Keen Whisper Womens Sandal

– Hi, if you’re after a
new sandal this summer that’s reliable and
sturdy, and can take you from the bush to the beach,
then the Keen Whisper sandal is for you. Let’s have a chat about it. ♪ Hit it ♪ (upbeat new age music) Hi, my name’s Lisa, and I
work here at Snowy’s Outdoors. Today we’re gonna be
talking about the lady’s Keen Whisper sandal. It’s ultra lightweight,
so really easy to wear. Ideal for travel, at
the beach, in the bush, or just for general everyday wear. The upper is made of a synthetic material, so it’s very fast drying when it gets wet. The foot bed has
anti-microbial properties, so it helps keep odour away, and it’s also very soft,
cushioning, and spongy, so super comfy if you’re
on your feet all day. And lastly, it has a
non-marking Keen rubber outsole that has great traction and durability. Some other great features
the Keen Whisper sandal has is that it’s a wide fit, so
good if you’ve got a wide foot. It’s washable, so if they
get dirty, easy to clean, and it has this single pull lacing system which means they’re really
quick and easy to get on and off. So if you wanna check the
Keen Whisper sandal out, either come in store
or go onto our website, which is, where
we have low prices everyday. If you enjoyed that video,
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questions, please leave a comment below. Or check out our other videos. (upbeat new age music)

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