like saying "NOOO I WONT GIVE YOU MY ICE CREAM" change the name please and trust me youll gain more subs+likes too 🙂

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