Keen Sandals Review – Should I buy the Keens?

hello and welcome to on the road review. This is a series of reviews that I’m doing with various kit where I’m taking it
out into the wild as we are now, and testing it properly, not one night
or two nights in the forest this is a proper test. Enjoy the reviews they’re
not into details and specs or anything like that it’s about do they or do they
not work. It will either be a thumbs-up yes they do work, or a thumbs down
that they don’t work. Enjoy the reviews leave some comments, subscribe to the channel.
Enjoy, Cheers. Hello my name’s Joff Summerfeld and
welcome to Iceland. This is my On the Road review. Today I’m going to be talking
about Keen in sandals, these are the Clearwater version I think they’re called
and I’ve used Keens on my last three trips, so second half of my two and a
half year round-the-world trip, the whole of my last South American trip which was a year and a half long, and for this trip as well here in Iceland. I really like Keens
they’re very rugged they don’t stink which is a big bonus and I do like
wearing sandals, the really cool thing with the Keens is they have a toe that
covers your toes compared to other sandals, this also means that when you go
off into the bush and this was especially true in Mexico with all
the thorns from the cactus, you don’t get thorns in your toes and you don’t have
grubby toes sticking out at the end what I tend to do is wear waterproof
socks with them as well so they’re very hard-wearing
and I just wear them and wear them until they literally wear them out but they
never fall apart they’re really really strong couldn’t recommend them enough to
be honest. So it’s a massive thumbs up for the Keen sandals. Please subscribe
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notes in the comments, check out the links below and I’ll put the links to the sandals and where you can get them from. So thanks very much again, Cheers


  • Where can i buy the Keens?

  • So waterproof socks help with the cold? Deciding if i should take my Keens on my first cool weather bike trip, expecting temps from 18c to 4c rain and wet conditions expected

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